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(ESPN)   Mike Tyson goes ape, throws stuff at journalists   ( divider line
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5771 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jan 2002 at 12:09 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-02 12:10:44 AM  
or bites an ear
2002-01-02 12:14:21 AM  
or eats someone's children
2002-01-02 12:14:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-02 12:15:47 AM  
How about
img.fark.netView Full Size
2002-01-02 12:18:10 AM  
I'm diggin' the Ernesto "Che" Guevara tattoo.
2002-01-02 12:18:52 AM  
"Mike Tyson goes ape"....that's redundant, as one equals the other.
2002-01-02 12:20:14 AM  
viva "El Che"
2002-01-02 12:20:58 AM  
He went nuts about 15 years ago. I won't weep too much when someone knocks his block off. And you KNOW it's going to happen--he'll fight about 2 years too long and them blam.
2002-01-02 12:21:02 AM  
"...shouting and tossing crystal balls at them..."

If they had crystal balls, then they should have seen it coming.
[image from too old to be available]
Aye mon, Mike Tyson is gonna beat ya like redheaded stepchildren.
2002-01-02 12:22:17 AM  
One word.....Lithium.
2002-01-02 12:26:37 AM  
This should be a fark classic.

Sumthin for everyone, sports, celeb, race, media, Cuba, politics, tattos, Che, rage, abuse - ripe or a hijacking and/or photoshop.
2002-01-02 12:32:29 AM  
At least he didn't start flinging feces
2002-01-02 12:33:42 AM  
Least surprising story of the year.

JerseyTim is right. See also: Obvious.
2002-01-02 12:33:42 AM  
...Tyson had appeared to become steadily more irritated with unwelcome attention from tourists and others...

They were watching their backs, hoping Tyson wouldn't have a craving for some fresh meat.

He should've went to, where you can get...COWS!
2002-01-02 12:36:17 AM  
nice gut...

i may start watching his fights again in the hope someone will beat the fark out of him
2002-01-02 12:36:47 AM  
They should hire this guy to do security whenever Tyson does an appearance.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-02 12:41:41 AM  
He should learn to play hockey.
If you're too violent even for boxing, learning to play hockey is his only chance left to fit into society.
2002-01-02 12:45:54 AM  
I have heard of a boxer having a glass jaw, but crystal balls?
2002-01-02 12:53:15 AM  
When I was in elementary school, there was this girl that everyone hated. When we went to the zoo, the gorilla threw shiat on her.
2002-01-02 12:55:28 AM  
Tyson, on a tourism trip to the Caribbean island, looked furious to see five journalists waiting for him when he emerged from a lift in one of Havana's premier sea-front hotels.

This guy is a lunatic. Good thing Robin Givens was not around.
2002-01-02 12:57:09 AM  
Hey, is that a tattoo of Leneord Peltier on his stomach!? It sure looks like Peltier. Maybe they met in prsion. If it ain't Peltier, who is it?
2002-01-02 12:57:39 AM  
"Youse all will be Lil' Mikey's biatch for bweakdast,lunch,and dinnah!"
Hytes Xian-That's sad and funny,all in a frowny pouch.
2002-01-02 12:58:49 AM  
I am over here smoking in my trashed 30 degree backyard and Tyson is slapping around reporters in the Carribean. Why was I cursed with looks and talent instead of fame and mental illness?
2002-01-02 01:04:04 AM  
Check out his gut. He's getting old and lazy!
2002-01-02 01:04:07 AM  
Crackpipe: I think it's a tattoo of Che Guevara
2002-01-02 01:05:13 AM  
Next week he'll be picking lice off of Ted Koppel's hairpiece.
2002-01-02 01:06:24 AM  
Here's a late Christmas present, Mr. Tyson:
[image from too old to be available]
You're welcome.
2002-01-02 01:08:49 AM  
Look at that flabby belly. I better put a shirt on.
2002-01-02 01:09:25 AM  
Tyson is the "missing link" that scientists have been looking for. He completes the evolutionary chain from apes to humans.
2002-01-02 01:16:08 AM  
I'd toss his salad.
2002-01-02 01:16:24 AM  
I can't wait to see MadTV's version of this. Lisping crazy freak.
2002-01-02 01:28:25 AM  
I like Tyson. Wouldn't you flip if assholes were covering your every move. Racist shiat aside, I've liked him ever since he told that tv fark to run and hide when he put down Pete Rose.
2002-01-02 02:43:07 AM  
Che Guevara? I thought it was a Jesus tattoo. It makes more sense. Who would actually get a Che Guevara tattoo? I know he is insane, but why?
2002-01-02 02:46:23 AM  
I still think it's Leneord Peltier.
2002-01-02 02:46:53 AM  
mike tyson is crazy. end of story.
2002-01-02 02:53:26 AM  
Oh, maybe it is Che Guevara, because apparently he's got chairman Mao on one of his arms. So Maybe he's got a communist theme going with his tattoos?
2002-01-02 02:55:40 AM  
Define class: Class is walking around a fine hotel lobby with no shirt on. Thanks Mike for making Americans seem less like pigs and more like angry slobs.
2002-01-02 03:48:41 AM  
yeah thats leanord peltier on his stomach, or is it zach de la rocha?
2002-01-02 03:50:40 AM  
I'm pretty sure the tattoo is Flint from G.I.Joe. Flint may have grown his hair out a bit since the 80s. Still, I would recognize Flint anywhere. Mike Tyson definitely has a tattoo of Flint on his belly.
2002-01-02 04:09:43 AM  
Actually, it's Stalin, when he was going through his hippie phase. At any rate, it's definitely not Che Guevara...
2002-01-02 04:12:29 AM  
wait! it's steve buscemi!
2002-01-02 04:52:58 AM  
I made a commemorative Tyson photoshop:
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-02 05:12:45 AM  
umm... duh?

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-02 05:41:15 AM  
The sooner Mike Tyson is hunted down and shot like a dog the better.

I saw him in a pub once, and he was dogging my bird. I gave him a slap and he ended up crying like a girl and buying me a pint, the bufty ponce.
2002-01-02 07:03:18 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

Amusing 8-bit action game, or personification of the white man's Great Fear?
2002-01-02 07:18:47 AM  
Maybe it's just because he's generally viewed as a "big" guy? Or maybe you're right, and it's full of intrinsic post-modernist comment.
2002-01-02 07:57:35 AM  
Headline not in Martha Stewart!
2002-01-02 08:19:47 AM  
the best interview of Mike Tyson was in Maxim about (maybe) a year ago...he took the journalist to a southern diner...they were just talking and eating, casually...then, Tyson reaches across the table, gets the guy in a head lock and bites the top of his head...till he bleeds.

then he goes, "Awe, I'm just playin' around." and finishes eating.

The journalist obviously was pissing his pants.

Tyson has a couple Bangal Tigers...apparrently he likes to box with them. Truth? ...I don't know.
2002-01-02 08:30:14 AM  
Mike Tyson is mentally ill and in a lot of pain. For someone so tough, its amazing that he is dominated by so much fear.
2002-01-02 08:33:50 AM  
Hahahah, a black guy going ape...not saying much, is it? Yeah, I'm a racist bastard, I know. I'll go hang myself now.
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