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(rmoose)   Farker who rescued dog in Oklahoma decides to keep him.   ( divider line
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2111 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Dec 2001 at 10:14 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-21 10:17:12 AM  
He probably didn't get time to read my suggestions before they were deleted.
2001-12-21 10:17:44 AM  
Yay! Good for you. He looks like an awesome dog. Maybe one day he will save your life or something.
2001-12-21 10:17:53 AM  
I actually have tears in my eyes. First a dying boy who gets his final wish, and now this.

Maybe people aren't so bad after all.

Good for you, Mr. Doggy Hero.
Rot in Hell, Doggy abusers!
2001-12-21 10:19:16 AM  
awe.... wow, what a great christmas story!
2001-12-21 10:20:56 AM  
that sucks. i was trying to get that dog!
2001-12-21 10:25:44 AM  
Congratulations!! He looks like an excellent dog!
2001-12-21 10:32:44 AM  
well thats all very gay isnt it.
2001-12-21 10:41:39 AM  
Link to story behind the line "A dog is man's best friend"
A must read for anyone who loves dogs!
2001-12-21 10:43:22 AM  
Way to go, dude! I hope you and poochie are successful! Happy holidays!
2001-12-21 10:43:58 AM  
That is a sweet story. The sad part is there is millions of dogs just as sweet as he is who too have been abused and thrown away. Everyone should visit a shelter and adopt an animal and give it a good home
2001-12-21 10:46:53 AM  
Good for you R!
2001-12-21 10:51:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Kitty-cop gives you a hero's thank you!
2001-12-21 11:00:15 AM  
lol 3m ta3
2001-12-21 11:01:58 AM  
A perfect use of the HERO tag.
2001-12-21 11:08:19 AM  
A proud day to be an Oklahoman! WTG!
2001-12-21 11:20:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-21 11:34:59 AM  
Truly an awesome christmas tale. Hopefully santa will bring the cute doggy some goodies!

Merry Xmas kidz,
2001-12-21 11:37:43 AM  
Kudos to you, my friend.

Yesterday, I went to Walgreens and saw one of those robot dogs chained to a magazine rack. Whenever people walked by, it would whimper and whine and try to walk towards you.
It kinda made me sad.
Am I the biggest dork who ever lived?
2001-12-21 11:41:29 AM  
Very noble. That looks like a very sweet and adorable dog that deserves a good home and I think he couldn't have found a better place than with you. Anyone who'd be willing to put up a webpage to find the dog a good home would certainly be more than able to give him the kind of care he needs.
2001-12-21 11:44:38 AM  
Good job! He looks like a great dog, and I feel just a little bit better for seeing this.
2001-12-21 11:47:25 AM  
It's not slobbery kisses,
2001-12-21 11:58:48 AM  
2001-12-21 12:11:12 PM  
FB: I saw your comments you made to the Boobies about the dog, and to put it bluntly: you are sick.

If you don't like dogs, that is fine with me..but please keep your comments to yourself. What you said was down right rude (even by fark standards).

On a lighter note,

I took Boy Wonder to flyball last night and he had a great time which I was happy to see. Honestly, I think that deciding to keep him is the best decision that I could have made. Even if I knew he was going to a good family, the doubt would always be in my mind as to wheather he is being taken care of, etc... Atleast with him staying with me and my friend, I know for a fact that he will be happy, and live a full life.
2001-12-21 12:13:23 PM  
and no..i didn't say boobies... the damn filter changed "f.i.r.s.t. p.o.s.t." to it.
2001-12-21 12:20:06 PM  
Call me cynical but... I see the original dog owner suing the crap out of the people that saved this dog. idiot: "They stole my dog."
judge: "But you put it in a plastic bag and threw it in a garbage can."
idiot: "That reminds me. I also want to sue for slander. I was innocently keeping my dog tied near a garbage can. He chewed off the leash and climbed into the plastic bag himself. Then the defendent stole the bag and alerted the press."
judge: "Your right. I sentence you Dog Hero to 6 months in prison for stealing the dog and $1.5 million for slander and emotional damage towards the victim."

It would happen if it was a child custody case.
2001-12-21 12:25:26 PM  

I don't say mean things about you on fark. I don't see why you have to be mean to me.
2001-12-21 12:30:32 PM  
Poor Fb- maybe someone needs to adopt him as well.
2001-12-21 12:40:09 PM  
Adopt him my ass.

Fb needs to be nutered without anesthesia... then put to sleep
2001-12-21 12:42:19 PM  
That's awesome!! You are too good, I hope you and Doggy are very happy together!
2001-12-21 12:51:35 PM  
Yeah! You made a good choice by keeping the dog!
2001-12-21 12:56:57 PM  
And you even took him to flyball! This is getting to be a sappy thread, but I'll add one more dripping thought. Keep going to flyball. Meet other dog people. They are neat. They (along with Boy Wonder) could very well be your x-mas gifts.
2001-12-21 12:58:57 PM  
Awesome,I think everyone at Fark somewhat adopted BW as their own.Maybe this will inspire some folks to go out to an animal shelter and adopt a good pet.Border Collie's are great dogs Rmoose,I hope you have a frisbee
2001-12-21 12:59:04 PM  
3M TA3:Cliche kitty-cop is awesome. Almost can't type through the laughter.
2001-12-21 01:05:56 PM  
Several animal shelters are in dire need right now. If you are able to, please donate. They are desperate.

Rmoose I salute you.
2001-12-21 01:06:59 PM  
Groundhog:I agree
2001-12-21 01:08:07 PM  
Rmoose: just be sure your doggie doesn't figure out how to dial 911, or else the cops will come and find all your pot.
2001-12-21 01:41:12 PM  
I hate when people let their animals crawl all over their sofa and bed and whatnot. Do you realize that even though they are cute, these animals are filthy? I hope you all get mites.
2001-12-21 01:49:13 PM  
I lived in oklahoma and you would be sick to see how many suffering animals there. In one part of OKC there is a half starved rottie/pitbull in every yard(for defence dont ya' know) and the number of abandoned cats staggers the mind. my wife and I rescued two cats in bethany ok and brought em home with us to new england.
2001-12-21 01:50:56 PM  
ps..MOOSE you rule! hope you and the doggie have a nice life(no im not being funny)
2001-12-21 01:52:53 PM  
DrDave: Let's be humane here. If we neuter him, I say we wait around and see if he's tolerable after the testosterone calms down.

Eli: I'll bet you also break down in tears if you get a dribble of urine on the toilet seat. I let my rats stick their heads in my mouth.
2001-12-21 01:55:39 PM  
3M TA3:
excellent cat! lol!!
2001-12-21 01:55:48 PM  
Oh, yeah. Almost forgot: Congratulations to Rmoose! That looks like one cool dog. There's your reward for saving him.
2001-12-21 02:08:20 PM  
Bonobo Yeah, good thinking. Animals are not people, and that's that. I'd hate to see what your toilet looks like... Do you let your dog shiat on the floor too?

The only way I would put a rat in my mouth was if it was cooked and I was going to eat it. Don't complain when you get scabies or the bubonic plague.

Living in NYC, I also think it's terrible that people would get a dog and keep it inside a tiny apartment all day. Dogs (and cats) need to be able to go outside for play, catching things, whatever. It's in their nature and it isn't fair to deny them that.
2001-12-21 02:12:25 PM  
Eli: Please tell me you're kidding. I know some people have that hideous phobia of germs. Are you one of them?
2001-12-21 02:14:42 PM  
Hoopyfrood, good for you! The other day I rescued a half-grown cat that was crying in the Kroger parking lot. He is the sweetest thing. It really upsets me that there are so many abandoned and unwanted animals in this world. So people get your pets fixed!
2001-12-21 02:21:25 PM  
Bonobo Actually I'm probably just overreacting because one of my friends just bought a $200 designer dog collar... I've decided I won't get any pets until I can take care of them properly, which in the case of a dog means a yard. A mouse might be cool though. How do you like having a rat?

I still wouldn't let a dog in my bed, but that's just personal preference. A nice warm female human is much much better.
2001-12-21 02:26:24 PM  
Meep: Amen to that mah brutha! The day before Thanksgiving, we ran across some white trash kid in Safeway holding a 4-week old kitten (the usual time for taking them away from their mother is 8 weeks). The kid told us "My mom said we had to get rid of all the kittens and this is the last one." We got the little bugger home and found out he was infested with fleas - hundreds of them, enough to make this little guy's life completely miserable (if not kill him). Apparently, their unspayed cat had been allowed to roam free, got knocked up, had a litter outside, and the whole lot of them got infested.

4 or 5 baths later, plus multiple daily flea-combings, and my girlfriend has this hyper but cool (as far as cats go) kitten. When he's old enough, he's losing his balls.
2001-12-21 02:29:23 PM  
Well, Fb- you just can't stop being an asshole, can you? I suppose being the way you are, you've never had the love and devotion of .. well... anything. Do us all a favor and shut up.
2001-12-21 02:32:10 PM  

Eat some peaches and call me when you calm down.. mmmkay?

[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-21 02:32:27 PM  
RMoose, Thanks a lot, man, you're the best. Thinking about that poor dog, being confused and in flux between homes, not understanding... well, you're a good man and I know your new pet will give you lots in return for your kindness. Thanks again, you're truly a hero.
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