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(Lodi News-Sentinel)   Drunk woman shows fake ID after being pulled over for driving backwards in front of police station   ( divider line
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2004-03-26 12:40:56 AM  
In Lodi that is a $25 fine. That's $5 for each tooth the perp has in their mouth.
2004-03-26 12:51:34 AM  
In Russia the cops fine you...
2004-03-26 12:51:49 AM  
So how do you legally "prevent someone from leaving" a phone booth when no violent crime is being committed or prevented? Where I come from, they call that false arrest, and it's a felony I think.
2004-03-26 12:52:31 AM  
damn big brother always spying on everyone
2004-03-26 12:52:41 AM  
Oh, oops, wrong thread...
2004-03-26 12:53:11 AM  
Hat Trick!

/throwing bailbondsmen cards on the ice
2004-03-26 12:53:21 AM  
In my dui class we had a girl who got hers by running her car into the taco bell drive thru window and sitting there drunk and laughing
2004-03-26 12:53:51 AM  
I'd hit it.

Actually, I'd slap it around until she threw up.
2004-03-26 12:59:08 AM  
you might say she was "Oh Lord, stuck in Lodi again"!

/is this thing on? Can you hear me back there? Tough crowd tonight, jeez....
2004-03-26 01:00:18 AM  
I love how the woman had stolen passports and the capacity to make all kinds of legal documents usable around the globe, and the ad in the article is for "The Immigrant's Corner."
2004-03-26 01:07:28 AM  
You'd think that if you were going to go to all the effort of assuming other people's idendities, and ripping off large sums of cash; you might give some thought towards re-evaluating the "driving drunk, in reverse, out front of the police station" component of your master plan.
2004-03-26 01:09:36 AM  
Alcohol. The cause of and solution to all of life's problems.

/or something. I'm drunk.
2004-03-26 01:12:50 AM  
-drunk driving
-fake ID
-driving backwards past police station

I'd say that's a pretty good trifecta. I suppose instead of driving backwards past the police station should could have pulled a Terminator and just driven THROUGH the police station.
2004-03-26 01:22:01 AM  
considering the extent of this womans ability to make false identity papers... How do they know they arrested the right person???
2004-03-26 01:29:47 AM  
2004-03-26 01:32:17 AM  
ablaize -- Just a guess, but I'm thinking she has prior arrest records! ;)
2004-03-26 01:36:02 AM  
She was just looking for the 'American Idol' tryouts, but she's dyslexlic and saw 'Lodi' and weel, the rest is herstory.
2004-03-26 01:42:08 AM  
Can someone show me where it says this woman was drunk? Or is Jayson Blair writing Fark headlines now?
2004-03-26 01:54:44 AM  
Yeah.. I saw meth in the article, but no mention of alcohol.
2004-03-26 01:57:22 AM  
I'm drunk, but I got a cab to take me home tonight.
2004-03-26 02:23:42 AM  
"Honey, If it's good enough for you, it's enough for me..."

(country western song)

I hate you all.
2004-03-26 02:34:37 AM  
I don't think this was [image from too old to be available]. Well, I mean, it was [image from too old to be available], obviously, but showing the fake ID wasn't [image from too old to be available]. Showing a real ID after a stunt like that would be [image from too old to be available]. Eh, I'd better read the article.
2004-03-27 09:50:53 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2004-04-02 09:20:02 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
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