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(Tampa Trib)   Please, don't feed the homeless unless you have a permit   ( divider line
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6235 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Apr 2004 at 3:00 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-19 03:04:27 AM  
Yeah, but can I still eat the homeless?
2004-04-19 03:05:00 AM  
Didn't this happen a week or 2 ago?
2004-04-19 03:06:33 AM  
2004-04-19 03:05:00 AM linguistdude
"Didn't this happen a week or 2 ago?"

Yep. And it was one ugly damn thread.
2004-04-19 03:07:02 AM  
A camcorder? Was there any breast feeding like in the Grapes of Wrath? Just innocent curiosity, nothing more-really. Stop staring at me!!
2004-04-19 03:07:50 AM  
I'm not exactly sure why a society which seems to really dislike homeless people would bother making laws seemingly designed to prevent, I guess, accidental poisoning. I mean, really, is this just people whining about somebody giving a 'bailout' to people who supposedly should earn it themselves?

Whats the issue here? Food safety?
2004-04-19 03:08:40 AM  
Welcome to so-farking-long-ago-I-don't-even-remember-when-it-was...

2004-04-19 03:08:44 AM  
Yeah. I predict this thread will be just as ugly.
/gets ready for the flaming
2004-04-19 03:13:25 AM  
would I face banination if I were to cut and paste the entire old thread from 2 weeks ago into this thread? it would save sooo much time.
2004-04-19 03:19:16 AM  
repeat, ain't it?
2004-04-19 03:20:15 AM  
I think the solution is to just hide the food and make the homeless hunt for it, like kids at easter. Then you can say you didn't feed anyone, you just dropped food, and everyone could watch with amusement while the homelss overturned everything looking for food. It would give them something to do, too. It's win/win!
2004-04-19 03:21:12 AM  
How exactly do I go about getting a permit?? I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless. I must feed the homeless.
2004-04-19 03:21:35 AM  
It's actually not a repeat, more of a follow-up.

The cops arrested more of them.
2004-04-19 03:23:57 AM  
No fun feeding the homeless unless everybody knows that you did.
2004-04-19 03:25:25 AM  
I hope they learned their lesson!
2004-04-19 03:26:30 AM  
I missed the big argument? Damn. I'm actually surprised anyone would take the police's side.
2004-04-19 03:26:32 AM  
Apparent Nuisance
Hilarious, yet practicle!
2004-04-19 03:26:41 AM  
That's sad that you need a permit. I'm getting involved in Boston Food Not Bombs!, and that's part of our task, to feed the homeless. The ability to access a basic neccessity isn't something that we feel can be denied, especially when we spend $379,000,000,000 a year on the military while we have people starving.
2004-04-19 03:30:15 AM  
Can we get some of those feeding groups to my apartment? I'm a starving college student with expensive art supplies.

If it weren't for FAFSA I'd be homeless too.
2004-04-19 03:30:57 AM  
i got wasted with an old friend and saw "mystic river" at the ghetoo theater, today. good movie.

there was two homeless people outside. we get along well with them, for some reason.

does this law apply to marijoowana?
2004-04-19 03:31:58 AM  
ghetoo. it's... british.

2004-04-19 03:35:36 AM  
I live in Minnesota, where we actually do something about homeless people.....we give them one-way bus tickets to other states.
2004-04-19 03:36:18 AM  
Please, don't feed the homeless at the park unless you have a permit.

Why don't they feed them somewhere else? Maybe at the school or a church?

Permits for large gatherings at parks are pretty common--I had to have one for my graduation party since we set up a volleyball net and had a keg of beer.
2004-04-19 03:39:07 AM  
Yes..don't feed the homeless at the might make people with homes notice the fact that homelessness is a problem that needs to be dealt with. That's what it comes down to.
2004-04-19 03:41:19 AM  
Three people arrested, two people to write the story, and no word on how many were fed.
2004-04-19 03:42:07 AM  
Jesus didn't need a permit to feed the homeless. Nor should anyone else.
2004-04-19 03:43:36 AM  
What were they fedding them? Something really bad? Like....?
2004-04-19 03:43:40 AM  
I meant to feed people in a park.
/is drunk, farking, and doing homework.
2004-04-19 03:47:44 AM  
It's not just an issue of feeding the homeless but also public safety. When you have regular events of feeding homeless people in the same location, they are more likely to come en masse. At that point you are more likely to draw dangerous types into an area that might not be able to accomodate it. I support what Food Not Bombs does, however, it still needs to be done in a manner that doesn't interfere with the publics well being.
2004-04-19 03:49:24 AM  
Maybe they were serving of questionable origin, like KFC?
2004-04-19 03:51:40 AM  
It might have been donuts and they didn't share with the cops.
2004-04-19 03:52:28 AM  
Second verse, same as the first!
2004-04-19 03:53:31 AM  
As far as I know, they have a vegetarian menu.

Homelessness (been there, done that) is a problem and it is great to raise awareness, but being asses about it doesn't really help. If the rule is you need a permit then GET ONE. It can't be that hard, the KKK got one for a park near me.

Get arrested in college for being an activist, I think everyone should. Then grow up and realize that you will get more done working in the system rather than rebelling against it. I don't have any problem with "Food not Bombs" but they seem to invite getting arrested, rather than focus on feeding people.
2004-04-19 03:57:23 AM  
I was at a picnic just like this not too long ago. I think it was at
2004-04-19 04:01:24 AM  
All this was covered to death on the previous thread. I'm going to try and stay out of it, except for one bit of clarification...

The mayor kicked these people out the lot they were using (with written permission from the owner) and has a long history of trying to get homelessness out of the city.

It's not a matter of permits. They aren't protesting, they aren't having a concert - they're just feeding people.

The permit is a selectively enforced excuse for a campaign against the homeless. Whch is very different from a campaign against homelessness.

That said... there's room for debate. But it's more of a "not-in-my-backyard" kinda thing.
2004-04-19 04:06:34 AM  
2004-04-19 04:06:49 AM  
The homeless problem in this country could be solved easily by taking one half of the homeless population and feeding them to the other half. Then when they get hungry again take half of whats left and feed to the others. Repeat until problem solved.

/Mmmm soylent green.
2004-04-19 04:08:27 AM  
Exactly how hard is it, especially if your motives are purely to feed the homeless, to just get a farking permit?

Seems like a group that wants more to get thier name in headlines and cause controversy, than to feed the homeless.
2004-04-19 04:08:28 AM  
I wish I were a Fark Admin.....
Then I could post the link about Spain pulling out of Iraq.
2004-04-19 04:10:25 AM  
Didn't that Jebus guy do alot of feeding the hungry? Did he have the nescessary permits?

If not they should cruicify him.

/zero tolerance

2004-04-19 04:11:32 AM  
fark spain.

/tips beer
2004-04-19 04:22:12 AM  
It's not about poisening, ideology or anything of the sort. It's simply NIMBY practicality. Most middle-class people do not want the unsightly mess of homeless people in the park. If people were to start feeding them in the park, then in all likely-hood they would gather at said park.

/still don't see why they're not allowed to feed people.
2004-04-19 04:43:49 AM  
Perhaps beets? Beets are are pretty bad, THAT might be the problem.
2004-04-19 05:26:07 AM  
oy... whenever i think that i've seen it all....
2004-04-19 06:03:45 AM  
By feeding the homeless you cause them to lose their natural fear of people. They can become dangerous, often appearing tame and letting people get too close, before becoming aggressive. For your own safety, do not feed the homeless.

Thank you.
2004-04-19 06:26:00 AM  
Seeing the ad upon visiting the site, I came up with an idea...
We could feed Davy Jones to the homeless.
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-19 06:29:19 AM  
i live in a country where we give wrongly-coloured people a one way ticket to canada
2004-04-19 06:53:55 AM  
Let the Tampa City Council know how you feel about this matter. Here is a handy link they have provided to send a message to ALL their Council members!
2004-04-19 07:05:44 AM  
Just figured I'd say hello in this thread because I already commented when it was posted before.
2004-04-19 07:08:22 AM  
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S0op just bfuy sonme foo0d and throwit in aa cu;nkpstr and we'kll coinbgretgate ther wher we bel0ng.
2004-04-19 07:20:09 AM  

Another repeat?! Fark it: I've submitted 50+ links to breaking news, humorous articles, etc, and not one gets posted. But a stupid 2-bit civil issue gets posted twice?

/Is slashdotorg any better than Fark?
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