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58419 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Apr 2004 at 10:40 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-06 09:23:57 AM  
I guess I expected worse. For this guy, I think he did pretty well for himself.
2004-04-06 09:38:20 AM  
I've got to agree with you there kraabel.
2004-04-06 10:24:58 AM  
No shiate he did well for himself. That dude is a pigmy troll.
2004-04-06 10:44:10 AM  
Her nose looks broken.
2004-04-06 10:44:30 AM  
I wouldn't hit it with an El Camino.

2004-04-06 10:45:18 AM  
Damn...not bad at all. The guy is a loser, but the chick is pretty hot...
2004-04-06 10:45:27 AM  
I wouldn't hit it with AuburnRugger's
2004-04-06 10:45:35 AM  
Beer makes everything better...
2004-04-06 10:45:46 AM  
The police report actually says tits.
2004-04-06 10:46:07 AM  
[served nearly four years for a 2000 conviction for leaving the scene of an auto accident.]

Dang. 4 years for leaving the scene?

Anyhoo, I'd certainly hit it.
2004-04-06 10:47:58 AM  
I'd hit it and leave the scene.
2004-04-06 10:48:02 AM  
Kramer was right. There IS such a thing as a pig-man!
2004-04-06 10:48:17 AM  
why didn't this get a Florida tag? What is wrong with that state? Why don't they rename the main portion north Cuba and the panhandle southern Alabama? That state sucks.
2004-04-06 10:48:20 AM  
What do you want to bet that boot20 and gmstudio work in -- or around -- a women's prison?
2004-04-06 10:49:09 AM  
Looks like she's already been hit.

In the face repeatedly.
2004-04-06 10:49:54 AM  
The cop wrote tits, in the report???? Can he do that?
2004-04-06 10:50:24 AM  
Yeah, I get the feeling that you're not at your absolute best when posing for a mug shot.

She doesn't look very pretty in that picture, but give her a week's vacation away from a barred cell and half an hour in front of a vanity mirror and I suspect the improvement would be remarkable.

*He*, on the other hand, probably couldn't improve much even if you threw the entire Queer Eye cast at him.
2004-04-06 10:50:45 AM  
2004-04-06 10:48:17 AM Mumser

We prefer the upper half to be called southern GA, thanks.
2004-04-06 10:51:13 AM  
I would hit it.
2004-04-06 10:51:58 AM  
The guards get to date all the hot prisoners.
2004-04-06 10:52:09 AM  
Wow, you guy are pretty desperate. I wouldn't hit that with a Mack truck!
2004-04-06 10:53:26 AM  
That lady probably looks a lot like most Farkers' wives, MajorXero.
2004-04-06 10:53:28 AM  

I'm not an illiterate schlub... I'M NOT!!
2004-04-06 10:53:42 AM  
Now we know why his eyes were teary...
2004-04-06 10:54:03 AM  
Damn, dude...

That's just sad.
2004-04-06 10:54:10 AM  
Funniest line i've read in weeks.
2004-04-06 10:54:11 AM  
Read page 3 of the report. Its worth the read just to imagine a clerk reading the complaint in court and saying, "His girlfriend was naked and sitting on top of him with her tits in his face."
2004-04-06 10:54:41 AM  
"The cop wrote tits, in the report???? Can he do that?

Haha, good catch. I didn't see that.
2004-04-06 10:54:42 AM  
That was to Rillion...

Ah fark this. I'm goin back to bed.
2004-04-06 10:56:20 AM  
*HE* wouldn't improve if you beat him over the head with an ugly stick. Looks about as sharp as a marble, to boot.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-06 10:57:16 AM  
MajorXero-- I'm a chick, but yeah. ;-) And what's even sadder is that this lady probably looks a lot like what a lot of Farkers who don't have wives (and sometimes who do) have hit upon....and failed.

Wow, that was grammatically convoluted. Screw it, I don't feel like bothering.
2004-04-06 10:57:19 AM  
Damn folks it's a MUG SHOT! Give her a little makeup, some time to do her hair and she'll be looking good...I'm just sayin'
2004-04-06 10:57:27 AM  

He can if he's quoting, well, at least indirectly.

/Police officer's brother
2004-04-06 10:59:10 AM  
I feel your pain, Rillion. Heh. Man, I'm a Farker and I've NEVER hit anything like that. I mean YIKES!
2004-04-06 11:01:31 AM  
I'd take a lap dance from her ... just not while driving.
2004-04-06 11:01:41 AM  
That was her GOOD mugshot, with the soft focus. You have to ask for a glamour shot like that, right Ed?
2004-04-06 11:02:32 AM  
Clean her up properly, give her some nice clothes and access to some makeup, and she'd definitely be hot. Not stellar hot, but hot.
2004-04-06 11:03:24 AM  
su, su, su,sucks! You sir, have had your visitation rights suspended.
2004-04-06 11:03:27 AM  
Our first contestant is:Travis McConchie, a baton wielding troll, who likes to dress up in uniforms,and drive fast cars..

NOW let's hear from your potential lovematch, whom we have startegically placed behind bars....

*new game show?*
2004-04-06 11:04:31 AM  
He can if he's quoting, well, at least indirectly.

/Police officer's brother"

Ah, I gotcha..did not know that.
2004-04-06 11:04:50 AM  
A little makup and a lot of beer ....I'd hit it...if I wasn't married.
2004-04-06 11:06:04 AM  
If I said I wouldn't hit it, I'd be lying.

2004-04-06 11:08:23 AM  
I think most farker have got used to all the fake boobied air brushed women and have no idea what sa real woman looks like......IMHO
2004-04-06 11:09:19 AM  
You'd be surprised what some of our wives look like. And I'm not talking about the homemade Real Dolls that some Farkers keep hidden under their beds.
2004-04-06 11:10:09 AM  
mylow: too true...Hell I think most farkers don't even know what a real woman is...

Hint: It isn't your computer and the boobies links from fark.
2004-04-06 11:11:00 AM  
and three years ago at smoking gun...
2004-04-06 11:11:10 AM  

What is wrong with that state? Why don't they rename the main portion north Cuba and the panhandle southern Alabama?

We don't want them. We have enough redneck's driving ratty Camaro's already..we DON'T need Florida's share.

2004-04-06 11:12:11 AM  
She's not *that* bad. I mean, it's a freakin' mug shot.
2004-04-06 11:15:37 AM  
Both of them need the 'Remove Ugly' filter with extra Hasselhoffilated goodness for good measure.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-06 11:16:22 AM  
Yeah, her nose is definitely lacking lateral symmetry.
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