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(WBAY)   When installing new telephone cable, be careful not to flood the entire neighborhood with sewage (with video)   ( divider line
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10774 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Apr 2004 at 10:11 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-08 02:56:28 PM  
It's what's for dinner.
2004-04-08 02:58:29 PM  
2004-04-08 03:03:56 PM  
I tried to watch the vid, but was distracted by the ad for beer underneath

2004-04-08 03:17:58 PM  
Must be a small neighborhood.
2004-04-08 03:20:11 PM  
Mmmm, Sewpy goodness.
2004-04-08 03:30:13 PM  
Should have opted for the nifty call-blocking feature
2004-04-08 03:30:33 PM  
Where's Amy Sly when you need her...
2004-04-08 03:35:42 PM  
The old lady in the vid is the type of person i despise. While I understand her anger, she has no right to "have words" with the construction guys. These people live in their own little world. They're ignorant to the fact that the laborer for the construction company is not in the customer service department.

It's like yelling at the UPS guy because shipped you the wrong dvd.

I just can't stand people who don't have a clue as to how the world operates.
2004-04-08 03:54:09 PM  
Grand Chute?

The jokes write themselves.
2004-04-08 03:54:28 PM  
if anyone here knows Kathryn Bracho have her call me... thanks.
2004-04-08 05:18:20 PM  
I'm home the dumper
2004-04-08 07:56:29 PM  
Where the hell is the video?
2004-04-08 10:19:08 PM  
2004-04-08 10:20:47 PM  
Video? What video?

2004-04-08 10:21:01 PM  
i dont see any fu*kin video!
2004-04-08 10:22:58 PM  
Merry Christmas. Shiatters full!
2004-04-08 10:25:28 PM  
video..we don't need no stinkin video
2004-04-08 10:26:36 PM  
"It was all laying in the sludge and ruined. It's gotta be thrown because it's human waste! Who would want anything with human waste on it?"

But stuff with animal waste on it is cool right??
2004-04-08 10:27:15 PM  
Ugh. That would ruin the rest of my year.
2004-04-08 10:28:34 PM  
"Merry Christmas Jesus, hope you like crap!"

2004-04-08 10:34:52 PM  
"I'm a very good shopper, and I buy things all year."
2004-04-08 10:37:15 PM  
Christmas? How old is this story?
2004-04-08 10:37:44 PM  
Grand Chute, home of Joe McCarthy and the John Birch Society. No really, it is. Their offices are across the street from the Culvers. Mmmmm, butter burger....
2004-04-08 10:39:18 PM  
I'm still a little unclear how breaking a sewage pipe caused waste to back up into the homes. Wouldn't it just spill out into the hole the workers were digging? Any plumbers in the house care to explain?
2004-04-08 10:39:57 PM  
I'd love to have been a fly on the wall in that phone companies Network Ops Center when that "incident" happened!

Its just so much fun watching the "big suits" running around trying to pin the blame on each other!

/A veteran of many such "incidents".
2004-04-08 10:40:32 PM  
I always thought spam tasted funny.
2004-04-08 10:46:28 PM  
I don't see any video either

I bet they pulled it once Fark arrived
2004-04-08 10:47:16 PM  
Crews from Northwest Cable were putting in phone lines when they hit a sewer main, sending raw sewage into at least two homes.

Christmas is a year-round event for Carol Willenkamp.

They really shouldn't have put those two sentences so close to each other.
2004-04-08 10:50:16 PM  
omg... too funny. this is where i live. let me tell you, stuff like this happens all the time.

/hangs head in shame

"Christmas is a year-round event for Carol Willenkamp. "I'm a very good shopper"."

[image from too old to be available]
I'm an excellent driver.
2004-04-08 10:50:52 PM  
I would be pissed.
2004-04-08 10:50:53 PM  
I am pursueng on foot. we need pretzels, repeat, we need pretzels

/not really relevant
2004-04-08 10:51:44 PM  
I mean, what a shiatty way to treat people...
2004-04-08 10:52:37 PM  
Wow ... what a horribly written article.
2004-04-08 10:57:25 PM  
That's where the sewage came in.

Just makes me laugh. I don't know why.
2004-04-08 11:05:02 PM  
2004-04-08 11:14:44 PM  
Arcas - if the pipe is broken, they have to stop the flow before they can reconnect things. While the pipe's being mended, you get to be an improvised septic tank for your neighbor up the street. That's why we make sure the water is also off before trying to fix any waste lines.
2004-04-08 11:14:54 PM  
gunboat, my sentiments exactly. Either this is a really old story, or as been mentioned, poorly written.

but hey, shiat happens :)

Oh, and got a nube question - what the hell is pwned? I think I spelled it right.
2004-04-08 11:16:50 PM  
Oh, and we use plugs the size of manhole covers. Stuff it into the broken ends and inflate with 40psi. While we're standing in muck you wouldn't want to see, let alone smell.
2004-04-08 11:24:57 PM  
sorry kids, there was a video link connected with it when I submitted it earlier...obviously they've removed it. Perhaps it stunk?
2004-04-08 11:27:56 PM  
if i may be the first to say...

what a load of crap!
2004-04-08 11:30:22 PM  
I have to say that butter burgers are the ONLY good things to come out of the state of Wisconsin.

Besides me when I moved.
2004-04-08 11:45:04 PM  
Yeah, them butter burgers were great. I've tried various burger places down in Florida and they all SUCK! I want my damn culvers back :( And its 1,000 grams of fat per serving Custard. Mmmm. Custard.

And that lady deserved it... it is the media's way of paying her back for shopping early. YOU MUST CONFORM! Shop at Thanksgiving, NOT NOW! Conform or we'll flood you with sewage! MUah-ah-aha-aha-aa
2004-04-09 12:06:52 AM  
I want Culvers. Must have Culvers.
/8 years in Madison, +45 lbs.
2004-04-09 12:09:43 AM  
469.40 mi from nearest Culver's (Opening soon in Troy, OH).
2004-04-09 12:19:26 AM  
Carol said - "Who would want anything with human waste on it?"

You'd be surprised Carol, you really would.
2004-04-09 12:32:40 AM  
"I am somewhere I don't wanna be.."
-Pushiat, TOOL
2004-04-09 12:54:31 AM  
What is with that weird segue into Christmas in the second paragraphh? It reminds me of this one story the other day where elieves back pressure and headaches. Lavender is also useful for lowering stress and high blood pressure.
2004-04-09 01:14:10 AM  
And by sheer accident, yet another shiat covered artwork about Jesus was made. What was it? It was the nativity scene mentioned in the article.
2004-04-09 01:56:57 AM  
2004-04-08 10:57:25 PM Gecko Gingrich

That's where the sewage came in.

Just makes me laugh. I don't know why.

Old and busted: Here comes the science.
New hotness: Here comes the sewage.
2004-04-09 02:01:19 AM  
if i only had a brain

The word "pwned" originated from within the multiplayer function of Warcraft. When you lost a game, the message said "You have been pwned." It was supposed to say owned. All it is is a simple spelling mistake that has become a common word used by gamers, script kiddies, hackers, etc. everywhere.

/the above information may be wrong, it is simply my understanding of it.
//way too tired
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