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(Yahoo)   Chelsea Clinton is quite the NYC party girl   ( divider line
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12841 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Dec 2001 at 9:13 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-28 11:07:27 AM  
3horn Hehe, maybe Drew and Mike are really alcoholics, and like to see stories about alcoholics ;^)

I shouldn't say that because when I met Drew I was completely hammered and he wasn't...
2001-12-28 11:07:54 AM  
Why am I the only person on the face of the earth that thinks Hilary Clinton is attractive? I didn't say not a biatch, but do-able.
2001-12-28 11:09:24 AM  
there's some grand conspiracy against liberals?

Funny as shiat. A few months ago people were raging how Fark was a liberal bastion.
2001-12-28 11:12:29 AM  
Z_eod: If you want her, you can have her. I think she's a skank.
2001-12-28 11:13:06 AM  
Nah Z_oed, Yardbird and I seem to agree with ya'.

2001-12-28 11:13:29 AM  
wonder if she spits or swallows? I'd Like to Jerk off on her face and degrade her and her whole useless family. I'm with Puckfitt, I can't stand em (but I'm not democrat).
2001-12-28 11:15:05 AM  
Stebain Fark has a very short memory.
2001-12-28 11:16:25 AM  
PuckFitt: So what if your a "Democrate"? I've had it up to here with the endless stupid pieces about the Clintons. New flash, asshole. Bill is no longer in office. Chelsea partying with friends is not news. It's useless gossip on the level of Jenny Jones. Is that the level you communicate on?

Besides, learn to spell dumbass.
2001-12-28 11:18:30 AM  
i don't know about any 'girl next door' shiat, but the broad looks like she could choke down booze and pills with the best of 'em. i'll give her points for that. otherwise, i don't see anyway of getting around 'homely' as a description for her. i don't think she looks like a horse though, maybe a guppy. (and if you wanna talk horses and Denver Broncos, you gotta start with Elway - Mr. Ed lookin' fark).
2001-12-28 11:19:18 AM  
Hey Puck - I think you hit a nerve on Tostfeld.
2001-12-28 11:19:56 AM  
Matzug - Thanks. Now be are a democrat...right. But do you really think that you could get it up in front of that ugly mug of hers?
2001-12-28 11:21:20 AM  
Sounds like the Clinton DNA Horny-mones are finally kicking in. I say our little princess will be knocked up inside of two years. She's probably horny as a hamster because most of her dates are too intimidated to make a move on her with the secret service around.
2001-12-28 11:21:47 AM  
"WHEN the Clintons moved to New York, we at PAGE SIX fantasized about regular sightings of Bill at Scores and Hillary at Meow Mix. Sadly, Bill and Hill have (mostly) behaved themselves, but daughter Chelsea is showing promise as a salacious source of gossip."

Someone punch whoever wrote that.
2001-12-28 11:22:13 AM  
Matzug- How much more degraded can you be than to have a father who will go down in history as the worst president? You can wipe off your face... Daddy will still be around.
2001-12-28 11:23:45 AM  
Chelsea's problem is obvious: she got kicked in the face by a mule.
2001-12-28 11:26:45 AM  
For being 'useless gossip' you sure got your panties in a bunch over it. Farken relax, doughboy.
2001-12-28 11:27:24 AM  
Ineos - Seems so.

Tostfeld - The Clintons have made their own bed. Now they have to sleep in it. Bill continues to push himself into the spotlight. Hill is a carpetbagging politician. So with that in mind they are fair game. Chelsea getting drunk...not really news. So what. Get a sense of humor. She is still butt ugly

Ans as for spelling...who the fark cares...I rely on spell check. So until one is here...
2001-12-28 11:27:53 AM  
I dunno Ineos, but if I ever get a chance to talk to the Bush twins, I'll ask them for you.

2001-12-28 11:28:48 AM  
2001-12-28 11:32:29 AM  
Tostfeld - other still have Matt Drudge on your side. Talk about worthless reporting.
2001-12-28 11:32:32 AM  
I love Bill Clinton just to piss you off. hehe

Clinton for President (again)
2001-12-28 11:33:06 AM  
The person that most resembles Mr. Ed is Rebecca Lobo of the WNBA's New York Liberty.(Somebody help me here and post a picture,please !)
As far as Chelsea being a lush in Europe, she is oversees because she got sick of Bubba crawling into bed with her.
Plus she drinks heavily because if you had those 2 for parents wouldn't you?
2001-12-28 11:39:49 AM  
Horseface Hall-Of-Fame member: Lani O'Grady (Eight Is Enough)

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 11:47:19 AM  
At least she A) Doesn't embarrass the family while her father is in office, B) isn't underage drinking while her father is in office and C) doesn't get in trouble with the law multiple times while her father is in office. Of course, maybe it isn't fair to compare her to Jenna Bush. Don't fret, because I'm not. I'm comparing her to Dubya.
2001-12-28 12:02:27 PM  
Why, if I was a young stud down Texas way, I'd be tempted to go out partying with the Bush gals, anytime. Don't understand why everyone makes a big deal out of the underage drinking they did. What's wrong with a gal takin' a lil nip every now and then?
2001-12-28 12:03:17 PM  
It amazes me how politiaclly astute so many Farkers are.
2001-12-28 12:10:21 PM  
How can so many people without pictures in their bio go around bashing people for their looks...if you're gonna judge someone by their looks, let's see your picture. Then we can tell you if you're too ugly to be calling the kettle black. :) Of course, if you're attractive, you have free reign to call others ugly.
2001-12-28 12:11:01 PM  
/me goes blind after looking at Chelsea... At least the Bush girls are hot...
2001-12-28 12:14:17 PM  
Yeah, Jenna & Barbara both look like they'd be the kind of girls to take on all cummers in a anal-to-mouth bukkake session, Chelsea looks like the kind of girl that you'd actually want your mother to meet.

2001-12-28 12:14:38 PM  
I am, in fact, very attractive. Godlike in fact. That is exactly why I don't post my pic. I wouldn't want to humiliate others. I'm that kind of guy.
2001-12-28 12:23:21 PM  
Well then, Bigpeeler, bash away. And thank you for your consideration towards your fellow Farkers.
2001-12-28 12:23:48 PM  
WorldCitizen - I am ugly...just not as ugly as her. But if you drive a 1973 Vega and a guy goes down the road in a Hugo...would you not laugh?
2001-12-28 12:26:24 PM  
Bigpeeler(or anyone),
How about a REBECCA LOBO pic.,PLEASE !?
2001-12-28 12:44:58 PM  
2001-12-28 12:45:27 PM  
now, I know i closed that tag. guess that bug still isn't fixed :(
2001-12-28 12:45:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-28 12:48:25 PM  
FifthColumn - Just curious. What does the link have to do with the fact Chelsea is butt farking ugly?
2001-12-28 12:48:31 PM  
Bigpeeler - I have learned that all farkers are attractive, thin, intelligent and popular among their peers... from what they all say, of course.

Now why they spend so much time here...... hmm....
2001-12-28 12:52:56 PM  
[image from too old to be available] OR [image from too old to be available]

You decide.
2001-12-28 12:53:46 PM  
Bigpeeler - What's the pic about?
2001-12-28 12:53:49 PM  
FifthColumn [appropriately named, by the way]:

Just read the book ...

CBS's Bernard Goldberg has written an expose on the liberal media entitled
Bias: A CBS Insider Exposes How the Media Distort the News

You might learn something.
2001-12-28 12:54:32 PM  
Mrs. MaxLoad...why what a perfect description you've just given of me! How did you know?
And hey, I only spend time on here when I'm supposed to be working, not during social hours! :)
2001-12-28 12:58:26 PM  
A word of advice: when in the presence of Rebecca Lobo, be sure to check that you are NOT carrying a carrot in your pant back pocket.
2001-12-28 01:01:44 PM  
12-28-01 12:48:25 PM PuckFitt
FifthColumn - Just curious. What does the link have to do with the fact Chelsea is butt farking ugly?

I seen someone bring up the "Liberal media bias" fragment somewhere in the thread. It was just a shameless excuse to link to the page and *try* to spark some sort of conversation *NOT* dealing with being shallow.

Warren: the media may have been favorable to the Liberals at one time, but no more. As the page showed, a lot of people in the media have the chance to "represent" the conservative community now, and still say the media is completely in favor of the Liberals.

There is no doubt in my mind that the media distorts the news - i pity the person that thinks they don't. But to continually biatch and moan about how "the uglo-americans" (as rush put it) rule the media is plain stupid.
2001-12-28 01:07:26 PM  
exactly fifth column, people should read from a variety of sources and in general pay less god damn attention to the "media" and after they get the story, just turn off the stupid t.v.

i'm tired of seeing all the pretty people on tv only. only nice complexions, good teeth. i hate nearly everything in commercials. read infinite jest.
2001-12-28 01:10:46 PM  
i feel sorry for the poor reporters that are assigned to following people like this.. really, who gives a shiat which ex-president's daughters are party girls? me thinks the media has to get a life..
2001-12-28 01:11:16 PM  
I still have not figured out how people can think that giant media corporations, which are tied to even bigger corporations, can be really left leaning. Corporations are not exactly the most liberal of institutions...they live and breathe on capitalism (well, minus those rather large sums of corporate welfare). There are of course journalists and others on news networks (just because they are a talking head does not a journalist make) that are left leaning. There are also a lot that are right leaning. But overall, I fail to see how AOL Time Warner is going to be a bastion of liberal thought when their ultimate goal is corporate profit making.
2001-12-28 01:11:34 PM  
and yes, that was just a farker telling people to get a life.. (sigh)
2001-12-28 01:12:01 PM  
that was the best picture I have seen in a while...Rebecca Lobo definately gets my vote for the horse look alike contest. Elways comes in a distant second there with Sharpe third, but no one is going to take out Lobo there.
2001-12-28 01:12:33 PM  
FifthColumn - I am on a long vacation. The first in 15 years. There is no way in hell I am going to be anything but shallow until I have to go back to work.
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