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(ABC News)   California to dispense morning after abortion pills without prescription   ( divider line
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2080 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2001 at 12:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-29 02:59:04 AM  
So SO SOOO unlikely Lude!!!

No one who has really had to do it will talk about it here. At least I hope not. There are self-righteous assholes who will flame them and it will all be over.

(I just checked your profile, still driving that piece of shiat car??)
2001-12-29 03:01:35 AM  
. - It might be so, it might not. We are not as bad as the 60's (IMHO) as far as "sexual corruption" goes.. but even then great things came out of it, social reforms, if you will. Intollerance seems to be the largest plague facing us.. and it was then it took it's harshest blow.
2001-12-29 03:03:27 AM  
"sexual corruption".. lol.. If you're not being forced to have sex, you're not being violated, and you have no room to complain. Trying to change other people to your values is asinine.
2001-12-29 03:04:58 AM  

why do you think I have it in qoutations.. it isn't my belief.
2001-12-29 03:06:20 AM  
And you're not trying to change people, either, so I wasn't referring to anything you were doing :)
2001-12-29 03:07:20 AM  
Oh, sorry =)
2001-12-29 03:09:37 AM  
I'm bigoted against bigots. Which makes me a bigot. Damn.. I suck :(
2001-12-29 03:10:43 AM  
I am finally sleepy. I wonder if they will sell the afternoon-after pill, for the lazy promiscuous woman that stays up really late.
2001-12-29 03:12:04 AM  

naw, just makes you richeous in your cause. =)

anyhow, if you understand what you are against, you are not a bigot, and if you don't judge before knowing them.. you are not a bigot.
2001-12-29 03:12:22 AM  
My ex still lights a candle on the day she had an abortion when she was a teenager. Like I said it's a very personal decision as it can leave scars.
There are consequences.

Popping a pill will still be better than an abortion for some.
2001-12-29 03:13:02 AM  
Grivas: What about a morning after pill for men that allows you to painlessly chew your own arm off to escape a sleeping fat broad (coyote ugly) that you drunkenly railed the night previous??
2001-12-29 03:13:59 AM  
If we are so much in moral decline than can anyone *ahem*.*cough* explain to me why so many places have legalized things like prostitution and marijuanna and such and at the same time bost some of the lowest crime rates. In my not so humble opinion it's the religious zealots and busy bodies that are leading to the decline of our society. if they would just keep their nose to themselves and stop cramming their beliefs down everybody elses throats than there would be alot less people hell bent on doing the exact opposite of what the "morality police" tell them is wrong.
2001-12-29 03:14:10 AM  
Okay, what's with "whore" and "promiscious women" thing? A man has sex, he's a man, a woman has sex, she's a whore, and you wonder why you can't get laid? Maybe if women were allowed to have sex, you wouldn't have such a problem getting in the sack!

Equal opportunity for slutdom for men and women I say!
2001-12-29 03:14:29 AM  
Wouldn't happen

2001-12-29 03:14:34 AM  
Why not we are all anonymous here right? I've accompanied someone, and let me tell you it was a most horrible experience with the pro-lifers lurking around shouting and being asswipes.

You don't like my car? Bah! :-)
2001-12-29 03:16:03 AM  
The pictures they held up were the worst part!
2001-12-29 03:18:00 AM  
TheLude - go to a hospital rather than a clinic, fixes that problem.
2001-12-29 03:18:26 AM  
I thought the chanting and praying were worse. Seemed to me like another group hijacking a religion.
2001-12-29 03:18:45 AM  
I have never espoused changing people. People don't change for the most part. People get what they deserve for their stupid decisions. Pregnancy, AIDS, STD's, hepatitis. Alot of these things can be prevented.

You know what, I'm beating my head against the wall. Take care and thanks for the exercise. Onward my friends.
2001-12-29 03:19:20 AM  
Yea. If I only knew that then.....
2001-12-29 03:20:34 AM  
You're right thelude, but like Jeff Davis wrote, for most women who have had it done it is deeply personal. It is fairly likely most associated with those decisions, or those supporting the women who make them in any way, will be likely not to talk about it online in a place notorious for insensitive assholes.
2001-12-29 03:20:46 AM  
I am married now, so if I found myself in that situation, I would just take my morning-after cyanide pill. Back in the college days it could have come in handy, although my biggest worry was my friends finding out what I had done if she was especially fat or ugly (I think the saying was "fat women are like mopeds; pretty fun to ride until your friends catch you on one"). I once made the mistake of stealing a girl's sweatshirt as I snuck out of her dorm room (it was winter in Boston; I am not a klepto), then blew any chance of keeping things quiet as everyone in the fraternity house saw me come in wearing an XXXL shirt with Simmons College (girls school) written on the front.

And the worst part is, I miss those days.
2001-12-29 03:20:50 AM  
These are the same religious zealots that said slavery was wrong beginning in 1800. Moral zealotry should never be underestimated or completely ignored.
2001-12-29 03:22:28 AM  
What was that (_._)????


Sounded like flatulence?
2001-12-29 03:22:34 AM  
'.' - There, we agree, debating on the internet (or anywhere else for that matter) does nothing but give people the opportunity to share their opinion.. Nothing more.
2001-12-29 03:23:17 AM  
. good night, good arguement
2001-12-29 03:26:39 AM  
Yes, but I came here for an argument!!

OH! Oh! I'm sorry! This is abuse!

Oh! Oh I see!

Aha! No, you want room 12A, next door.
2001-12-29 03:27:12 AM  
Yes, I suppose you are correct in that, I was neither the do-er or the do-e (my poetic license is going to be revoked I know), so I cannot begin to fathom how personal it is. A bit insensitive I was. Off to bed, 'Night!
2001-12-29 03:30:27 AM  
G'night thelude. Hope your crappy car starts in the morning.

Nightjars: It's all for shiats and giggles. Some egos need deflating every once in a while. It's like pruning trees. It's better for everyone.
2001-12-29 03:32:39 AM  
What frat Grivas, if you don't mind my asking?
2001-12-29 03:34:38 AM  
2001-12-29 03:35:07 AM  
Lord W. What's your fraternity from college?
Mine was Sigma Chi.
2001-12-29 03:36:37 AM  
FIJI was its name-o.
2001-12-29 03:37:50 AM  
There once was a man from Nantucket....
2001-12-29 03:38:02 AM  
Lambda Chi Alpha.

We have both Fijis and Sigma Chis up here in Toronto.
2001-12-29 03:40:04 AM  
The Phi Delts have some song where one of the lines is "I took a shiat the other day and threw it in the sky, and when it landed on the ground it spelled out Sigma Chi." They had equally mean ones about everyone else including LCA. I thought you'd appreciate that. Er, maybe you won't.....
2001-12-29 03:40:37 AM  
We didn't have any FIJI's down here when I went, but the Lambda Chis were there. God I'm old.
2001-12-29 03:41:50 AM  
JeffD: Were the LCAs dorks? I have yet to visit a cool American chapter.
2001-12-29 03:42:09 AM  
We had a Lambda Chi Alpha chapter up there. I passed out in their bathroom one night and they sawed open a mahogany door to make sure I was ok (they were worried I would die - thankfully I was not leaning against the door when the saw hit or I might have).
2001-12-29 03:42:52 AM  
The Phi Deltas were dysfunctional cross dressers down here.
2001-12-29 03:44:23 AM  
dork == cool
2001-12-29 03:45:08 AM  
LCA is at both MIT and BU Grivas. The MIT guys are super rich party guys who live in a palace. The BU guys are nomads, no house, low membership and are the Alpha chapter of the whole fraternity.

That story sounds familiar. Our frat is psycho obsessed with risk management. They'd rather you cut through a huge old door than run any risks.

The Fijis at MIT recently got booted cause a guy died right??
2001-12-29 03:45:13 AM  
No, not really that I remember. Only the TKE's and Ducks come back as the dorks as I remember. Long time ago.
2001-12-29 03:48:11 AM  
Sorry Grivas, that last post was three totally different thoughts. The new president of University of Toronto was a dean at MIT before he came here (Birgeneau). He was in charge at MIT when the Fiji pledge died. He said that fraternities would never be accepted by the UofT (they currently are unrecognised by the school) on his watch after what happened at MIT.

Don't know if you knew that or care......
2001-12-29 03:48:51 AM  
DU's are dorks everywhere methinks.
2001-12-29 03:49:55 AM  
Our claim to fame was shotgunning every Fraternity house. 'Cept us and thats how we were accused. Nobody talked and they couldn't prove it and was bad press, that they swept it under the rug. Buy a few doors and window panes....We didn't have the National HQ risk crap that y'all do. It was an Animal House.
Long time ago.
2001-12-29 03:52:14 AM  
"And by greasing the wheels of the anything-goes machine, you are contributing to the problem."

I think the problem is that no one talks about sex honestly.

Fact: Sex is fun.
Fact: Sex is something everyone has urges for.
Fact: Sex is pretty easy to do.
Fact: Sex has consequences.

The "hedonists" you decry focus on the first three, while the uptight and those who deny reality tend to exclude all but the third if they talk about sex at all. Both sides could grow up a little, admitting sex exists and is great when responsibility and at least some meaning are attached. My .$02.
2001-12-29 03:52:28 AM  
Jeffd: You mean shotgunned like with real guns???
That's farking crazy!!!!
2001-12-29 03:53:55 AM  
Whoops. Replace "third" with "fourth." Damn me for not editing my ENTIRE post. Hell with it, I'm going to bed.
2001-12-29 03:58:05 AM  
4 guys who shall remain nameless using Remington 410 gauge with "duck buck". Very differnt times and attitudes then, open bars, drinking age 18 and we were in Texas. As long as nobody was hurt, what's the harm? Shooting pistols and rifles off the porch as not that unusual until the cops showed up and just told us to knock it off. If they had to come back ,there would have been trouble. It was a very long time ago.
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