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(Washington Post)   New study suggests male adolescence doesn't end until age 34. Fark suspect   ( divider line
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4115 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jan 2002 at 10:44 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-02 10:48:03 AM  
Im 30, still get zits, find new hair on my body everyday, and masturbate.

Good to know im normal.
2002-01-02 10:48:07 AM  
That is bullshiat...try 64 and I just may believe it...LMFAO
2002-01-02 10:49:15 AM  
No time to read article...jacking off to Sears catalog.
2002-01-02 10:49:45 AM  
i'm 33!
one more year of irresponsibility!!
2002-01-02 10:57:03 AM  
"It's also synonymous with childishness. To foist such images on young biology researchers or Marine infantrymen makes these people seem at best irrelevant and at worst infantile. It deprives them of the right to be proud of themselves as adults."

WRONG! I am 27 and I am glad to be an adult because the money I am now making was impossible as a kid. Now I can buy myself Electronic Drum Kit, XBOX, Computer games, Electronics, guitars....basically TOYS. I know I'm a child in the head, and I like it. Call me what you want. I'm proud to be old enough to REALLY do what I want.
2002-01-02 11:00:37 AM  
I always wondered why the age demographic was categorized: 18-34
2002-01-02 11:02:13 AM  
I don't think there is an end to adolescence in men. Look at all the dirty old farts who couldn't wait to get their first prescription of Viagra . . .
2002-01-02 11:02:14 AM  
Bigpeeler: which section? Me, I like the teenager underwear sections. Age? 33, so I guess that means I can still whack off with impunity.
2002-01-02 11:03:51 AM  
okay so in age I'm an adolecent but in their definitions of an adult I am confused! :)
2002-01-02 11:05:23 AM  
Ummmm Rosalea this is referring to males...LMFAO
2002-01-02 11:05:38 AM  
Powerful lobbies are at work to stretch adolescence as far into the third decade of life as they can.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-02 11:09:52 AM  
ahhh why get old quick is tooooo short as it it up guy's :)
2002-01-02 11:11:00 AM  
Pffft, there's no way I'm going to live that long.
2002-01-02 11:11:54 AM  
Men and Women should leave their parents house at most by the age of 30. If they have economic problems or whatever.. then the parents must step in by the age of 28-29 and give them a year+ ultimatum to leave. It's for the children's good. Everyone's got to grow up and leaving the nest is the only natural way.
2002-01-02 11:12:33 AM  
cool I have two more years of being a kid to look 4ward too!
2002-01-02 11:13:46 AM  
It's not FAIR!
2002-01-02 11:15:38 AM  

Ok so I've got......11 more years of my 'adolescence' to live through, and yet I'm house hunting right now, living on my own, shouldering all of my own costs, etc etc etc. So am I adolescent or am I adult?
2002-01-02 11:16:54 AM  
Neither is a black fella's ass but you don't hear him complaining now do you?
2002-01-02 11:18:35 AM  
oh man, I'm 37. do I have to stop jerking off?
2002-01-02 11:18:35 AM  
BoojieBoy: I'm 42 so I get off on the walkers/adult diaper section. Hoo hoo, damn!! Dig them support hose baby. Oh yeah, daddy loves that enema bag. Shake that corn remover, oh God.
2002-01-02 11:18:55 AM  
Ozzie - Good point!!!
2002-01-02 11:22:14 AM  
Dont feel down...

[image from too old to be available]
We ALL are a bit adolescent.
2002-01-02 11:22:30 AM  
Ozzie_Pride: Don't you surpress me. You just don't understand. I wear black on the outside 'cos black is how I feel on the inside.

I think I'll write a poem about it, actually.
2002-01-02 11:22:39 AM  
FLA Chickie:
why thanks,I thought so
2002-01-02 11:23:10 AM  
Frank F. Furstenberg Jr., professor of sociology at the University of Pennsylvania, says, "Adolescence has been stretched so much it's becoming an obsolescent term."

Any jackass who uses the term "obsolescent" instead of "obsolete" must be deemed adolescent.
2002-01-02 11:24:26 AM  
Dammit , now I have to jerk it again.
2002-01-02 11:25:17 AM  
these big breast are the source of mie's power
I am not immature...ok maybe a little.
2002-01-02 11:25:27 AM  
We can only hope Fb-, we can only hope.
2002-01-02 11:25:54 AM  
Damn !!! 4 years 'over the hill'...

"What a drag, it is, gettin' old...."
2002-01-02 11:27:38 AM  
What's the difference between a child male and an adult male? The adult can buy his own toys =)
2002-01-02 11:28:32 AM  
Your right to complain has been
2002-01-02 11:29:05 AM  
Damn, I know I've got at least 10 more years of childish behavior left in me..
2002-01-02 11:30:15 AM  
Uh, where's the "obvious" tag for this one?
2002-01-02 11:41:02 AM  
article didn't sound like it was only geered to males *blushes* its still early!
2002-01-02 11:41:03 AM  
Everyone knows that if a doctor says it it must be true. Don't matter if some people can move out on their own at 16 and become millionairs by the time their 25. With a wife and family. While other people are total basket cases for their entire lives, and are never able to take care of themsleves, much less anyone else. If a doctor says that a person is an adult at 18, or 34, or whatever it must be so. And let's all remember that ALL people are the same EVERYWHERE.
2002-01-02 11:41:32 AM  
I can't help but stare at those bouncing tits. Really.
2002-01-02 11:50:15 AM  
Yeah, that sounds about right.
2002-01-02 11:56:44 AM  
LOL..yep thats your excuse and your sticking to it...hahaha

We women are stupid untill a ripe old age and then we die..
2002-01-02 12:00:09 PM  
34 is merely the average. Yikes! Methinks that in more *backward* societies adolescence almost ceases to exist. Puberty remains ... *adolescence* is a hypothetical construct.
2002-01-02 12:00:22 PM  
Ozzie_Pride: actually reading the article I didn't see anywhere where it said they were only talking about male adolescence.
But maybe I'm too tired to see it. And yes I am tired and it is early! *grins* its only 9am here and I've been up since 6
2002-01-02 12:01:59 PM  
Well BigPeeler, I think you're gonna like this
2002-01-02 12:04:48 PM  

Of course the article was geared towards men, everyone knows that women stay as emotionally immature and unstable as they were at 16.

"Come back and I shall taunt you again a second time!" ;-)
2002-01-02 12:05:19 PM  
Why do nice girls hate me?
What is this hair growing on my chest?
Why is it that...

Oh shut up you nauseating adolescent.
2002-01-02 12:07:46 PM  
Women don't really have an adolescence. They are born with an agenda and a penchant for many pairs of shoes.
2002-01-02 12:07:52 PM  
its cool we will let off on this one :)

I would hate the thought of men growing up mentaly..guy's are a ton of fun especially at parties when they make dicks of themselves..
2002-01-02 12:08:08 PM  
Zandwich: Thanks

Bigpeeler: Make the move to Victoria's Secret or at least Carol Wright gifts. Ok so I just want my Sears catalog back.

As for the article:
"In America's past, teenagers dug coal..."

Oh, you had coal...luxery! /python
2002-01-02 12:10:14 PM  
nothing you say could offend me..I have come to terms with fark & farkers now...haha
2002-01-02 12:16:09 PM  
I am not a misogynist, I am just immature (I am only 29 and still coming to grips with puberty).
2002-01-02 02:04:24 PM  
Does this mean that if I'm under 30 I can molest my secretery and be tried as an adolescent?
2002-01-02 02:18:47 PM  
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