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(Times Online)   London artist takes on new space sculpture, also proposes "12-metre-high ejaculating man" for the waterfront at Seattle   ( divider line
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2004-04-17 06:24:08 PM  
This just had to be greenlighted by accident... Very Boring Article.
2004-04-17 06:24:23 PM  
No comment.
2004-04-17 06:25:33 PM  
Now THATS entertainment
2004-04-17 06:25:39 PM  
crazy brits
2004-04-17 06:26:26 PM  
I intended it as an ironic comment on the male figure in relation to the whole idea of a fountain, because everyone knows that the fountain is a male fantasy of permanent ejaculation.

Count me among the oblivious.
2004-04-17 06:27:38 PM  
2004-04-17 06:27:44 PM  
also proposes "12-metre-high ejaculating man"

This guy's never been to America, has he? Yeah, that'll go over really well.
2004-04-17 06:28:55 PM  
As a Seattle-ite, all I have to say is... nooooooooooooooooo! We'll keep our statue of Hendrix and the troll eating the Volkswagen. Oh, and Lenin. We got one of him. But no ejaculation!
2004-04-17 06:32:46 PM  
Give me a porno mag, a bottle of Jack, and a ladder, and you'll have your statue.
2004-04-17 06:34:30 PM  
teh gheyness
2004-04-17 06:35:56 PM  
How can he tell if he's ejaculating or pissing?

Ah, probably from the erection.
2004-04-17 06:38:06 PM  
Bet the proposed statue can't keep from missing and gets the surrounding area wet...
2004-04-17 06:39:49 PM  
Only a matter of time until they have to spray it with Viagra to keep it up.
2004-04-17 06:45:54 PM  
I actually found the article quite interesting, considering I didn't just skim it looking for the ejaculation like so many others here have done.
2004-04-17 06:46:48 PM  
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Anyone with demonstrable artistic talent is already employed as a graphic artist, architect, photographer, etc. The modern "artist," (not including scads of great painters, sculptors, etc. with no pretensions) is a resentful, attention-whore, martyr-complexed nutcase.
2004-04-17 06:47:51 PM  
If Seattle gets one of those I'm sure San Francisco will want two. Facing each other.
2004-04-17 06:48:08 PM  
Didn't Dave Lister want a giant statue of himself taking a leak?

Except this one whizzed champaign.....

/red dwarf
2004-04-17 06:48:18 PM  

If you actually read that article from beginning to end, you really need to consider getting a life. At least rent one if you can't buy one.
2004-04-17 06:50:08 PM  
Halfmast Trousers

" a resentful, attention-whore, martyr-complexed nutcase."


And I thought wearing glasses was a good disguise...
2004-04-17 06:54:38 PM  
No Lister had one, in an alternate universe where he invented the Tension Sheet instead of Rimmer's bunkmate Thickey Holden. The champagne whizzin' wasn't operational, but he was assured it would be by the time of the Queen's visit...
2004-04-17 06:56:50 PM  
This is the mock-up for Clearing, my new installation at White Cube, Gormley explains. Its my attempt to liberate the room from Euclidean geometry, but you could also say its a trapped trajectory, testing itself against the surfaces of the walls, floor and ceiling.

This man is the most self important and egotistical man on the face of the planet
2004-04-17 07:05:28 PM  

Halfmast Trousers
" a resentful, attention-whore, martyr-complexed nutcase."
And I thought wearing glasses was a good disguise...

I only say this because I am an "artist" myself (that is, I paint, draw and design -- and was an art major my first year in college). And I've lived with artists -- one woman who was a talented painter who knew nothing about life but plenty about painting. Thank God she found an agent to market her stuff so she could make a living. That's an artist.

These guys who couldn't do a decent figure drawing, but come up with some crackpot university-supported excuse for "challenging perceptions" and such nonsense by being ridiculous are unfortunately given the title "artist", since the rest of the graphically creative types are engaged in other stuff. Being unacceptable by society has nothing to do with being an artist.
2004-04-17 08:09:17 PM  
One of his other works
[image from too old to be available]

Damn, I he builds the cum-man, it's gonna be an impressive sight.
2004-04-17 08:25:09 PM  
No need for a new statue, just make a few modifications to Hammering Man and you'll have a perfectly good Ejaculating Man. He's facing the Lusty Lady as it is.
2004-04-17 08:35:47 PM  
I posed for this you know. Me and my 12-metre penis.
2004-04-17 08:43:45 PM  
The artist must be gay.
2004-04-17 09:04:15 PM  
Well, this is a narcissist.

I Googled his images and examined his works and whatthehell is it with artists and rusty iron? His works didn't impress me. The one called Planets made of glacial boulders, each with a human (presumably male) figure carved in it has sexual overtones all through it, with the figures spread-legged, wrapped around the rocks.

The rusty Angel looked interesting, but the wings and exposed iron ribs kind of give it an over balanced and boiler maker appearance.

A huge, ejaculating man? Well, that would fit right in with his Planets theme.

Rusting iron has never turned me on. That's like I don't get it when people put copper sheeting on their houses, which looks great, then allow it to turn that puke green that they think is artistic and quaint. To me, it resembles a fungus growth.
2004-04-17 09:04:31 PM  
I live by Seattle and we don't need this on the waterfront...guy needs a life. Why not put it in his backyard if he thinks it's such a good idea?
2004-04-17 09:10:48 PM  
I feel inadequate now, as I have never ejaculated further than 5 meters. (sob)
2004-04-17 09:46:42 PM  
Damn, art sucks! Why do be need these immoral liberal "artists" polluting our public spaces with their pro-masturbatory agenda? It should all be banned I say! BANNED! The money this type of tripe sucks from our economy could be so much better spent - like, say, on national defense, faith-based charities, or good wholesome porn!
2004-04-17 09:48:09 PM  
I kinda like the guys work-
2004-04-17 11:24:53 PM  
Its like drawing in space, and the harmonies are released from within. These interlocking spirals just hang loose. Ive released them from the burden of being self-supported.

Its my attempt to liberate the room from Euclidean geometry, but you could also say its a trapped trajectory, testing itself against the surfaces of the walls, floor and ceiling.

Yes! You too can be a modern artist, thanks to SDG's lecture series, Bullshiatting your way into a big paycheck. In this series of 90 minute lectures, you will learn:

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How to use scientific and artistic terms to trick people into thinking you know what you're doing
How to make people think you're gay
How to find gullible idiots, and what tripe to feed them
How to use the "starving artist" image to make millions at art sales

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After watching the video lecture, I promptly put the ideas into action. I bought a few dollars worth of paint, I covered the floor of my apartment with newspaper, and fed the paint to one of my cats. Normally I get mad when he vomits on the floor -- but that day, each multicolored vomit was worth a million bucks -- literally!

Now that I had a few pieces of art (and one less cat to feed) I followed lecture 2, and took on the persona. You might think nobody would by cat vomit, but you'd be wrong, pal! When I went to an art show, and said 'The colors and abstract form are a liberation from the idiosyncratic world of form, an organic synthesis of primal urges and technicolor chickens'. I was starting to sweat at this point -- these are art people, there is no way they were going to buy my BS -- but they did! For over $1 million, in fact!

Now, I am a multi-billionaire, with three mansions, beautiful women pleasuring me day and night, and enough money to buy anything I desire. And if I ever need money, well, a cat isn't very expensive -- in fact, they GIVE those things away at the pound -- so the money train will keep on coming anytime I please.

I think next time, I am going to 'Revolutionize the post-modern theory by superposition of quantum states in a biomimetic organic blend of color'

Buy this lecture set now! It's the best $550 you'll ever spend!"
2004-04-17 11:34:33 PM  
Man iv heard artists get their ideas from a lot of stuff but while ur jacking off and u wanna make a sculptre outa it!Thats tOOOO far into matters best kept private!This guy is whacked...Must have been very hard too...sad.
2004-04-17 11:37:23 PM  
It makes a helluva lot more sense than that bizarre statue of Columbus (Columbus!)looking out over Elliott Bay.
2004-04-18 01:07:39 AM  
Hmmmmmm. this just screams wrong. Maybe he could get with Burger King, and use up some of thier old "fake-mayo".

That would be a interesting sight.
2004-04-18 01:44:58 AM  
All you people complaining about this guy just hate freedom. He was greeted by the room as a liberator! Flowers were thrown at him as the Euclidian geometry was driven into exile.
2004-04-18 01:13:41 PM  
Say what you want about modern art.. this guy seems to rule.

[image from too old to be available]
Behold. Neat, huh?
2004-04-18 01:23:50 PM  
Here's the "Quantum Cloud":

[image from too old to be available]

2004-04-18 09:02:50 PM  
who gives green lights?
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