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(LynrdSkynrd) NewsFlash Leon Wilkinson died three months ago   ( divider line
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6812 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jan 2002 at 1:54 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-04 04:05:06 PM  
A.L. yes , sad but true , missing this one :

" Your Dashboard Plastic Jesus Won't Get You into Heaven Anymore "
2002-01-04 04:06:54 PM  
There was 1 famous one missed out:

"Get your tounge out of my mouth, I'm kissin' you goodbye"

Just my personal favorite.

2002-01-04 04:09:09 PM  
OR , Hank jr ' S
" I O. D. ' d in Denver , and I Just Can't Remember Her Name "
2002-01-04 04:14:13 PM  
Lynyrd Skynyrd has many, many great songs as does Neil Young. I love them both!!!!
2002-01-04 04:31:50 PM  
... and let's not forget "My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, And I Don't Love Jesus"
2002-01-04 04:36:15 PM  
Lynrd Skynrd--feh
Neil Young--double feh

I don't like either of them.
2002-01-04 04:37:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-04 04:38:46 PM  
R & R-
I was wondering if I was the only one. It is possible to admire Skynyrd for their musicianship while not their politics, and vice versa w/ Neil. btw, there was no one named leonard skinnard- they made it up. and just cause van zandt wore a neil young t-shirt, doesn't mean he was a fan.
2002-01-04 04:39:44 PM  
"Trying To Reason With Hurricane Season"
2002-01-04 04:41:17 PM  
Leonard Skinner was their gymn teacher.
2002-01-04 04:41:39 PM  
bands for beer-guzzling, air-guitaring, cross-burning redneck trailer trash
2002-01-04 04:50:55 PM  
So, like the Beatles, they are only 2 bullets away from a reunion?
2002-01-04 04:54:48 PM  
Caboozy, my girl; I was reading the enflamed war between Harmonia, Fb and WorldCitizen on another thread. While it was quite socailly relevent, it just didn't pack the punch of yesterday's "enciteful" (hehe) rally. Try to bait 2 pennies and see if she comes over!
2002-01-04 05:29:01 PM  
The Who suck.

Just thought I'd throw that in.
2002-01-04 05:42:45 PM  
I believe the song is called "There are tears in my ears, etc. etc.

I do know for a fact that "Timber, I'm Falling in Love" is a real song. It's by Patty Loveless. It's weird, though, the rest of the lyrics aren't nearly as retarded as the title.
2002-01-04 05:43:34 PM  
Dllsgrlz & Caboozy:

Pennies and her sis, Busty LaRue are on the "FatMan" thread...still.
2002-01-04 05:44:27 PM  
You're the Reason Our Kids Are So Ugly

The Next Time You Throw That Fryin' Pan, My Face Ain't Gonna Be There

This stuff is priceless. The really sad thing is that I think I recognize a few of those titles. I spent a few years working at a country bar ... the things I do for money.
2002-01-04 05:50:28 PM  
Okok - Someone needs to move on with her life

I bet her sister is just like her
2002-01-04 06:12:12 PM  
"Francisco Franco is still dead" (ROTLFMAOCPIMP).. Love it..
Love LS myself. Then again (showing my age here I wuz at every Texas Jam there ever was (like that means anything).. I've been to about 250 concerts (and have the shirts to prove it) in my life and they were the best. Was the closest to country I've ever done or will ever do.

Besides, couldn't stand going to the Sportatorium and see Michael Hayes and NOT hear Free Bird!
(running in shame now------------------->)
2002-01-04 06:23:44 PM  
Actually...the line is: GENERAL ALLISSIMO (sp) Fransisco Franco is still dead.
But I don't want to be a spelling/grammar/proper nazi, so just commence with the jokes.
2002-01-04 06:44:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
"..General lissimo Francisco still dead!"
2002-01-04 06:50:32 PM  
I was set to see his last show but the bastard died Not bad though Ted Nugent took over as headliner and ROCKED!
2002-01-04 08:02:00 PM  
2 more famous country hits:

There's A Tear In My Beer (Cuz I'm Cryin' For You Dear) and It's been so lonely in my saddle since my horse died
2002-01-04 08:03:59 PM  
... and it's "Generalisimo" - Italian (supposedly) for "general". "Generalisimo Franco" ya knobs!
2002-01-04 08:08:46 PM  
Let's try that again.. It's "Generalissimo". SPANISH for the military rank of "General". "Generalissimo Franco". (Ya knobs...)
2002-01-04 09:09:45 PM  
Here's a Warren Zevon song to drive the Farkfilter apecrap...

My shiat's farked Up
Warren Zevon, Zevon Music BMI

Well, I went to the doctor
I said, "I'm feeling kind of rough"
He said, "I'll break it to you, son
Your shiat's farked up."
I said, "my shiat's farked up?"
Well, I don't see how--"
He said, "The shiat that used to work--
It won't work now."

I had a dream
Ah, shucks, oh, well
Now it's all farked up
It's shot to hell

Yeah, yeah, my shiat's farked up
It has to happen to the best of us
The rich folks suffer like the rest of us
It'll happen to you

That amazing grace
Sort of passed you by
You wake up every day
And you start to cry
Yeah, you want to die
But you just can't quit
Let me break it on down:
It's the farked up shiat
2002-01-05 12:17:20 AM  
this was, by far, the best use of the newsflash tag ever.
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