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5324 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jan 2002 at 1:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-03 01:28:10 AM  
Where is Botswana?
2002-01-03 01:28:28 AM  
Australia's 4th in reading literacy? thats unpossible
2002-01-03 01:28:53 AM  
New Zealand wins.
2002-01-03 01:31:54 AM  
The Netherlands aren't even included, but Liechtenstein is? I guess we're pretty damn stupid.
2002-01-03 01:34:18 AM  
surely they could have come up with a way to make that more unintelligable and confusing, someone with their monitor set on 320x280 can still figure out what it all means.
2002-01-03 01:35:26 AM  
I can't read those graphs.. does that mean I'm stupid?
2002-01-03 01:36:33 AM  
Canada is kicking USA's ass!
2002-01-03 01:56:29 AM  
Males are kicking the females in reading! Wait, did I read that wrong?
2002-01-03 02:00:55 AM  
Zaq, We may be stupid in america, but we don't raise bastards like Celine Dion or Brian there...damn canadians...*cough*
2002-01-03 02:01:30 AM  
Canada is kicking USA's ass!

Canada is kicking the USA's ass!
Canada is kicking America's ass!
2002-01-03 02:02:43 AM  
Australia's 4th in reading literacy? thats unpossible

Umm - It's widely known that the Australian education system completely owns the American one. fark - You can get a C average in America and go to College. In Australia you'd be lucky to get into UNI with a high B average.

The US of A isn't as smart as it thinks itself to be huh :D
2002-01-03 02:03:57 AM  
that goes for you too ouroborus...hehe
2002-01-03 02:04:07 AM  
Yeah Canada is kicking usa's ass,but just TRY to get into a college or university there,farking impossible.
2002-01-03 02:08:17 AM  
We're stupid, fat, lazy... and farking rich.
2002-01-03 02:08:42 AM  
Turkish: I was wondering about that too... The Netherlands are included in the survey, but left out of most resulting tables because response was too low to "ensure comparability".
2002-01-03 02:08:55 AM  
madhatter, read my bio. I'm nowhere near Canada or Canadian. I'm just being a grammar troll.
2002-01-03 02:09:58 AM  
"no" should be "nor" :p
2002-01-03 02:11:11 AM  
That's it - I'm going to bed. I'm too tired to even correct my own mistakes the first time.

"or" should be "nor". Good night, all.
2002-01-03 02:14:58 AM  
a) no you don't seem to be able to read those graphs

b) those charts say girls are kicking boys' arses in reading, and only a little behind in math & science. If people cared about eliminating gender inequality they would use this as evidence that boys need the kind of special programs to get them up to speed in reading & comprenesion that girls have been given over the past 30 years to catch up in math and science. Fat chance of that happening though.
2002-01-03 02:42:40 AM  
Im surprised America did as well as it did since we've got so many dumbasses whose dream is to be a rapper or sports star, therefore no need for school.

They were dragging down our score.

Stupid old rappers! BURN IN HELL!
2002-01-03 02:57:40 AM  
Ouroboros: Since you call yourself a grammar troll, you are Canadian nor near Canada...

Unless you do mean you are nowhere near Canadian?

Apart from the confusion with or/nor/either/neither

It is black nor white
It is neither black or white

both meaning (it is not black) and (it is not white)

It is not black or white

Which means either it is (not black) or (it is white), which seems strange, or it means the same as the above examples.

It isn't black nor white
It isn't black, nor (is it) white

2002-01-03 02:58:27 AM  
And of course I should spell your name correctly...

2002-01-03 03:03:17 AM  
I was rather pleased with the USA's scores. Perhaps I've simply been biased from my early TV years when I thought I remember hearing the US was sucking ass in everything. I even remember one year the US was supposedly like second from last or something.

I mean, come on, we beat a bunch of western european countries, which are our main adversaries in such a test. Of course, props to Finland, I had no idea a bunch of nordic barbarians could score so well.

Then, of course, there's Brazil. Dead last in every category. Not only that, but where they had the "possible highest ranking" and "possible lowest," Brazil was dead last regardless of the percent error. How can a country be so far behind in reading, math, and science? Perhaps if Sao Paulo wasn't one endless riot, they'd get some learning done.
2002-01-03 03:05:03 AM  
Ouroboros: Glad to see that you're fighting the big fight. Be all that you can be.

Your country can't read. Get over it.

Cheers from another Eskimo in the frozen mystery north of 49.
2002-01-03 03:22:06 AM  
blah blah blah, red white and blue, blah blah blah, true north strong and free, blah blah blah, gun control, blah blah blah, medical, blah blah blah, freedom, blah blah blah, social programs, blah blah blah, you are, no you are, no you are, quitzies -- double stamped it, no quitzies --triple stamped it, you can't triple stamp a double stamp......Lloyd! Lloyd!

Think they're getting a good laugh about us in Finland?
Shut the fark up. We're dumb; You're dumber.
2002-01-03 03:23:22 AM  
Eskimos prefer to be called Inuits you RACIST HITLER LOVING NAZI BASTARD!!!!!

How would you like it if i called you a dookey eating
retard-crippled honkey?
2002-01-03 03:27:04 AM  
They didn't even do it in South Africa. Would've been pretty bad though, overall.
2002-01-03 03:33:11 AM  
Finland has one of the most highly inflected languages (15 cases) which pretty much means learnign the language is impossible even for a native child whereas english is just barely inflected and has no cases and Finland is still rocking our pussies.
2002-01-03 03:34:13 AM  
shiat, no filter for the word pussy?
even if i write "a moist pussy stuffed with a throbing hunk of cock"?
2002-01-03 03:35:41 AM  
no filter for cock?
even if i type "your cock is firmly lodged up me discharge (bin) laden ass"?

this is why america is behind in the scores (not like i could actually read them though)
2002-01-03 03:38:00 AM  
i would be interested to see how Burkina Faso did. ok, right.
2002-01-03 03:50:42 AM  
Sremorse: i know full well the trials of getting into uni whilst being a total fag at exams, being from australia and all, i was just throwing in a simpsons reference into the works, i know Australia's educational system is better, albeit not much of a career path for teachers
2002-01-03 04:02:32 AM  
don't you see switzerland in there? hanging just below the average line? That's their deceptive educational systems, make us think they're just 'average' while they come out with the uber-atom-bombs.... the world is coming to and end
2002-01-03 04:10:51 AM  
Do you think that the high scores in mid-level reading for most of the western countries might be attributed to the "Harry Potter syndrome"?
Just a thought. Is this good or bad?
Is modern literature finally achieving the hysteria that was associated with the mega success of pop bands like the Beatles, Britney, etc?
2002-01-03 04:13:42 AM  
Halpas - [b]no[/b]. Literature will never reach the same popularity as pop music, or television, but that's a good thing. Could you imagine how fast my head would explode if my Tolstoy, Rand, Dostoyevsky and Hesse were replaced with Britney Spears equivelants?
2002-01-03 04:16:13 AM  
they'd write some repetitive literature, i say, repetitive literature, oh baby baby
2002-01-03 04:23:31 AM  
Reminds me a great video we made spoofing NSync.... changed some cool song with the lyrics "If I said to you I would love you much more tomorrow...." to "Baby baby baby...".... wait a minute.... go HERE

you can watch the damn thing! cooo
2002-01-03 04:30:55 AM  
The Harry Potter books are at what? 9, 10+? & still going, how repetitive do you need to get?
Is literacy finally becoming an "in" thing just so you can be part of the crowd?
Pokemon cards as dreadful as they are, actually introduced basic math & strategy to a generation of children that would have treated chess like plutonium.
Homogenizing such skills so they can be easily assimilated by the general public & still be fun is quite a feat, the only thing that could do that before(but without the fun) was religon, what made religon fun was of course holidays, & that feeling of moral superiorty & all.
2002-01-03 04:45:00 AM  
Woohoo go NZ! Good to see our neighbours up there too. Oh, Harrydong, I'm surprised America did aswell as it did with so many people like you in it :). Do you reckon Bush will spend a bit more on education now?... nah, I don't think so either.
2002-01-03 04:58:01 AM  
Fark! Australia owns Canada at everything, except science.
First We went from #1 to #3 behind Norway and Australia in the "best place to live" UN survey, and now this. FARK! FARK! FARK!
2002-01-03 04:59:29 AM  
P.S. I blame Liberals.

Alberta ed. owns like every other province in Canada, and we're one of the few provs with a Conservative provincial gov't.
2002-01-03 05:15:17 AM  
I like how here in Britain we're taught to think independently and question our sources.
2002-01-03 05:17:10 AM  
Ah, it's good to see how consistently well the Dominion countries did. Ooops, did I say Dominion? I meant Commonwealth.

We just like to think of Canada as the Australia/New Zealand fifth column in the northern hemisphere...
2002-01-03 05:23:39 AM  
I like how here in America we're taught to think independently and question our sources & make money from it.
2002-01-03 05:28:10 AM  
Its funny how America makes fun of Australia and laughs at Canada. Its like the "jocks" laughing at the "nerds" in high school :). When I went to Canada I loved how much it reminded me of Australia, how friendly the people were and how affordable everything was. I'm kinda biased against America because I had a horrible time there. (My sister got robbed on the street in San Fransisco and people refused to take us seriously (accents).) Plus I was too young to drink, which spoiled a lot of planned events.

I'm proud of my country. It only takes a few weeks of living here to love it. People say how awesome America is, but I couldn't feel safe in a country were guns are freely distributed, people sue others for stepping on their shoes, and how its over-zealous "Age 21" laws provoke a large amount of underage drinking/gambling :D.

It took ages to get to 18, let alone 21!
2002-01-03 05:29:30 AM  
Gawd I love being an Aussie.. *sniffle* And for all the schitt I hang on kiwis... you guys are pretty cool too...
2002-01-03 05:32:15 AM  
I like how in America everyone sues each other and then the kids shoot each other.
2002-01-03 05:39:35 AM  
I like how everybody seems to think that every country has problems but their own.
2002-01-03 05:42:01 AM  
Problems? Wait.. lemme just get these blinders off...
2002-01-03 05:43:01 AM  
I like how our country is better than everyone else's.
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