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(Infobeat)   Mira Sorvino claims that actors have "proper sex" while filming love scenes.   ( ) divider line
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16138 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jan 2002 at 4:01 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-02 04:05:53 PM  
I'd like to have "im" proper sex while filming love scenes, especially with Mira.
2002-01-02 04:06:28 PM  
what?! actors lie?!
2002-01-02 04:06:45 PM  
"These people would not lie about their experiences."

Umm, yeah. Sure.
2002-01-02 04:06:57 PM  
Someone find that pic of Mira with the ice cream cone in her mouth, with it running all down her hand. Pics of real blow jobs don't look that good.
2002-01-02 04:07:51 PM  
Damn! I knew I should bought acting lessons instead of crack.
2002-01-02 04:08:00 PM  
Howzabout 'hot' proper 'monkey sex' ?
2002-01-02 04:08:38 PM  
That's it! Moving to LA tomorrow.
2002-01-02 04:09:15 PM  
as opposed to the improper sex that everyone else is having.
2002-01-02 04:10:40 PM  
um... This is news? I submit kickass articles all the time that don't make it and this tripe gets through?

A sad day indeed.
2002-01-02 04:11:29 PM  
Anyone care to show Mira the meaing of "proper" sex?
2002-01-02 04:11:36 PM  
i would make a mess all over her face...
2002-01-02 04:13:01 PM  
mmmm mira.....
2002-01-02 04:14:26 PM  
proper farked?
2002-01-02 04:17:06 PM  
what a joke...NAME SOME FARKING NAMES, TELL ME WHAT MOVIES...what a crock of bullchit. What about it? Who really farking cares? Like it really makes a farking difference? What else will this numbnut say to be quoted?
2002-01-02 04:17:45 PM  
Jeez, 15 pages on google image search before she shows up naked. (searched only sorvino)
2002-01-02 04:17:46 PM  
Naughty, NAUGHTY Mira!

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-02 04:18:28 PM  
Mira's career has gone down the toilet since she won her Oscar. She had to say something to get her career jumpstarted.
She is supposed to be in a movie with that phenomenal new acting sensation, Mariah Carey. Was she implying Mariah, perhaps? Nahhh, not good ol' nutcase.
So Mira, when is the layout in Playboy ?
2002-01-02 04:18:33 PM  
Some one should tell her about the special switch on Mortal Kombat that allows you to play all nude characters too.
2002-01-02 04:20:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-02 04:20:56 PM  
Being in the Entertainment industry myself.. here are a few that I know of to be talked about...

Amber Smith and some dude in "the Funeral"
Jack Nicholson and Jessica Lange in "The Postman always Rings Twice"

The opening Scene in a french film called "Betty Blue"

and The whole line of Traci Lords pics... of course
2002-01-02 04:21:08 PM  
2002-01-02 04:24:04 PM  
Name some names or at least some pictures or don't post at all! How boring... "Oh they tell me but I wouldn't tell" BS put up or shut up!
2002-01-02 04:24:05 PM  
Philo: Thanks, you are my hero.
2002-01-02 04:25:17 PM  
ohhhhh.... ice cream, ugh! i need a tissue
2002-01-02 04:26:12 PM  
"I do believe that it happens. One actress told me she had made love during a very popular film. "

Hey, I rented 'Planet of the Apes' and did my wife properly while it was running.....coz, y'know...orangutans are such an turn-on.
2002-01-02 04:27:00 PM  
That's what she calls a Tarentino
2002-01-02 04:27:24 PM  
Does this mean they have fluffers?
2002-01-02 04:30:38 PM  
FatNutZ: every male Farker here will need tissues.
2002-01-02 04:32:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Proper sex, yep all damn day :)
2002-01-02 04:32:32 PM  
i got properly fukced out of $20 at the last sorvino flick i saw.
2002-01-02 04:42:37 PM  
Come to think of it, when I look at that ice cream pic of Mira, I realize she's a hypocrite.
2002-01-02 04:45:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-02 04:47:17 PM  
"These people would not lie about their experiences."

I think that this summed up the whole thing.

"No Officer, I am just trying for a part, I will play a junkie that steals things from malls, no lie!"
2002-01-02 04:48:17 PM  
*in a drawl* Uh, huh, yeah... right.
2002-01-02 04:51:39 PM  
I want to love Mira for that deep, deep throat of hers.
2002-01-02 04:55:50 PM  
I have never in my life wanted to be a dairy product more than I do now.
2002-01-02 04:56:37 PM  
any less than 2hrs of muff diving just wouldn't be proper.
2002-01-02 04:59:30 PM  
I don't even know if that qualifies as an article.
2002-01-02 05:03:43 PM  
bogeyman... here here dude...I agree....then another 2 afterwards
2002-01-02 05:04:45 PM  
Yep, it's true. One of the movies was Deliverance.
2002-01-02 05:04:48 PM  
A come-on maybe?
2002-01-02 05:05:55 PM  
This is one chick I'd like to see nude photos of.
2002-01-02 05:05:56 PM  
*scratches head*

Where's that ice cream cone pic??

And I'd hardly say that this was a credible article. The thing is about 3 sentences long and looks like it's from a website.
2002-01-02 05:06:44 PM  
I think maybe... Wild Things
2002-01-02 05:07:36 PM  
Bah, Mira has only really done one topless scene.

Celebrity Nudity Database

Have I mentioned how much I love the Internet?
2002-01-02 05:09:22 PM  
Hizzout: Mira was too shy about the pic, so we photoshopped it a little. Mostly to make the size smaller than the original.
2002-01-02 05:22:22 PM  
In other news:

Rosie O'Donnell seen talking to Mira Sovino; Begs to get back into motion pictures - even for free.
2002-01-02 05:25:12 PM  
Apparently in Boogie Nights, Mark Wahlberg was using the plastic, Johnny-Holmes-length strap-on prop for practical jokes. Burt Reynolds was not amused.
2002-01-02 05:26:15 PM  
I'd have proper sex with Mira.
2002-01-02 05:28:42 PM  
Any chance we can ban mention of Rosie? I get ill every time. That fat farking walking cheeseburger with a side of cottage cheese!!!!

--getting very ill---
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