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4756 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Dec 2001 at 10:14 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-21 10:19:00 AM  
I thought you guys were talking about my weenie again.
2001-12-21 10:19:00 AM  
No, squid is NOT "mmmm"
2001-12-21 10:19:45 AM  
No, squid is not "mmmm." Do not eat squid. Bad for you. Ladies can eat Skwid, tho.
2001-12-21 10:22:12 AM  
I'm not sure I get it.
2001-12-21 10:23:05 AM  
The heck with King Crab Legs - I wanna try me some King Calamari!
2001-12-21 10:27:16 AM  
Ok. Squid, Skwid, me, Skwid? Right...nevermind.

That article rules. There's also a type of squid that has bioluminescent flashbulbs on their two primary tentacles. There's still scientific speculation that the largest living species of animal may well be a type of squid, so deep within the trenches of the ocean depths that we may never find enough remains of one to be certain...
2001-12-21 10:27:28 AM  
Did Tsubaki post this article? She loves squid. Not skwidd, although I'm sure he's a nice enough guy.
2001-12-21 10:28:33 AM  
Skwid: There's also a type of squid that has bioluminescent flashbulbs on their two primary tentacles.

Was I the only one who read that as "...on their two primary testicles"?
2001-12-21 10:30:42 AM  
"Arrr, squiddy, I got nothin' against ya, I just heard there was gold in yer belly, harrrr, harrrr, harrr"
2001-12-21 10:31:24 AM  
squids do the darndest things
2001-12-21 10:32:43 AM  
Keep your submersible do-hickeys out of bikini bottom! Squidward never hurt nobody!
2001-12-21 10:34:05 AM  
You are are nuts. Deep Fried Breaded Squid rocks
2001-12-21 10:38:20 AM  
Skwid: I get your pun, ummmmm, just not the article or why it is here.
2001-12-21 10:40:30 AM  
Ya see, aside the moral dillemma, I tried deep fried squid once, and it tasted like they just threw some rubber bands in the deep fat frier...It didn't make much of a difference how much sauce I drowned the little guys in...

Poor li'l skwids...I bet THEY didn't get a last request for a dirty, dirty, "Sex Worker."
2001-12-21 10:41:27 AM  
I think this is pretty interesting. Think about it, if there's still 20-some foot long things down there that we don't know about, there's gotta be some other pretty weird shiat too.
2001-12-21 10:42:13 AM  
Nesta, Nesta, Nesta! The article is here because it is a scientific discovery. I don't know how much you read, but it simply accentuates the fact that we know 2 things about the creatures of the deep.

Jack (who thankfully got laid before dying), and shiat.
2001-12-21 10:48:56 AM  
squid should be cooked in olive oil with garlic.
2001-12-21 11:07:03 AM  
Mmm... tentacles...
2001-12-21 11:07:51 AM  
2001-12-21 11:14:20 AM  
That would make one heck of a squid salad, I say.

Or how about sauteed with oil and garlic... hmmmmmm [drool]
2001-12-21 11:22:58 AM  
2001-12-21 11:43:37 AM  
NPR actually has the video!
2001-12-21 11:44:04 AM  
Cool article - Squid are cool and a bit scary. There are some off the coast of Mexico that are very agressive and have attacked humans. I think they are only five feet long. Cool!
2001-12-21 11:44:58 AM  
Only 20'? Blue whales eat giant squid and have been captured with 12" sucker marks on their heads. If these are the ones they attack and eat, how big are the squid the whales take one look at and say "No way Jose!"

It is cool they've found another entire arm of the squid family...
2001-12-21 11:55:16 AM  
Skwid: You know entirely too much about squid.
2001-12-21 12:02:19 PM  
That NPR site also has video clips. Cool stuff. I wish I were a squid scientist!
2001-12-21 12:03:43 PM  
What's the big deal? Those little bastards show up in my bathtub all the time.
I need to call an exterminator one of these days.
2001-12-21 12:04:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

'Ere wee see de gian squid, deneezen of dee deep...
2001-12-21 12:05:35 PM  
The only Frenchman I can honestly say that I admire.
2001-12-21 12:05:36 PM  
Nah, Squids rule... There's also a type of octopus (the noble cousin of the squid), that has the most unique body morphing/discoloration attributes ever known. This little guy can change the color of his skin, flex his cartilage-filled body around so much, that it has been witness to imitate many different sharks, rocks, even fair-sized sponges. People greatly underestimate the wrath that can grow from eating the little brothers of kickass sea creatures...Let you calamari lovers be forewarned...

2001-12-21 12:14:47 PM  
Skwid: yeah I saw a show about that. It's called the 'mimic octopus', for lack of a better name. This was showing it shaping itself and swimming as if it were a flounder. Very cool.
2001-12-21 12:22:38 PM  
Skwid: Cuttlefish rock!
2001-12-21 12:32:36 PM  
Clscjones: That's it! I couldn't remember (no matter how simple) the name they were applying to it for the time being...I wish I could do keen stuff like that, and morph into Britney Spears and deface her career..


2001-12-21 12:35:11 PM  
Skwid; Why do you know so much about squid? Are you an oceanographer? Are you Dr. Doolittle? I don't know anyone with a fascination of squid, quite like yours. You confuse me. And, scare me a little.
(but I like your creative spelling)
2001-12-21 12:39:34 PM  
Dllsgrlz: Ah, this just came from my high school nickname being skwid...I ended up deciding to do research on the Giant Squid, and all the bizarre Cephalopods of the deep. I don't think there is a species of any sizeable mass that has so many interestingly strange variations of physical attributes. I scare many people, but mostly because I won't tell them HOW I got the nickname Skwid.

*evil grin*
2001-12-21 12:40:54 PM  
she growls........I bet I know how you got that name...
2001-12-21 12:41:40 PM  
sizeable mass
strange variations
physical attributes
2001-12-21 12:43:28 PM  
Sperm whales eat giant squid, Walkman... Blues are filter feeders. (They'd go for the shrimp salad instead of the calimari-)

Still... That new squid a cool and wicked looking beast.
2001-12-21 12:45:14 PM  
Now let's hope some discovers a 500ft. fryer and 50 gallons of seafood sauce.
2001-12-21 12:49:22 PM  
This is why I avoid the ocean like the plague. That and my mother was murdered at the beach right before my eyes and tossed out into the ocean, but that doesn't have any relevence here.
2001-12-21 12:52:21 PM  
Hmm, why the growl, dllsgrlz?
2001-12-21 12:53:24 PM  
See, MisterSparkle, now you're hurting my feelings...
2001-12-21 12:58:27 PM  
Yeah, I picked the wrong whale. Thanks for the correction.

"Mimic octopus"? If it's so good at mimicking different creatures, are you sure it really is an octopus? Maybe it's actually a flounder pretending to be an octopus or maybe it's really an intelligent rcok...
2001-12-21 01:10:47 PM  
The only thing that squid is good for is for fishing bait. You won't catch me eating that slimy shiat.
2001-12-21 01:11:10 PM  
Hehehehe...a very good point, Walkman...We should always entertain even the slightest possibility of intelligent rocks and other neat oddities...It could, by all means, be an alien trickster that's farkin' with our heads....That'd rule.
2001-12-21 01:13:59 PM  
I guess the article was made for you, huh Skwid? Now, if only someone would post a Jakjak article...
2001-12-21 01:19:04 PM  
Ok, Dolodar, when the Giant Alien squid uses you for bait to catch carnivorous reptiles, don't come cryin' to 0l' Skwid.
2001-12-21 01:21:15 PM  
Skwid: "This little guy can change the color of his skin, flex his cartilage-filled body around so much, that it has been witness to imitate many different sharks, rocks, even fair-sized sponges."

Sounds like Michael Jackson...
2001-12-21 01:22:07 PM  
Yeah, but the Mimic Octopus Eats small children, Michael Jackson just...oh, wait...I see the similarity.
2001-12-21 01:34:47 PM  
News flash

A 500 foot calamari attached the Sanfrancisco bay area.
Reports say that there is a run on Fry Daddies at WalMart....
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