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(eBay)   Six foot Star Destroyer toy seating over 30 action figures for sale. Akbar considers bidding against better judgment   ( divider line
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37968 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Apr 2004 at 10:21 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-21 05:48:43 PM  
That'd make a great coffin for either Warwick Davis of Kenny Baker (whichever dies first)
2004-04-21 06:01:45 PM  
Wow. I would have killed for one of these 20 years ago. Today, my wife would kill me if I got it. Nice work, though.
2004-04-21 08:03:00 PM  
*cough* nerd *cough*
2004-04-21 09:15:43 PM  
Yeah you're all nerds. So don't bid :P

And who the fark would let a Rodian loose on there. Someone's about to have their apology accepted.
2004-04-21 10:25:41 PM  
Absolut geek.
2004-04-21 10:26:40 PM  
I am so hard right now...
2004-04-21 10:27:10 PM  
Oh my dear lord. I want.
I really, really do.

The friggin' thing is big enough to fit the Millennium Falcon in the hanger!
2004-04-21 10:29:38 PM  
I still don't get star wars.
2004-04-21 10:29:44 PM  
I'd hit it...
2004-04-21 10:29:46 PM  
The adult in me wonders at the time and effort it took to build...
The kid in me just wants to run up to it and go golly gee geewiz and start playing with it.
I wish that some kid was going to end up with this, but I am sure some collector or store will get it...sad really...but then I guess there will always be the odd guy reading the story that will say to himself...hey, I can do that, who will build one for his kids.
2004-04-21 10:29:59 PM  
Whoever made that is more nerd than I'll ever be, and I'm jealous.
2004-04-21 10:30:02 PM  
that is the coolest farking thing ever.

I want it!

So cool.
2004-04-21 10:32:58 PM  
looks cool in the pictures.
I bet it's all cardboard and scotch tape.
I have one too, I made it out of toy airplane balsa wood and electrical tape.

Starting bid: $10,000
2004-04-21 10:33:00 PM  
I don't get Star Wars either, but I'm impressed by this.

As a previous Farker said, I'd like to hope that a kid ends up with it, but I doubt that will happen.
2004-04-21 10:34:32 PM  
I want that dude to built me a house like that.
2004-04-21 10:35:26 PM  
Oh My God,

what is the green thing behind the childb used as a backdrop?

"It's A Tarp!!!"
2004-04-21 10:36:55 PM  
I also would have loved to have it, 20 years ago. Nowadays, it's one more thing to put in storage when I move, and it looks too wide for some doorways.
2004-04-21 10:37:06 PM  
*cough* Ackbar.*cough*
2004-04-21 10:37:30 PM  
It's way out of scale but I'm sure I would have killed for it when I was a kid.

2004-04-21 10:38:37 PM  
Good headline.

And for all you haters out there, you know it would be sweet to play with that thing.
2004-04-21 10:38:41 PM  
This apparently was not a paid fark ad, just geeky enough to get greenlighted...
2004-04-21 10:39:19 PM  
Dont do it Ackbar, its a trap!
2004-04-21 10:39:28 PM  
That's really awesome, wish I had the money for it. And the space in my dorm room. And a way to pick it up in Britain. And the action figures to fill it. And time to play with it. And - screw it, let's all just hope it goes to a good home.
2004-04-21 10:39:49 PM  
When is Fark going to start hosting LARPs of erotic Star Wars fan fiction?
2004-04-21 10:39:53 PM  
I don't want it, but it's cool.

Now I just wanna know what it winds up costing to have it shipped.
2004-04-21 10:40:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

had to get it out of my system. And if I do it in a PS thread, I'd catch hell ;)
2004-04-21 10:40:29 PM  
Who's more of a dork? The dork who built it or the dork who buys it from him?
2004-04-21 10:41:11 PM  
Should be bigger. I had this idea when I was a kid that when I was an adult I'd buy enough legos to make a to-scale Star Destroyer or Correlian corvette, that would probably strech across my entire lawn, even in lego scale. I now realize that while possible this would cost thousands of dollars. Maybe one day when I'm rich... I'll make my kids do it for me.
2004-04-21 10:42:02 PM  
Who's more of a dork? The dork who built it or the dork who buys it from him?

I say builder. It's one thing to devote four years of your life to building something like that. It's another to just give some dude cash for it.

/still not bidding
2004-04-21 10:42:22 PM  
Oooops, no image and a typo.(mods pls. delete previous...)

Oh My God,
[image from too old to be available]
What is the green thing behind the child used as a backdrop?

[image from too old to be available]
"It's A Tarp!!!"
2004-04-21 10:42:52 PM  

Oh! Ween! Wheeee!
2004-04-21 10:43:12 PM  
Wow... that thing rocks! :D
2004-04-21 10:49:35 PM  
I'm not usually into this kind of stuff, but that is really really cool. I hope the guy gets quite a bit of money for the effort he must have put into it.
2004-04-21 10:52:11 PM  
Yeah baby, i got your six inch star destroyer for ya right here!
2004-04-21 10:53:14 PM  
A magnificent creation. I wish he put more pictures up! Check the description. He's got over half a dozen distinct rooms built into that thing. What a playset! Who cares if he's a nerd. That thing is a labor of love. Too bad he's in the UK!
2004-04-21 10:53:23 PM  
When I was a child someone correct me if I'm wrong but I seem to remember that kenner made a star destroyer, it was a bit smaller but similar to the Millennium Falcon toy. I really do remember seeing that at children's palace.
2004-04-21 10:53:25 PM  
That thing kicks ass. And for anyone who calls this guy a nerd, remember that he made this thing for his kids and that's the least nerdy thing a guy can do. So knock it off.
2004-04-21 10:54:29 PM  
Whatever happens, the owner should SERIOUSLY consider purchasing a weather proof cover for the destroyer - it's very important and it's invaluable.

It's a tarp.
2004-04-21 10:54:44 PM  
There is no one to stop us this time... unless you want to pay the shipping costs of that monstrosity from the UK.
2004-04-21 10:55:59 PM  
I, for one, am very impressed. This guy ranks up there with that guy who built the huge MechWarrior for his kids.
2004-04-21 10:56:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Well, I thought it was pretty nifty, myself.
2004-04-21 11:02:06 PM  
I covet the PRECIOUS!
[image from too old to be available]
Give it to us! Yessss must have the SSSSSssssssssstar Destroyer.
2004-04-21 11:02:12 PM  
Sweet Mother of Gawd!!!!
Considering the size of the toys around it, that thing is farking huge. It looks to me to have a lot of plastic in it. And some of the stuff in it has been scavanged from other Star Wars touys (Darth's chamber, the elevator)

Ohhh, why can't I bee indepedently wealthy
2004-04-21 11:05:36 PM  
Very cool.
2004-04-21 11:07:03 PM  
Oh.... MAN!
I... I need to go towel off my extremities...
But yeah, that needs a kid to truly appreciate it.
2004-04-21 11:08:57 PM  
Holy SHIAT! That's going to cost a fortune to ship.
2004-04-21 11:09:03 PM  
From the item description:

Taking almost 3 years to make, this is the one of a kind 4" scale figure toy that I always wanted, and now I have built it.

That thing is definitely more than 4 inches. Does the UK use " to mean feet instead of inches? I remember in the movie Spinal Tap there was this kind of misunderstanding with the Stonehenge stage prop that ended up way too small.
2004-04-21 11:09:23 PM  
It's a tr....

I don't have the heart to do it.
It's a Trap!!
2004-04-21 11:09:32 PM  
I think I'm in love.
2004-04-21 11:10:03 PM  
Terribly off-scale. Everyone knows a Star Destroyer should have room for two full wings of TIE fighters, 200 combat and support ships, 38,000 ground troopers, and a full compliment of stormtroopers. Now tell me how I'm supposed to use it!

/huge dork, referring to childhood copy of Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels
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