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(The Sun)   Teen faces five years in jail for swearing in his own garden   ( divider line
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22525 clicks; posted to Main » on 26 Mar 2004 at 10:37 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-26 08:38:53 AM  
This country is getting farking scary. Must. Keep. My. Papers. In. Order.
2004-03-26 08:45:34 AM  
Remind me to never move to England.
2004-03-26 09:11:23 AM  
damned yobs and their potty mouthed gardens!
2004-03-26 09:33:40 AM  
SchlingFo - never move to England.
2004-03-26 09:49:21 AM  
Keep the yob out of gardens. The flowers are teaching him to swear.
2004-03-26 10:15:50 AM  
Behavioral/morality laws don't work. They do nothing but irritate people and hide the problem. But there are some rude, selfish individuals who have no idea how to behave around other people that have made these sorts of laws necessary.
2004-03-26 10:40:20 AM  
Y'all got some detailed laws!
2004-03-26 10:42:05 AM  
He was just responding to the taunting of the azaleas.
2004-03-26 10:42:15 AM  
I blame the gnomes.
2004-03-26 10:43:03 AM  
What the fark is a 'yob'? Where does the word come from?
2004-03-26 10:43:32 AM  
I wish we had a law like that in the States. As it stands now, when my teenage neighbor gets all loud and obnoxious my only recourse is to get very drunk and toss half-eaten chicken wings over the fence at him.
2004-03-26 10:43:53 AM  
mryoop789 - I resent that!
2004-03-26 10:44:35 AM  
I think we should each live in sound proofed bubbles.
2004-03-26 10:46:04 AM  
Yob... Is that like "hey man, thas no my yob"
2004-03-26 10:46:27 AM  
And of course, The Sun is there.
2004-03-26 10:47:35 AM  
Why didn't the neighbors confront the homeowner? Jezus people grow some nuts. Jump the fence and beat that ass if it bothers you so much.
2004-03-26 10:47:57 AM  
So your neighbor should be allowed to stand in his yard and hurl obscenities at you on a daily basis?
2004-03-26 10:49:10 AM  
See folks. This is the natural result of letting Asscroft pass the Patriot Act and run your country.

oh wait.
2004-03-26 10:49:18 AM  
So your neighbor should be allowed to stand in his yard and hurl obscenities at you on a daily basis?

Yes, because we are all inconsequential flies on their windshield of life. Or something like that.
2004-03-26 10:49:19 AM  
yob: NOUN: Chiefly British Slang A rowdy, aggressive, or violent young man.

Huh. Learn something every day.
2004-03-26 10:49:26 AM  
It's disturbing the peace. If you want to scream obscenities and play loud music, get a couple acres in the countryside. If you're going to live with neighbors, you're going to have to show them some respect goddammit!

/tired of little kiddie bass-thumpers in my neighborhood.
2004-03-26 10:50:01 AM that like, supposed to mean 'yard'?
2004-03-26 10:50:39 AM  
If we had laws like that here we wouldn't have any teenagers OUT of prison.

In England, it's a swear word; here, it's punctuation.
2004-03-26 10:50:54 AM  
Not stupid at all - he's an antisocial thief who is already serving 15 months in jail, and has a history of harrassing his neighbors.

It's a RESTRAINING order, to put a stop to his moronic behavior. So if he starts up again - BAM - he's back in the clink.

If your neighbor's kid had been subjecting you to this treatment for years, would YOU want anything less?
2004-03-26 10:50:56 AM  
He needs one of these.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-26 10:50:58 AM  
Damn these radishes!
2004-03-26 10:51:07 AM  
Yob... Is that like "hey man, thas no my yob"

C'mon, if you're going to be politically incorrect, at least spell "man" as m-a-i-n.
2004-03-26 10:51:18 AM  
I think it's funny that he's not allowed to go into his friend's garden either...
2004-03-26 10:51:37 AM  
blinkybluegnome - What the fark is a 'yob'? Where does the word come from?

Click here

Oh yeah, almost forgot.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-26 10:51:47 AM  
garden = backyard?

2004-03-26 10:51:53 AM  
I live in an apartment, and we have some drunken college kids as neighbors. I don't mind the noise unless it's late. If it's after 11 on a weeknight or 1 on the weekend, I'm going over there. On the other side of that I try to be quiet. Of course the biatch who lives below me pounds on her ceiling if there's semi-loud music after 9:30, but whatever.
2004-03-26 10:52:32 AM  
"Anything to declare?"
"Yeah, don't go to England!"

/obligatory end-of-Snatch comment :)

Actually, I would like to go to England someday, better than where I am currently living!
2004-03-26 10:52:38 AM  
This was a part of his probation. Sorry, I don't see this as being any thing for lovers of liberty to overly concern themselves with. If parliament had passed legislation making such activities a crime, then yeah.
2004-03-26 10:53:01 AM  
burkazoid2002 that like, supposed to mean 'yard'?

sort of, but you sip tea and eat scrumpit or some shiat in a garden. and have a jolly good time talking about bobbies and fish and chips and sit on the wrong side of things.

those crazy yobs.
2004-03-26 10:53:18 AM  
Bring him to the States and we'll put him in the movies.
2004-03-26 10:53:19 AM  
While I agree that laws like that shouldn't be necessary, I doubt any of you would be so blase' if it was your neighbor loudly cursing up a storm outside all the time, especially if you had children. (And no, this isn't a "won't someone think of the children" thing.)

And ZzeusS, how do you know they didn't confront him about it already? As for beating him up, forgetting that that would make the neighbors liable for arrest, this guy is a career criminal at 19. Some middle aged Briton might not be too wise in trying to take him on.
2004-03-26 10:56:08 AM  
"He is also barred from meeting ten pals or going in their gardens."

what am I missing here?
2004-03-26 10:56:32 AM  
Cursing boy = Yob

Pissy neighbor = Snob
2004-03-26 10:57:45 AM  
Potted plants are the worse. Give them a few drinks and then listen to them. He was a good kid until he started hanging out with them.
2004-03-26 10:57:45 AM  
Should anyone be interested, it's my belief that this article is a load of old bollocks. Teenagers rarely get given as much as 5 years for murder, I don't see why one little scrote with a slim vocabulary should be any different just because his neighbours aren't prepared to give him a swift kick in the head. Personally, I'd like to see jail time handed out for uncreative swearing only. Brilliant swearing should be above the law.

"Garden" isn't, like, supposed to mean "yard", by the way, cos, like, gardens are where things grow, like, you know, flowers and shiat, and like, a yard, that's how long my cock is.
2004-03-26 11:00:29 AM  
Great Britain "The Land of NO"
2004-03-26 11:04:14 AM  
2004-03-26 10:43:53 AM blinkybluegnome

mryoop789 - I resent that!

Beg pardon. I'm sure it was a mandrake or Cornish pixy that's really the culprit. Damned pixies.
2004-03-26 11:04:27 AM  
Instead of 5 years in prison, maybe they should just send him to Singapore. That always seems to set 'yobs' straight.
2004-03-26 11:06:05 AM  
Stupid gov'ment job has the Sun blocked - I'm filing a protest.

dukefluke You, good sir, are above the law!
2004-03-26 11:06:51 AM  
I love it when asshat Americans get confused or complain about how the English speak and use the english language. Do you ever stop and think it's thier language and it's "y'all" that have bastardized it to the point beyond comprehension?
2004-03-26 11:07:08 AM that like, supposed to mean 'yard'?

Did Adam and Eve live in the Yard of Eden? I don't think so.
2004-03-26 11:11:37 AM  
mtt I suspect that this asshat doesn't have the funds to own a couple of acres in the countryside. 19 year old yobs who live in Manchester are normally living in council houses off state benefits as it is. If that's not the case here, I surprisedly apologise to the good gentleman in the article for jumping to that conclusion.
2004-03-26 11:12:28 AM  
jimpapa - calm down, they're just joking (I hope. Otherwise, they're stupid hicks.)

Also, if you RTFA you'd see that this kid deserves it. He's already served time for theft for the Queen's sake! Sounds like he drinks his milk, and hangs with droogs. Lock him away forever.
2004-03-26 11:13:05 AM  
It's hard to get a decent yob these days...
2004-03-26 11:15:02 AM  
The day we kicked your ass was the day it became our language.
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