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6039 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Dec 2001 at 12:26 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-24 03:12:43 AM  
Learn to love the islam
2001-12-24 03:30:23 AM  
Can anybody here read?
The ship, which is carrying 26,000 tons of raw sugar
2001-12-24 03:54:32 AM  
This story is 3 days old (I should know cos I submitted on Friday).

Anyway I don't think they have found anything yet.

Maybe the UK should have bombed the ships and ask questions later.
2001-12-24 04:04:11 AM  
Morning, Ransom, I couldn't fimnd you friday night...

Can I please have my word back? I really miss it.
2001-12-24 04:08:18 AM  
A ton is a unit of measurement and a tonne is a small British bird with a distinct mating call not totally unlike that of the Canadian Elk.
2001-12-24 04:08:31 AM  
RansomTheBallMerry Christmas to you and yours.

Is the ship berthed near the Isle of Wright? Isn't that a little odd being close to people? If nothing is found, will it veiwed as an terrible overreaction? You may be right though, bonb first in the open seas. There were G-15s ready to shoot down the shoebomber's plane.
2001-12-24 04:10:25 AM  
What's the difference between a tonne and a ton?
2001-12-24 04:11:07 AM  

Sorry mate I sort of mislaid it. Anyway I have since found it and have wrapped it up with a favo(u)rite bottle as a thankyou pressie.
2001-12-24 04:11:49 AM  
Dido Ditto to Dido as to the holidays.
2001-12-24 04:11:54 AM  
Jefferson Davis

I was being very saracstic!! ;)
2001-12-24 04:15:07 AM  
Jefferson Davis

Merry Xmas to you
2001-12-24 04:17:03 AM  
Ransom: That's allright. I hope you toke good care of it :)

Ransom, Jefferson: Season's greetings!

On topic: If there's 20 tonnes of C4 in that ship, and it takes them more than 3 days to find it... aren't they lookin ghard enough, or isn't it there? I mean, it's not like two small bags of coke or something...
2001-12-24 04:20:52 AM  
And please fon't look too carefully at my speling today. My fingers and my keyboard are no longer on speaking terms.
2001-12-24 04:20:55 AM  
Funny, there's no mention of it from reputable news sources like BBC or the Observer. There's not even a little mention in the American media. One would think that if this were true, this would be a lot bigger than that retard with a shoe. Trying to blow up one of the largest cities in the world should be a lot bigger deal than one article in a tabloid.
2001-12-24 04:21:13 AM  

Of course. Merry Xmas. You are work as well?

This is the first I have heard of this quantity mentioned. On Friday all they mentioned was explosives and Anthrax. Anyway I expect the searchers are going slow. Get double time of something. :)
2001-12-24 04:24:07 AM  

Well us Brits like to make a judgement once the facts are proven. Anyway there was little mentioned about the other prevented terrorist attacks in London and Australia.
2001-12-24 04:26:42 AM  
HappyFunBall listed the BBC article. Mentioned the tonnage and more than the tabloid.
2001-12-24 04:29:08 AM  
I have just read that G.Bush can't change a light bulb.
2001-12-24 04:35:20 AM  
He may not be able to change a light bulb but everybody has underestimated him as a politico. Not counting 9/11, he's gotten evrything he's asked for. The SOB may play dumb but it appears he's anything but dim.
2001-12-24 04:39:15 AM  
Another up-to-date news article of this story:,,30000-1039168,00.html
2001-12-24 04:52:48 AM  
Well, ladies and germs and all the ships at sea.
Have a safe holiday and I'm off to get blotto for midnight mass later tonite.
Also thank you I Fly Ugly... for the ton of info..appeciated.
2001-12-24 04:53:59 AM  
Jefferson Davis

Blotto then mass .. is this a good idea? Actually its probably for the best!! ;)
2001-12-24 04:54:02 AM  
Ransom: yup. at work, can't take off-days now with the euro and all...
2001-12-24 04:55:16 AM  
I Fly Ugly...: I really like the acronym for your name.. hehe
2001-12-24 04:56:02 AM  

Only heard about this what, three days ago..........
2001-12-24 04:56:55 AM  

Not a programmer are you? Or are you in accounts?
2001-12-24 04:58:51 AM  
Ransom: yup. COBOL...
2001-12-24 05:00:11 AM  

Cobol? I didn't realise anyone still used that! ;) Wow Netherlands really is in the dark ages. Me use Perl/VB/C.
2001-12-24 05:00:41 AM  
Simple solution:

Drag said ship out into middle of English Channel.

Fire a torpedo.

Should be able to differentiate between 0 tons and 20 tons of C-4 by scale of explosion. C-4 never to be utilized again by anyone.

Residents of Dover and Calais need not buy sugar for a few weeks. Number of birth defects may increase in the next few years, however.
2001-12-24 05:02:15 AM  

Another pro would be it would cut down the suger intake of the UK!! Hence less overweight people!!
2001-12-24 05:03:09 AM  
heh... Now not trying to get into that old discussion, but it's not only used around here... COBOL was declared dead 30 years ago, and the use of it has grown by more than a factor ten ever since...

But since I'm also in charge of office automation euro changeover (that's long) i also use VB, TC++ et al.
I like to keep myself broadly oriented :)
2001-12-24 05:04:19 AM  
CSB: LOL! Best argument for your solution: it's fun!
2001-12-24 05:07:58 AM  
Sugar anyone?
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-24 05:08:07 AM  

I have never used COBOL. Lucky me? Use PL/SQL a lot though. I had to do a lot of Euro changeover stuff in my previous job.
2001-12-24 05:09:38 AM  
Actually, it's not as bad as it seems. Beats PL1... still use embedded SQL.
2001-12-24 05:12:31 AM  

I think we had better cut the programming chit-chat .. otherwise we will get labelled as "sad"!! :)

What we need is a nice healthy debate.
2001-12-24 05:18:51 AM  
Ransom: Agreed. So when are you tree hugging terrorist lovers going to accept we need to nuke the shiat out of those farking towelheads?
2001-12-24 05:19:25 AM  

What we need is a nice healthy debate

Should abortion be legal?

Which is the one true faith?

Boxers or briefs?

Springy clothes-hangers or the other kind?
2001-12-24 05:22:02 AM  
Should abortion be legal?
Only your own

Which is the one true faith?

Boxers or briefs?

Springy clothes-hangers or the other kind?
Anything springy is great

I'm always right. So this is not going to be much of a debate. I doubt it's healthy. But at least I'm typing, so it looks as if I'm working...
2001-12-24 05:22:52 AM  
Oops I think it's past my bedtime.
2001-12-24 05:23:53 AM  
No it isn't!
2001-12-24 05:24:00 AM  

1. Yes
2. There is none.
3. Boxers
4. Who cares

Next. Shiat that was supposed to be a debate wasn't it!!?!?
2001-12-24 05:24:59 AM  

Do you get the feeling that it is just you and I today?
2001-12-24 05:25:10 AM  
Ransom: fine. You can hold on to your boxers, but I want my faith!
2001-12-24 05:26:39 AM  
Yes, it's quiet, isn't it? Here at work there are like five lost souls wondering why they are here... then I go to Fark... same thing... what's goin'n on? Anything special today?
2001-12-24 05:26:48 AM  

Deal. How religious are you Dido?
2001-12-24 05:28:38 AM  
Dido: Yes, it isn't.
RansomTheBall: No, it wasn't.
2001-12-24 05:28:57 AM  

My main dogma's include:

1) work is fine, but it shouldn't become a habit.
2) habit's are fine, but they shouldn't be too much work.
3) I'm quite sure I'm divine, so I might as well have faith in that
2001-12-24 05:30:12 AM  

We could turn this into the longest thread ever ... and it will be about nothing much!!

I think there is about 10-15 people in my office .. we're having a wine and mincepie do at 1130 hrs (GMT) .. do you have mincepies over yonder?
2001-12-24 05:31:00 AM  
No, CSB, it clearly is! Unless it isn't what it appears to be, in which case it might very well be what it was not when you said it was and I refuted that. Isn't it?
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