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13120 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Dec 2001 at 7:20 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-22 11:40:10 PM  
Yeah <B>Ozzie Pride</B>... getting Tommy Lee's johnson up the poop chute probably would be a lot less comfortable.
2001-12-22 11:40:55 PM  
If theres a contest, I'm "up" for it.
2001-12-22 11:41:36 PM  
having that lump of meat anywhere would be uncomfortable.
2001-12-22 11:41:58 PM  
Ozzie_Pride, yeah but by definition he doesn't need to get as near you in order to use it. Plus a dick that big must come with some extra features, like maybe it detaches and can be thrown like a spear?
2001-12-22 11:43:09 PM  
LOL, Code_Archeologistdid you do that on purpose?
2001-12-22 11:45:10 PM  
No... I blame the cold medicine that is make the screen go all wiggly
2001-12-22 11:47:21 PM  
Is it sudafed? Never take that stuff people. Its like in the commercial where the cartoons head is floating in the air like a balloon, except that in real life the medicine doesn't make your head reconnect. Instead it chops that bastard off. I have sworn off Sudafed for the rest of my life.
2001-12-22 11:48:21 PM  
shiat, I cannot even type correctly... they should sell this stuff at bars as shooters... they would make a ton
2001-12-22 11:49:23 PM  
Maybe it's just you Freak. Sudafed seems to have no affect on me.
2001-12-22 11:49:48 PM  
Which brand is it, Code_Archeologist? So I can add it to my list of stuff to avoid.
2001-12-22 11:50:07 PM  
I feel like the squirrel in Gonads and Strife Wwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
2001-12-22 11:50:54 PM  
Its Dayquil
2001-12-22 11:52:26 PM  
Dayquil eh? Okay, I will just stick to regular ol tylenol. And Ouroborus consider yourself lucky. That shiat is poison.
2001-12-22 11:53:04 PM  
Damn, gotta trim my nails. Their up to a 1/3 of an inch long now. Can barely type.
2001-12-23 12:00:33 AM  
Size Queen (Iam assuming) refers to about 99.0% of ......the other .01% lie!
2001-12-23 12:07:50 AM  
What's a Fisher?
2001-12-23 12:12:17 AM  
Mytwocents.... Vegas is a hoot! I just got back a few weeks ago. Skip the obligatory tour of Hoover Dam...just go nuts on the Strip. In the original "Ocean's Eleven," the casinos were robbed on New Year's Eve. Have fun!
2001-12-23 12:14:07 AM  
I find an interesting dichotomy here... the ladies want a guy who is well hung. Guys (well at least me) prefer a lady who is a tight fit. Sadly it is harder for a guy to identify his preference in a lady than it is for a lady to identify it in a guy. At least not until the grinding has gotten started, and then it is pretty much to late.

A cruel, cruel joke nature has played on us guys it is.
2001-12-23 12:15:07 AM  
I don't think I can ever look at Cpt. Picard in the same way again.
2001-12-23 12:18:03 AM  
Code_Archeologist, true true. But if that does unfortunately happen to you, you can always "accidently" put it in the other, much tighter hole.
2001-12-23 12:20:22 AM  
Oh yeah Vegas. Did the New Years thing for Y2k, Very cool.
I prefer having a blowout at my house, since it is my b'day.
I got over the sadness of not being able to have cupcakes in class a few years ago.
2001-12-23 12:20:40 AM  
ill bet jesus christ is hung.

whats this:
2001-12-23 12:24:03 AM  
Cant you get banned for doing what Floyd just did?
2001-12-23 12:27:03 AM  
But he apologized.
2001-12-23 12:29:46 AM  
Drycoolwit: Apparently, they're taking a poll on that:
"Jesus was hung like (fill in the blank") poll
2001-12-23 12:29:51 AM  
Yeah I tried that, "OOops I slipped" line once... she nearly broke my jaw. But that was before I read Mighty Aphrodite's article on proper "Buttluvin".
2001-12-23 12:38:45 AM  
Where do the guys on the list fit in?
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-23 12:42:33 AM  
I want to know who has the biggest balls in hollywood. I'm guessing John Travolta. YOu have to have massive balls to release Battlefield Earth.
2001-12-23 12:44:03 AM  
I could poke your eye our from here.
2001-12-23 12:45:28 AM  
My typing skillz suck today. our = out in my previous post.
2001-12-23 12:46:23 AM  
I wish you would
2001-12-23 12:50:43 AM  
Mytwocents is freakin' cool. Any chick that grabs another chick's chest is a-ok in my book.
2001-12-23 01:09:58 AM  
the clitoris is a pre-cursor to a male penis.
2001-12-23 01:30:52 AM  
This is kinda off topic, but does anyone have the URL to the list that showed who in Hollywood is a Scientologist? I saw Vanilla Sky last nite and I wanna know how many baby eaters are in it.
2001-12-23 01:34:21 AM  
the clitoris is a pre-cursor to a male penis.

Really? A lesbian friend of mine told me that a penis was a horribly deformed clitoris. Of course, she might have been biased.

wil [TotalFark]
2001-12-23 01:39:52 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size

Oh yeah, baby.
2001-12-23 01:40:33 AM  
* the clitoris is a pre-cursor to a male penis.
* Really? A lesbian friend of mine told me that a penis was a horribly deformed clitoris.

Actually you're both right. All human embryos are inherently female. However, at some stage of development "chemical x" is introduced and the embryo develops into a male instead. (Woohoo - I finally got to use that biology and genetics I took in college)
2001-12-23 01:42:59 AM  
Hmm interesting list..its only EVERY ACTOR in hollywood on that list!

Not only did I not learn anything from this link but I think it helped me forget stuff I used to know.
2001-12-23 01:53:20 AM  
And then there's the old Milton Berle joke...

"One day they had a contest...Milton only pulled out enough to win."

2001-12-23 02:04:04 AM  
They forgot a few:
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
Visualize them all.
2001-12-23 02:25:21 AM  
I heard that Jimi Hendrix was very well-hung. Apparently there is some woman who went around and made molds of rock star cocks, and his was the biggest.
2001-12-23 02:57:14 AM  
LOL Code_Archeologist, yeah its usually better to try it when the position is to your favor.
2001-12-23 03:06:32 AM  
Code_Archeologist, you could find and replace "beer" with "joint" in that study and it would be as credible.
2001-12-23 03:17:09 AM  
I'm not even sure why I'm on this thread other than being drunk..MERRY CHRISTMAS! anyway, here's a link for the chicks for metal dudes.
2001-12-23 03:47:51 AM available for $50 a year? deal.
2001-12-23 03:53:19 AM  
Chemical X!

[image from too old to be available]

"Scary stuff, kids."
2001-12-23 04:34:52 AM  
TRAPEZOID : You forgot * Bea Arthur * and * Barbara Bush *.
2001-12-23 05:12:30 AM  
2001-12-23 06:08:52 AM  
still cacking myself over the Hollywood loaves.... so good....

glad I didn't have my mouth full
2001-12-23 06:42:12 AM  
This list *may* be bollocks. David Niven (in one of his autobiographies) said that Erol Flynns knob was only "average" - though to his credit he dust it with cocaine prior to getting it away.
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