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(KING5 Seattle)   State of Washington trying to figure out what to do with a 13 year old Level 3 sex offender - boy has assaulted everything shy of the Governor   ( ) divider line
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8977 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jan 2002 at 9:01 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-04 09:04:24 PM  
Castrate the little bastard.
2002-01-04 09:05:17 PM  
Yeesh... ISSUES!!! Nip that little shiznit in the bud (or balls... good call Bmr68)
2002-01-04 09:07:39 PM  
that is one farked up kid
2002-01-04 09:11:16 PM  
oh great....nothing like reading about your home town online in such glowing terms.......*sigh*
2002-01-04 09:11:40 PM  
Fb- is the father!

I swore I'd never say that. Oh well.
2002-01-04 09:12:09 PM  
Holy shiat... I think giving him some "treatment" while he listens to a little Ludvig Von Beethoven might do this horny little brat some good.
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-04 09:13:43 PM  
$1000 a day? cmon, how many frikkin deputies is THAT?

Ah, gross exaggeration does exist beyond fark headlines...
2002-01-04 09:13:51 PM  
What, throw his punk ass in jail. I don't see a problem here.
2002-01-04 09:14:27 PM  
I want to hear about how this kid needs a chance argument.
This kids has never been severely disiplined in his life.
Do it now before its too late.
2002-01-04 09:15:09 PM  
Password sir?
2002-01-04 09:17:58 PM  
Who let Fb- loose?
2002-01-04 09:22:40 PM  
Castrate or kill him.
2002-01-04 09:23:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Yeah, it sounds like the kid that roughed up the Wilson widow.
2002-01-04 09:24:24 PM  
Code Archeologist wins hands down.
Put him in jail, he'll fit in with all the animals.
2002-01-04 09:24:34 PM  
Option A: Lethal Injection
Option B: Assrape by other inmates in ADULT prison population (duration of term: life)
2002-01-04 09:25:39 PM  
"He is likely to assault basically anybody he comes in contact with, whenever the mood strikes him, of any age, young children, male or female - or even adults." said Mike Hawley, the Island County sheriff.

Hmmm....sounds like it would be a perfect time for me to visit Washington. Personally, I'd enjoy bashing the little bastard's head in if he tried assaulting me.
2002-01-04 09:25:52 PM  
Donate his punk ass to a NAMBLA meeting!!
2002-01-04 09:27:04 PM  
I take it Level 3 is the absolute worst?
2002-01-04 09:27:31 PM  
climbed under the stall in the alderwood mall, its unbelievable that this kind of barely human filth can exist.

it makes you wonder what created the 13 year old monster, genetics or the worst parenting ever or what?
2002-01-04 09:31:36 PM  
The death penalty was made to order for this situation. He will never be rehabilitated, he is a lost cause.
2002-01-04 09:32:06 PM  
Well, it's a tossup between Holyman's Option B or Kosmonaught's NAMBLA idea. Personally, I'd kick the sh!at out of the little bastard then take a piss on him. Teach him a little lesson in humility.
2002-01-04 09:32:09 PM  
What the hell do these levels stand for, anyhow? Another meaningless invention.
2002-01-04 09:33:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-04 09:36:16 PM  
Send him to NYC. Rikers'll teach him a thing or two....except if he gets out, those are exactly the type of lessons he might apply......
2002-01-04 09:37:45 PM  
Two words.........Prison, Life
2002-01-04 09:37:56 PM  
Kids don't HAVE to take responsibilty for themselves. Their parents can sue the school, sue the city that fails to entertain them, sue God for failing to give them the last PS2 game; nothing is the 'poor kids' fault. Make the little creep spend time in an adult prison setting, and see how long it takes him to become a believer. There are some people in there that would LOVE to meet a 13 year old.
2002-01-04 09:46:06 PM  
One day = $1000

One bullet = 50 cents
2002-01-04 09:47:53 PM  
After they decide what ever the hell to do with this little monster they should sterilize his parents. Make sure that the two of them can't create any more like him.
2002-01-04 09:48:01 PM  

If you're still here, I thought you should know that the "FatMan" lives...
2002-01-04 09:49:27 PM  
Damn, beat me to it, Aeonite :)
2002-01-04 09:49:44 PM  
Did they raise the price of bullets, Aeonite?

Cock and Ball torture is the answer. After reading about what he has done, I have come to the conclusion that we would be better off killing the farker, or putting him in jail for 20 years, then he will know what it is like to be sexually assaulted. Either way.
2002-01-04 09:51:48 PM  
Pick I so agree with you.

He slipped away from his group while they were at a mall???? WTF? I worked with kids like this for almost 3 years and there is no excuse for this. Rather than spending that $1,000 on him they need to divert those funds to getting some more help in that house or agency.

In NC this kid is catagorized as a Willie M. *long story on that legal name*. Kids like this are never let out into public places such as a mall..even if they are supervised.
The new wave of therapy for kids and adults like this is nothing but PC crap. People/agencies are so damn afraid of getting sued or having their services pulled they they overly acomodate (sp I know) lil mindless mental shiats like the one in this story.

I'm not saying kill him and rip his nads off but he seriously needs to be institutionalized for life. Then again chemical castration might just be the trick
2002-01-04 09:53:13 PM  
Gremmy: Level 3 in Washington State means there is a high probability he will reoffend. There is also a three strikes your out law there. This little 'person' should be getting close to that, and he can spend the rest of his crappy little life locked up - forever. The only problem with that is he has to commit more crimes on innocent people in order to qualify. Some of the farkers here have a better idea........ And a whole lot cheaper.......
2002-01-04 09:57:48 PM  
Where is Farkwoman when we need her?
2002-01-04 09:58:58 PM  
I can't wait for the follow up story about he assaulting the "guards" who are costing the state 1k a day
2002-01-04 10:01:07 PM  
"The state Department of Social and Health Services said officials are working to find him a permanent placement."

something that involves kickig dirt down onto his face would be my sugestion.
2002-01-04 10:06:44 PM  
Reminds me of a kid from college. He was a little farker but jump on people and start humping their leg for laughs. We beat him up countless times but he just wouldn't learn. Reminded me a little of wild bob from the Green Mile.
2002-01-04 10:08:06 PM  
Holy *&%$! What would possess a CHILD to commit such acts? This truly breaks my heart.
2002-01-04 10:08:20 PM  
"Horny lil' farker" to the third power just about describes this kid. Just like a farking do humping yer' leg, but you can kick a strange dog in the face without remorse.
2002-01-04 10:08:22 PM  
I am though really farking curious what the hell made this kid. Human beings are not born like this, being a sexual predator is a learned trait. I mean what the hell must his parents or guardians have done to build a kid that has so little self control over impulses and sees nothing wrong with inflicting sexual assault on people of any age or sex.
2002-01-04 10:10:19 PM  
I demand names! NOW! Pictures of the little fark too... it would make a great photoshop topic...
2002-01-04 10:10:36 PM  

357 Magnum 125 Grain JHP - 50 rounds @ $25 = $.50 a round.
2002-01-04 10:11:32 PM  
2002-01-04 10:13:22 PM  
Here's a photo of him:

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-04 10:14:50 PM  
if ever there was a case for exorcism.....;^)
2002-01-04 10:20:15 PM  
uh....Didn't Freddy Krueger do all those things when he was young..........uh oh.....time to move out of seattle :^D
2002-01-04 10:29:22 PM  
Maybe he can join the British Navy. It worked for Nelson.

"It's a man's life in the modern navy"
2002-01-04 10:33:08 PM  
level 3 sex offender: something most D&D players are by the time they are 30
2002-01-04 10:34:20 PM  
Nice guys.

The kind of cruel torture many of you describe or desire for his punishments are probably exactly the reason why the kid is that way to begin with.
2002-01-04 10:35:55 PM  

Don't know about you, but I can get a box of 50 JHP .357's for about $11. You must be talking about Golden Sabers or Hydra-Shoks or some other 'premium' self-defense brand. This little farker ain't worth it. ;-)

A 9mm Sellier & Bellot FMJ will do just fine, and it'll only cost 9 cents. :-)

Hell, just shoot him in the temple with a .22. We're down to 2 cents. Savings we can pass on to the taxpayers! LOL
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