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29256 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jan 2002 at 1:23 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-04 01:24:19 AM  
This, my friends, is the one woman I would slaughter my family over. This chick should own a lumber yard she raises so much wood, I tell ya.
2002-01-04 01:25:44 AM  
I agree with the Bigpeeler on this one.. except the slaughtering of family.... I think.
2002-01-04 01:26:09 AM  
any nsfw or almost nsfw pics in this?
2002-01-04 01:27:24 AM  
Augie: You don't know my family;)
2002-01-04 01:27:48 AM  
Hottest woman ever. End of discussion.
2002-01-04 01:27:54 AM  
Thats.... quite an obsession they've got going there.
2002-01-04 01:28:26 AM  
ok, then.... slaughter away....
2002-01-04 01:28:28 AM  
The real Miss Nude Internet 2002
2002-01-04 01:29:35 AM  
spell checkers unite!
2002-01-04 01:37:14 AM  

Not only first but we may just have to write that quote down as gospel.
2002-01-04 01:37:38 AM  
2002-01-04 01:41:30 AM  
Clarification: The Gospel according to Bigpeeler. =) Now in SFW and NSFW translations.

Now if only this freakin' snow would melt...
2002-01-04 01:41:34 AM  
This is why we were born man!
2002-01-04 01:42:18 AM  
the water..... oh...yea... love that pic.
2002-01-04 01:42:18 AM  
Jennifer Connelly = Bumjube ?
2002-01-04 01:42:56 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

This was a very erotic scene. I have asked girlfriends to ride the horsie from time to time.

At least I am not going to "Whack" my family.
2002-01-04 01:45:03 AM  
ooooh - this site also has extensive collections of Jessica Alba, Salma Hayek, Nikki Cox, and Bjork!

Wait, Bjork...what the fu....?
2002-01-04 01:48:44 AM  

Can't say much for a Bjork collection but damn this has got to be one of the best pics in this collection:

[image from too old to be available]

2002-01-04 01:49:50 AM  
Yes, it's a really good site. Oh and, I decided to spare my family due the groundswell of concern in this thread. Thank you fellow Farkers for helping me avoid a terrible mistake.

I killed the neighbors instead.

Oh for pity's sake I'm joking. I'm a big old masturbating pacifist. Peace. And piece.
2002-01-04 01:54:49 AM  
You know, it's kinda funny... every picture in existance of Jennifer Connely still isn't enough. Even as I grow older and wiser, I still have the delusion that one day I'll marry that girl. Money may not buy happiness, but if money could get my Jenni, screw happiness. *heh*
2002-01-04 01:58:17 AM  
Damn, that's fine. She's the only thing (well, other than Allan Arkin...the guy cracks me up) that made "Rocketeer" worthwhile. Oh, that and watching the big Nazi freak get blown up in the zeppelin attack...
2002-01-04 01:58:24 AM  
Those pictures from "Hot Spot" just don't do her any justice. You really need to catch this... ahem... gem of a movie sometime (it shows up on late night cable periodically). Her succulent chest turkeys will have you making your own gravy! Then in the scene where she gets out of the water and lies down on the towel, if you look real hard (uh... huh, huh I said "hard"), you can almost see the kitty. I imagine it's a pretty kitty and I'd really like to pet it! ;)
2002-01-04 01:58:46 AM  
I agree. My dream (and I'm dead serious here) is to feel the warm, soft weight of one of her breasts (her choice) in my hand. Preferrably in a reach-around situation but I'm flexible.

I told my wife that, on my death bed, I want her to find Jennifer (who will be in her 60's or 70's) and bring her into my hospital room. I will pay her just to stand there while I palm her teat. This will go on until I flatline. Or they throw me out. I've got a savings account already started. Plus I don't feel so well.
2002-01-04 02:03:58 AM  
Finally something we can all agree on. I would cut off my genitals and throw them at her, just so they would have the honor of touching her.
2002-01-04 02:04:34 AM  
"remember that time in that movie Requiem when Jennifer was end to end with that other crack whore?......

that was cool!"
2002-01-04 02:05:05 AM  
that is alittle much of a commitment for me, Gravis.
2002-01-04 02:06:47 AM  
Man, she is hot. I saw the Hot Spot on Encore once, and the only reason I watched it was because I knew she was opless somewhere in there. People also die in that movie. It's a good movie!
2002-01-04 02:07:03 AM  
Grivas: That is hilarious. I could see a number of men doing that in some sort of sick salute. The air, thick with flying scrotums. All for you Babe!!!
2002-01-04 02:08:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Haha! Japanese Rocketeer poster! "Rokettia"
2002-01-04 02:09:23 AM  
Tucci-You forgot the part about exacting justice with your flaming sword of hell +2.Or was that my line?...
2002-01-04 02:09:28 AM  

Only as much as Jaime Pressly = Girly Girl
2002-01-04 02:12:16 AM  
Drew has become a little money grubbing capitalist prank monkey

WTF is that for? You're living of his generosity to sift through all the crap that we send him day to freakin' day. So what if he wants to get paid for his work. Christ don't we all? Damn Canadians.

You've sure been heard. Woo freakin Hoo. And if this thread sucks so much go to another one or hell somewhere else.
2002-01-04 02:13:59 AM  
Ok,now to offer the required dissent for this thread:
Jennifer Connely is not that hot,and she has had the sex with so many people that her vagina and anus are gone due to heat and friction.And she can't eat a whole tub of theater popcorn in one sitting either.Plus,her appendix is gone,so she is not a whole person.Think about that,folkels,you want to have sex with a person who is not whole!

You may now commence your regular ogling pleasure.
-K2"I've done the best troll in this thread,so no one else bother trying to top it!"
2002-01-04 02:18:51 AM  
Weapons of mass erection

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-04 02:20:21 AM  
Alyssa Milano is much hotter
2002-01-04 02:25:23 AM  
Bigpeeler -
THANK YOU for that link. That was exactly what I needed.
2002-01-04 02:27:40 AM  
Tucci, why don't you go troll /. ? eh? You might be appreciated over there. Using this sight is priveledge, not a right. So either shut your hole, or leave. Simple enough.
2002-01-04 02:28:07 AM  
Tucci should change his name to touchy.
2002-01-04 02:30:03 AM  
I'm at a loss. Someone who phrases himself as an educated man resorting to such childish things.

I'm with Grivas on that one. Jeez ruffle someone's feathers a little bit...
2002-01-04 02:30:49 AM  
stupid grammar/spelling nazi. Again, I say go troll /. There's plenty of your kind there.
2002-01-04 02:31:12 AM  
I blame anyone who isn't me, mostly.
2002-01-04 02:35:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-04 02:38:49 AM  

Got a problem with my Swedish/English heritage, biatch?
Yes, I'm I a United States Marine. Do you have a problem with somebody who's willing to put their life on the line to protect the freedoms and rights of his fellow countrymen?
Or are you one of those "hate everything political/capitalistic" anti-society whores?
fark. Go back to the *NSYNC website you came from.

End of discussion. Learn to flame before you try to play troll.
2002-01-04 02:41:05 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-04 02:43:07 AM  
Ow,I sense much anger and little love in this thread!
[image from too old to be available]
Can't we all just get along like candy people?!
2002-01-04 02:44:07 AM  
Wait,I hate ravers.
2002-01-04 02:48:19 AM  
Anyhow,folkels,look at the picture,and try to feel some love.
I'm specifically thinking of Tucci.Please sir,let some sweet sunshine into your life.Bitterness will only back up your internal plumbing,like paper towels in a park toilet.We're all pulling for ya,I'm sure of it.
2002-01-04 02:56:53 AM  
How Sad!

This thread was all about discussing the delectable ms. Connelly until Mr. Tushy... er, Tucci decided to join in. I see that he has tried to hijack all of the new threads so far today and thankfully, other than this one, he hasn't been too successful. He's probably just crabby because he lost his binky or didn't get a nap yesterday. Perhaps if we all just ignore him (like in the other threads) he'll cry himself to sleep and feel better later today. Okay now everyone, Shhhhhh!
2002-01-04 02:58:14 AM  
I'm a Marine. We play in the big Sanbox of the Middle East. We kill people. We are ready to go kick some butt on a moment's notice. What more do you need to know? It's a job where we blow things up for a living. How many jobs can you do that in?

And I have nothing left to prove to anybody, because I proved it to myself--and to my country--when I was given that Eagle, Globe & Anchor that day 3 years ago. Getting here was not easy, but it was all worth it.

And call me whatever you want. On here, talk is easy. In real life, I've already done what most can not; become a Marine.

--First formation is at 1200 today. We're on our way to do martial arts training this weekend (27 1/2 hours worth) and only have saturday-monday to do it. So it's a short day.
2002-01-04 02:59:16 AM  
Oh yeah, I forgot.... Jennifer Connely makes it hard to sleep :-)
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