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(Modbee)   Guests vacationing in Key West turned away from hotel for being too heterosexual   ( divider line
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18535 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Apr 2004 at 12:50 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-17 12:27:07 AM  
Excellent headline.
2004-04-17 12:32:17 AM  
Please use the rear entrance, guests.
2004-04-17 12:53:15 AM  
You mean Excerllent headline
2004-04-17 12:54:43 AM  
Stop your whinging, "Straight Couples" ... turn-about is fair play
2004-04-17 12:54:43 AM  
I never could stand those damn herterosexuals. Heterosexuals maybe, but herterosexuals are just too much.

/driving it into the ground
2004-04-17 12:55:34 AM  
Well snap!

"herterosexual", oh dear.

If they stuck around for a day or two possibly they could have contracted the ghey?
2004-04-17 12:55:45 AM  
Herteroz, donut?

/terrible stretch for a joke
2004-04-17 12:55:50 AM  
You mean Excerllent Excerllent Headline
2004-04-17 12:57:33 AM  
Am I the only one that noticed the spelling error in the headline?

2004-04-17 12:57:51 AM  
I smell a lawsuit.
2004-04-17 12:59:34 AM  
Ow! It herts!
2004-04-17 01:00:48 AM  
So why isn't there a huge lawsuit? If the opposite happened at a Hilton there'd be a huge parade on capital hill with leather clad gimps and bantam weight caballeros whooping and hollaring. Double standard.

I think gays are just bitter that straights don't take offense to that whole "breeder" slur they think is so very clever.
2004-04-17 01:01:21 AM  
zitiqueen is going to be pissed.
2004-04-17 01:02:59 AM  
I hear Bush wants to ban herterosexuals from marrying each other.
2004-04-17 01:03:57 AM  
What we need is another war!
2004-04-17 01:04:30 AM  
Uh oh! I can smell the indignant rage building amongst the Fark brain trust. To follow: Flame war? Check. Myriad ignorant, offensive comments? Check. Use of the word "God"? Check. Trolling? Check, check, and check!
2004-04-17 01:05:45 AM  
Where is the happy rainbow to this story?
2004-04-17 01:06:51 AM  
I'm more annoyed by the idiots who always predict a flame war.
2004-04-17 01:07:07 AM  
Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers!

I'm learnding!

/Wiggum, Ralph
2004-04-17 01:08:25 AM  

You forgot bush sucks,tree hugger,neocon,bleeding heart liberals,and France surrenders
2004-04-17 01:08:30 AM  
You know me Marge - I like my beer cold, my tv loud, and my homosexuals "flaaaaming"!

2004-04-17 01:08:45 AM  
this has GOT to be a joke. a sentence like this:

"He said he had to appeal to the majority, and the majority of guests wouldn't want straight people there," Pirih said.

just smacks of a parody sentence.
but then, what do i know? i'm a flamin' hertero.
2004-04-17 01:09:01 AM  
I think we are in "Agreeance" that Herterosexual is the new Metrosexual for Summer
2004-04-17 01:09:06 AM  
I'm more annoyed by your mom's box.
2004-04-17 01:09:06 AM  
Turnabout is not fair play when the victoms are not guilty of the initial offence, rob.

Bigotry is bigotry, sexism is sexism, racism is racism:
Whatever the source and whatever the target and no matter who did what first.

"Only love can conquer hate"
2004-04-17 01:09:27 AM  
Do herterosexual rent their cars from Hetz ?

"Whadda mean, I'm too heteralsexual (sic) ? Don't make me slap you !"
[image from too old to be available]

2004-04-17 01:10:03 AM  
The one time the ironic tag would've actually been appropriate...
2004-04-17 01:10:55 AM  
Yeah, happens to me all of the time. . . .

Quite a disappointment, really.
2004-04-17 01:11:45 AM  
Having been abused never gives you the right to be an abuser.
2004-04-17 01:11:56 AM  
Dontcha mean 'meterosexual?'
2004-04-17 01:12:09 AM  
"I smell a lawsuit."
Ahh, the familiar smell of litigation, like a gallery full of scratch n' sniff Maplethorpe paintings.
2004-04-17 01:12:28 AM  
"Guests vacationing in Key West turned away from hotel for being too herterosexual"

Yeah I'll never go there again!
2004-04-17 01:13:14 AM  
Weird, they fixed the "in in" but not the "herterosexual."
2004-04-17 01:13:18 AM  
So why isn't there a huge lawsuit?

Maybe they're waiting to see if the hotel is punished under the city's anti-discrimination ordinance? Or maybe heterosexual couples who take vacations with gay friends are the type to become more bemused than angry at this situation?
2004-04-17 01:14:27 AM  
I wouldnt worry so much about the flame war and who predicted it. Any fine outstanding individual who spells with a 4 substituting the A has to be a mind numbing think tank.
2004-04-17 01:16:51 AM  
Turnabout is fair play, of course, but I think people would be less likely to claim the mantle of victimhood if private businesses were allowed to choose which clientele they wished to serve, subject to the following restrictions:

A) The government would not purchase any good or service from such a business.
B) Companies were forced to disclose any such discrimination prominently at the entrance to the business and in every advertisement
C) Angry picketers were allowed to parade in front of the business, and other companies were allowed to taunt them unmercifully in their advertisements.

As long as such rules were followed, I don't see why a business should be prevented from restricting access to gays, straights, or people named Fred if they wanted to. The free market would punish the more egregious examples of prejudice and reward those companies that seem fairer, while people would still be free to associate with whomever they want.
2004-04-17 01:17:42 AM  
Heh, no. No it wasn't.
2004-04-17 01:19:16 AM  

Think tank? "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."
2004-04-17 01:19:50 AM  
How old are you Snarfangel? Get a grip and move. That will be $100
2004-04-17 01:20:11 AM THIS is equality.
2004-04-17 01:20:40 AM  
My advice, get the hell out of the steaming hellhole that is Key West... every time I go back to visit my folks I get incredibly depressed and want to immediately get the hell out.

Or, they may find it exciting to be on an 2 by 4 mile island with 50,000 other people, approximately 1/2 who are Jimmy Buffett fans.
2004-04-17 01:20:51 AM  

Do the words "tyranny of the majority" mean anything to you?
2004-04-17 01:20:53 AM  
earlier it was too gay, now its too straight.....

2004-04-17 01:22:29 AM  

No, actually, it wouldn't.

/'mo grammar nazi.
2004-04-17 01:22:52 AM  
"Stop your whinging, "Straight Couples" ... turn-about is fair play"

What the hell does that even mean, "turn about's fair play"? Who did these hetro couples oppress that earned them that treatment? Didn't see it in the article. Substitute "hetro" with "black", "jew", "woman", etc and this would be a federal case. But no, they're lame hetros. We can treat them like low lives all we want. You just don't even have an argument here, why am I bothering.
2004-04-17 01:23:03 AM  
So THIS is the "homosexual agenda"! I knew it!!!!!
2004-04-17 01:23:22 AM  
Ha, I just RTFA. I used to do deliveries to Big Ruby's, and nearly every time I went there I would get invited to an evening "party." Perhaps if I told them I was a "hertrosexual," I would have been told not to come back?
2004-04-17 01:23:52 AM  
Ah, I see you have watched Princes bride, or maybe not. At any rate I would suggest seling the Yugo and buying a car they wont bury you in.
2004-04-17 01:25:45 AM  
so what does it mean being 'too straight'? not acting gentile? not having a dildo sticking out their asses? I know gay people you couldn't tell they were gay because they're so normal. Would they have to utter the magic password "I'm gay" to stay in the resort? because they certainly don't act gay..though they are.. would it mean they're not gay enough? I don't get it.

oh wait, wait, I get it....MANAGEMENT AT THE HOTEL ARE ASSHATS! Now it makes total sense!
2004-04-17 01:26:21 AM  
OMG, your discimination again my being a heterosexual has almost caused my buttplug to fall out.

-or iot might have happened this way...

"Haha, front desk person, the joke's on you: I just sucked your peener, BUT I'M not GAY !!!"

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