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(Fox News)   A list of overused words & phrases; topping the list: 'nine-eleven'   ( divider line
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8854 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jan 2002 at 3:13 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-01-01 03:17:23 PM  
interesting how words can be morphed. before sept. 11, 9-11 was probably 911, after, it was the shiat that went down in ync in sept 11.
2002-01-01 03:18:45 PM  
2002-01-01 03:19:27 PM  
Fb- is the father

Most overused phrase on Fark
2002-01-01 03:19:30 PM  
I hear these 24-7-365...
2002-01-01 03:24:25 PM  
sounds like just a list of pet peeves and gripes
2002-01-01 03:30:40 PM  
I agree, Paradox. Who gives a fark what the "smallest public college in Michigan" thinks has been said too much.
The whole thing started as a drunken party gag, anyway.
2002-01-01 03:31:16 PM  
Ah, another group of people trying to tell others people about the "proper" way to talk. Not that I don't find it annoying to hear the same phrases repeated endlessly on the news; but is there any other reasoning behind the need to be rid of such phrases besides overuse?
2002-01-01 03:37:02 PM  
i would like to thank them. i have been hearing 9-1-1 (ARGH) and 9-eleven NONSTOP over and over, and it makes me want to SMACK people. it is SO FUC|<ING annoying..

ever since 9-1-1, blurdeeblurdee blurdee bluh bluh bluh.
2002-01-01 03:37:04 PM they would prefer that we say WTC attacks? Oh, sorry; World Trade Center Attacks? How about World Trade Center Terrorist Act in Which Two Airplanes Were Flown on a Collision Course with the Two Towers, Which Subsequently Caused them to Collapse and Cost America the Lives of Three Thousand Unfortunate Souls who Just Happened to Work at the Towers or had the Horrible Misfortune of Boarding the Wrong Plane on the Wrong Day.

Is that more appropriate than 9-11?
2002-01-01 03:37:13 PM  
They're throwing some rather asinine comparisons around as denigrations. Pearl Harbor is an abbreviation for an event too. We just used a date instead of a place name, after all the scope was somewhat grander.

It works a bit like the smiley face too. Where by in the world of cartoon representation, the simple but easily recognizable features are considered to act as somewhat of a mirror by which the reader may be reflected for better immersion - to add depth and character where strict representation cannot - and yet still glean material directly from the inherent story itself. saying 9-11 instead of specifically determining the events each time you talk about it, allows the date to reflect upon your personal vestments with the date, and the gyre of events and implications following in its wake; as well as the actual occurences of the day. The biggest things tend to have the simplest iconography, by which it implies more than a specific picture could: religions, political movements, countries... eg The cross doesn't just stand for what actually happened one day on a cross - it's taken on much greater and grander significance for christians.

blah blah blah :)
2002-01-01 03:38:46 PM  
Green Bay Packers
Every time I hear that name I wanna kill.
And kill again.
2002-01-01 03:39:13 PM  
"Ah, another group of people trying to tell others people about the "proper" way to talk."

I don't think they're doing that. I see it more as a wake-up call to those who don't realize some words and phrases are overused. It's akin to telling a typical teen, "you've used the word 'like' eight times in the last thirty seconds, and I STILL don't have my fries."
2002-01-01 03:39:18 PM  
How's this for an overused phrase:

"Umble Bumble, Mister Peekinese!!!"
2002-01-01 03:43:16 PM  
"It works a bit like the smiley face too."

A pal of mine had a great theory about the smiley face. It used to be (and still is, among the elderly) that you could badmouth someone to death ("he's a cock-sucking, nun-porking, evil sumbatch," etc.) as long as you follow it with "god bless 'em!" This was the verbal form of the smiley emoticon, pre-internet.

Today, you can flame someone to a level that would melt steel, just so long as you follow it with a :)

So there, you clueless ignorami, god bless ya! :)
2002-01-01 03:44:42 PM  
I don't think the word gets overused, I think it's the event that's being abused. Yes, a good deal number of people were affected, world economies, political alliances etc.

It's the fact that people continuously point to it as being the deciding factor in the most mundane things that makes me cringe when I hear it.
2002-01-01 03:45:45 PM  
What do these arbiters of proper culture suggest we call it, then? The Terrorist Attacks? There were terrorist attacks on the WTC in 1993, also. You also can't tie it to just the WTC... the Pentagon was struck, the flight over PA, everybody felt it everywhere, so you can't limit it geographically. 9/11 is good. How many people know that 12/7 is Pearl Harbor Day? Most, I hope, but maybe fewer and fewer as the years go by. If the attacks become known as 9/11, that's a way of honoring those who were affected that day, as time eventually roll along.

It'd probably take most of us a little while to recall the date of the Oklahoma City bombings.
2002-01-01 03:46:51 PM  
My personal fav's, 'terrorist-hugger' and 'I'm sorry but if.. then the terrorists have already won." didn't make the list :/
2002-01-01 03:47:32 PM  
Isn't censorship cute?
2002-01-01 03:47:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-01 03:48:31 PM  
"I can't believe people are abbreviating the worst act of war this country has seen since Pearl Harbor," wrote a nominator from Colorado Springs, Colo.

Hello. Shouldn't that be the December 7 attacks on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii? Or or you abbreviating, you farking hippocrate?
2002-01-01 03:49:04 PM  
2002-01-01 03:52:48 PM  
Most overused sports phrase of the year:
"Control their own destiny"
2002-01-01 03:59:55 PM  
2002-01-01 04:00:43 PM  
Scraping-fetus-off-the-wheel: AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAH
2002-01-01 04:02:21 PM  
#1 over used word in America: resolve
#2 over used word in America: enduring
2002-01-01 04:03:50 PM  
In the wake of 9-11, the nation's most profound faith-based surgical strike, I think it's necessary to bring the evil-doers to justice for coming up with these cliches.
2002-01-01 04:04:06 PM  
Example: This only strengthens our resolve to talk like comic book villians, in operation enduring freedom even though freedom isn't a big concern at the moment.

Bush needs to hire a new speech writer. The one he has now sucks harder than a vacum
2002-01-01 04:06:10 PM  
Hey, Papa Smurf, the smurf is heading into the smurf.. 9-11 is going to go into smurf for all of smurf.

That's ok, We'll smurf the smurf and 9-11 will allways bring 9-11 to smurf.
2002-01-01 04:12:16 PM  
"Bush needs to hire a new speech writer. The one he has now sucks harder than a vacum."

It's pretty hard to strike that delicate balance between "not sounding like a moron" and "they'll believe that Bush may have written this."
2002-01-01 04:18:20 PM  
i think i hate
'make no mistake'
'root out'

the most.
2002-01-01 04:27:15 PM  
2002-01-01 04:29:19 PM  
my addition to the fark list of overused terms:

cock and ball torture
2002-01-01 04:30:31 PM  
Is any of this too short for you...

Tet Offensive
Bay 'o Pigs
October Missile Crisis

Seems to me that the bigger the news event the shorter and more to the point is the discriptor. That's ok by me.

Fark'n 2 bit college's annual publicity grab... fark'm Dano!
2002-01-01 04:30:39 PM  
The authors of the "List of Words Banished from the Queen's English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness" at the Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., school say they received numerous nominations for the abbreviations to be included in the 27th annual list.

They should include the Queen's English on that list.
2002-01-01 04:30:57 PM  
Oh Sama, I'm in fear for my Life from the Long Arm of the Law! Hangman is comin' Down from the Gallows and I don't have Very Looooong!

from a Styx song......Styx ? A group from the 70's ? I'm old......
2002-01-01 04:32:03 PM  
Notice how this guy mentions Pearl Harbor but doesn't mention D-Day. I can't imagine why...
2002-01-01 04:32:07 PM  
Bay O' Pigs ? That's a BBQ joint in East St. Louis !
2002-01-01 04:39:31 PM  
*sigh* I remember when OBL stood for Obese Bisexual Lactators.....*Sigh*.....and UBL stood for Mangrove Throatwarbler.....*sigh*.......good times....good times...
2002-01-01 04:39:53 PM  
I think the most overused word this year has been "gravitas". Remember the big ass ruckus over the election?
2002-01-01 04:48:06 PM  

Maybe not the most overused of the year, but in the weeks following 9/11...

2002-01-01 04:48:16 PM  
Latka Gravitas......from 'Taxi'......ummmmm....a show from the 80's......*sigh*.....still old

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-01 04:59:20 PM  

I hate that word so much. Almost as much as "proactive."
2002-01-01 05:06:27 PM  
i hate the word 'probe'.......*shudder*
2002-01-01 05:13:40 PM  
Lbo: Overused term, but underused practice.
2002-01-01 05:23:21 PM  
The list was born out of a New Year's Eve party in 1976 and sent out as a publicity ploy for the Upper Peninsula school. Then-public relations director W.T. (Bill) Rabe started the list, in part because he thought the school needed more name recognition.

And it has worked so well! I, for one, breathlessly await the annual list of something-or-other that they issue from... um... this, err... fine institution. What was it again? Long Beach State?

C'mon, here in overcrowded South Florida, we have *elementary* schools with more than 3,000 students!
2002-01-01 05:28:04 PM  
Who do these people think they are, suggesting to actually banish words, phrases, and even shows because they feel they're overused?

Why not ban the word "the"? It's probably the most overused word in history.

2002-01-01 05:31:47 PM  
The problem in their comparison of September 11th to Pearl Harbor, is that Pearl Harbor was one area. Ships sank, lots of people died.

How do you localize Sept 11th? You could say "the Twin Towers" or something, but then you neglect the pentagon, and Pennsylvania...
2002-01-01 05:42:04 PM  
Fb- i heard, on tv, that ending a sentence with "the terrorist will have won" made the list tho. close enough.

oh and i dont see whats the difference between "9-11" and "pearl harbor." its not like "pearl harbor" was and has been attacked everyday day since. its just a farking abbreviations, jeebus! get over it.
2002-01-01 05:46:55 PM  
Come on people. If Lake Superior State University says it's true, it MUST be.

Besides, their football program is FAR better than that of Lake Superior U.
2002-01-01 05:50:40 PM  
Instead of 9-11 they could have used the word(s) "September 11th". Sounds better, same meaning.

I personally hate the word "spirit". Or seeing that banner on CNN; "America's New War".
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