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(Seattle Times)   High school students would rather go to McDonald's than eat school food   ( divider line
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2001-12-23 06:33:42 PM  
and who wouldn't?
2001-12-23 06:34:23 PM  
As a high schooler myself, I'd rather choke to death on a concrete brick than eat at McDonald's, although I would take Mickey D's over the regurgitated pig slop in the cafeteria.
2001-12-23 06:38:55 PM  
I have closed campus - and we STILL have to sneak out of the school and go buy real food.
2001-12-23 06:39:38 PM  
of course, pizza would be pretty good too.
2001-12-23 06:40:39 PM  
Nice to know the obvious tag was used. What I don't understand is why people still keep serving that crap.

Nutrition my ass.
2001-12-23 06:42:32 PM  
"In Wendy Cunningham's health class, students watched a video on sexual harassment, chins cupped in their hands. "It's not how it was when I was younger," Cunningham said. "The kids are a lot different. They don't want to be active. They're lazy. "

Back in my day, we used to spank it during sex-ed films. Lazy fat bastards.
2001-12-23 06:44:55 PM  
Holy crap, I submitted a link and it was accepted! My life has meaning!

I remember school food. It was one of the reasons I weighed 120 pounds in my senior year. "Eat that? No thanks, I'll just gnaw on my textbook."
2001-12-23 06:50:46 PM  
Exactly, Health class is study. PE is study. Gym is study. You have to play a sport or run.

I don't like fat people. If you're fat. I'll start off not liking you. You'll have to earn my like.
2001-12-23 06:51:11 PM  
Those crazy fat kids. Always good for a laugh.
2001-12-23 06:58:08 PM  
Just more liberal bastards trying to subdue our American right to laziness.
2001-12-23 07:13:20 PM  
Parents, wake the hell up! Slap your fat kids over the head with a shovel before the goddamned government turns school into a 6 excersize period.
2001-12-23 07:16:03 PM  
Why is it that absolutely everything that is bad has to be fixed by the Government? Can't people just let stupid folks isolate or kill themselves if they feel like it? Frankly, as someone who hated sports but ran a few miles a day after school at that age, I don't mind having a few periods of LEARNING during the day.
2001-12-23 07:26:43 PM  
I have to admit that this was the best use of the obvious tag that I ever seen in quite some time.
Although school food is crap. I still liked those chicken patty sandwiches. I'm sorry that was some damn good sandwich but everything else was crap to me.
2001-12-23 07:30:02 PM  
I ate the salad bar stuff until I found some insect that couldn't be identified. It tasted okay, but it belonged on the pizza, not the salad.

I just can't deal with sloppiness like that.
2001-12-23 07:31:14 PM  
I think it is sick-- I mean, I was no Suzy Chapstick during high school, but I made sure to watch my weight... It's gotten too easy for us to hide weight, really. Most of my fiends can slap on 30 pounds and never buy a new pair of pants. Hell, when I was pregnant, most of my clothes kept fitting well into my 6th month, and I was no tiny thing. I asked my fiance recently when the last time he weighed himeslf was, and he had no clue. So not only are we fat, but we're really good at deluding ourselves.
2001-12-23 07:32:53 PM  
It's not like we prefered Micky D's to the cafeteria food in high school, it was more the rush of sneaking out to get it. (we weren't allowed to leave back in my day in the early 80's).
2001-12-23 07:48:05 PM  
News flash: the kids eating at McDonalds are most likely eating more nutritiously, safer food.

McD's (and all of the major chains) have upheld high standards of cattle testing since the Jack in the Box fiasco some years back. Not high enough, most likely, given the dismal and unsanitary conditions of most stockyards, but McD's can afford to (and does) do random testing for e. coli and other common causes of food poisoning.

Our schools, of course, don't. Our government buys the beef that comes from the lowest bidder, which is usually from the stock that McD's won't buy.
2001-12-23 07:57:27 PM  
our school's been serving fast food purchased from various joints and selling it to us at inflated prices (dollar for hamburger).

i have actually seen people (girls actually) with legs wider than my waist!!!
2001-12-23 08:02:23 PM  
McDonalds would have been much better than the crap they served at my school. But when I cut out of school, the only convenient fast food was a Roy Rogers. Much better, but a little expensive for my limited budget at the time. There was a small college nearby, and in their cafeteria they had food that was pretty good and cheap, so I ate there a lot.
2001-12-23 08:31:18 PM  
At my school, the scraps from McD's waste bin were better than the "healthy" food they served. If that's what healthy food's about, then I think I will keep eating pizza and burgers and fries until I'm a total fat ass.

But since I'm in college, and poorer than hell, the cafeteria is a good idea... it's cheap, and since you're broke most of the time, cafeteria food is good. But personally, time to call Domino's, then work it off walking up 4 flights of steps 4 times a day and also walking it off by walking 10 blocks total to and from class.

In more seriousness, these ppl need to get their kids off their fat asses and take them to the gym with them. Of course this would make sence, and the doctors won't suggest this so they can sell obesity medications and "blame it on the genes". Idiots.
2001-12-23 08:42:13 PM  
Why is being fat a problem? So children and adults are unhealthy and look like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. So what? Are these people hurting anyone but themselves?

People know how to fix the problem: diet, exercise. You can't make someone want to fix it. You can't make someone want to eat the "healthy-food" offered by cafeterias. Perhaps these fully-paid, professional, governmental worriers should go fret about something important.
2001-12-23 09:08:32 PM  
mmmmm.... McDonalds.... Bleeech!

Oooo, the bubblegum I accidently swallowed last week. Gum.... (drool)
2001-12-23 09:08:54 PM  
From the article:
"If we became more active and ate school lunches, we'd all be in shape."

This is the dumbest farking comment in the article. I am a highschooler and not only does the food suck, it's just as fatting as what McD's gives you. Most people get a greasy burger and a salt and fat filled slab of fries. The fries are so greasy they stick to each other in a lump.
2001-12-23 09:11:17 PM  
Damn, fark needs spell check. Replace "fatting" with fattening in my above post.
2001-12-23 09:30:38 PM  
After school, many will drive home, not walk...

Dumbass journalists. Most kids who go to Ballard High don't even LIVE in Ballard. It's a long walk from Ballard to West Seattle, not to mention unsafe.

The glittering cafeteria at Ballard High boasts a salad bar, a vegetarian-food line and an array of healthful food choices thoughtfully put together by school-district nutritionists: low-cal, low-fat, high-nutrition.

I think they mean "high-carb". High-carb diets are bad. Very bad. The Food Pyramid is completely wrong.

Many who do eat in the cafeteria never take a fruit or vegetable, said lunchroom assistant Rene Routier.

I would rather go without lunch than eat one of my school's old, stale, hard apples or oranges.
2001-12-23 09:31:48 PM  

I = NOOB!!!!
2001-12-23 10:06:43 PM  
2001-12-23 10:08:51 PM  
I generally prefer normal food to fast food. Cafetaria food is not normal, sorry guys. My school is open campus like that, 16-20 year olds (yes, we have a couple 20 year olds) can leave during lunch. Though quit dissing pizza. If you just get cheese pizza or perhaps 2 toppings, pizza isn't really THAT bad for you. Compared to burger king, anyway...

An entire pizza from Hungry Howie's has less then 1000 calories and only about 20 grams of fat. No, it isn't REALLY healthy, but it's a hell of a lot better and less fattening then McDonald's.

Myself, I probably eat in ways that are very bad for me. I.E., one meal for a full day. That can't be good, can it?
2001-12-23 10:29:54 PM  
McDonald's?!?!?!?! You gotta be KIDDING me! The stupid clown can shove his bigmac up his little make-upped anus. there is no way i would put my mouth over one of his cheap, flat, "burgers" for that money. And McDonald's calls those greasy lumps of tubers french fries?!?!?!?!?! Give me a friggin' break. That clown can burn for all i care. As for cafeteria food......i wouldn't necessarily call it food. After puking 3 hours after lunch and noticing that NOTHING had digested (it was in friggin' layers!!!!) i will forever pass on that crap. Blessed is the Coca-Cola machine. A good 20 oz. Coke will suffice as a "lunch" for me, at least until college. Why can't our school let us have an open campus?!?!?!?!?! Small towns suck.
2001-12-24 12:08:29 AM  
Right now I'm baking about three hundred coconut macaroons for all the weird ass people in my family....I just thought I'd say know.....cause I can. And cause I have nothing else better to do.
2001-12-24 12:21:58 AM  
It sure would be nice to be born 30 years ago, when all Americans were hard working and fit. I've always hated being a big fat moron! [jk, I'm not overweight] I hate these generalizing essays where some middle-aged Harvard graduate tries to explain how their generation is better than the one coming up.
2001-12-24 05:49:27 AM  
Jynkst: News flash, Cattle know they're going to die. You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their cries at the abbatoire. Cattle farming causes soil erosion. You also get twice as much food per acre when used for vegetable crops. Hear any of THAT at school? Thought not. Makes you wonder what they're teaching you.
2001-12-24 06:11:24 AM  
"I'm baking about three hundred coconut macaroons..."

2001-12-24 10:20:06 AM  
Oh yeah..and I just woke up about an hour ago to start up baking a whole ton of sugar cookies.
2001-12-24 12:47:52 PM  
If you think school food is as fattening as McD's...
2001-12-24 01:33:32 PM  
When i was in 8th grade, i knew i shouldnt eat the cafatera food, All the kids geting there grubby disease filled hands all over it, the cafatera workers that make mcdonnalds look like a clean and civilised place.

of course i wasnt sickend by the other kids eating the food untill the staff had a orgy in the cafatera and videotaped it. my local news station titled the tape "mashed potatos"

Something is just farked up about seeing 7 people between the ages of 40 and 60, farking right next to the food that was to be served later. all burred out. i mean. i want to see the entire thing!!! stupid censors. i wanted to see why the called the tape mashed potatos :(
2001-12-24 01:53:37 PM  
Hell-bent: That is just so wrong. Please tell me you're making that up.
2001-12-24 01:58:18 PM  
Sadly, it truely happend at monnig middle school in Fortworth Texas. about 3 years ago.
2001-12-24 02:02:38 PM  
On a side note, i think that is the olny time my old middle school ever made the local news.
2001-12-24 07:46:48 PM  
My school had the best pizza. Every Wednesday was pizza day and that was the only day I'd buy lunch. Of course you had to use a couple of those brown paper towels to sop up as much grease as you could from the pizza before eating it, but m'm m'm good!

BTW, my gym class consisted of our math teacher (our school was too po' to afford a gym teacher) would sit and read the newspaper or grade papers while ignoring the fact that massive-sized football players were aiming at us puny kids' heads with the dodgeballs. Christ, I would've loved it if he simply had us run around the track, but nooo, dodgeball just about every single friggin' day. Gym = my personal hell for 3 years.
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