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(Reuters)   "Fat Albert" turns out to be phat for UPN   ( divider line
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4614 clicks; posted to Main » on 31 Dec 2001 at 10:43 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-31 10:45:24 AM  
Fat Albert Motion Picture -- was this the Sixth or the Seventh sign?
2001-12-31 10:46:30 AM  
Sixth: the seventh is a polititician that doesn't lie or run scams for cash
2001-12-31 10:48:55 AM  
Fat Albert: The Motion Picture

The biggest thing to hit the silver screen since....

I mean, um, the biggest thing to hit the silver screen EVER!
2001-12-31 10:59:03 AM  
hey, hey, hey...
2001-12-31 11:00:28 AM  
absolutely fascinating
2001-12-31 11:01:23 AM  
and this makes it on fark because...?
2001-12-31 11:10:12 AM  
What the fark are these abusive pop ups doing on this site? Good bye FARK
2001-12-31 11:11:14 AM  
Sburbncwby: Because Fat Albert really whips the lama's ass. and Little biatches like you will always find something to complain about. You don't like the article, don't waste your time posting comments.
2001-12-31 11:11:44 AM  

2001-12-31 11:34:14 AM  
OK, I'm upset now - that last "Fat Albert" link was posted on Friday, saying that it would be on "on Monday". But the link was OLD - the special had already aired!

So, my question is, why did the moderators let it fly?

2001-12-31 11:41:02 AM  
Some of you remind me of a beginning Java programmer...

No class!!!

Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!
2001-12-31 11:41:14 AM  
The admins didnt read the article, one of over 300 in the queue this morning. Sorry we let a stale link up. go read a different one :-)
2001-12-31 12:09:50 PM  
Off the subject and I don't know if she's lurking but, I saw the trailer for Spider-man (played before LOTR) and Ms. Dunst looks unbelievably hot. I guess there's a whole scene with her in the rain or something, and well, you get the picture.
2001-12-31 12:11:23 PM  
Movies like this take away valuable production money from truly deserving SNL skit spinoffs. How can I watch Fat Albert the movie, when I know that I could have been seeing the long awaited movie version of Celebrity Jeopardy.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-31 12:23:19 PM  
Perrin, so I guess the rule is to only post comments when you like the article. Sorry, wasn't aware of that. I apologize. I guess 50% of the comments should be deleted by the mods because of their lack of positivity.

Remember, Jesus love you.
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-31 12:28:47 PM  
No he doesn't.
2001-12-31 12:31:10 PM  
jesus thinks you're a jerk
2001-12-31 12:31:48 PM  
Hey, hey, hey it's Fat Albert
2001-12-31 12:32:42 PM  
Dope is for Dopes.
2001-12-31 12:34:28 PM  
You mean by leaving the TV on UPN and leaving the room I contributed to the ratings? Ah fark!
2001-12-31 12:46:54 PM  
I think Forest Whitaker will make an excellent Fat Albert.

I wonder if he'll gain like 50-60 extra pounds for the role?
2001-12-31 12:54:18 PM  
I agree Chilly. He looks just like him. His face anyway.
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2001-12-31 01:23:05 PM  
Oops, I forgot this..
2001-12-31 01:23:19 PM  
Is that pic current? Hmm, maybe he'll only need to gain like 5 pounds.
2001-12-31 01:23:26 PM  
2001-12-31 01:23:47 PM  
I taped the show, man does it look dated. I once had a shirt w/ weird harold on it that read Hooked on Ebonics below the picture. The looks I would get from the brother faction. And what's up w/ the FUBU gear having FAt Albert Shiat on it?
2001-12-31 01:24:53 PM  
Great Pic, Grivas. See this hat, thats funny.
2001-12-31 01:27:38 PM  
Sburbncwby: Yes, if you have nothing more to do than complain about the choice of articles, get a new hobby. Its getting really old listening to people biatch and complain about which articles get posted.
2001-12-31 01:33:17 PM  
Chilly: No idea if it's current. Just linked it from Google Image Search.
2001-12-31 01:56:58 PM  
My parents used to scare me in to being good at Christmas by saying that Tyrone would take away my toys. I believed em, too, the bastards.
2001-12-31 02:04:29 PM  
The Flintstones: The Truth Behind the Rock Door.

[image from too old to be available]

Now get your farking butt in the kitchen and make me a sandwich
you dumbass!

[image from too old to be available]

When are you going to use that farking brain of yours

2001-12-31 02:28:13 PM  
Looks like nothing much is going on at Fark right now. Anyone know where current commenting is happening?
2001-12-31 02:28:22 PM  
"... and before it's all over, you just might learn somethin'!"
2001-12-31 02:29:08 PM  
2001-12-31 02:35:47 PM  
this is typical....UPN is becoming the crack house of the major television networks.
2001-12-31 02:50:06 PM  
Bagu: becoming? I wasn't aware they had ever been anything but.
2001-12-31 06:17:39 PM  
I say WAY C O O L !!!!!!
2001-12-31 07:17:07 PM  
what's up with the forest whitaker thing? isn't fat albert supposed to be a kid? forest whitaker is, like, forty years old.
2001-12-31 08:52:52 PM  
Oh, man. They're sticking with "Fat" right there in the title. After all the Shallow Hal hullabulloo, I can't wait to see what the politically correct crowd does for this one.

"Big-Boned Albert" ad "Dangerously Obese Albert" just don't sound right.
2001-12-31 09:07:10 PM  
I Fly Ugly Cat Kites Every Day During Really Extreme Weather-I figured out your name.Now I have power over you!
2001-12-31 09:32:43 PM  
how about "husky albert" or "not height-weight-proportionate albert"?
2002-01-01 01:46:28 PM  
Perrin-"and this makes it on fark because...?" Doesn't really sound like biatck=hing to me. It sounds like a legitimate question. It was 7 words. It would be biatching if I went on a long diatribe.
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