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(Yahoo)   J. Lo's mom wins $2.4 million at a slot machine   ( divider line
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18561 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Apr 2004 at 10:38 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-06 10:38:08 AM  
Make that a "nice" big ass
2004-04-06 10:40:51 AM  
And the rich get richer.
2004-04-06 10:40:51 AM  
Further proof I have no manner of luck at all. Where is the justice in this World?
2004-04-06 10:40:57 AM  
Don't worry, she's still Jenny's mom from the block.
2004-04-06 10:41:13 AM  
Well, I say it's about time someone who deserves it finally wins such a large amount of money.
2004-04-06 10:41:25 AM  
I'm sure she needs it...
2004-04-06 10:41:40 AM  
And once again, the rich get richer.
2004-04-06 10:41:43 AM  
Slut Machine?

2004-04-06 10:41:58 AM  
Lucky biatch. Ugh.
2004-04-06 10:42:21 AM  
See kids, it pays to gamble!

of all the F#%#&!!! injustices!!!
2004-04-06 10:42:52 AM  
2004-04-06 10:43:14 AM  
WTF is she playing slots for anyways? You've got all your daughters money at your disposal and the best she can think of doing is playing slots?
2004-04-06 10:43:15 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

She's still playing the $1 slots in Atlantic City?

You can take the girl out of the Bronx...
2004-04-06 10:44:25 AM  
Give her a
2004-04-06 10:44:41 AM  
Here we go again, everyone is going to whine, whine, whine, and whine some more about how she doesn't deserve it because she's already rich. Boohoo. I say good for her.
2004-04-06 10:44:59 AM  
I work with someone who was next to her when she hit the jackpot. My coworker came to work yesterday excited beyond belief by the fact that she was 'next to J. Lo's mom'. I lowered my head and curled up in a ball under my desk. God and slot machines hate me.
2004-04-06 10:45:20 AM  
Taco Flavored Kisses for all!
2004-04-06 10:45:59 AM  
I say good for her too. Those kids shouldn't have to worry about their college fund at this point however...
2004-04-06 10:46:33 AM  
Good for her, but I think she should kick it out to charity. I'm sure the fam's got more than enough loot.
2004-04-06 10:46:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-04-06 10:46:43 AM  
She is setting aside $100,000 of it for her grandchildren's college fund... wtf. I think her child can afford to strait up pay for any college any of her relatives need.
2004-04-06 10:47:34 AM  
Why do I think this is about to get a whole lot more complicated?
2004-04-06 10:47:39 AM  
yeah but she put at least $800,000 into that machine before it paid out
2004-04-06 10:47:41 AM  
How on earth can this be considered Spiffy?
2004-04-06 10:48:38 AM  
And what's so spiffy about that?
2004-04-06 10:49:09 AM  
don't worry, when all is said and done, she'll receive her rod serling-esque comeuppance. like when that slot machine comes alive and kills the guy it got addicted to gambling, or when the guy broke his glasses and couldn't read. something like that.
2004-04-06 10:50:07 AM  
life is so unfair
2004-04-06 10:50:27 AM  
When will my luck turn around? Every time I play those I feel like I'm backing up to the machine for a good rogering.
2004-04-06 10:50:31 AM  
What an attention whore, winning all that money.
2004-04-06 10:50:34 AM  
Give her a

That was a classic flubber.
2004-04-06 10:50:45 AM  
note to self....

1)get rich, or have rich kids.
2)gamble just like my almost son-in-law.

send me $1, and my key to riches can be yours!
2004-04-06 10:50:53 AM  
Ditto all those unconvinced of the spiffiness of this event.
2004-04-06 10:50:58 AM  
She should give the whole damn lot to charity. Or maybe she should pay to get her daughter's giant cottage cheese ass liposucted. Have you ever seen pictures of that thing that haven't been airbrushed? It is disgusting.

That talentless hack J-Lo already has millions more than she deserves.

This just proves that there is no God.
2004-04-06 10:52:23 AM  
She should give the whole damn lot to charity. Or maybe she should pay to get her daughter's giant cottage cheese ass liposucted. Have you ever seen pictures of that thing that haven't been airbrushed? It is disgusting.

I've alwas paraphrased Verbal Kint on this one: The greatest trick Jennifer Lopez ever pulled was convincing the world that her ass was not fat.
2004-04-06 10:52:41 AM  
...use to have a little now she has a lot ...

/hic...kill me ....hic ... kill me
2004-04-06 10:52:57 AM  
If you squint at the Lopez family pictures, you can see Satan laughing maniacally while writing out Banco Popular checks to "Cash".
2004-04-06 10:53:18 AM  
Can she buy J Lo a vowel and some consonants?
So the girl can get a name.
2004-04-06 10:54:10 AM  
I'm guessing her ass is twice as big as her daughter's. Just a hunch.
2004-04-06 10:55:49 AM  
I've seen a couple of suggestions that she should give it to charity, or shouldn't have won the money in the first place because her daughter is rich.

Well, boo-freakin-hoo. Now she has her OWN money, and it's HERS. If she chooses to give some to charity, that's great - but there's nothing particularly wrong if she keeps every penny.
2004-04-06 10:55:54 AM  
This is "spiffy"??? Fark her. She doesn't need the money.
2004-04-06 10:55:58 AM  
hassenpfeffer- bahahahahaha.
2004-04-06 10:56:08 AM  
Spiffy? More like Sick.
2004-04-06 10:56:53 AM  
Like she freakin' needs the money.
2004-04-06 10:57:52 AM  
Actually, she probably needs the money to cover her daughter's next few marriages.
2004-04-06 10:58:16 AM  
This more than makes up for the time J Lo's mom's got demolished on accident.
2004-04-06 10:58:29 AM  
Oh....That's just Craptastic.

Off to my pure crappy job. Later on, I will be eating the business end of a glock. Nighty Night.
2004-04-06 10:58:32 AM  
Wasn't it J-Lo's mother who encouraged her to marry Ben?
2004-04-06 10:58:35 AM  

"J-Lo's mom's got a career now -- she's a slot jockey."
2004-04-06 10:59:40 AM  
can someone explain why this is spiffy?
2004-04-06 10:59:59 AM  
Ok, I've been a Farker for the past few years, and I've always been dying to say this...

I submitted this with a better headline. For real.

It was everything I had hoped it would be, AND MORE!
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