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35053 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Apr 2004 at 5:09 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-26 10:19:13 AM  
"Mr President, we were there 32 years ago, where were you?"
2004-04-26 10:25:13 AM  
He was not AWOL. I believe that it has been documented that he did finish out his tour. I thought that all this AWOL stuff is speculation.

/Dont like either of them - just hate misrepresentation.
2004-04-26 10:27:47 AM  
But it was obligatory.
2004-04-26 10:41:31 AM  
Ah.. yes.. I see. :)

Continue Farking - move along - nothing to see here.
2004-04-26 11:06:06 AM  
I've lost all hope in Kerry having any chance of being elected. This country is way too stupid to elect anyone but Bush, since we only care about Kerry being in Vietnam and not about important things like the Economy, the War on Terror or the well-being of American citizens.

We get what we deserve, and frankly, we deserve someone sub-sub par like Bush, instead of just sub-par like Kerry.

See you all in the draft! I'm ready to blow up Iran.
2004-04-26 11:07:48 AM  
Maybe there will be an old fashioned floor fight at the least it would make things interesting...
2004-04-26 11:12:17 AM  

It has never been documented that Bush finished his tour of duty. The person who claimed to see him in Alabama at a certain date was proved to be lying because by Bush's own admission, he was not there on that date. However, the mainstream media has dropped the ball again and given him a free pass on this issue, as they do on every other issue.
2004-04-26 11:13:10 AM  
What the republicans are trying to do is make this into an issue because they have no record to run on and they can't go out and talk about jobs or health care or environment. they are going to attack 35 years ago. last week in an unprecedented attack, they sent congressmen to the floor of the senate of the house to attack me on the anniversary of my speech. george bush has yet to explain to america whether or not to tell the truth about whether he showed up for duty. i'm not going to get attack order something i did that's a matter of record that the press saw, that i did in front of the entire nation and everyone then understood there was no distinction. we threw away the symbols of the war. i'm proud i stood up and fought stood up and fought against it. proud i took on richard nixon. and i think to this day, there's no distinction between the two.

/the only part of the interview worth reading
2004-04-26 11:14:00 AM  
I can see how being upset over a stupid war thirty years ago can disqualify him. I can't vote for him now.

Now if he'd stayed in the States doing coke or something, I could vote for him. But earning medals, then throwing them away for a cause -- that's much too evil.

/Anyone but Kerry....
2004-04-26 11:15:32 AM  
Among Kerry's problems as a candidate is his preternatural inability to avoid dissembling.

"I threw those medals over the fence before I didn't throw those medals over the fence."

I don't think Kerry could have beaten Bush in any event, but I thought they might make a race of it. The way things are going, Bush will easily have a 100 electoral vote margin - maybe more. I am pleased.
2004-04-26 11:18:21 AM  
I don't think the rest of America is "too stupid." This is still a close race, and a lot can happen down the stretch. The problem is Kerry hasn't warmed up to people with any sort of vision or plan. He's been so much on the anti-Bush offensive, and while there's a widespread sentiment to tap into there, it's probably not enough to win a lot of people over. That strategy didn't work for the Democrats in 2002 when the economy was worse, though we weren't at war with Iraq yet. Kerry has problems because he lacks charisma, and is seen across America as a wealth, aloof New England liberal, and slamming Bush at every turn isn't warming people to him. Not to mention, at every campaign stop, he promises more spending to whichever interest group shows up, and talks about raising taxes (I'm sorry, the correct Democratic turn is "roll back tax cuts" - as if your money was always the government's and you should be thankful for what they let you keep - Sorry. I'm always this bitter the first few weeks after April 15. I digress.) And he does have a historical knack for saying whatever it appears his particular audience at that moment wants to hear. Hence, the stink about whether or not he threw his medals away. Even if he didn't actually say he threw his medals, he seemed content to let that misconception fly in the more anti-war atmosphere of the early 1970's, then backed off it in the much more hawkish Reagan era, when it would have been a less popular gesture.

Anyway, the lessons of 2002 were that simply spewing hatred for Bush doesn't work, and the game plan appears not to have changed since then. Kerry lacks the personality and charm that Clinton had. Clinton would probably mop up Bush, but that's because he is far more personable than Kerry, and much more moderate. No personality, no message, no plan. That's not making it very hard for Bush. Not to mention, he rips into Bush constantly about every issue under the sun, then starts complaining when the attacks come back at him.
2004-04-26 11:23:54 AM  
Try using the entire statement asshat submitter:

GIBSON: senator, i was there 33 years ago and i saw you throw medals over the fence and we didn't find out until later - [they were] someone else's medals, correct in?

But I guess that wouldn't have been as inflammatory, would it?

2004-04-26 11:25:05 AM  
I'm going to do some reading on the subject and bow out of this thread. It's greenlighted. I'm gonna scatter.
2004-04-26 11:29:59 AM  
No.. i'll stick by my "Americans are very stupid." diatribe, thats though.
2004-04-26 11:30:46 AM  
2004-04-26 11:35:27 AM  
Don't be so hard on Kerry. The presidential race is only something to do while he hunts for an even richer spouse. Everyone has to be somewhere.
2004-04-26 11:38:49 AM  
Mmm... not much flame bait in the que ahead of it...

Over/under is at 750. My last one got smoked (way under, but there had to be four simultaneous flame wars that day). A few hours before this goes "live," so it's subject to change until it hits the main board.

Aw, come on, Smooky, the guy has all the warmth and charisma of a sea urchin. Voters like personality. That's just politics in the era of television.
2004-04-26 11:49:23 AM  
It's an old trick. Kinda reminds me of something they'd do in Ancient Rome...
2004-04-26 11:51:55 AM  
Who the fark really cares about this stupid medal/ribbon bullshiat? Jesus farking christ.
2004-04-26 11:53:46 AM  

If Kerry and lie and be dramatic about this, what other kinds of shenanagans would he pull?

It doesn't bode well for his integrity.

At least John Lennon RETURNED his Order of the British Empire to the Queen in a war protest...big slap in the face...
2004-04-26 11:54:54 AM  
I'd also like to add: who the fark really cares about this stupid Bush AWOL bullshiat? Jesus farking christ.

I am going to make my voting decision based on candidates' positions on issues and things that they have done recently in the political arena.
2004-04-26 12:01:29 PM  
*shrugging again*

Bush hid in the back of the ranks of a National Guard somewhere...totally sheltered from the possibility of real fighting in Vietnam...

Now at least a soldier a day dies for his stupid war.

No better in the credibility department. Also, note how hard it was to come up with any PROOF that he served. Suspicious.

I think we should have the option of crossing BOTH candidates off our ballots.
2004-04-26 12:07:41 PM  
George Bush never threw HIS medals over the fence.

The man is a saint, I tell ya.
2004-04-26 12:19:42 PM  
Oh man. This changes everything. Drudge has made me see the error of my ways. Kerry must be unfit to be president if he changed his story about the medals!

I'm going to stick with Bush. He never flip-flops on anything. Certainly not important things like the reasons we went to war with Iraq.

Oh, and 35 years ago when Kerry was throwing his ribbons over a fence, Bush was face down in a pile of his own vomit next to an empty bottle of Jack Daniels and a couple lines of coke.

Oh, hey, but whatever we do, lets not talk about the issues facing the nation today. That would be a stupid thing to do before an election.
2004-04-26 12:20:47 PM  
2004-04-26 12:24:16 PM  
It's not about the medals, it's about Kerry once again not telling the truth about what happened, what he was thinking, what he believes in, or why he thought what he did was the best thing to do and sticking by what he says.

I have issues with him throwing war medals away (even if they were symbolic), but I could possibly respect the man if he owned up to it and stood by his beliefs. The man's a weasel in the Clinton-mold and people are sick of that crap. That's why Kerry will lose soundly.
2004-04-26 12:26:02 PM  
This scandal is even more manufactured than the Kerry-mistress one.

If you're looking for an indicator of honesty and integrity (or lack thereof) in a candidate, stop trying. THEY ALL LIE. Bush II lies, Clinton lied, Bush I lied, Reagan lied, Carter lied... It's such a stupid thing to argue about.
2004-04-26 12:28:44 PM  
Anyone seen the "Rich, but not smooth" commercials?

Kerry: Rich, but not smooth.
2004-04-26 12:36:15 PM  
Well, I don't like the sound of the whole Bush AWOL thing, but the dems never seemed to have a problem with a draft dodger getting elected. I don't see why they gotta make such a fuss about GWB being in the guard instead of skipping the country.

Also, Bush hasn't changed his stance on his guard duty or talked about it alot. It's mostly been speculation. AS for Kerry however 1st he threw medals, then he threw someone elses medals, now it's he "threw the ribbons" not the medals. What the fark. At least stick to one story, the american public has no qualms electing a draft dodger over a war hero anyways. Your party already proved that asshat.
2004-04-26 12:52:43 PM  
As i've said in the numerous Bush went AWOL threads and Kerry killed a million vietcong ones...

"I don't care."

Just talk about the country now and what direction you want it to go to.

I say that we're all stupid because apparently we do care that he threw his medals, or that Bush did or did not go AWOL. Look at the polls. Look at what everyone says. Hell, people still think Iraq had a hand in 9/11.

Face it, we're are all ignorant hillbilly retards that the rest of the world paints us in. I just give up... really... I have no faith anymore. As long as I don't get attacked while working in NYC, I really don't give two shiats about our political process or who wins.

/Disillusioned American
2004-04-26 12:53:37 PM  
And my grammar stinks. Time for lunch.
2004-04-26 12:54:19 PM  

RTFA. He says he threw his own ribbons and then threw some other people's medals per their request.
2004-04-26 01:10:48 PM  
Everyone's Collective Imaginary Friend
Oh, and 35 years ago when Kerry was throwing his ribbons over a fence, Bush was face down in a pile of his own vomit next to an empty bottle of Jack Daniels and a couple lines of coke.

True, but let's not disparage lying in vomit next to a bottle of JD.... That's a fine American tradition. And what's more American than Coke?

/damn liberal pepsi-drinking new generation
2004-04-26 01:26:40 PM  
True, but let's not disparage lying in vomit next to a bottle of JD.... That's a fine American tradition. And what's more American than Coke?

Genocide? ;)
2004-04-26 01:31:22 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-26 01:33:57 PM  
Bio: I'm a nice guy, really, I swear. I'm also very open minded. Except when I post on Fark. =^]

At least your bio is correct.
2004-04-26 01:47:22 PM  
John F. Kerry.... he's ohhh sooo electable. Nice choice Democrats.

/four more years
2004-04-26 02:13:24 PM  
Damn liberal media, lobbing softballs at Kerry.
Tim Russert attacks GWB every time he's on Meet The Press.
2004-04-26 03:04:58 PM  
its a non-issue. I could care less about what they did 30 years ago, as long as they explained they were young stupid dumbass kids who didn't know anything yet. But if kerry is going to keep saying "vietnam" every 10 seconds, he has to expect everything he did to be an issue.
2004-04-26 03:07:37 PM  
Well, another story on this very issue just hit the main board a few minutes ago and is heading full-steam ahead to "too many" comments and beyond. Over/under on this thread is off.
2004-04-26 03:13:24 PM  
2004-04-26 03:04:58 PM Shut........UP

its a non-issue. I could care less about what they did 30 years ago, as long as they explained they were young stupid dumbass kids who didn't know anything yet. But if kerry is going to keep saying "vietnam" every 10 seconds, he has to expect everything he did to be an issue.

Thats the first sensible non partisan thing i've ever seen you post.... congrats!
2004-04-26 03:26:57 PM  
Retarded. Kerry freely admits to being at Dewey Canyon III, freely admits to protesting against the war, freely admits to discarding symbols of war. But, he says, he didn't happen to have his medals with him. If he had, he probably would have thrown them over, and probably wouldn't be denying it today. It was a minor correction, and the Republicans have latched onto it and are trying to insinuate that Kerry is denying having ever been there at all.

The Republicans are trying to scare America into re-electing Bush. And it seems to be working. I knew about and respected Kerry before he ever ran for President, because he was talked about and quoted in a course I took about Vietnam. Take his name out of the "scandalous" stories that the Republicans are circulating about his war history, and you have very typical stories about the Vietnam war. Kids fought in Vietnam. Kids died in Vietnam. Kids saw and committed atrocities in Vietnam. Kids were deeply scarred by Vietnam. Kids wondered why they were in Vietnam. And when there were no good answers forthcoming, kids protested Vietnam, and it's not hard to understand why.

One of those kids grew up and ran for President. Why demonize him now?
2004-04-26 03:35:00 PM  
ABC's Chris Vlasto, who produced this non-story, is a media flunky of Ken Starr's. His hit pieces on Democrats are well known and chronicled.

All of the info on Vlasto you need is here.
2004-04-26 03:45:04 PM  

I think we should have the option of crossing BOTH candidates off our ballots.

We do, my friend, we do. It's called the Libertarian Party. Come one, come all. Save the nation.
2004-04-26 03:47:33 PM  
"Thats the first sensible non partisan thing i've ever seen you post.... congrats!"

right, by "sensible" you mean "agree with you". Thats how that works.

besides I'm not pro-bush or pro-kerry.
2004-04-26 04:08:54 PM  
Smookyfufu, you have to admit that the spring-loaded, medal-throwing arm (with Kung-Fu grip!) is sooo appropriate for this conversation.
2004-04-26 05:13:14 PM  
Am I the only one who doesn't give a shiat about Kerry's medals?
2004-04-26 05:13:38 PM  
i'm not going to stand for it. i'm in the going to stand for it.

A catch-phrase is born.
2004-04-26 05:15:22 PM  

Actually, this is the place where John Kerry threw his medals:

[image from too old to be available]

2004-04-26 05:15:44 PM  
"thousands of people and i stood up in front of the country, reached into my shirt, visibly for the nation to see"

They all reached into his shirt? That sounds a little erotic to me...I'm not voting for him.
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