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2004-04-21 08:33:07 PM  
2004-04-21 08:33:51 PM  
WARNING! Scary man-nipple-rings ahead!
2004-04-21 08:35:34 PM  
I havn't RTFA yet but I think I'd hit it. Mutiple times. Work nearly over... kittens beware
2004-04-21 08:35:37 PM  
That was a man?
2004-04-21 08:36:19 PM  
i'd say there are a few hotties in there. but honestly, i dont like magazine girls. it's just so fake. even if the girl in question isn't surgically enchanced, her photo is usually altered in some fashion. and that's no fun.
2004-04-21 08:38:11 PM  
Yes, but where are the extreme closeups of a vag... oh.. oh wow..that is, that is quite a vagina
2004-04-21 08:39:59 PM  
That first chick looks like Anna Kournikova.

And when is Newsfilter going to become a paysite for goodness sake?
2004-04-21 08:40:30 PM  
(N2 78.084 % O2 20.9476 % Ar 0.934 % CO2 0.0314 % Ne 0.001818 % CH4 0.0002 % He 0.000524 % Kr 0.000114 % H2 0.00005 % Xe 0.0000087 %) + =E.

Or something.
2004-04-21 08:43:07 PM  
Suddenly- No more posts as all Farker gaze in awe.
2004-04-21 08:43:48 PM  
Jesus! The chick in the last pic looks like the "hero" from Battlefield Earth!
Tried to make it clicky-clicky but I'm stupid so there you go
2004-04-21 08:43:49 PM  
and the newsfilter complaints in 3...2...1...
2004-04-21 08:44:16 PM  
new and improved Penis Guy.... now with nipple rings !!
2004-04-21 08:44:16 PM  
best kittens I've ever slaughtered
2004-04-21 08:44:43 PM  
May we all mourn the loss of several thousand kitties...
2004-04-21 08:48:33 PM  
2004-04-21 08:49:27 PM  
man, I hate clicking through all that newsfilter shiat. View the pix all at once.

fusker NSFW
2004-04-21 08:51:35 PM  
man the chick in 1-5.htm looks kinda like Mya...mmmmmm....Myyyyaaaaaa
2004-04-21 08:52:48 PM  
The redhead in the 9th photo can wipe up my spillage ANYTIME....
2004-04-21 08:53:03 PM  
That's the best they could do?

I'd hit every one of them, but I much prefer Playboy's fake boobied big girls to this.
2004-04-21 08:54:49 PM  
Those chicks were nice. No nastyness, and not many implants.. more natural and very hot.

/would fap, but fapped at lunch.. will let "Mini Me" rest for another couple hours
2004-04-21 08:55:59 PM  
The best of Hustler should involve spread pussy and penetration not some left over Playboy models.
2004-04-21 09:00:55 PM  
Well, if you want that.. why not just get some double anal and double vaginal fisting?.. eh eh?
2004-04-21 09:01:04 PM  
That's the best. Wow, so that's why I cancelled my subscription.
2004-04-21 09:01:57 PM  
2004-04-21 09:02:13 PM  
2004-04-21 09:02:14 PM  
3...2...1....newsfilter SUCKS!
2004-04-21 09:03:26 PM  
Down at the bottom of the Fusker link, I swa this[XX-XX]5/images/video_[XX-XX].j pg

2004-04-21 09:04:54 PM  
Am I the first to offer the observation that could be the first site to accept the online version of payola? We seem to see the newsfilter links a lot.. is this a semi-sponsored event? Is Drew paid to carry their links?

Quite likely this post will be deleted soon, but thought I'd post my thoughts.

2004-04-21 09:05:12 PM  
Yeah, I've got to agree. I've had my fill of Newsfilter. They are super-lame.
2004-04-21 09:06:28 PM  
Damn. Thought that Fusker site was great 'till I hit the 'random' button at the top. Got this...

Not safe for work. Not safe for sanity.
2004-04-21 09:07:02 PM  
hence fusker. too bad greggle went down.
2004-04-21 09:08:02 PM  


Now that's a "real woman"!

2004-04-21 09:08:02 PM  
man, I hate clicking through all that newsfilter shiat. View the pix all at once.
fusker NSFW

OOOHHHHH thats definately better... Now to figure out what to do with my hand now that no more navigation is needed...
2004-04-21 09:09:39 PM  
Nice 'slideshow' feature on Fusker. No idea why you'd need it though...
2004-04-21 09:10:21 PM  
Too staged.
2004-04-21 09:10:37 PM  

A bit too real for my taste ;)
2004-04-21 09:12:59 PM Reminds me of my wife
2004-04-21 09:13:14 PM  
Am I the first to offer the observation that could be the first site to accept the online version of payola?

Nope. That's always been my assumption. I mean, bandwidth and server costs for Fark gotta come from somewhere. And I'll take the occasional Newsfilter link that I don't have to click on over pop-up ads.

either that, or Drew's retarded cousin runs the site, and Drew just feels sorry for the guy (that my BBSpot assumption)
2004-04-21 09:13:29 PM  
I hate newsfilter pron.
2004-04-21 09:16:18 PM  
good free boobies site >please excuse my lack in html knowledge

if you would like to help out a fellow farker reach his dream then go here

i thinks its a good enough cause to give about tree-fitty to, although i only gave $2

/fapping and drunkeness will hopefully ensue
2004-04-21 09:17:54 PM  
byw> how do u make a hyperlink in the comment box?

/please dont laugh and point at me for asking
2004-04-21 09:20:39 PM  
Most of these women are probably superhot in person, but Hustler Pshops them beyond recognition. Gross. Just look at the whites of their eyes.. Oh, and the overexposed photo look only reminds me of being in the army (stacks of Hustlers in every room on the base)..

Scabby, indeed.
2004-04-21 09:21:09 PM  
<a href="url_to_page_you're_linking" target="_blank">link name</a>
2004-04-21 09:23:13 PM  
canuckguy, i thank you and will repay you a thousand-fold

help a poor farker on the greatest day of his life
2004-04-21 09:24:05 PM  
and i have failed at making the html work, i lower my head in shame
2004-04-21 09:27:27 PM  
I wish I were at home instead of at work...I hope this Boobies doesn't get yanked.
2004-04-21 09:28:33 PM  

missing much, you are not.
2004-04-21 09:29:07 PM  
Anyone know the names of any of them. Especially the maid in 1-6 and 1-16, 1-18
2004-04-21 09:31:50 PM  
Holy Airbrush Batman!
2004-04-21 09:31:50 PM  
kind of tame for Hustler
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