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(ABC News)   California to dispense morning after abortion pills without prescription   ( ) divider line
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2077 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Dec 2001 at 12:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-29 01:04:56 AM  
I was unaware that it was capitalized. Never knew that.
2001-12-29 01:05:14 AM  
Feh. This is Fark for god's sake. Silliness is what it's all about. If you want a real debate, then ignore the posts you deem to idiotic to respond to. There have been good points made by people above.
2001-12-29 01:05:38 AM  
I read all of this:

"Let the good times roll!!!!"

"As long as it's cheap I'm all for it."

"Yeah let's give names to all the little spermies and all the little eggs."

and frankly find it very amusing.

I was worried this thread would get out of hand with pro/anti abortion arguments. Those issues are FAR too sensitive for most people to discuss seriously, supposedly 1 in 3 American women will terminate a pregnancy in her life. This discussion has thankfully been light on mean spirited rhetoric. A credit to farkers.
2001-12-29 01:07:04 AM  
Now if they could come up with a reason why your wife/girlfriend has to take pennicillan for your kidney infection then this would be a good product.

paraphrased from "Ball Four", sorry Jim Boutin"
2001-12-29 01:10:45 AM  

Funny stuff Jd
2001-12-29 01:10:46 AM  
I think (.) just needs to get layed. And hey now since they have the morning after pills with out prescription in California you can do it without risk of pregnancy, isn't that wonderful?
2001-12-29 01:11:18 AM  
Head out of my ass, indeed. Such vitriol.

Your big words scare me. No really, I'm shaking. NOT! Neener neener!
2001-12-29 01:16:10 AM  
Ass? Of? Too big? Sorry.
2001-12-29 01:16:17 AM  
I agree to LordWatson,

this is a rather nice change to the usual heated debates we get in on contraversial subjects..

of course

fb- hasn't said anything yet
2001-12-29 01:16:19 AM  
We can't cure cancer yet, but you can go to the same store to pick up a pill that gives you an erection and then another pill to ensure that procreation does not take place.

Abortion, as horrible as it is, is not the problem, but one of the byproducts of the problem. The root problem I refer to of course is an unwanted pregnancy. I don't think that anyone wants to have an abortion, but unfortunately people end up in circumstances where that option becomes palatable. Aborting a fetus is as much a sin as being a shiatty parent, but until we can reign in the pregnancy issue (by education, contraception, better rape prevention methods, etc.), we cannot hope to eliminate it by any means, legal or crazy-bombing-idiot-wise.
2001-12-29 01:19:14 AM  
Oh, '.' doesn't "get layed", '.' gets 'laid'.
2001-12-29 01:19:41 AM  
Seriousness aside, I wonder how this will affect California blowjob futures.
2001-12-29 01:23:12 AM  
I've might be moving.....
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-29 01:23:39 AM  
Abortion, as horrible as it is, is not the problem, but one of the byproducts of the problem. The root problem I refer to of course is an unwanted pregnancy.

Which is why we have morning-after pills now. To prevent those unwanted pregnancies. People are going to have sex. Period.
2001-12-29 01:23:43 AM  
"morning after pill" = prevents preganacy
RU486 = aborts pregnancy

Everybody got that?

2001-12-29 01:26:15 AM  
Beer causes pregnancy. Trust me.
2001-12-29 01:27:43 AM  
Well it would seem that . is not getting the quality lovin' that is needed. You seem some what uptight in your criticism of our hedonistic viewpoint. I think maybe you need to put on some Barry White and get the groove goin and serenade your bed bumpin' partner with

Been makin' love for hours

And, baby, with you goin' strong

Girl, this night is our

And, ooh, I swear I feel it comin' on, yeah

Oh, I know when we get through

Girl, I won't be able to move

I don't know just what you got

I just don't want you to stop

Givin' me, all of me

Baby, oh, baby

Girl, what am I gonna do

Baby, sweet baby, my babe

What am I gonna do with you

And get some sweet sweet lovin' goin' on.
2001-12-29 01:27:46 AM  
Playstations prevent pregnancy.
2001-12-29 01:30:07 AM  
no playstations prevent sex, as X-boxes, and Nintendo Game Cubes
2001-12-29 01:32:05 AM  
Fark prevents pregancies, obviously

Code_Archeologist Is that on 45's? No offense saw your profile. hehe
2001-12-29 01:32:40 AM  
Sniff......sniff. Do I smell a Photoshop coming up???
2001-12-29 01:40:22 AM  
BigPeeler: uhhhhh, a photoshop of what? Please don't mean what I think you mean.........
2001-12-29 01:42:03 AM  
Here is your photoshop right here. These guys are offering a rebate, I shiat you not (
[image from too old to be available]

"Can I get a price check on the whore pill, please? Price check on the whore pill!"
2001-12-29 01:45:47 AM  
Now if they could only invent a morning-after AIDS cure, we could have another sexual revolution.
2001-12-29 01:48:36 AM  
actually you can get that on CD now... Barry White's greatest hits... oooh yeah. And don't make fun of the age ya little whipper snapper!
2001-12-29 01:50:08 AM  
Thw whole morning after thing reminds me of that quote by Charlie Sheen about what he gets for, and why he pays, $2,000 a night for a hooker. Sheen replied "They'll leave in the morning".
2001-12-29 01:54:32 AM  
what I don't get is why these pro-lifers want to give their life for you when you havent been born yet and then when you are they won't give a shiat about you.

First: While I can't think of a good reason to have an abortion, unless you're absolutely certain the kid is going to come out drooling and useless, nothing but a waste of organic material and some's noone's place to question the reasons, and it's not a woman's job to explain her decision. There is no justification needed. She should have the right to choose. Period. Er, "." .

Second, that's something I've noticed among the catholic church and the pro-lifers. They want and expect anyone to have kids from the moment conception has successfully been achieved. It doesn't matter to them how old the individual is that will be taking care of it, or under what circumstances the feet-us was created, sobbingly and broken under daddy, or boyfriend, or brother, or stranger...or whatever circumstances...
Nor does it matter to them what life this newfound piece of organic material will live in first breath outside of the holy of holies. If it's an abusive (physical or substance), or poverty inflicted, or any one of a million bad things...just so long as the child makes it into the world..
There is a hospital here, catholic in nature. It was their policy, and may still be (and they may not be the only ones) that in the instance of a life-threatening birthing situation, it was "child first, then save the mother, if she's still left to save."

You ask them, if they'll sponsor or take in/adopt an unwanted child, or child whose mother hasn't finished high school and sure as hell can't take care of a baby, and see how many say "yes."

Unless those right-to-lifers want to support unwanted, or unaffordable kids, I think they'd better be a little more appreciative of that morning after pill. It's one less individual to be living off their taxes.
2001-12-29 01:56:32 AM  
In defense of Point, allow me to say that it's 1:57 a.m. and we're all home on Friday night, most likely drunk or well on the way, trying to discuss a pill.

Actually, I guess that wasn't much of a defense.

OK - Point is a twit.
2001-12-29 01:56:39 AM  
You cannot argue the economics of that LordWatson. I mean $2000 for a single night or pay who knows how many thousands for when they stick around for weeks, months, or even years.
2001-12-29 01:58:25 AM  
ok, I doubt many Farkers will read this far down, but let's get our facts straight

The morning after pill can and does cause an "abortion"

that is, a fertilized egg (egg+sperm have met and the cells are dividing) is PREVENTED from implanting, and so makes it's way out of the body.

Once more - egg and sperm have met, and the embrio is on it's way to developing, then the embrio is prevented from implanting onto the wall of the uterus

I'm pro-choice, personally, and think the morning-after pill should come free with the cafeteria bagels, but we should call an abortion an abortion.

The birth control pill, when taken regularly, supresses ovulation. The morning-after pill does not prevent ovulation. What makes it a "morning-after" pill is that you can get rid of the fertilized egg that was there the NIGHT BEFORE.

Fark it, we should just put a kind of birth control in the water, and then develop a pill that will cause ovulation...

I hope the Farkets know this shiat at least!
2001-12-29 01:58:27 AM  
Hey -

If I take one of those pills now, backwards, will I get laid tomorrow?
2001-12-29 02:01:35 AM  
Kerouac only if you take it as a suppository.
2001-12-29 02:02:30 AM  
Kerouac - It's 11:00pm, and i'm at work.
2001-12-29 02:03:32 AM  

I agree with you pretty much totally but don't pin the whole thing on Catholics. Bible belt bible thumpers are, for the most part, Protestants.

This isn't a huge point, and as a Catholic I can tell you most rabid Catholics are ignorant arses, but let's lay blame where blame is due.
2001-12-29 02:03:50 AM  
Hell, maybe Hitler was right. Let's just cut to the chase and initiate mass sterilizations. That way the morons can have as much sex as they want with NO responsibility whatsoever. Roman Empire, here we come.
2001-12-29 02:04:09 AM  
that's what I was thinking. Then I realized I would be opening myself up to all kinds of Richard Gere-type jokes.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. If you are like that. Which I'm not. But it wouldn't matter if I was. Or something.
2001-12-29 02:04:14 AM  
Agreed Nightjars, It's 2am where I live and I'm at work too.
2001-12-29 02:05:57 AM  
So...if a woman's body normally causes the effect described of an egg not implanting (which does happen, why else would we have these freakish septuplets and octuplets and other mutluplets born of test tubes and scientists) then is she an auto-abortionist?

It cannot be an abortion unless there is fertilization. And then there's some that would argue with you just when it stops being dividing cell tissue, and when it starts being a feet-us.

The birth control pill supresses ovulation, yes, but only when taken according to the directions. You can't just jump away humping the moment you take the pill, for the love of the emperor, man, what are you thinking?
The directions say that you're supposed to find an alternative method of birth control until you've been taking those little pills regularly for at least a week. The morning after pill is for those who don't take BC at all, or regularly. It does all at once, what the BC does over time. Same as prozac. You can't expect to be a zippy ass right away, you have to be taking them for a few weeks.
2001-12-29 02:06:31 AM  
Right on, what do you do, LordWatson?
2001-12-29 02:07:16 AM  
that's ok. I usually only fark at work too.

still, I think it's pretty funny that Point doesn't like the morning after pill because somehow that excuses sexual activity.

I thought the problem was people not being able to raise their kids? Were the extraneous children all just an adjunct to the fact that there was too much damn sex going on for your liking? Are we all about outlawing fun now, you pretentious twerp?

(Me gets spirited at 2 a.m.)
2001-12-29 02:07:57 AM  
(above comments directed at Point)
2001-12-29 02:08:43 AM  
Nightjars: Tech support for a major Candian department store, mostly midnight to 8am shift.
Basically I deal with morons.
2001-12-29 02:09:09 AM  
Nightjars: you?
2001-12-29 02:09:10 AM  
A sperm never made it to the uterus through the esophagus. Stop abortion; just say blow!
2001-12-29 02:09:43 AM  
You GOTTA work at CT. I can't think of any others that sell tech stuff.
2001-12-29 02:10:05 AM  
Hey you ain't gonna catch this red-blooded American getting nothing for free. I'm gonna move to Brazil where $20.00 a day ensures that women get pregnant with my prodigy.
2001-12-29 02:10:24 AM  
List of things currently being done that are misunderstood by the general public -

Morning after pill

Stem cells

ABM treaty (If I hear one more time that the ABM treaty somehow involves the production of ICBMs, I will scream)

Life in general

Proper use of stop signs
2001-12-29 02:10:31 AM  
I can't believe I spelled "Canadian" as "Candian". I really am tired.
2001-12-29 02:11:22 AM  
LordWatson - I work in a data center NOC.... I wait for things to break and then laugh at the person who broke it.
2001-12-29 02:11:58 AM  
Right, Watson. I mean not to blame Catholics solely, I just neglect to include all parties responsible. A product of abusing stereotypes. (If there is such a thing.)

. Since people don't have to get a license or prove their responsible enough or smart enough to care for another human life, mandatory sterilization is in order in many cases, I think. Especially for those that request it. Doesn't matter what age they are. If they say they don't want kids and commit to having their insides purified, then so be it. Let them has out regrets later, and (Listen up, infertile, Freaktuplets having types...) if they really want kids later, they can adopt some. Like what that dumb fatty from Iowa should have done.

But, since there's only so many laws against having sex, and none against getting pregnant, and parents refuse to educate their kids on sex, and contraceptives, because "educating them is like giving them a license to fark" there's going to be a lot of retarded children running around.
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