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(Fark)   Drew will be on The Screen Savers (TechTV) tonight around 8pm EST, 11pm EST, and 2am EST. They picked some great links this time. Watch out for the last one   ( divider line
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2571 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jan 2002 at 3:45 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-04 03:48:39 PM  
Go Drew!
2002-01-04 03:51:15 PM  
Yeah! Drew, ask Megan to flash you or rather the the camara.
2002-01-04 03:52:04 PM  
Since when does anyone watch TechTV?
2002-01-04 03:52:21 PM  
gee, I knew I wanted a reason to stay in tonight and watch tv rather than go out and have a ravenous time...Thann Drew
2002-01-04 03:53:57 PM  
Epigone, sad to say but I watch everynight.
2002-01-04 03:54:23 PM  
is that even higher on the dial than UPN?
2002-01-04 03:54:56 PM  
Geekly World News...
2002-01-04 03:58:33 PM  
2002-01-04 04:00:19 PM  
I've GOT to get one of these TV's that everyone's raving about......
2002-01-04 04:00:31 PM  
Microbob: I am with you, I could not live withoutmine either

2002-01-04 04:00:38 PM  
2002-01-04 04:01:17 PM  
Be sure to mention that you need someone to help fix the cgi thing.

2002-01-04 04:01:33 PM  
TechTV is for fags.
2002-01-04 04:01:58 PM  
Computer geeks on TV !!

Ahhhhh, the IRONY.
2002-01-04 04:03:34 PM  
What the hell time would that be in Central Time?

I'm guessing an hour back?
2002-01-04 04:03:34 PM  
Megan is a dork.
2002-01-04 04:07:54 PM  
What CGI thing? We got the performance thing worked around for now, will be fixing it for real next week (read: more RAM)
2002-01-04 04:07:56 PM  
tv makes you stupid....
2002-01-04 04:09:57 PM  
JOHNDX: You are correct. Central is one hour back from Eastern. Then Mountain is two back, and Pacific is three.
2002-01-04 04:11:05 PM  
I always send them a few choices I know they won't take just for fun, but this time they called my bluff.
2002-01-04 04:12:01 PM  
Congrats, Drew! continually rejuvenates my otherwise waining interest in "our daily Web". You guys are the best portal/forum out there and I think you deserve all the publicity you get and then some.
2002-01-04 04:16:36 PM  
Be sure to give out your paypal URL for the beer fund. It's Friday night, ferchissakes.
2002-01-04 04:19:16 PM  
01-04-02 04:03:34 PM Stuntc0ck
Megan is a dork.

2002-01-04 04:20:37 PM  
My guess is the ex-girlfriend web-log thread.
2002-01-04 04:21:38 PM  
go Drew! flash us your man-boobies!
2002-01-04 04:25:19 PM  
Congrats Drew, maybe you could show some of the logo replacements that farkers have made.
2002-01-04 04:29:36 PM  
Radiofreewill -

I'm not saying I wouldn't throw one in her.
2002-01-04 04:34:54 PM  
TechTV? What cable station in Los Angeles? (Time Warner)
2002-01-04 04:54:11 PM  
Drummer: I don't know, try

Listings should be there... or goto your cable co's website.
2002-01-04 05:02:38 PM  
Remember to God, your mother, and your 8th grade electronics teacher for getting you there.

p.s. ... and for Pete's sake make sure you wear clean underwear!!!
2002-01-04 05:03:53 PM  
Isn't Drew on there every week? Why all the congrats?
2002-01-04 05:04:02 PM  
eek I to type THANK
2002-01-04 05:34:40 PM  
Don't be ripping on Tech TV.
I've learned a farking lot by watching the Screensavers
Until the bastards at my cable company took it off the air
2002-01-04 05:55:58 PM  
Is this Drew?:,24330,3359472,0​0.html

And maybe somebody can tape 'n grab a show, so that none Tech Tv farkers know whats this shiat€ is about.
You would think Tech Tv could put up some streams...
2002-01-04 06:34:15 PM  
If we miss it will there be a video posted on Fark?
2002-01-04 06:40:24 PM  
Woo hoo! The first to shows of the year in my opinion have sucked. Hopefully tonight will be better. Well of course it'll have a little peice of Fark!

By the way the way I found out about FARK was through the Screensavers :)
2002-01-04 06:41:50 PM  
oh this is a web show :-)
Forgive me.
2002-01-04 07:05:19 PM  
Stupid AT&T doesnt carry it here in portland. Im all for some streams of the show tommorow. Yah hear that Drew....streams damn it...streams...
2002-01-04 07:26:26 PM  
It was sort of a double event for me. I learned about Fark the first time I watched The Screen Savers. I really thought (and still do think) that "The Screen Savers" was (is) a pathetic name for a technology show (insert quip about how it IS a pathetic show), but when Drew showed "seat man" I couldn't stop laughing. I remember Martin saying, "you know, if I was border patrol at the time I would have just said, 'yeah, go on through. We need this guy in our country.'" I got hooked on both after that.
2002-01-04 08:46:38 PM  
Drew is to Screensavers as Chuck Grodin is to 60 Minutes II.
2002-01-04 08:49:18 PM  
drew must have been drunk out of his ass.
2002-01-04 08:49:27 PM  
Who is this "Drew" and what does he do?
2002-01-04 08:51:27 PM  
By the way -- and I might be late to the pile on this one -- but has anyone gotten a look at Hottie? Christ on a cracker!
2002-01-04 08:56:54 PM  
Crikey Drew!!

What the hell is wrong with your webcam?!
2002-01-04 09:18:37 PM  
Way to steal jokes Drew. Everquest...
2002-01-04 09:51:15 PM  
worst . web-cam . ever .

Megans boobies are totally wasted on a married geek chick...
2002-01-04 10:23:24 PM  
i'm with kanonball, drew you need to get yourself a better webcam image goin. YIKES! you looked kinda scary.

as far as megan goes, she has the whole hottie computer geek thing goin for her...yet, i did notice the wedding band.

how bout that tall blondie? she's got nice boobies! but she kinda has that whole SF flannel/combat boot thing. (i live in SF so i have poetic license on that.)

anyway, i'll shut up now.
2002-01-04 10:28:47 PM  
Morgan is hot!!!!!!
2002-01-04 11:26:41 PM  
so whos gonna start the "fund"?

the "drew needs a better web-cam fund" ;-)

(just hackin on ya drew)
(but seriously)
2002-01-05 01:48:15 AM  
I'm watching and waiting....
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