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(ESPN)   Red Sox purchased for $700 million.   ( divider line
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1141 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Dec 2001 at 10:14 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-21 10:19:52 AM  
Go Drew!
2001-12-21 10:20:11 AM  
Dear Congress: Baseball is broke. We need money, boo hoo hoo. The Sox were worth at least $2.5 Billion and we had to settle for a paltry $700 mil. Our players are having to take second jobs as plumbers to supplement their meager multi-million dollar incomes. The owners are out with squeegees in the parking lots after games trying to scrape together a few bucks for some new bats.
2001-12-21 10:21:41 AM  
Screw the Sux, I hope baseball goes completely broke. Wait till you see ticket prices for the Sux next season, cuz you know who's going to pay for that!
2001-12-21 10:23:48 AM  
What does this mean for contraction, and if contraction doesn't go through this year, can Jeffrey Loria own two teams?

Who will want to buy the allegedly lame duck Expos?

Bud Selig has to be the biggest moron on earth.
2001-12-21 10:35:14 AM  
Yanks buy another world series, baseball flushes another season down the toilet. I'm growing more and more disinfranchised every season.

I wish they would strike.
2001-12-21 10:38:43 AM  
Fb-: I think the time for strike is ripe. The farking owners have been the initiators of this steep decline in our national pasttime. I for one will not be attending any games next season. Fark em all.
2001-12-21 10:51:04 AM  
Throw your support behind college baseball! Yeah it starts in February, and yeah we sometimes sit in the snow to watch games but there is nothing better. I sit right on top of the visitors dugout and pay just 2.12 a ticket! Can't beat that.
2001-12-21 11:44:05 AM  
No matter how much $$ someone spends on the Red Sux, they will never win the World Series.
The Curse of the Bambino lives!!!!
2001-12-21 11:46:48 AM  
How much money do I have to pay to punch Dan Duquette in the face?

Baseball is dead. Greed killed it.
2001-12-21 11:54:53 AM  

if dc gets a stadium deal in place, i betya they sell them to one of the groups interested in moving them to dc. The only problem with that scenario is that it weakens the contraction threat to minnesota, since supposedly they are going to contract 2 (not 1) team(s). they can always just say its the twins and devil rays, tho.

Otherwise its contraction for the expos and twins, and it'ld have to be this year. First, because there isnt anyone interested in buying the expos and keeping them in montreal and second if contraction is delayed a year, Loria could trade/give up the good players (guerrero, vidro) for next to nothing to the marlins. (i doubt they'ld cripple a teams ability to compete by placing a year-long ban on trades to keep him from doing that) no matter how bad the team is, he would pretty much be guaranteed $250 mi for contracting the expos.
2001-12-21 12:23:12 PM  
Ouroborus:Get in line buddy. And it is a long line at that.
2001-12-21 12:53:16 PM  
Fenway in my opinion, is the best ballpark around.

2001-12-21 01:10:28 PM  
Fat bob:Have you ever been there. Nostalgic,yes. Facilities SUCK Mens rooms are a joke. Way to many obstructed seats. Shall I continue?
2001-12-21 01:30:13 PM  
Fenway is the BEST ballpark, if:

a) you have been there once or twice and just can't shake the nostalgia ... or
b) you watch Red Sox games on TV - Fenway looks GREAT on TV.

As a die-hard Sox fan that attends approx. 5-10 games a year for the last 10 years or so, I can assure you that Fenway Park is a miserable place to watch a game on a regular basis. The facilities are decrepid, there is no way to maneuver the aisles/seats, your seats don't even face the diamond in most cases. Fenway is realllllll pretty to look at, but it has sure outstayed its welcome.
2001-12-21 01:32:08 PM  
groundhog- won't argue your points- quite valid. But for atmosphere, intimacy, and proximity to the playing field you can't beat Fenway. I just wish they'd tell the insurance wanks to shove it and sell something other than light beer. Hey new owners- you listening?
2001-12-21 01:33:50 PM  
and Homsar, if they do build a new park- i really hope they don't try to mimic the old one- as if the Green Monster has EVER done us any favors...
2001-12-21 01:40:35 PM  
Homsar and Toonz:Agree with points in both posts. My solution. A new stadium with Fenways exact field dimensions but completely new shell from frnt row of stands out
2001-12-21 01:42:40 PM  
Sorry. I say keep the monster even if it did make a hero out of Bucky farkin'Dent.
2001-12-21 01:50:53 PM  
I agree, Groundhog ... that would be great.

The only people you ever see complaining about renovating Fenway with their "Save Fenway!" green bumper stickers are the ones that don't even attend the games (usually ends up being some 50-year old housewife or something), they see Fenway on TV every so often, and they "Ooh!" and "Ahh!" over the 'quaintness' of this historic landmark ... and then determine that it must stay at all costs. Ugh.
2001-12-21 02:05:55 PM  
$250 million players.

Small market teams are being wiped out

Billion $ stadium naming contracts

$30 tickets

My love for baseball is fading more and more every season. Free agency and expansion has ruined the game.
2001-12-21 02:19:52 PM  
Baseball sucks! I mean who is worth $120 Million dollars! I mean if he was curing cancer or AIDs or found OBL, then that would be a different story.
2001-12-21 02:23:42 PM  
The guy that bought the Red Sox also owns the Marlins. MLB sees nothing wrong with that.

2001-12-21 02:56:03 PM  
The guy that bought the sox USED to own the marlins ... he's out now.

Lot of people are confusing this guy with Wayne Huyzienga, the guy that took them to the World Series then tore them apart. John Henry came in AFTER that and tried to clean up a huge mess ...
2001-12-21 03:00:51 PM  
Actually, the renovation calls for wider seats and aisles and repositioning the seats for a more comfortable angle towards the playing field. It's a nice idea...but. The problem is the foundation sucks and the location sucks. Traffic is bad enough there, and there are several large hospitals in the area trying to push ambulances through. Move it further out of town.

Maybe a shorter deeper "monster", if you can't live without it, but I don't like pop ups going for home runs and crushed line drives ending up as singles. That's just my opinion.
2001-12-21 03:02:31 PM  
Actually - after some careful reading, Henry still DOES own the Marlins ... but he's lookin' to sell! Any takers? :)
2001-12-21 03:12:07 PM  
Fb and Hank S.:John Henry is in the process of selling the Marlins to the former owner of the Montreal Expos and I believe it is all but finalized and they will stay put in Florida.
2001-12-21 03:19:27 PM  
Toonz:Thats the beauty of the "monster". And remember, it works that way for both teams.
2001-12-21 03:53:11 PM  
Groundhog- didn't mean to insinuate that it was one sided, the Wall giveth, and the Wall taketh away. But there's no need for it in a new park- it was put in because there wasn't space for a deeper field. If we all want to be really nostalgic, let's leave left field open- no wall, just a hill!
2001-12-21 03:56:11 PM  
fark New York and all the Yankees.

Suck my big salty balls.


(I am now signing off, having gotten the last word)
2001-12-21 03:56:45 PM  
eff the filter I wanted to say F. U. C. K.
2001-12-21 04:53:38 PM  
Toonz:Not really nostalgic but I like the way it itimidates some visiting players. It looksso close and easy to hit and hitters have a tendency (sp)to hit in that direction and make themselves look foolish till they go back to just trying to hit the ball instead of the wall.
2001-12-21 04:55:06 PM  
Groundhog: Not if they're left handed. Like Giambi...

Are the Sox really worth 700 mil? More like $7.00 according to my calculations.
2001-12-21 05:06:16 PM  
Increases in valuation like this actually means that EVERY baseball team makes a profit every year.
2001-12-21 05:57:37 PM  
The Sox signed Johnny Damon today. Hells yeah. We got Pokey Reese + Damon to outdo our team high 9 base-steals last season. I was looking at the sox line up and pitching rotation if they were to start the season today and its damn strong.

Thank God no Lansing, Everett, Offerman, Hatteburg (couldn't throw out a runner for his life) and Derek Lowe is now a starter not a closer.

Its looking good!
2001-12-21 09:31:13 PM  
Somebody's getting a load of crap for Christmas...
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