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(SFGate)   Strippers sue for right to take off G-string.   ( divider line
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6691 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Dec 2001 at 6:24 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-23 06:28:14 PM  
This is one of the few things we Canucks got on our neighbours to the south. Four words: All nude lap dancing.

Too bad I'm at work. I just put myself in the mood for one.
2001-12-23 06:34:36 PM  
this article is mislabelled, should be "HERO"!
2001-12-23 06:34:52 PM  
LordWatson I'd swear that they allow it in SF. I haven't had one myself, but I've seen some magical things done with a rolled up dollar bill.

This one should have a
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-12-23 06:37:29 PM  
In Houston, thet have this all nude joints, but they can't serve alcohol, only set ups. Bring in a cooler and go for it.
If they wear a G-string, booze is OK. Life in the Bible Belt and TABC.
2001-12-23 06:37:50 PM  
Free the clam!
2001-12-23 06:40:35 PM  
....btw, not that I would frequent such a place as that would be wrong. Somebody please pray for me. *coughLIARcough*
2001-12-23 06:41:16 PM  
WTF is a 'pastie'?
2001-12-23 06:42:02 PM  
I say if women want to take off their G-Strings or whatever and walk around more power to them.

It would make the world a better place.
2001-12-23 06:42:24 PM  
A pastie is a sticker
2001-12-23 06:48:10 PM  
Blurry, pixelated pastie:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-23 06:48:45 PM  
mmm pasties

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-23 06:49:13 PM  
Yeah I saw a documentary about one Strip club where it was illegal to show the dots and the line so they put tape over it.

Plus there was a law that said nudity was only allowed in theatrical performance so they did Shakespeare naked.

And get this there were cops there that had to legally measure how much skin they showed.

Don't know if I'm confusing two strip clubs or two laws but its funny.

Around here we have one strip club that has a big Jesus sign posted beside it thanks to some fundamentalists. That's funny.
2001-12-23 06:51:14 PM  
Billy Buna: It's like that here too (SLC). The city recently decided to ban all nude dancing, alcohol or no.
2001-12-23 06:55:47 PM  
LordWatson: Thanks. Now I've got the munchies.
2001-12-23 06:56:31 PM  
Lord Watson, three words: All ugly broads.
2001-12-23 06:56:38 PM  
No, wait - I was thinking of "pastries".
2001-12-23 06:57:54 PM  
All these laws and restrictions are bullshi*t.

Cities should allow redlight districts and regulate them. Outta sight for the puritanicals and available for the masses.

Papa Guyo's in Nuevo Laredo holds excellant bible studies I've been told. Save me Lord Jesus, Never mind here comes Juanita with a cold beer.
2001-12-23 06:58:15 PM  
For my money, if I'm looking at Canadian beaver, it better be a coat.
2001-12-23 07:00:15 PM  
Webfiend: Pasties and pastries are the same thing in some parts of the world.

Flignir: I wouldn't start throwing stones in the glass house that is Rhode Island. I've been to URI for a conference. You think you'd see at least one pretty girl on a major US campus, but no.
2001-12-23 07:00:18 PM  
And if we don't get donkey shows by the end of 2002, the terrorists have already won.
2001-12-23 07:01:04 PM  
Flignir, surely your mean goat?
2001-12-23 07:01:47 PM  
YAY! they posted my link! =:~)
2001-12-23 07:04:47 PM  
We've got lots of pretty girls in the Northwest, but the whole macrobiotic granola thing is a little too popular.

I mean, there's nothing wrong with a nature grrrl, but I consider showers to be part of the natural cycle, too!

In a desperate attempt to be on-topic, I thought I'd mention that I've only been in one strip club, in a town with its own (very lame) obscenity laws. I think out of the half-dozen dancers I saw, one managed to be sexy. Of course, with all the silly laws, I wouldn't be surprised if the good ones were somewhere far away.
2001-12-23 07:08:55 PM  
Hey Flignir you jackass.

Check out

If that opening page don't get you, then you're a homo.
(somewhat NSFW)
2001-12-23 07:12:42 PM  
Buiily Buna You're not kidding. Pappas is one of the nicest, cleanest, friendliest, damn great fun, 200+ more girls "bible study" I been to...ld about. An old girlfriend (why?) still thinks I hunt in Mexico. New Year's Eve...hmmmmm.
2001-12-23 07:32:05 PM  
I'm shocked!! Shocked to learn that they have whorehouses in....Mexico!

BTW BYU is just a cathouse disguising itself as a University.
2001-12-23 08:25:57 PM  
If there's ever been a link that should be labled "SPIFFY", this is it!
2001-12-23 08:26:19 PM  
Lord Watson, like most strip clubs in countries near the US, these probably import US girls for their onstage ass. Do you actually think this chick is Canadian?

They call them local girls because they work in your local area, not becuase they were born there.
UPC_head, Nice article.

2001-12-23 08:27:12 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
That is the chick I was talking about.

2001-12-23 08:35:56 PM  
2001-12-23 08:38:17 PM  
Flignir: According to her profile
she is Canadian.

Now let's all just sit back and enjoy the boobies.
2001-12-23 08:45:30 PM  
Of Course, Wombat she's on the site because she works in Canada; they all say Canada. Check out the address of her profile, while you're at it, check out the address of her profile:
If her name is Jenny, why are all the images and files named mia? Something fishy, methinks.

But if you all want real entertainment, READ those profiles. This chick claims she'd give it all to charity if she one $10,000,000. Sure....

2001-12-23 08:52:03 PM  
Do strippers ever really go by their real names??? If they did weirdos like Flignir would end up stalking them.
2001-12-23 08:55:31 PM  
LordWatson, good point, but what I menat to convey is that these profiles have little to nothing to do with the actualy chick. fact, two good points: That girl is very stalkable.

2001-12-23 08:56:03 PM  
I've watched enough G-String Divas to know that strippers are just evil, wallet-sucking vampires. You are nothing more than a 3 minute way to make $20.
2001-12-23 08:57:31 PM  
I have offically stopped trying to type correctly.
2001-12-23 08:57:50 PM  
Flignir: You're obviously quite as bored as me. If you were, you would know that not all of the girls are from Canada, some are from the US.

You're still right about the profiles though :) Comedy gold.
2001-12-23 08:59:00 PM  
Erm, obviously not quite as bored...
2001-12-23 08:59:34 PM  
Wombat, so we are agreed. Strippers should seen, not interviewed.
2001-12-23 09:15:27 PM  
If you two (Flignir,wombat) ever truly want to know about these ladies you should take a trip up here and find out for yourselves. Your dollar is worth twice as much up here and you can sleep on the floor at my frat house (provided you are not typical net weirdos).

How's that for the Christmas spirit?
2001-12-23 09:16:36 PM  
umm yeah. I just looked and saw that wombat is in Holland. Sorry buddy.
2001-12-23 09:17:58 PM  
Thank you, LordWatson, for a great link. Guys, here'a nice highlight from the stripper profile section.

A stripper named Taylor
was asked:
If you won $10,000,000 what would you do?
She answered:A Lambergini.

There you have it. If she won $10,000,000, she would fark a car. Sweet.

2001-12-23 09:19:47 PM  
Hey...this floor is sticky!!!
2001-12-23 09:24:45 PM  
Thanks anyway, LordWatson.

Luckily boobies are plentiful overhere.
2001-12-23 09:26:34 PM  
Hey I'd pay top dollar to see her fark just about anything, even Flignir with his head shoved up his ass!
2001-12-23 10:04:14 PM  
Boobs rule!

Anyone should be allowed to get nekked anytime they want.

except big fat European men in speedos.
2001-12-23 11:16:56 PM  
haha, boobies arent ilegal in Australia.
2001-12-23 11:49:55 PM  
hey, is Amsterdam a unique city? is it the only city where pot is legal and has a red light district? i hope not...
2001-12-24 12:08:54 AM  
Canadian Girls...yeech!

[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-24 12:12:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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