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(ESPN)   Government pissed at Tyson for going to Cuba; Americans pissed he came back   ( divider line
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1982 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2002 at 8:35 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-03 08:40:35 AM  
Snore...these links are just as lame as the half dozen that just got nuked.
2002-01-03 08:41:08 AM  
fark these Cubans here in the U.S. If we want to travel to Cuba we should be able to. I live in Florida and am sick to farking death of the Cubans.
2002-01-03 08:42:22 AM  
2002-01-03 08:46:14 AM  
What a loser, can't believe he's still in the news....*sigh*

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-03 08:49:26 AM  
"Mike is a very patriotic guy" - oh sure! He's also a d*ck!
2002-01-03 08:50:06 AM  
Tyson isn't a loser! He rules! He's a great fighter and intimidator!
2002-01-03 09:00:57 AM  
"He may have been there for political reasons" That's why he was there... uh huh. Can Mike even say political?
2002-01-03 09:03:12 AM  
Capt_Sheridan: LOL
2002-01-03 09:08:56 AM  
(Soup nazi voice)
You visit Cuba on vacation?
No more US citizenship for you!
2002-01-03 09:12:07 AM  
I love this article. The more I read the more asinine Tyson sounds. "He's the biggest capitalist I know." He doesn't even know what capitalism is. Simply amazing.

FLA CHickie: So I saw Georgia got snow. Get any down there? Or did you go and visit the sun after work?
2002-01-03 09:17:52 AM  
Capt_Sheridan: No snow down here...possible frost tonite though...brrr
2002-01-03 09:22:08 AM  
I hate Tyson, but the government has no right to tell me where I can go. Especially when I'm not even in the damn country and under the government's authority! Stupid government.
2002-01-03 09:24:15 AM  
"Cuba is one of seven countries on the State Department list of terrorist nations."

Let the bombing begin!
2002-01-03 09:25:27 AM  
FLA Chickie: Frost? Uh oh. You do have heat in them thar homes? Do you even own an ice scraper? What's sad is frost forms on my car bahind the places I just scrapped clean.
2002-01-03 09:27:57 AM  
If our country is so free, why is our government allowed to dictate where we can and cannot go and what countries we can and cannot spend money in? We are not at WAR with cuba. Our government simply does not like their policies. Amercia is just like Cuba. If you're cuban you can't go to America. BOO CUBA! Oh wait... if you're American you can't go to Cuba! But that's oikay because we're free to do what we want here! Yay freedom!
2002-01-03 09:29:20 AM  
Capt_Sheridan: Yes, I have heat but no, I don't own an ice scraper... :(
2002-01-03 09:32:27 AM  
FLA Chickie: That could be a pain. So so you use the credit card or just let the car warm for awhile? I figure when I move I'm going to strap a snow shovel on my car and drive south till someone asked what it is. :-)
2002-01-03 09:38:34 AM  
When I lost my ice-scraper, I found that a CD case works just fine.
2002-01-03 10:11:26 AM  
"Mike's a very patriotic guy."

Sure all American patriots have a tattoo of Che Guevara on their bloated gut.
2002-01-03 10:18:40 AM  
Eh, Cuba can have his fat arse. Strip him of his citizenship and send him to Cuba.
2002-01-03 10:20:13 AM  
Sheridan/Chickie: Get a hotel. Just make sure its not in Cuba or I'll report you.
2002-01-03 10:41:50 AM  
Move to Canda and you can visit Cuba when ever you want!!!
2002-01-03 11:20:39 AM  
Tyson'll end up as a neo-revolutionary pawn. Maybe even a Muslim-Maoist. If it weren't for boxing, this guy would be doing tons of *time* for some violent behavior. He's dangerous and dumb ... a deadly combination.
2002-01-03 11:35:44 AM  
A "Neo-revolutionary"

WTF is that Warren?
2002-01-03 11:46:33 AM  
A Muslim Maoist?

That makes about as much sense as a Baptist-Marxist, ie none at all.
2002-01-03 12:08:56 PM  
So, the CANF will tattle on private US citizens visiting Cuba. Great. They can fark off too.
2002-01-03 12:54:06 PM  
Apparently an understanding of foreign policy is not on the required class list of Fark University.
Fark Tyson, and Fark Cuba, or better yet, send Tyson to Afghanistan.
2002-01-03 01:22:48 PM  
Damn I gotta visit Cuba before you yanks are allowed their and ruin it. Yay Mcdonalds on every corner!! YAY!
2002-01-03 01:23:22 PM  
Fark Tyson send him to Ireland and let him box the Miks . Oh yea they will report him if he hangs out with the IRA . Well Fark the Irish and fark tyson.
2002-01-03 01:42:19 PM  
Yall hate too much.
2002-01-03 01:50:58 PM  

01-03-02 11:46:33 AM Harmonia
A Muslim Maoist?

That makes about as much sense as a Baptist-Marxist, ie none at all.

I agree. But leave it up to a brainiac like Mike Tyson to make the homogenization. BTW, you're brilliant, therefore, you go figure out what a neo-revolutionary might be.
2002-01-03 02:20:54 PM  
Why would you wanna visit Cuba? The country's been stuck in a moment that it can't get out of - the early 60's.
2002-01-03 02:27:53 PM  
"Why would you wanna visit Cuba? The country's been stuck in a moment that it can't get out of - the early 60's."

Because it's an island in a warm sea with beautiful waters. I don't know about you, but I don't usually go on vacation for politics.
2002-01-03 02:49:25 PM  
Give Tyson a break. He's just traumatized by Sept. 11.
2002-01-03 06:41:58 PM  
Tyson WAS a great Fighter. now he is just Stupid as shiat.
For God's sakes somebody put a filter on his gene pool.

AS for Cuba. the cold war is over. we should end the hostilities. unfortunitely it wont happen until Fidel is worm food
2002-01-03 10:41:31 PM  
To be honest, Mike Tyson has been farked by the media for years. They loved him at first, praising his coach when he said "Mike, hit him with bad intentions..."

Mike was Jack Dempsey, Young George Forman, and Marvin Hagler combined. Plus, hitting Tyson is very difficult.

His troubles began with a well known gold digger, who had a HUGE reputation for clinging to athletes and causing nothing but trouble.

Then the non-rape happened. He poked some wanna-be gravy train riding ho' and she pressed charges after he said "buh-bye." After the trial she stated that she wouldn't have pressed charges if he had walked her to the limo.

Tyson's not a genious, but he's no monster. He also knows more about his profession than most historians know about war.

Oh, and going to Cuba doesn't make you a traitor, thousands of Americans go every year. Yet not one of them has given me a cigar!
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