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(Canoe)   Rapper Lil Buddy takes break from music to launch career in bank robbing   ( divider line
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3749 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jan 2002 at 11:49 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-02 11:53:26 AM  
2002-01-02 11:54:45 AM  
This is what happens when The Skipper fails to mete out discipline.
2002-01-02 11:54:46 AM  
lil buddy is a dumb ass.
2002-01-02 11:54:54 AM  
Mmm... unoriginal publicity stunts...
2002-01-02 11:55:31 AM  
Loser, rapper, redundant.
2002-01-02 11:55:38 AM  
In prison he'll take it in the ass and become "Everybody's Lil' Biatch".
2002-01-02 11:56:22 AM  
He wasn't being taken seriously by the other rappers that have already been to prison etc, so he was trying to get some thug life. Unfortunately for him he'll get some experience he probably doesn't want. (See the pic in the Daily Bull article below for details)
2002-01-02 11:56:25 AM  
... Sales immediately soar....

What rapper is dumb enough to take a name based on Gilligan?
2002-01-02 11:58:24 AM  
No, the article doesn't understand. he is starting to build his street credit. Now when he comes out he will have homies, tattoos and stuff to rap about. (yes maybe some new raps about anal love)
2002-01-02 12:00:38 PM  
Was the note written in ebonics? And could the teller read it?
2002-01-02 12:01:28 PM  
heh heh rap is cool.

2002-01-02 12:01:57 PM  
Left out: This was his second attempt as it tunred out. His first was foiled by bad handwriting and a horrible spanish accent. See Also: Robbery Attempt foiled by Bad handwriting.
2002-01-02 12:04:58 PM  
Was this the guy who got in the black fat suit?
2002-01-02 12:08:13 PM  
Why am I not suprised?
2002-01-02 12:14:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-02 12:25:42 PM  
FunkyFingers: That, my friend, is poetry.
2002-01-02 12:29:22 PM  
A rapper? Robbing someone?

Where's that OBVIOUS tag.

Funkyfingers: Is that a MITSUBISHI in the background? HAHAHA my minivan could outrace those whiteymobiles. Can you say Vanilla Ice?
2002-01-02 12:29:26 PM  
do we have a tag?
2002-01-02 12:30:14 PM {obvious} tag...
2002-01-02 12:30:46 PM  
dammit...! i mean a {typical} tag... :P
2002-01-02 12:32:22 PM  
Oh yeah and this is a question that has bugged me for ages:

How do people differentiate from one "(c)rap song" to the next?

I mean aren't they all the same?
2002-01-02 12:34:51 PM  
Valkhorn: pretty easy if you ask me. granted, most shiat from CashMoney or NoLimit is worthless...but when you get down to the whitey-hatin, I don't think Public Enemy can be beat...
2002-01-02 12:39:48 PM  
"i've been wonderin' why people been livin' in fear of my shade and my high-top fade"
2002-01-02 12:52:33 PM  
If anyone can translate any NWA lyrics into fark-acceptable words, I'll give ya a churro.
2002-01-02 12:53:09 PM  
The Skipper is not amused, Lil Buddy.
2002-01-02 12:56:48 PM  
OK, here goes, from NWA's "Find em, Fark em, and Flee":

Easily I'm aproachin'
There ain't no jokin'
When the poossy holes are open
Ready to fark until my dique is raw
Yo! the muthafarkin' devil son of law
Now it's the E, the mothafarkin' poossy beater
And I'm a quick-up trick-up up a quid to trick up the biatch
So come here biatch and lick up the lick up the lick up the dique
Now how many nuts would it take for me,
To let that biatch graduate to lesson 3, let's see...

[Splash Splash ..]

Ah you can see I straight wax that ass
Back up biatch unless you want nut in your eye
I never never ever ever seen a biatch cry
Nut 1, nut 2 nut 4 5 6
I lost the 3rd nut in the mix - fark it!
2002-01-02 12:59:18 PM  
give yourself a churro.
2002-01-02 01:06:54 PM  
Who's been spearing Britney?
Some tripped out, stone cold rhymin',
Some playah took his jimmy joint,
And busted up that hymen!

It wasn't all that good at first,
She laid there like raw eggs,
She sighed and groaned "I'm ready",
She spread her chunky legs

Her suitor, smoove and slinky,
Convinced her he'd be gentle,
Reading girls is hard, but reading
Britney's fundamental

A wink, a look, that's all it took,
To get in this position,
He lowered down to hymen town,
And sneered, "I'm goin' fishin'!"

The times before, she'd left him sore,
Frustrated, hurt, and moanin',
Another blue-balled passenger on a
One-way train to Onan

But as he parts the velvet gates,
Where no man's gone, they say,
He notices that something isn't,
Sposeda feel this way

He thought there'd be resistance.
But she's no virgin, mister!
She's bangin' more than an old screen door,
In an Oklahoma twister.

So she says "Are you in me yet?"
She fakes her stupid smile,
She says "HEY, There are fifty holes,
In just one ceiling tile!"

He does his deed, he plants his seed,
But still, he's somehow vexed,
Up off the floor, he's out the door,
A muffled voice cries "Next?"
2002-01-02 01:16:22 PM  
What really upsets me is that this form of "music" (if you can call it that) is the secondmost popular form of music next to R+B (which is really soul) these days. What has happened to our society? Musical taste seemed to start to fade in the 90's and has pretty much disappeared off the gauge now. Just watch MTV for a short amount of time. I guarantee within 5-10 minutes of turning it on, and that is being generous, there will be some rapper or soul sista telling you about their issues on your screen. Sadly, VH1 is starting to go the same way.
2002-01-02 01:17:36 PM  
Who the hell is Lil Buddy.
2002-01-02 01:20:36 PM  
Since when do they have musicians on MTV? That must be a new thing.
2002-01-02 01:25:24 PM  
Back in the 80's, you could count on MTV, somewhat, for some decent music and entertainment. Not anymore.
2002-01-02 01:28:12 PM  
Oh. forgot to mention.. I saw a commercial when I was flipping past MTV that had a bunch of people that they interviewed on the street that said there was WAYYY too much Heavy Metal on MTV. The commercial ended with MTV declaring that they have extremely limited the Heavy Metal, or something to that effect.

I havent seen Heavy Metal on MTV in over 15 years!!! GIMME A BREAK! The commercial sickened me and further soured my view of humanity.
2002-01-02 01:41:58 PM  
Why does going to jail give you "street cred"? Shouldn't you get more "street cred" for NOT getting tossed in the clink?
2002-01-02 01:53:00 PM  
heehee...rapper in trouble...mtv sucks...heehee
2002-01-02 02:01:05 PM  
Axess68: Just watch MTVX instead.
2002-01-02 02:15:40 PM  
What does it say when I have more respect for the Cartoon Network and AMC than (e)MTV? Heck, Nickelodien has better stuff (and they are reruns!).
By the way, how good was Lil Buddy's english?
2002-01-02 02:36:36 PM  
Anyobdy catch Dudez A'Plenty on Conan last night?
"Do you drink?"
"get started. You'll be the alcoholic in the group. In 6 months, you'll leave the band and go into rehab. When you get out, you'll say you're better, then we'll find you dead in a hotel room a month later."
2002-01-02 02:53:42 PM  
I really like it when a rap artist takes some
old classic rock song from some old guy like
"Led Zeppelin" (how old is he? 70?) and they
rap their magic over it and make a remarkable
song out of it. The way it should have been done in
the first place.
2002-01-02 02:54:47 PM  
Awwwww, the little tyke is already stealing...

*wipes away a tear*
2002-01-02 03:20:43 PM  
thats stupid fartinmartin and its a group not a person
2002-01-02 03:36:14 PM  
So, is he a "playa", or a "playa hate-a"??? What's the difference? Could someone puh-leeeez enlighten those of us that don't know? Thank you. I'm jus' tryin' to spread 'da luv - G-Dawg!!!!
Peace out! Shouts to my homies in the 'Ville!
2002-01-02 04:01:57 PM  
I had people like fartinmartin coming up to me all the time when I was lead singer/lead guitarist of my own hard rock band in the late 80's and saying stuff like:
"I like Pink Floyd" -Them
"Oh yeah? Cool." -Me
"Yeah, he's got some good songs." -Them
"Oh yeah? I gotta go." -Me
2002-01-02 04:36:37 PM  
I don't know if FartinMartin is really funny or really dumb. I guess it doesn't matter either way, I laughed my ass off.
2002-01-02 05:10:28 PM  
What? You mean the guy I met in the bar
who said he was Led Zeppelin was lying?

Lighten up Francis.
I thought I had that completely covered,
soaked through and dripping with sarcasm.
2002-01-02 05:15:17 PM  
Axess68, That is too funny.
The part about the Pink Floyd
is kind of funny too.
2002-01-02 10:18:41 PM  
I hereby dub thee Lil' Punk.
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