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2801 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Dec 2001 at 8:08 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-21 08:17:58 AM  
Well you said's true.
2001-12-21 08:25:16 AM  
I'm going to write some slash!
2001-12-21 08:27:21 AM  
okay, i was gonna say "but, but I LIKE futurama." but then i checked out the link...hmmmmmmm
2001-12-21 08:29:26 AM  
This would be a much better concept if it were more like the show. By that, I mean "funny" and not "OMG FRY <3'S L33LA TH3Y WANT 2 HAVE 4032MILLION BABI3Z."
2001-12-21 08:52:38 AM  
Yep. I'm a fan of the show, but not a fan of the fan fiction.
( post, I'll have to try to get the word 'fan' into a sentence 4 times..)
2001-12-21 08:56:16 AM  
Futurama is still on tv?
2001-12-21 08:57:32 AM  
I actually like Futurama BETTER than the Simpsons.
2001-12-21 09:00:08 AM  
This should have been
img.fark.netView Full Size
2001-12-21 09:24:24 AM  
Goddam futurama hugging hippies. Get a life !
2001-12-21 09:26:08 AM  
I ain't gonna front, back in the days I (along with many of you)thought Jessica Rabbit was the shiat, but man this is just insane, someone should try to get this guy laid along with the little sick boy.
2001-12-21 10:16:44 AM  
i have this beat...I have seen transormers:beast wars erotic fan fiction.. (thanks to the somethingawful link of the day)

futurama is better than the simpsons... the simpsons is too old now... and back in the day i too thought jessica rabbit was a smokin' hottie
2001-12-21 10:26:10 AM  
Futurama is hit or miss, some episodes are vastly funny and some just leave me dry. Of course, if Fox ever actually SHOWED new episodes of Futurama my opinion might change....
2001-12-21 11:02:55 AM  
Rtreynor: I am a fan of fan(dom). While I'm not the #1 fan, I am still a Top 10 fan. I have fans, but they are not the things of which I am a fan.
2001-12-21 11:37:49 AM  
At least it isn't FULL HOUSE fan fiction... Aaaaaaagh!
2001-12-21 11:38:55 AM  
FishBulb: technically, they show it every week. And if that day's football game happens to be 45-60 minutes shorter than usual, we just may get to see it!
2001-12-21 12:10:54 PM  
Full house fan fiction!.. i am soo there
bob saggt:hey.. "i fark my mom"

uncle jessie: "i am trying to revive the fonz look"

that guy who tries to be like the black guy who makes noises in the police acadmey movies: "cut-it-out"

olsen twins: "even back then we were annoying a fark"
2001-12-21 01:28:03 PM  
God damn, I hate fanfiction. "Hey, I'm not creative enough to come up with my own characters, so I'll take established ones and write really poorly for them!"

Stupid idiots.

Just read the "Julia Meets" fanfic. "Now I can be in my fav show! HURRAY! Time to sniff more glue!"
2001-12-21 01:49:32 PM  
Where's the futurama PORN at?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
2001-12-21 01:50:48 PM  
Fan fiction aside, thats a great site for a great show.

Did you see the attack on area 51 sequence in last weeks ep? Better than movie quality animation, it was fantastic.
2001-12-21 02:20:48 PM  
Achtung never read fan fiction.

it sux balls

all hail futurama
2001-12-21 03:59:52 PM  
i will never understand this
2001-12-21 04:14:03 PM  
Futurama is cool but god damn FOX puts on other shows in it's time slot. I mean they had the season premier a few weeks ago and it's been repeats already.
2001-12-21 04:18:32 PM  
2001-12-21 04:39:38 PM  
The whole fanfiction genre is sad. These people need to make their reentry into the real world soon, before all hell breaks loose.
2001-12-21 06:24:44 PM  
Futurama is a great show if they'd just put it in a different time slot.

Favorite Futurama moment:

At the edge of the universe, Fry looks across to another universe where everyone is the same except they have cowboy hats.

"So theres an infinite number of universes!?"

Professor: "No, just the two."
2001-12-22 04:29:33 AM  
Wierd; I knew a guy once who wrote one of the stories on that site. He died earlier this year; lost a leg to some wacko survivalist's dead-fall trap and then during surgery the doctors accidentally gave him an anaesthetic he was allergic to. He left me his laptop though, which was pretty cool of him.
2001-12-22 05:31:51 AM  
I only thought Judy Jetson and Daffany off of Scooby-Doo where hot. Lela doesnt do it for me........WHAT IN THE HELL AM I SAYING THESE ARE CARTOONS DAMN I NEED TO GET OUT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!
2001-12-22 04:08:37 PM  
Coming soon: Family Matters fan fiction!
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