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(ABC News)   Houston wins "America's Fattest City" award. Celebrates with barbeque and cake.   ( divider line
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2002-01-03 08:42:19 AM  
HEY! That is a bunch of BS! I live in Houston, and I, uh, nevermind. I will go get some breakfast and think of something.
2002-01-03 08:45:56 AM  
another reason to not want to have texas written on your license plate.
2002-01-03 08:46:43 AM  
Hey we're not fat, we're healthy...

Houston, TX
2002-01-03 08:47:13 AM  
We're No. 1!, We're No. 1!

tear wells up as a Houstonian never says this..(/i>
2002-01-03 08:48:55 AM  
So....because we have the most restaurants that means we're fatasses?????

2002-01-03 08:50:04 AM  
Fat dumb and happy.

Life is good.
2002-01-03 08:55:02 AM  
Now Houston is both America's Fattest City and America's Second Dirtiest City to L.A.

I went to Houston for the first time over the holidays and I will agree!!! They are fat!! And I have never seen so many Donut shops in my entire life!!! Close some Donut shops around there and those fat ass beers, steers and queers will lose some weight.
2002-01-03 08:56:18 AM  
America: Land of the fat and the sued.
2002-01-03 08:57:05 AM
2002-01-03 09:00:04 AM  
It looks as though the researchers measured everything... except weight. Aw, that probably isn't really necessary if you're naming the fattest city.
2002-01-03 09:02:23 AM  
I was there over Christmas visiting my "overweight" in-laws. Everywhere you look...HUGE FVCKING PEOPLE. The all look like water buffalos.
2002-01-03 09:02:27 AM  
Wow, to have this honor on top of Enron, the Astros and the Rockets... (cocks pistol)
2002-01-03 09:03:16 AM  
Houston's not fat, it's just big boned.
2002-01-03 09:12:38 AM  
"In modern society, obesity is partially related to not having a lot of money, one doctor said."

Hey, poor people! Get off your asses and stop watching Jerry Springer and eating donuts!
2002-01-03 09:14:11 AM  
Grivas: "Wow, to have this honor on top of Enron, the Astros and the Rockets... (cocks pistol) "

Don't forget Compaq, U of H Cougars, Rice, Aeros, Oilers.
We only excell at dyke basketball and not this year!

takes pistol from Grivas, spins cylinder, puts to head "CLICK", passes back to Grivas ;)
2002-01-03 09:20:21 AM  
Houston's so fat it jumped in the air and got stuck.
2002-01-03 09:20:53 AM  
Hey, leave UH out of this- it let me go to college without having to mortgage the next forty years of my life (although the sports team do leave a lot to be desired).

Granted, people in Houston might be metabolically challenged, but parts of Jersey definitely give it a run for it's money.
2002-01-03 09:23:50 AM  
Wow, you live in New Jersey and went to UH?

reloads pistol with hollowpoints; hands to Mandrax
2002-01-03 09:29:05 AM  
Sad but true. UH wasn't that bad- at least I didn't have the misfortune of going to A&M.

(Mandrax's shaky hand, not yet steadied by her first cup of coffee causes the gun to misfire, hitting her white board instead of her skull)
2002-01-03 09:32:07 AM  
Jeebus, 65% of USAian males are overweight. Lard-arses. You should be ashamed of yourselves.
2002-01-03 09:34:19 AM  
Mandrax UH was great really but the football team went winless for the first time in 55 years. I know this will start a flame war as my bro went to A&M but I'd rather be ignorant than an Aggie.

pulls own pistol to defend himself from Corps of Cadets.
2002-01-03 09:39:47 AM  
Just another reason for people here in Dallas to hate Houston and everything it stands for, even if they have never been to Houston and have no idea what it stands for. That's a Dallas thing.
2002-01-03 09:39:58 AM  
I am just happy to hear of any Houston pride, even if it has to come from Jersey. We do have them beat in air pollution, but we still can't recreate that Newark ambiance, thank God.
2002-01-03 09:43:13 AM  
""No effort has been made to create a national push," for fitness, said Jerry Kindela"
let's keep it that way, gosh darn it.

"The Land of the Free" is now going to be the hassled by the gov't cause we are getting fat.

screw that!
2002-01-03 09:43:48 AM  
Don't forget the beer!

Look out folks, the health nazis are getting ready to do to fat people what they did to smokers . . . legislation has already been proposed to tax any food they deem "high fat" . . .
2002-01-03 09:44:15 AM  
Chicago's #2 rank is entirely Jerry Krause's fault.
2002-01-03 09:45:07 AM  
Another thing, NYC, Atlanta and DC had'em and now we got 'em.
The Honorable Mayor of H...Lee Brown!!!!! Yeah!!

a ray of sunshine passes into Grivas' lonely corporate office.
2002-01-03 09:46:14 AM  
I want a RECOUNT!!! lb for lb, Madison WI could smother Houston! We could eat Houston for lunch, and have! Our diet is nothing but brats, beer, and cheese, and four months of the year we stay indoors. Top THAT you skinny asses!!!
2002-01-03 09:48:34 AM  
I'm in Houston, and I got no invite to the celebration! :(
2002-01-03 09:51:30 AM  
9/10 - Texas beer hasn't been the same since Celis shutdown, but I do miss St. Arnolds. And Shiner. Mmm....Shiner.....
2002-01-03 09:55:14 AM  
'HOUSTON, we have a Buffet'
2002-01-03 09:56:49 AM  
Scarneck- agreed. I was under the impression that we upper-midwesterners were the fattest in the nation (not me personally, of course). Madison, Twin Cities, whatever. And we stay inside for SIX months out of the year, eating Wisconsin cheese and drinking beer. Don't tell me Houston takes the cake!
2002-01-03 09:59:37 AM  
Well, it's not like the days when if you wanted something to eat, you had to hunt it down and kill it, or grow it yourself. Just waddle out to your car, drive on down to the nearest fast food joint and help yourself to a meal loaded down with fat. Hell, you don't even have to get out of the vehicle and walk in to get it. Just drive up and have that heart attack on a bun handed to you thru the window. Drive home, snarking down at least half of that big ass order of french fries on the way, waddle back into the house and plop your fat ass down in front of the tube or the puter and sip on your diet coke and scarf down that double quarter pounder with cheese. Keerist, no wonder Americans are farking lard asses!
2002-01-03 09:59:41 AM  
Houston is the Newark of Texas.
2002-01-03 10:06:41 AM  
Casey and Scarneck: The weather forces you to "stay inside for SIX months out of the year" eating "brats, beer, and cheese".

We have reasonable weather 11 months out of the year and CHOOSE to stay inside 11.5 months out of the year and eat Mexican food, bar-b-Q. We only go out to get more food.

We will not be denied victory!!
2002-01-03 10:06:59 AM  
At least Houston isn't the Trenton of Texas.

I actually put on weight moving from Houston to New York- suddenly there were people who would deliver Thai food, Mexican food, fast food, diner food, McDonalds, Chinese food, BBQ, etc. direct to my door (and the pizzas are all three times normal size.
2002-01-03 10:07:37 AM  
Oh yeah, I forgot we had Lee Brown back.

places gun back in mouth

Don't you ever sleep JeffD?
2002-01-03 10:08:54 AM  
Lee Brown is Bob Lanier's puppet.
2002-01-03 10:10:56 AM  
The Northeast rules as far as takeout options. I gained all my weight in Boston.
2002-01-03 10:16:12 AM  
Grivas Got my usual 4-5 hours a day. That's all you really need when you get to my age.

I miss Bob Lanier, agree or disagree, you have to admire a man who doesn't want to do politics for a living. Whatever happen to "Tootsie" Whitmire? I'll bet she's as fat as hell.
2002-01-03 10:21:54 AM  
Houston's the
2002-01-03 10:23:24 AM  
She is probably who was blowin my curve. I don't like Lanier, only because I saw where he was killing mass tranportation projects while concurrently buying land where new freeways were being built. I hate opportunists when they exclude me.

You sound like me, JeffD, except that I just get 8-10 hours every other day.
2002-01-03 10:27:47 AM  
Billy Buna.

Meet me at the buffet of your choice in one hour. GAME ON!
2002-01-03 10:30:00 AM  
Hey I'm game for the buffet guys, and I too miss Bob Lanier he was the greatest mayor we've ever had, compared to lesbian Whitmire and Out of town Lee Brown...

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-03 10:31:04 AM  
No, Houston is the Atlanta of Texas. I live here. I'm not fat. But there are a whole lot more better places to be.
2002-01-03 10:33:39 AM  
Houston really is the most no-zoning, lassiez faire, wide open , opportunity city in the country. Never been to a city quite like it and for the record, we're not any fattter than any other city. Hell, everybodys fat compared to Calcutta.
Time for coffee and honeybuns.
Go Stros, Coogs and Rockets!
2002-01-03 10:40:00 AM  
"Americans are growing fatter because of fatty foods and a lack of exercise, a Men's Fitness magazine report says"

Wow, I would have never figured that out by myself. Now if they could only figure out what causes pregnancy...
2002-01-03 10:45:52 AM  
mmmmm.... The Golden Trough e... Coral......just like pigs
2002-01-03 10:57:08 AM  
I want to be the Men's Fitness writer who got paid to report that Amercians are growing fatter because of fatty foods and a lack of exercise.

And Lucky Village on Westheimer near Wilcrest is the best buffet, handsdown. Out of towners flip out when they go (even the ones from MN).
2002-01-03 11:06:57 AM  
I went to Joes Barbecue in Alvin since that report was written, so Houston's lead may be increasing.
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