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(Yahoo)   More bomb-grande uranium found in Iran. In other news, Bush blames invasion of Iraq on typographical error   ( divider line
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7931 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Apr 2004 at 10:25 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-04-02 12:02:28 PM  

that's a poor comparison. japan attacked us. iraq did not attack us. there's a little difference there. in addition, in korea we were fighing communists, our sworn enemy, to prevent a nation where we had bases from becoming communist. the last i checked, muslims are not our sworn enemy, dictators are not our sworn enemy, and we had no bases in iraq.
2004-04-02 12:03:47 PM  
I used this headline like six months ago... ..Wasn't all that funny then either.
2004-04-02 12:04:10 PM  
I feel deeply sorry for the people of the Middle- East.

"There was this little boy call Iran and his Daddy was called Russia and they were very happy together. Daddy Russia gave Iran Planes and toys to play with and little Iran repaid him with the greatest gift of all.. Oil

Living Next door to Iran was another little boy called Iraq. His daddy went away and he got all confused. He didnt have any toys to play with like the boy next door. He was sad and made some bad decisions -like getting into Bathism..

Across the sea lived a big strong man who didn't like Mr. Russia very much. In fact he disliked him to the level where he resented him having such a lovley time with little Iran that he decided to dosomething about it.

It was then that MR. USA saw little Iraq all lonely and lost and gave him lots of toys to play with and encouraged him to fly his planes and drive his tanks into Iran's sandpit!

Well obviously the two boys started fighting - BUt actually it was Mr. USA and Mr. Russia that were really trading blows.

Eventually little Iraq won - he put ithching powder and fart gas in the little Iran's eyes.. Boo

But now that Mr. Russia was so sad that his little Iran wasn't very well - Mr. USA didnt care about Iraq any more.. And left him to play unsupervised in the sandpit with his toys and his tanks...

You know if the civilised world had left the Uncivilised Middle East sort themsleves out then instead of a covert uncontrolled arms race - we may have just had a small conventional war, followed by a treaty followed by peace.

I hate big boys that do bad stuff and then run away
2004-04-02 12:04:12 PM  
Sorry, smoke 'em and let Allah sort 'em out.

okay internet tough guy.
2004-04-02 12:04:21 PM  
So now Reuters is spinning for the Bush administration?

I'm done, I'll save it for the right thread. It is to nice a day, taking the rest off. Enjoy your weekend Grey.
2004-04-02 12:04:27 PM  
This whole dark cloud could have a silver lining.

Just think, the secret Iranian nuclear bomb project may already have produced weapons. If so, when the Israelis attack their facilities, Iran will nuke Israel. Then Israel will nuke Iran and Syria and Egypt. So Pakistan will retaliate with nukes against Israel on behalf of their Muslim brothers. Then, Israel will nuke Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Lots of smoking sheets of glass and fallout. The whole area could be virtually depopulated.

The result?

Peace in the Middle East.
2004-04-02 12:05:32 PM  

perfect, except we gave the iranians some toys too, just to keep things more interesting.
2004-04-02 12:05:38 PM  
Omega Ohm
Forever it is then, I'm not going to sit idly by and not respond.

It's your perogative to choose war over peace. Just don't cry so loudly the next time it visits your doorstep.
2004-04-02 12:06:53 PM  
420SNIPER - so 20 years of Islamicists murdering Americans was ok? Now we should be afraid of what? that they will continue murdering us?

your statement is from the appeasement camp. i.e. if we leave them alone they will leave us alone.

Did you not read Bin Laden's declaration of war against the West?

My statement is NOT from the appeasement camp. My statement is from the LOGIC camp. You have to agree that, in general, anger towards the west has increased as a result of the war in Iraq, right? You would also hopefully agree that not all muslims are terrorists, right? Well, what makes the difference between your average inhabitant of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc. who just wants to live in peace and take care of their family, and the Islamic Jihad terrorist? I would say it's the extremist clerics teaching the Jihadist form of Islam. We haven't gotten rid of them have we? Instead, we're making it easier on them to point the finger at Iraq and say, here's why we must wage Jihad against the west. I'm confident that we are making great strides in Iraq, and I think the removal of Saddam by force was inevitable, but you can't simply overlook the possibility that this is going to increase the ranks of terrorist organizations. The war in Iraq could prove to be benificial over the long term, but it could also prove to be a great training and recruiting tool for terrorism.

By the way... "if we leave them alone, they will leave us alone" is not anywhere remotely close to what was expressed in my statement. You should be careful when placing words in other people's mouths in order to strengthen your argument.
2004-04-02 12:08:17 PM  
Rayonic: Nonsense. We warred with the Japanese in WWII, when they had no one indentifiable leader.

*cough* Emperor *cough*
2004-04-02 12:10:27 PM  
I like it. Europeans find bomb grade goods, Iran blames contaminated Pakistani equipment, Pakistan refuses to submit a sample for comparison (better than DNA match), and the Euro's conclude that the `glow' they are seeing is really just a nitelight in the loo.

Sure, the CIA actually succeeded in Iran. But let's review the history a little more closely and remember what entity had a hankering for a warm water port and a stranglehold on the mideast oil production. Look at your maps and pretend you're Uncle Joe or Nikita - why just the Caspian, Comrade?
I mean, JFK didn't have those nuked up Jupiter missles in Turkey just to have a bargaining chip to get Nikita to pull his missles off of Cuba...
2004-04-02 12:11:59 PM  
Omega Ohm - So you believe that every Muslim on this planet is a sworn enemy of this country?
2004-04-02 12:12:10 PM  
J.Garcia'sRightMiddleFinger --
"Thousands of people out of millions? So what. Even if they did celebrate, they had nothing to do with the attacks."

You're under the assumption that I'm arguing for Iraq under the umbrella of 9/11. I'm not. As far as I'm concerned, Afghanistan was enough payback for that. Iraq... we shouldn't let a guy get away with violating the terms of the cease fire he signed to save his ass. Frankly, I don't care about WMD's and never did.

As for the people themselves, it's their cheering for 9/11 that simply makes me not give a shiat about what happens to them in the process. As you said, thousands out of millions. Yet, not too many of those millions showed any sympathy or staged any counter protests to those cheering. Screw 'em.
2004-04-02 12:13:52 PM  
hasn't anybody considered the possibility that saddamm stuck it there when we invaded him. Kindof like we said he would. Didn't we kindof predict that this would happen when we STARTED this war. This should be absolutely no surprise to anybody.
2004-04-02 12:15:55 PM  
2004-04-02 11:36:16 AM Hotdog
Paying off NK for a downgrade of the nuke program is not an answer. It's merely blackmail. The threat is implied, not explicit. Continued sanctions carry their own problems. You have a starving psychotic at your front door. You do not feed him. He demands food or retribution will follow. He bends slightly, softening hi s stance in order to get some scraps, but always with the thought in the back of his mind that he was rebuked by you and revenge will be sweet. You have not changed the scenario. Merely delayed it.

Yes, yes. Agreed. Fine. But that wasn't my question. I wanted to know what you would do about the situation, not what you would not do. Assuming you would, in fact, do anything about it.
2004-04-02 12:16:12 PM  
steelreservedrinker --
"Omega Ohm - So you believe that every Muslim on this planet is a sworn enemy of this country? "

Not at all. Their silence and inaction will probably be detrimental to their own health though.
2004-04-02 12:22:17 PM  
2004-04-02 12:08:17 PM beeferoni:

The emperor? Not really, if you look back at the WWII-era propoganda. Heck, we didn't even punish him.

There was Tojo for a while, but he got canned.
2004-04-02 12:25:09 PM  
Yet, not too many of those millions showed any sympathy or staged any counter protests to those cheering. Screw 'em

Ok so their life is worthless because they didn't counter protest? Maybe they didn't want to get killed by the fanatics who were. Maybe they were too busy with their own lives to bother protesting something that happened halfway across the world in a different country. People like you scare me, so willing to lump groups together and justify mass violence.
2004-04-02 12:30:08 PM  
Omega Ohm -It sounds as if you condone violence against innocent people, who have no part in this conflict. If that is the case you are no better than the terrorists. If that is not an accurate assessment then I apologize.
2004-04-02 12:30:41 PM  
Omega Ohm
As for the people themselves, it's their cheering for 9/11 that simply makes me not give a shiat about what happens to them in the process.

Ugh, yet another hick avenger for 9/11. Please find another hobby.
2004-04-02 12:33:06 PM  
If terrorists want Uranium for a bomb, "...all they have to do is to walk around battlefields in Iraq with a Geiger counter, and pick it off the ground."
2004-04-02 12:34:18 PM  
If we all just leave (yawn)420 sniper alone, he will go away. Try it.
2004-04-02 12:43:05 PM  
1000101 - You mean from expended shells from one of these:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-02 12:50:14 PM  
If I was a dictator of a country like Iraq that had WMD and I was about to be invaded and I had a neighbor like Iran, I'd hide my WMD with my neighbor. And if I was a country like Iran that had taken WMD from my neighbor, Iraq, because they were about to be invaded, I'd pretend that I had an ongoing weapons programs, then slowly divulge the WMD one bit at a time, as if I was bending to the ways of the invaders. That's what I'd do.

That's funny. If I was the dictator of a government that was being targeted by a superpower whose leader had a very personal and intense grudge against me, I'd actually use them because I'd have absolutely nothing to lose.


I guess you and I are just different types of dictator.
2004-04-02 12:52:01 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-02 12:52:37 PM  
2004-04-02 12:56:44 PM  
Maybe they lied, maybe they didn't...this is nothing for the American People to wonder about...go on, moooove BUSH.
2004-04-02 12:57:50 PM  
MusicMakeMyHeadPound --

Nice. Anything else to contribute, more name calling and nothing else perhaps?
2004-04-02 01:00:30 PM  
Son of Thunder

Just to add a little religious flamewar to the mix:

This is the beginning of the events that led up to 911

No, THIS is the beginning of the events that led up to 911.

No, THIS is the beginning of events that led to 9/11.
2004-04-02 01:07:56 PM  
From the Army on Abrams Main Battle Tank Ammunition:

"For the 105-mm ammunition, developments included the SB60-24 depleted-uranium penetrator, which was the predecessor of the penetrator used in the M833 round."
2004-04-02 01:32:55 PM  

Don't know if this short term employee is venting spleen or telegraphing accurate info, yet. But Rice's comment `planes as missles? Oh My!' is evocative of that trait of our National Character that can best be described as Satisfied Complacency. I don't blame this Admin. any more than the last.

Anyone interested in how WTC1 could have been cut down `like a big tree' to collapse onto WTC2, with a device that would fit into a golf bag and utilize a chunk of Plutonium the size of a stick of chewing gum as the source of energy (using otherwise available technology and publicly available info.), needs to read John McPhee's, Curve of Binding Energy, FSG, 1974 (interviews and travels with U.S. fission bomb designer Ted Taylor).
That airliners were ultimately used suggests the gunsels are not quite up to speed, yet.

Worse complacency is illustrated by the fact that U.S. students at the end of the 4th grade score among the highest in the world, by the end of the 12th they score among the lowest. Just consider the implications...
2004-04-02 01:41:27 PM  

Just to add a little religious flamewar to the mix:

This is the beginning of the events that led up to 911

No, THIS is the beginning of the events that led up to 911.

No, THIS is the beginning of events that led to 9/11.

Oh, Jesus Christ.
2004-04-02 01:48:56 PM  
If Iran wants weapons grade plutonium, lets give them some of ours. Of course their country will be turned into a glass parking lot....

Peace through strength

Gunboat diplomacy works people, let's not forget that. Just because we're the #1 Democratic Country doesn't mean we have be a bunch of little ol' ladies. Let's act like we've got a pair. We don't have to attact Iran, let's just stage Live Fire War Games in Syria. I'm sure Iran and the rest of the world will get the message not to FARK with us at that point. We're gonna do it anyway, why wait?
2004-04-02 01:51:36 PM  
Do you know how hard it would be to refine the uranium from depleted uranium shells to the point where it could be used in a bomb? Or how long it would take? Seriously, for a terrorist organization to have a nuke, they would have to buy one from Russia or any of the old Soviet nations, China, Pakistan, etc..

They could also go the harder route and buy enriched uranium. And even then they would need to figure out how to make the bomb, learn how to handle and trasport it, and effectively detonate it. Odds are they would be killed by the uranium before they could even start thinking about building a bomb.

Besides, they seem to be doing pretty well with conventional explosives. They are a lot cheaper, and easier to stockpile and deploy in secret.
2004-04-02 01:57:42 PM  
FunkyMcFly --

I wouldn't put it past them. I honestly don't see why NK wouldn't help them. As far logisticals, a bunch of bombs set off in NY's subways would have been far easier than hijacking those airplanes. Hell, just running around the country blowing up train tracks and power stations would have been a lot easier.

They want the big flashy headlines though and I think they're going to put in the extra effort to get it. Factor in, they have more than enough willing to commit suicide in the process I don't think shipping and handling is going to be much of an issue.
2004-04-02 02:03:17 PM  
rednektek69 -Gunboat diplomacy? Newsflash the extremists in the Middle East are not scared of us any more. We just cant show up and do what ever and expect people to just lay down. We cannot beat these people by fighting conventional wars. Until the Bush administration realizes this more of our soldiers will die.
2004-04-02 02:14:35 PM  
rednektek69 -

I don't know... Our tanks rolled through Iraq with ease, totally overwhelming their military... but those people who were running around in front of the cameras in Falujah didn't really look all that frightened. And they weren't even the Islamic extremists. I think what we're dealing with here is something that's too culturally engrained to defeat through pure military force.
2004-04-02 02:27:13 PM  
Well, people have been known to die in about 5 hours of exposure to enriched Uranium and Plutonium, so even if they are willing to die to set us up the bomb, they had better pick a target closer to home for them or they would fail to get it to their destination. I mean, what would they use ot trasport it? A small truck/plane/boat wouldn't be able to support the proper sheilding needed to keep the shippers from keeling over quickly. And I would think that anything larger would be too risky.

I would be shocked if they could get one of these off in the US mainland. However, they could use it againt against any of or supporters in the area. The Kuwaitis and Saudis should be more worried about this than we should be.

They could also try to use it against our troops over there, though I don't know if they are really that amassed in a single location, obviously for fear of attacks.

BTW, as for NK, I think that they would have trouble sneaking anything that big out of their borders, what with the US, China, South Korea, Japan, and the UN in general having such a close eye on their operations.
2004-04-02 02:41:19 PM  

ZipBeep: /Remembers that Bush II was 'certain' that we would be welcomed with open arms by the Iraqi people. Parades would be give for us.

/Remembers that people who can't even speak the language properly shouldn't be criticizing because of possible cultural misunderstaaaaanding.

I don't think someone with a handle like DixieNormus (heh, heh, Beavis) should criticize a typo, but I guess that's all you NeoCons have, eh?
2004-04-02 04:05:02 PM  

Do you know how hard it would be to refine the uranium from depleted uranium shells to the point where it could be used in a bomb? Or how long it would take? Seriously, for a terrorist organization to have a nuke, they would have to buy one from Russia or any of the old Soviet nations, China, Pakistan, etc..

They don't need to build a nuke. They can just use the depleted uranium to build a "dirty bomb" and seriously polute a major city for more than 4.5 billion years or until it could be cleaned up.

But hey, at least we found a way to get rid of our "nucular" waste! Nice one, Bush.
2004-04-02 04:21:07 PM  
Omega Ohm
Nice. Anything else to contribute, more name calling and nothing else perhaps?

Perhaps. Any luck with that new hobby?
2004-04-02 04:30:04 PM  
MusicMakeMyHeadPound --
"Perhaps. Any luck with that new hobby?"

Why would I need a new hobby? This one works great. I get to meet ignorant people from all over the world, including New York.

Unfortunately, had I known in the early 80's that I'd still have to put up with you farks on the internet I would have just stayed there.
2004-04-02 04:42:02 PM  
Is it stronger than than the stuff I'm getting from BC?
2004-04-02 04:42:04 PM  
Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher went wobbly, saying there would be no revenge for the bombing.

You forgot to replace the word "revenge" with a euphemism/lie.

And anyone who thinks that revenge will solve violent problems deserves to sent to the front lines of the war he advocates.
2004-04-02 04:43:52 PM  
Always funny that Iran says their nuclear program is for "peaceful, civilian purposes" What the fark does an oil rich nation need with nuclear energy? And with that, why would weapons grade nuclear material come in the natural process of nuclear power without refinement? Hmmmmmm......
2004-04-02 07:29:39 PM  
So Democrats are in favor of invading Iran now? If they think Iraq is messy, this will be considerably worse.
2004-04-02 09:56:08 PM  
What we need is 300 good Spartans to take care of Iran.
2004-04-03 07:12:18 AM  
That's what Fark is all about though. Someone comes up with a funny headoine - and people rip it off.
2004-04-03 10:05:37 AM  
beeferoni In 1953, President Eisenhower backed a coup of elected Iranian Premier Mossadegh, replacing him with the son of the former dictator, the Shah...

You obviously have no clue of what you are talking about. Go read some history before opening your mouth. The "elected" Premier WAS Shah's Prime Minister and he illegally deposed Shah in the first place.
2004-04-03 10:13:06 AM  
Omega Ohm ...I guess it's not representative of the Muslim world when after 9/11, thousands of people in close to every Muslim nation in the world was cheering in the streets. Doesn't represent Iraq or Iran, huh?...

You idiot!!!! Iranians lit candles after Sept. 11 attackes. No Iranian ever celebrated 9/11. Don't you read news? Iranians are NOT ARABS
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