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(fightingillini)   Illinois to copy Ohio with special plates for three time DWI losers   ( divider line
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11312 clicks; posted to Main » on 23 Mar 2004 at 7:43 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-23 04:41:10 PM  
this makes more sense than Ohio's law. Ohio issues to first time offenders that want to get an ocupational license so you can drive to work. Getting a DWI is pretty easy nowadays, and I know even know a few Cops that have gotten them.
2004-03-23 04:41:57 PM  
note to self... preview comments before posting.
2004-03-23 05:18:37 PM  
proposed by Southwest Side Rep. Susana Mendoza (D-Chicago)

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-23 06:02:14 PM  
here I woke up with damn hangover, on a tuesday no less and thought this would be a crappy damn day. Two minutes before punching the time clock and heading home for the day, I find I have been greenlighted for the first time!!! Cherry popped, I'm somebody!!!! maybe I will have a beer tonight after all.

/sigh. Life is good.
2004-03-23 06:54:29 PM  

They do that in MN after the 1st offense, I think. The plates are the same as regular plates, but the first 2 characters of the plate are "WV", and are called "whiskey plates" in the local vernacular.

I don't think it's such a bad idea. And if someone gets 3+ DUIs, I don't see the big deal of making them announce it to everyone with a nice, shiny plate if they want to continue to drive.

2004-03-23 07:23:03 PM  
My friend got popped for open container in his 68 Cutlass with the vanity plate "14DAROAD".

2004-03-23 07:43:19 PM  
If you get busted 3 times, that makes you a DWI WINNER! Come on people.. positive reinforcement.
2004-03-23 07:47:32 PM  
They should do the same with ALL traffic infractions.
2004-03-23 07:47:49 PM  
I can't see how this is a bad idea. The ACLU bone in my back says it is, but I can't see how it could be. Perhaps after 5, 10, 20 years of no DUI they should change the plate back?

Course if the MADD geeks get the limit lowered to 0.06... We'd probably run out of DUI plate numbers.
2004-03-23 07:49:29 PM  
I wish they'd do that to all those speedy motherfarkers who like to tailgate me when I'm driving the speed limit in the left lane!
/obviously trolling
2004-03-23 07:52:05 PM  
haha. watch how road rage increases as a result.
2004-03-23 07:52:55 PM  
Am I the only one who thinks that after 3 DWI's the driver should have his/her license revoked?
2004-03-23 07:53:08 PM  
Why three times? Why not once?
2004-03-23 07:53:54 PM  
They should do this with unwed mothers. Caution, future child support alert!
2004-03-23 07:54:37 PM  
3 DWIs is quite excessive. You have a serious problem or you're just a farkin loser.
2004-03-23 07:54:41 PM  
Countdown to the nutjobs calling for death penalty for DUIs in three, two, one ...
2004-03-23 07:56:13 PM  
Anyone caught driving while phoning should have their cell number put on their plate.
2004-03-23 07:56:30 PM  
after 3 DWIs they should paint a target on the windshield.
2004-03-23 07:57:17 PM  
Yes Mike_Crown, except I believe, at least in Ohio, that the plates are exclusively for work privilages. Of course, if someone is so far gone that they can't even go to work sober, then they need a lot more than just a lost liscence.
2004-03-23 07:58:09 PM  
I wish they'd do that to all those speedy motherfarkers who like to tailgate me when I'm driving the speed limit in the left lane!

Illinois also passed a law in January that says you should only be in the left lane if you're passing. but those tailgaters still lick my bumper at 75mph.
2004-03-23 07:58:40 PM  
2004-03-23 07:52:55 PM Mike_Clown
Am I the only one who thinks that after 3 DWI's the driver should have his/her license revoked?

It should be revoked after ONE....then people would stop f*cking doing it....but wait, that's right, we can't actually PUNISH people for their actions....that would be so petty of us.
2004-03-23 07:58:47 PM  
so dick cheney is now one "youthful indiscretion" away from having to put a scarlet letter on his bumper. HA.
2004-03-23 07:59:51 PM  
3 DWIs and they can still drive? WTF? I think this pretty much shows you can't be trusted.
2004-03-23 07:59:55 PM  
sounds like they need to start a local DAMM group [DAMM= Drivers Against Mad Mothers] /first class ticket please
2004-03-23 08:01:28 PM  
You anti drinking and driving people drive me nuts! Pull over and have a beer!!
2004-03-23 08:01:41 PM  
Why wait until the 3rd? Give it to 'em on the 2nd. I can see where getting one might be an accident (although you'd have to really lay that one out for me) but two?
2004-03-23 08:03:54 PM  
DWI? You mean DUI? Or do you mean DWW? Or perhaps the more infamous DWB?
2004-03-23 08:05:44 PM  
"I'm sorry ma'am, you're husband is DOA"
"I mean DWI, I always get those two confused."
"I'm Mrs. Johnson, you said my husband was DWI"
"....uhh...Talk to Lou, I'm going to break"
2004-03-23 08:06:22 PM  
I like to know I'm sharing the road with people who were too stupid to know to stay out of a car after drinking, not once but three times.
2004-03-23 08:07:12 PM  
repeat DUI drivers 30 and under should just be forced to go to "Celine Dion" traffic school where all you hear is her craptacular music for entire day.

for drivers 30 and over the very special "slayer" traffic school.

This would cut down the DUI's dramactically. The problem is, is that the pain is not enough for these a$$clowns right now
2004-03-23 08:07:52 PM  
I agree, 3 DWIs your license should be history.
2004-03-23 08:08:04 PM  
This should be a photoshop
2004-03-23 08:08:57 PM  
Diamond Joe There are a lot of 30+ Slayer fans....hell, Slayer's been around for 20 years....and I'm guessing a lot of their fans are the ones doing the drinking and driving.
2004-03-23 08:09:22 PM  
This is kind of like publically notifying people where a convicted child molester is.

Either we think they'll do it again or we think they won't.

If we think they will, why the hell are we letting them drive (or letting them out)?

If we think they won't, why the hell are we scarlet-lettering them?

Either way it's stupid.
2004-03-23 08:10:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-23 08:12:49 PM  
You people are sheep. Why don't you just throw all your rights in a bucket and hand it to the first cop that stops you. Even the founder of MADD never meant for social drinkers to be targeted as drunk drivers. But now, if you have 2 beers, you're tagged!! How many of you farks can say you're drunk on 2 beers? And for all that do, 80% of Florida's drivers have worst reaction times SOBER then you do drunk. But they don't get DUI's. Cause their meds are legal.(for driving purposes). And they get to keep their licenses until they go blind.
2004-03-23 08:13:27 PM  
As an illinoisian, I don't know how I feel about this.

First view: It's pretty cool.

Second view: I don't know if these shame laws deter anything,
or keep anybody from doing it again. In fact, I'd bet they
have little affect beyond the obvious punishment, and I'm
against punishment without end.
Third view: If you've been drunk driving three or more times,
you need help, not a license. Also, you don't need to drive
for a while until you've sorted your shiat out.
2004-03-23 08:13:50 PM  
This acomplishes nothing..
2004-03-23 08:14:12 PM  
One thing for sure, no one's gonna borrow that guy's car...
2004-03-23 08:14:55 PM  
Why not take away the privilge of driving! So many remove the privilige of life from others. Oh yeah operation of fossil fuel consumption devices for the benefit of a slimy few and to the detriment of all else - Why it's the Scarmerican way, an inviolable right.
2004-03-23 08:15:05 PM  
Let me ask a stupid question... why are people that have 3 DUI's even allowed to keep their license?

You get one DUI, you are a stupid ass. I don't care how "easy" you think it is... call a cab, call a friend, just don't drive. If you think it's too easy to get a DUI, do your drinking at home, bring a designated driver, etc.

If you get one DUI, you should have to have this license plate put on your car for a few years after you get your license back.

If you get more than one DUI, your license should be taken away for increased number of years.

Please allow me to quip:

Cars are weapons when you're loaded.
2004-03-23 08:16:33 PM  
I will say this....slightly drunk people are the safest drivers in the world. Why? Because you're ass is dead-on the speed limit, in the center of your lane, and not cutting anyone off.
2004-03-23 08:18:14 PM  

Well, when you put it that way, go ahead. Drink and do something stupid enough to warrant being pulled over not once, not twice, but three times AND still get to keep your license.

You see nothing wrong with that?
2004-03-23 08:21:54 PM  
Give first time DUI offenders a nice shiney plate that declares to the world they don't care if they put everyone elses life at risk. And make it so cars with those license plates can be pulled over and the drivers breath tested for no reason other than they have their "I am a retard drunk driver" plates.
I hate drunk drivers.
2004-03-23 08:24:56 PM  

slightly drunk people are the safest drivers in the world.

2004-03-23 08:25:40 PM  
This is like the "scarlet letter" idea in the 18th century, but this time for a more sensible reason.

Why stop with licence plates?

Why not tattoo the words "DRUNK" in big, red letters accross the perps forehead?

Or, stick a big sign on his lawn "I'm a drunk SOB and was convicted of vehicular manslaughter"?

It'd serve some of those politicians right (like that pickled guy from BC that got busted in Hawaii)

Of course, the red tattoo idea on Ted Kennedy's forehead wouldn't work. He's already too red!
2004-03-23 08:26:00 PM  
i think anyone convicted of any crime should have to have their face tattooed with words describing the nature of whatever the offense was.

and they should lose their right drive, vote, have children, or own property.

why should proponents of dead-daddy/dead-child legislation get special rights in this arena?
2004-03-23 08:31:22 PM  
and they should lose their right drive, vote, have children, or own property.

or, conversely, I should drag their stupid stick-figure shiatbag self out of their Fords and beat the big red nose out the other side of their drunk ass. This is legislation I can live with.
2004-03-23 08:33:32 PM  
What about the family of the driver? Most of these license proposals apply to all vehicles registered to the family.
Just because someone's mom/dad can't separate their drinking from their driving doesn't mean they should get the stigma of these plates.
2004-03-23 08:49:30 PM  
2004-03-23 08:24:56 PM Dawg is Dead
slightly drunk people are the safest drivers in the world.

*cough*asswithnosenseofhumorwhocouldn'tidentifyajokeifitwascrammeduphi​sass*cou gh*
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