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(Globe and Mail)   Aliens seem to have it in for Canadian prime minister   ( divider line
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13118 clicks; posted to Main » on 29 Mar 2004 at 3:15 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-28 09:30:59 PM  
Maybe if he changed his name to Paul MARTIAN, everything would be okay.
2004-03-28 10:17:02 PM  
Isn't Minnesota close to Canada? I bet it was Sam Cassell.
2004-03-28 10:50:19 PM  
Y'see? This is why Canada should buy into the missile defence system. That could've just as easily been a warhead launched from a "Rogue State".
2004-03-28 11:15:12 PM  
Thats where I left that damn thing.
2004-03-28 11:15:52 PM  
OBB, I'm a Conservative too... but c'mon
2004-03-28 11:57:51 PM  
Jacques Tabarnac - Yeah, I'm just messing. Besides, a crater in central Canada would be a big tourist attraction. It'd be the only geographical feature in the Prairies.
2004-03-29 01:53:53 AM  
Damn... I missed him again.
2004-03-29 01:57:59 AM  
Sam Cassel?? The most likely on that team would be Latrell Sprewell. He has a nice history of choking authority figures.
2004-03-29 03:31:18 AM  
He is blessed by the aliens!!!

He is our new messiah!!!
2004-03-29 03:36:11 AM  
Well, Jean Chretien was obviously one of those bug aliens from "Men in Black."
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-29 03:36:14 AM  
Him? I hope not!
2004-03-29 03:49:13 AM  
The headline is proof that Stephen Harper is an alien.

Oh yeah, and a right wing Nazi too. But I'm open for debate on that first point.
2004-03-29 04:50:07 AM  
Aliens was a kick ass movie!
2004-03-29 05:15:16 AM  
Imagine what chaos would have ensued if the meteor hit the PM's plane. All sorts of conspiracy theories.
Maybe this is really just God's way of saying he's a Conservative/Republican.
2004-03-29 05:22:02 AM  
It was a warning shot, Paul. Be nice to Albertans.

That aside, the moo money is a good thing.
2004-03-29 06:29:24 AM  
Martin has a Challenger? Why not something Canadian, like an Avro Arrow?

/yeah, I know.
2004-03-29 06:52:13 AM  
Wow - a blazing object falling through the sky with smoke trailing behind it??

No way that would have been a would HAVE to be a UFO

/tinfiol hat comes off...
2004-03-29 07:04:36 AM  
Y'see? This is why Canada should buy into the missile defence system. That could've just as easily been a warhead launched from a "Rogue State".

Actually, I was going to suggest it was a warning shot from a US orbital weapons platform - just a friendly reminder to our new PM not to seriously consider decriminalization of marihuana or gay marriage.

[image from too old to be available]
"Don't FARK with us, Paul."
2004-03-29 07:06:48 AM  
Ed Straker is on the case!
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-29 07:40:02 AM  
Those damn cheatin' aliens told me that I'm the only one good enough to get anal-probed by them. Then I read this :(
2004-03-29 08:36:11 AM  
Maybe it was Stockwell Day leaving for Blisstonia?
2004-03-29 08:36:48 AM  
The alien was on his way to a hockey game.
2004-03-29 08:56:54 AM  
Chretien was our most entertaining PM ever. Here's a picture of him strangling a demonstrator. Oh the memories.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-29 09:09:46 AM  
No way that would have been a would HAVE to be a UFO

Well, to be fair, if at the time they didn't know what it was a UFO. UFO does not mean alien. It is the official term for any unidentified flying object.
2004-03-29 09:09:48 AM  
It was probably just this Mig jet.
2004-03-29 09:16:27 AM  
They have it in for this guy?

[image from too old to be available]

"F*ck you, buddy!"

/Didn't RTFA
2004-03-29 09:30:50 AM  
Didn't you know it's really Sadaam Hussein in a secret room.
/Oh...he also banned sodomy.
2004-03-29 09:34:23 AM  
xor_4200 - That doesn't beat Trudeau's Pirouette behind the Queen's royal procession:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-29 09:53:35 AM  
What the hell would any of you know about aliens?
Just keep your mouths shut stupid humans.
2004-03-29 11:04:18 AM  
The aliens are here to get a CANADA sponsorship sticker slapped on their shiny UFO, and fly away with a cool $12 million (that's 19.2 Zirkmods).

/Canadian current affairs
/not the part about the Zirkmods
2004-03-29 11:10:06 AM  
All he has to do is feed them his penis and everything'll be fine.
2004-03-29 11:12:31 AM  
Tofino: Jacques Villeneuve is an alien?
2004-03-29 11:13:06 AM  
"Jacques Tabarnac - Yeah, I'm just messing. Besides, a crater in central Canada would be a big tourist attraction. It'd be the only geographical feature in the Prairies."

OBB central Canada is Ontario and Quebec. The prairies are in Western Canada!
2004-03-29 11:25:10 AM  
Having just spent a few days in Toronto, I can almost certainly guarantee the flaming mass was a bundle of National Posts fired at Martin's plane.
2004-03-29 11:42:32 AM  
...came within an otherworldly whisker of a luminous object streaking through the night sky.

i wonder how long it took them to think that up?
2004-03-29 12:03:23 PM  
No doubt, the aliens were just stopping in for some fine Tim Hortons coffee and maybe a Timbit(tm) or two. Don't forget to roll the lid up, you little green devils.

/does not work for aliens or THs
2004-03-29 12:18:20 PM  
Don't forget to roll the lid up...

Roll the lid up?! That's "Roll up the rim!"


/patriotic over stupid things...
2004-03-29 01:01:40 PM  
In a report to Edmonton air traffic controllers, the pilot of Mr. Martin's plane noted seeing a very bright light falling through the air, with smoke trailing, while the aircraft passed over Suffield, Alta., on Sun., March 21.

Probably a CF-18 that hasn't had any maintenance since 1992.

There's a CFB Suffield, right?
2004-03-29 01:09:34 PM  
Funny thing about Canada's Sea Kings. First their navigation system goes, and then they're a flaming ball of stuff falling towards Alberta.

Thank you Brian Mulroney, and just to add insult to us, you brought us Ben. *shakes fist*
2004-03-29 01:57:21 PM  
Hey, dont diss the sea kings! For every hour of flight, theey go through 18 hours of maintanence! Now thats well maintained!
2004-03-29 04:11:09 PM  
Geographically, the centre of Canada is Winnipeg. So I'm right.
2004-03-29 04:23:31 PM  

Winnipeg != Alberta
2004-03-29 04:36:52 PM  
so the PM claims to have seen aliens. not a big deal, we don't usually worry about the mental health of our prime ministers until they start asking their deceased mother for advice

or worse yet, imagining he saw WMDs!
2004-03-29 06:48:16 PM  
Every time I come to Toronto, some alien picks me up at the bus station, takes me to a leafs game, then tries to f*rk me!
2004-03-29 09:35:42 PM  
gateway to the west, obb
2004-03-29 09:48:35 PM  
It was simply a meteor(ite?). It was seen by hundres of people. It was flying, it was an object, but as far as unidentified, this one falls into the "rock from space" category.

Jimmy Carter saw one too but it turned out to be Venus. Nothing more...
2004-03-29 10:23:17 PM  
you saw one, but it turned out to be myanus!

/ooh, hold on
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