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13120 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Dec 2001 at 7:20 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-22 08:50:14 PM  
Mickey Rooney had to have a big'un. He was married like a jillion times.
2001-12-22 08:50:29 PM  
Mytwocents: If it helps, my wife thinks you're hot too, and red is not my natural color (but don't let that get around).
2001-12-22 08:57:07 PM  
Well if size is the problem you could always ask your man to wear a prosthetic (you know like the one they used in Boogie Nights) you can get them at most sex shops. Good luck on explaining that one without crushing the delicate male ego.

But it may be that you can go for miles and miles and they go for... oh... maybe 50 yards, if their lucky, if you know what I mean.
2001-12-22 08:58:40 PM  
What about Larry King?
2001-12-22 09:12:16 PM  
My2$.00: Funny that the girl that responds the most on this topic is a closet dyke. Penis Envy????
2001-12-22 09:32:12 PM  
Ryanmac72: I think you just might've pushed her over to the other side with that remark.
2001-12-22 09:34:21 PM  
Speaking of lesbianism...I submitted a link to a site of nothing but pics of chicks kissing chicks and it hasn't been posted? This is still Fark right?
2001-12-22 09:40:55 PM  
Ryanmac72: "Funny that the girl that responds the most on this topic is a closet dyke."

Threatened by that? It kind of turns me on.
2001-12-22 09:41:55 PM  
Ouroborus: And the URL is???
2001-12-22 09:45:06 PM  
Army snipers are automatically chosen for training if they can ejaculate and hit a bulls-eye target from 10 yards away.
2001-12-22 09:45:39 PM  
I'm not giving it out on the boards - I want credit for an article submission.
2001-12-22 09:50:00 PM  
You know, that thing about L. Ron, that seems like some bad anime manga stuff. Not cool, but funny nevertheless.
2001-12-22 09:58:49 PM  
I call BS on this list. How can any legitimate list not mention Uncle Miltie?

From IMDB:
Legend has it that Milton has had a long-standing bet that his phallus was bigger than anyone else's. Numerous times, he would venture down to the locker room at the Friar's Club with a challenger, always returning with all the money. When asked, "Jeez, how big IS it Milton?" He is said to have replied, "I'll never tell, I just take out enough to win."
2001-12-22 10:13:31 PM  
If there's gonna be a "Who's Hung on Fark" contest, I'm appointing myself judge. awww yeahhh.
2001-12-22 10:36:53 PM  
ViciousDarling No need for a contest, I dont think any of the guyz here have the balls to try and measure up to me.
2001-12-22 10:52:10 PM  
If I was a closet dyke, I would think that I would be staying as far away from any comments that might suggest that I was....not as I have done here obviously.

Penis Envy? Well sure, I would love to be a guy for a day...and be able to have an orgasim whenever I wanted, so easily. So yeah, I'd love to have a penis....of course I would only want it for a day or so because I love being a girl....I know that I can get whatever I want, usually, & if I had a penis, well how would I pu$$y whip anyone?? ;)
2001-12-22 10:54:42 PM  
Mytwocents: Nice try with the double reverse psychology trick. Don't think you're gonna fool these clever farkers though.
2001-12-22 11:03:04 PM  
Uh, no reverse psyc here, but if you know Gina Gershon, I'll be happy to give her a try....and if it makes for a better picture in a farkers head when they picture later on tonight....then I'm all for it.....
2001-12-22 11:05:54 PM  
uhm... you know mytwocents may just be bicurious and may want to try the other team out. That doesn't make her a closet dyke. I mean I can understand the attraction somebody would have to a woman... I mean they are so soft and have so many things to play with and nibble on, they are hours of fun all in one package.

And I would be all about a contest... not because I have anything to prove... I'm just a show off.
2001-12-22 11:07:49 PM  
My bet is half of those guys pay hookers to start those rumors. David Dickovny is hung? Yeah right.
2001-12-22 11:08:58 PM  
Isn't every girl just a six pack away from a lesbian experience?
2001-12-22 11:10:43 PM  
Lyle Lovett

Finally, something to explain the whole Julia Roberts thing.

Someone needs to PS John Wayne in a dress.
2001-12-22 11:11:35 PM  
Thanks, Mytwocents, you're a saint.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-22 11:15:12 PM  
no no... thats every guy is a six pack away from a homosexual experience... hence why I now only smoke pot
2001-12-22 11:15:51 PM  
Good thread. I am leaving though if weener pics start showing up.
2001-12-22 11:19:45 PM  
I seem to recall a Playboy pictorial once that featured old shots of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, and Don not exactly sizing up to this list.

I second SomeCallMeTim on the Chris Reeve thing... the cruel irony.
2001-12-22 11:23:08 PM  
Kiefer Sutherland
Jason Patric
Lyle Lovett
Liam Neeson

Now is this just a coincidence or is Julia Roberts a little freak.
2001-12-22 11:24:26 PM  
Yeah, most girls are very comfortable with lesbianism for some reason. Remember the episode of the man show when they payed those chicks to kiss? Did even one of them refuse?
2001-12-22 11:25:35 PM  
Bmr68, I was just thinking the same thing. Benjamin Bratt's probably bummed they left him off the list.
2001-12-22 11:25:40 PM  
I've heard that Huey Lewis has the biggest pee-pee in the music business. Someone once called him the 'Hard Of Rock 'N Roll".

By the way, any guesses as to why they call me Bigpeeler?
2001-12-22 11:26:08 PM  
I dont know about everyone else but Julia Roberts just doesn't do it for me. She looks freaky with that huge mouth of hers. She should consider herself lucky she didn't end up in porn.
2001-12-22 11:27:05 PM  
Bigpeeler: By the way, any guesses as to why they call me Bigpeeler?

Cause you gotta keep peeling away layers and layers of padding to get at it? :-)
2001-12-22 11:27:28 PM  
And you all know what they say about wombats don't you? *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*
2001-12-22 11:27:54 PM  
Is that dude from Charles in Charge on the list? And Bigpeeler, its all about the cut dudes. Noone likes an unpeeled banana.
2001-12-22 11:28:21 PM  
Freak: She looks freaky with that huge mouth of hers.

Umm... that shoulda been our first clue...
2001-12-22 11:28:59 PM  
I think the ladies need to talk to Mr. Studlyhunk. He has all the answers for the ladies
2001-12-22 11:29:02 PM  
Huh....what's the pic? And yes, I am curious, although I have never actually done anything really sexual with a chick... I mean we (my girl friends) do things like grab each others chests, give kisses on the lips and lick any alcohol that may have spilled on our chests off the other, but every girl does that....& yes, it usually is the result of a six-pack or other alcoholic drink.... But really, its a curious thing & I am not friends with any lesbos so its not like I have the opportunity anytime I want it..... And like I said earlier, I can't pu$$y whip a pu$$y......not really anyway....
2001-12-22 11:29:44 PM  
Pssstt...Hank Hill has a narrow urethra.
2001-12-22 11:31:03 PM  
*falls off chair after reading Mytwocents post*
2001-12-22 11:31:52 PM  
Your first clue as to what Peaceboy?
2001-12-22 11:33:00 PM  
Mytwocents: Well, I say go for it. And don't forget to put film in your camera!
2001-12-22 11:33:07 PM  
well we all know they are telling the truth about Tommy Lee.
Man that ain't a penis thats a huge salami...LMFAO
2001-12-22 11:33:37 PM  
Im amazed women can manage to get along in life when they look the way they do. I mean I would spend all day at home ogling my boobies.
2001-12-22 11:33:51 PM  
That she'd be able to accommodate so many members, er, persons of that list.
2001-12-22 11:35:56 PM  
Oh hehe, sorry you had to spell that one out for me.
2001-12-22 11:36:55 PM  
PENIS sizes are over rated anyways..if Tommy Lee came near me with that things I would run the other way ;)
2001-12-22 11:37:53 PM  
I dont think that would be the smart thing to do Ozzie_Pride, then he would just impale you from behind.
2001-12-22 11:38:02 PM  
oh yes you can trust me Mytwocents... I have a most unfortunate female friend who is a lesbian and she is quite pussy whipped it is a sad sad thing. I have seen lots of girls to be penis whipped, it happens... and it is equally sad.
2001-12-22 11:39:14 PM  
I'm telling ya....we'll be in Vegas for New Years & we're really excited. We (my best friend who lives in Chicago) and I, plan on pretending like we're back in our college years, getting drunk & stupid....

I've asked before, but I'll ask again....anyone else gonna be there? Just curious if we have picked a good place to go for New Years....
2001-12-22 11:39:48 PM  
I can assure you someone with a penis like that would never get near
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