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6040 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Dec 2001 at 12:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-24 06:29:27 AM  

Very good. That kept be busy for a while.

I liked the Your frog has eaten my lunch
2001-12-24 06:30:09 AM  
Kiss: No problem... the more the merrier.

Nice link, I think it was posted on Fark some weeks ago. Still funny, although I would have refrased some things...

Your frog has eaten my lunch

More useful might be

You have eaten my lunch, frog!
2001-12-24 06:31:14 AM  
Better watch your tags :)
2001-12-24 06:31:41 AM  
2001-12-24 06:32:15 AM  

I think Dido used up their tags on all those Xmas pressies
2001-12-24 06:32:56 AM  
It's a fun to realise that we have just been looking at exactly the same phrase at the same time, but a channel apart, Ransom
2001-12-24 06:33:49 AM  

Must be our love of the french!! ;)
2001-12-24 06:34:26 AM  
<b></b><i></i><b></b><i></i>&l t;b></b><i></i><b></b><i></i>< b></b><i></i><b></b><i></i><b& gt;</b><i></i><b></b><i></i><b> ;</b><i></i><b></b><i></i><b>& lt;/b><i></i><b></b><i></i><b>< ;/b><i></i><b></b><i></i><b></ b><i></i><b></b><i></i><b></b& gt;<i></i><b></b><i></i>

Here you go then Dido, some leftovers
2001-12-24 06:35:03 AM  
Just take out the couple of rotten ones...
2001-12-24 06:35:34 AM  
Thanks, Mozart
2001-12-24 06:36:15 AM  
C'mon guys, we're almost at 20%!
2001-12-24 06:36:30 AM  
Glad you enjoyed... my Frog pal liked it.... and a Belgian pal thought it hilarious... Surprising that.. I thought that Belgians were even more devoid of humour than Germans!..
(I'm trying to see how many European cultures I can insult in one sentence - must do better!)
2001-12-24 06:37:35 AM  

We only need to get to about 500 to get into the Top Comments!!
2001-12-24 06:38:39 AM  

Well you haven't mentioned the English yet .. so you're doing fine!! ;)
2001-12-24 06:39:00 AM  
When God had created all of creation, he diceided to make one country more beuatiful and luscious than any other. And so it was. It was a country so beautiful that every man would want to live there. God saw it was good and he named the country France.
Now the Lord knew there would be envy amongst men for this lovely country. To make sure man would not fall to this envy, he then created the French...
2001-12-24 06:39:44 AM  
The French may kiss my aspertame. Lord, a more unfriendly people on this planet. Contrarians of the finest order.
But when the chips are really, really, really down,they're with you. Also what's with Sharon Stone getting a Legion of Merit, she sleep with Chirac too?
2001-12-24 06:42:14 AM  
Difficult to do... although obviously I'm from the northern climes, I live and work in the South... besides if my little verbal machete ever caught me maligning her heritage I'd be dead meat!
2001-12-24 06:42:23 AM  
I thought that Belgians were even more devoid of humour than Germans

How can you say that?
Their country is a joke in its own right! They have three official languages, three seperate governments, a handfull of independant police forces, two queens and a king that steps down temporarialy if a law needs to be passed he doesn't want to sign...

There's a reason that the Belgians are to the Dutch what the Irish are to the English...

Actually, there's only one Belgian joke... the rest is true!
2001-12-24 06:43:10 AM  
Jesus Christ, 20 tons? You could blow up half of Houston with that... not to give anyone ideas..
2001-12-24 06:44:10 AM  

Where do you work then? London? Manchester?
2001-12-24 06:44:18 AM  
what's with Sharon Stone getting a Legion of Merit, she sleep with Chirac too?

That would be worth a medal indeed!
2001-12-24 06:45:27 AM  

Three languages? Belgium-French, Belgium-Flemish and what?

I am not too keen on their famour Belgium chocolates either!!
2001-12-24 06:45:27 AM  
Terron: What 20 tons? of sugar?
2001-12-24 06:45:48 AM  
Ransom: German
2001-12-24 06:46:33 AM  

I expect half of Houston either that for breakfast (the sugar not the explosives)
2001-12-24 06:47:25 AM  
And actually Flemish = Belgium-Dutch

Belgium-Flemish is like Netherlands-Dutch

Admittedly, it's double-Dutch any which way
2001-12-24 06:47:49 AM  

German??? I agree Belgium is a strange place. Caused me enough headaches in me last job!!
2001-12-24 06:48:56 AM  
Let's face it. Europe is so much more interesting then the US. We've got way weirder countries, and they are actually independent!
2001-12-24 06:50:22 AM  
Blow up half of Houston, who would notice?
Half the people are moving in or out.
2001-12-24 06:55:33 AM  
Hmmmm, I figured if this was a real newsflash, at least one other major news source on the planet would be covering it.
2001-12-24 06:55:56 AM  
Mr.Cynical: depends on whether you blow up the top- or the bottom-half...
2001-12-24 06:56:29 AM  
Morning, Fb-. I agree.
2001-12-24 06:57:34 AM  

The Mirror makes The Sun look classy.
2001-12-24 06:59:18 AM  
Houston is so sprawled out and huge, I believe its 65 sqare miles.
Home of Ma and Pa Bush too.
2001-12-24 07:00:09 AM  
Mr. Cynical

You'll have to state that in metric for our Euro cousins!!
2001-12-24 07:01:18 AM  
Live in Kent, working in Essex at the mo. You?
Btw, used toilet paper makes the Sun look classy.
2001-12-24 07:02:44 AM  

Live in Beds .. work (when not on Fark) in St.Albans(Herts)
2001-12-24 07:04:08 AM  
Ransom: One burns, the other reflects it, i guess?
2001-12-24 07:04:54 AM  

about 105 square kilometers. Give or take. And all freeways.
2001-12-24 07:05:47 AM  
2001-12-24 07:06:25 AM  
Uh, Glasgow: I just compared, but next to the sun, I think used toiletpaper looks like a reliable news source to me...
2001-12-24 07:07:10 AM  
You guys ready for Christmas?
2001-12-24 07:07:24 AM  

Are you looking at the news articles or page 3?
2001-12-24 07:08:12 AM  

Of course .. does Santa visit the Virgin Islands?
2001-12-24 07:08:28 AM  
MrCynical: I think it's closer to 150 square kilometers...

1 mile = 1.5 kilometers,

1 square mile = 1 mile x 1 mile = 1.5 km x 1.5 km = 2.25 square km...

2001-12-24 07:08:40 AM  
Did a stint for a co. based in Abbey View(?) St.Albans recently.

The content certainly has more (shall we say) substance.
2001-12-24 07:09:18 AM  
The toiletpaper has no page three... so there the Sun wins!
2001-12-24 07:10:15 AM  

Wow! I work on Victoria Street (the one with police station on).
2001-12-24 07:11:37 AM  
202! keep up the good work guys!
2001-12-24 07:13:45 AM  

I'm anticipating lots of sweet sweet coal this year!!!
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