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2001-12-31 02:52:36 PM  
A parade of stupid people.. Ahh, just like work...

2001-12-31 02:52:58 PM  
Top ten things that suck about New Years:

#10. Top ten lists about the past year.

2001-12-31 02:58:55 PM  
Worst. Top ten list. Ever.
2001-12-31 03:19:55 PM  
Not that they aren't all weird but #9 is really strange.

"Ignorance is curable, stupidity is forever."
2001-12-31 03:26:58 PM  
Didn't all of the E/N sites die in June?
2001-12-31 03:30:12 PM  
You can lead a horse to FARK, but you can't teach it to read.
2001-12-31 03:51:35 PM  
God bless those morons without them life would'nt be quite so amusing.
2001-12-31 04:00:43 PM  
They biatched at a little deaf girl for signing on the bus. Duh. She was supposed to be on that other bus.
Kat [TotalFark]
2001-12-31 04:25:39 PM  
their layout hurt my eyes...

that other bus, heheheh
2001-12-31 04:26:30 PM  
that was a pretty good list. it figures, though, that a site related to fark would have a geek article as #1 on a top 10 list.
2001-12-31 04:31:34 PM  
Buju: I was gonna make that point, but I forgot, which makes me inferior, and makes me resent your remembering. I hate you.
2001-12-31 05:05:12 PM  
Cool site. I like their thinking.
2001-12-31 05:24:21 PM  
they gave that kid body cavity searches for telling to chicks that put him on hold for 15 minutes they wouldve been on the columbine list.... man if i was that kid i would be sooo pissed at those chicks
2001-12-31 05:26:36 PM  
While I agree that Jerry Falwell and Pat Robinson are asses, must he linger? I can think of plenty of things that happened in 2001 that would warrant inclusion in this list, but he let his rabid intolerance of Christians ruin it.
2001-12-31 05:27:38 PM  
What's to not like about a good body cavity search?
2001-12-31 06:36:26 PM  
And the #11 moronic story of 2001: expects people to read their shiat, but insist on combining a background color that puts me to sleep with a font that makes my eyes bleed. I think I read the first two before I gave up.
2001-12-31 07:00:18 PM  
If you look on the right side of the article, its says "Style Sheet" and there are bunch of choices. If you click them, the way the page looks is changed. Amazing what the powers of observation will do.
2001-12-31 08:38:46 PM  
Citizenkain: I'm proud of you for noticing. I eventually noticed it too, but with my headache and bleeding eyes and all, I just couldn't bring myself to care. Amazing what a complete lack of design skill will do. They might as well have had cursor trails, text that changes size on mouseover, and a background midi.

#12 moronic story of 2001: makes their website nearly impossible to look at, and attempts to compensate by making it adjustable. "We don't care, folks. YOU fix it."

Morons indeed.
2001-12-31 08:41:03 PM  
well i actually thought the soft pastels were quite nice after a night of vodka and bacardi
2001-12-31 08:47:41 PM  
Christ, I feel like a moron now. The FARK tag says "stupid." I went to their site expecting amusing, or at least weird. No, instead I thought to myself, "Hey, morons dot org! This should be fun! I'll bet they're funny!"

Well, I'm off to see the Jews at
2001-12-31 09:45:24 PM  
Bonobo: is Lynx compatible. I admit that some of the color schemes are nasty, but it's better than a barrage of images.
2001-12-31 10:01:27 PM  
Ok people, America just sucks. Get used to it.

-the lozer
2002-01-01 03:41:44 AM  
Um, this is my first attempt at everything (posting and photoshopping)

[image from too old to be available]
2002-01-01 03:42:27 AM  
Holy hell. Sorry, got a little off track/lost it seems... Someone delete that.
2002-01-01 04:00:21 AM  
A great collection of WTF-style stories there.
It reminds me of what Fark used to be like, before the AOL'ers and "funny" headlines took over.
2002-01-01 07:38:47 AM  
so it's new years day and my eyes are bleary and i thought this was the site
2002-01-01 11:56:53 AM  
Grrr, horrible site...and I really loved the generalization of Christians lacking common sense.
2002-01-01 12:54:17 PM  
I thought it was a bit sad that their number one wasn't because they are the biggest moron, but because it was the "first piece of original investigative journalism" they have done
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