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2001-12-21 04:20:20 PM  
Best boobies goes to Britney?
2001-12-21 04:22:01 PM  
Wait 'til they announce "person of the year." No doubt we will all be awestruck and dumbfounded with surprise there, too.
2001-12-21 04:33:11 PM  
Shrek does not deserve best movie of 2001. Top three are Amelie, Royal Tannenbaums & LOTR as my top contenders so far!. Monsters Inc was more intelligent and designed better than Shrek and not even mentioned! And where is Bjork on the Music list? One of if not the BEST of the YEAR! The Strokes are not bad but I listened to them in the 70's when they were called the Velvet Underground?!
2001-12-21 04:33:49 PM  
who gives a fark
2001-12-21 04:40:06 PM  
While pop up ads are indeed ultra-annoying (and will ultimately be the death of the internet, if it continues to get out of hand...), but those damn jean ads with the singing belly-buttons is just plain creepy!
2001-12-21 04:45:40 PM  
There was a Best?

Oh, annuis horibile! (QEII reference)
2001-12-21 04:46:08 PM  
Best: Any day besides the other day when Maxload ruled Fark
Worst: that day when Maxload ruled Fark

2001-12-21 04:47:06 PM  
LOTR is 8th worst, and pray tell why?
2001-12-21 04:50:29 PM  
You got that wrong guys....
These are 2 different people.

On one dudes list LOTR is *th best not 8th worst.

And Monsters, inc is mentioned. The design of the page is
aweful and confusing.
2001-12-21 04:50:51 PM  
8th best i meant up there
2001-12-21 04:52:17 PM  
But I didn't rule Fark.
2001-12-21 04:57:15 PM  
Thank god Monsters Inc got mentioned. I don't think that Pixar has made a bad movie yet. Besides saying the word "damn" once or twice, Shrek is, essentially, a Disney movie at heart, whether it likes it or not...

Why wasn't Memento mentioned?
2001-12-21 04:57:42 PM  
2001-12-21 05:00:36 PM  
Ok, black hawk down is the second best, and the third worst film simultaneously. Nice job.

And don't get me started on where they put the victorias secret underwear show.
2001-12-21 05:02:18 PM  
How in the bloody hell did the STROKES get the best album of the year? They suck more balls than the entire combined staff of "Hustler" magazine!
2001-12-21 05:02:40 PM  
Where is the worst list? They pop in a single worst for anything probably out of fear that they will offend an advertiser! Jerks, nothing here at all.
2001-12-21 05:06:29 PM  
Okay, I get it. They have the 10 best and 1 worst, and then another list. Finally, someone else who agrees that "Moulin Rouge" sucks. I never even saw the movie, but the advertisements and songs nearly made me go insane. And "Tomb Raider" looked pretty bad too, which is why I didn't go see it.
2001-12-21 05:07:30 PM  
10 best in sports without mentioning Michael Schumacher? Frauds!
2001-12-21 05:12:54 PM  
Rabbito: That was MaxFund not me you left handed, donkey lipped, sow kissin' ho!
2001-12-21 05:13:21 PM  

Thanks I checked again and saw the second list-bad page design is right. Richard Corlis has better taste than Richard Shinkel apparently!
2001-12-21 05:17:48 PM  
I'm glad you said that... I went back & looked, because I thought those were the "10 worst" at the bottom as well, although the descriptions weren't too bad.

As a graphic artist, it's reasonably appealing to the eye, but I think they missed the whole point of readily conveying information.
2001-12-21 05:23:03 PM  
The 10 Best according to the worst magazine? A logician's nightmare.
2001-12-21 05:23:25 PM  
Worst website: time. Locks up netscape.

NCSA uber alles
2001-12-21 05:26:32 PM  
I can say I enjoyed Moulin Rouge for the great Cinematography, design, style, and Nicole did look Hot! - the acting was good, and it took a while to get used to the music (I hate medlies) - but overall I was surprised I enjoyed it so much!
2001-12-21 05:39:16 PM  
Thank god Monsters Inc got mentioned. I don't think that Pixar has made a bad movie yet. Besides saying the word "damn" once or twice, Shrek is, essentially, a Disney movie at heart, whether it likes it or not...

Did you miss the whole "let's make fun of Disney movies at every turn" part? Sure, it was a fairy tale, but that's about all that is has similar with Disney. It pokes fun at every Disney movie that I can think of.

I actually did think Shrek deserves best movie. Something fun for the kids, but still something adults can enjoy and laugh at. Of course, Office Space id pretty damn funny, too. Was that released this year?
2001-12-21 05:39:18 PM  
Wow... these guys are on crack. How dumb can you be.

Moulin Rouge was great.. certainly not for everyone but still great. I don't think it was movie of the year (was for me, but not in a general list) but worst? WTF?

Nevermind.. in going back I see they have a horrible horrible list layout.

How dumb.

This doesn't even deserve commenting.
2001-12-21 05:46:38 PM  
I dobt this list in any way reflects what most people beleive. If you took a 100% vote of the population the results would be totally different.
2001-12-21 05:47:51 PM  
that was the worst best/worst list of 2001.
2001-12-21 06:02:57 PM  
Hedwig and the Angry Inch was also pretty cool - the music is hilarious!

I felt Shrek less funny than people give it credit for - it was like Scary Movie or Naked Gun (better than those two though) - scatalogical/toilet humor mixed in with current pop culture references - and I dont get off to that kind of sophmoric humor! Give me a Coen Bros comedy anyday!

Memento was alright but it relies on a gimmick to be good- basically all surface and not much meat!
2001-12-21 06:12:01 PM  
Office Space Release Date: February 18, 1999

Too bad actually It was snubbed by the academy but they tend to go for overhyped trash instead of witty intelligent movies
2001-12-21 06:13:22 PM  
How disappointing - voting for the Person of the Year is closed. I was gonna vote for Wil.
2001-12-21 06:20:22 PM  
So Marc Anthony released the second best CD this year? Uh, what? Is this the Bastier College poll?
2001-12-21 06:25:48 PM  
Vman: Office Space! Most underrated movie in recent years. It was barely noticed in theaters, but just about everyone I know owns it on VHS or DVD.

"It's not that I'm's that I just don't care."
2001-12-21 06:32:07 PM  
Tomb Raider: worst movie of the year? It could've been better, but I'd say Pearl harbor is the worst. It wasn't bad, but when a movie costs 150+ million dollars and runs for 3 hours, it should at least be decent...
2001-12-21 06:33:00 PM  
Office Space is funny - not great but funny - Stephen Root is always great - but Jenifer Aniston was a waste of time in it. I guess if you work in a cubicle or TGI Fridays it may seem a lot more humerous to people - thank God I do neither!
2001-12-21 06:41:05 PM  
I'm so glad that there is finally a list that shows Moulin Rouge sucked. That was the most annoying use of celluloid that I have ever seen. I couldn't wait to get out of the movie theater and gouge my eyes out with rusty scissors. And how they absolutely ruined so many great songs...blasphemy I tell you, blasphemy!
2001-12-21 06:53:52 PM  
Austinmodernist obviously you must not work in a cubicle and have to report to 6 people. I once sent out an email without hitting F7 (for those of you who have read my posts you know how bad I am at spelling). I kid you not I got 5 emails, three calls and 4 visits over the incident and guess what ONE word was mispelled ONE!! two of the visits also saw fit to email and call.

As a whole this list thing sucks I know what I liked and seeing things like this never changes my mind but one question Mulan Rouge??? WTF it is touted in the best colum (Second opion kinda funny to notice but there are two top tens not a ten best ten worst
2001-12-21 07:05:08 PM  
should have been called "Times List of Banal and Benign shiat."
2001-12-21 07:35:51 PM  
Office Space would have been better without the bizarre and inexplicable inclusion of rap music.
2001-12-21 07:40:07 PM  

Dimbulb, just download popup stopper or one of the other utilities that block pop-up windows.
2001-12-21 07:41:59 PM  
Does anyone else have problems with the fact that the #2 and #3 best movie of 2001 won't be released until Jan 18, 2002?
2001-12-21 08:46:54 PM  
Ashpool: They will be out in limited release so that they can make oscar consideration. it's ridiculous, but true.
2001-12-21 09:36:57 PM  
Oh look.

2001-12-21 11:40:27 PM  
best movie- Amelie
2001-12-22 12:54:57 AM  
System of a down made the music list. Time kicks ass!!
2001-12-22 03:17:38 AM  
Glitter was snubbed.
2001-12-22 04:03:28 AM  
Comics listed as one of the eight genres, this makes me very happy.
2001-12-22 04:08:12 AM  
Plus, Moulin Rouge was worst in movies, but in the ten best in Design??
2001-12-22 06:35:10 AM  
Zylon- watch office space more closely next time. Remember the scene where the main character's in the car bopping his head to gangster rap like he's a badass, then locks the car door and acts all scared when the black window washer guy walks by? The rap is supposed to represent these white dorks' alter-egos who are everything they're not.
2001-12-22 08:59:27 AM  
More farking XFL bashing. How can they call the XFL's demise a victory for football fans? This stupid shiat really makes me want to kill.
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