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(New Scientist)   Incredible new image of Saturn released   ( divider line
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50655 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Apr 2004 at 9:59 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-04 06:00:24 PM  
2004-04-04 06:08:25 PM  
Damned arrows are back.
2004-04-04 06:08:45 PM  
What's up with all the flying white arrows in space these days?
2004-04-04 06:50:09 PM  
Saturn has got to be the coolest looking planet out there.
2004-04-04 07:00:29 PM  
my home planet
2004-04-04 07:45:12 PM  
Spot? I was wondering where that dumb dog wandered off to. Thank you NASA.
2004-04-04 08:48:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I think I see a spot.
2004-04-04 10:02:06 PM  
Is that a big black monolith casting a shadow on the left?
2004-04-04 10:02:52 PM  
doesn't look that new or incredible to me, same old saturn with some pock marks
2004-04-04 10:03:05 PM  
I'd hit it

2004-04-04 10:03:15 PM  
Well, I think it looks like crap. So there.
2004-04-04 10:05:04 PM  
2004-04-04 10:05:55 PM  
That's looks a lot more like a computer drawing than an actual photograph.
2004-04-04 10:07:04 PM  
Saturn has a moon named Enchiladas? Yummy......
2004-04-04 10:07:12 PM  
I want to see a picture of Uranus.
2004-04-04 10:08:13 PM  
I was totally amazed by that image...
but then i realized i was only looking at the reflection in my computer monitor.

I never realized how closely my face resembled saturn
2004-04-04 10:08:13 PM  
Ion or L300?

/doesn't really know cars
2004-04-04 10:08:15 PM  
Damn you, glowbug

2004-04-04 10:08:26 PM  
That sucks. It looks like someone created it in Photoshop.
2004-04-04 10:09:01 PM  
More pictures like that one of all the red... stuff. The red swirly star-stuff. It was posted a while back and is now my desktop. Very pretty.
2004-04-04 10:09:02 PM  
and Uranus has Klingons...
2004-04-04 10:09:04 PM  
"That's looks a lot more like a computer drawing than an actual photograph."

The Matrix has you and whatnot.
2004-04-04 10:10:03 PM this thing on?
2004-04-04 10:10:27 PM  
Did anyone else read that as "Incredible new image of Satan released"? I was kinda hoping to see some new pic of the devil in a burritto or tree or something.
2004-04-04 10:10:39 PM  
She's a beauty.
But she knows it and she plays it and she's a biatch.
The other planets hate her.
2004-04-04 10:11:15 PM  
Money spent on crap like this/solve the problems at home first/Bush is Hitler/War for Oil/blah blah blahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahbl ahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah.
2004-04-04 10:11:22 PM  
2004-04-04 10:14:58 PM  
I like this old photo of saturn better.
2004-04-04 10:15:01 PM  
Does anyone else think Becky from Roseanne is a hottie? (Either actress)
2004-04-04 10:17:39 PM  
I would've hit either or both of the Beckys.
2004-04-04 10:18:32 PM  
I thought it said "Satan", too.
2004-04-04 10:20:12 PM  
glowbug & nightwulf
ditto ><
2004-04-04 10:22:52 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2004-04-04 10:26:52 PM  
Just for you, NightWulf:

Devil's Tree
Same tree, different site.

No burrito, though.

Penn and Teller have a devil tortilla trick, but I can't find it online. It's in their "How to Play With Your Food" book.

And apologies if the tree is considered old to you. It's new to me, at least.
2004-04-04 10:26:54 PM  

That's looks a lot more like a computer drawing than an actual photograph.

My thoughts exactly. Sure is neat though.
2004-04-04 10:27:58 PM  
...didnt he go to nwa/tna?
2004-04-04 10:31:32 PM  
Just wait until the probe arrives. The information relayed back will probably surpass that of the Voyager missions, not that they are not amazing accomplishments in their own right. This year will be very interesting.
2004-04-04 10:32:14 PM  
I thought it said Satan too.. was sure it would be the weekly world news again

ah well, saturn isn't too bad.
2004-04-04 10:34:37 PM  

Niiiice shot of the Saturn V. That's my new desktop background.

/wishes kitty would stop knocking over her Lego Saturn V
2004-04-04 10:34:47 PM  
Nice Vue of (a) Saturn...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-04 10:36:21 PM  
Hmm, i read that as: "Incredible new image of Satan released"
2004-04-04 10:36:24 PM  
Damn it....How come those space arrows never point at Uranus
2004-04-04 10:36:52 PM  
why does it look like a 3d rendered image using Maya or Softimage?
2004-04-04 10:38:01 PM  
"My God! It's full of ads!"
[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-04 10:38:11 PM  
much coller pic (of Orion):

2004-04-04 10:41:05 PM  

tags not working...
2004-04-04 10:42:43 PM  
I have a real question!

Do Saturn's rings rotate at the same speed as the planet?
Because I notice there is a shadow cast on the surface from the rings. So I assume that that area of the planet is always dark.

Not accounting for the tilted axis like Earth.

Any astronmizing mf's here?
2004-04-04 10:43:07 PM  
Incredibly fake/dull looking.
2004-04-04 10:47:42 PM  
those are fake!!!

/wrong thread?
2004-04-04 10:48:35 PM  
I saw satan too.
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