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(Teen Hollywood)   Email prank sends fan 3,625 miles to get stood up by Harry Potter   ( divider line
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25615 clicks; posted to Main » on 22 Mar 2004 at 10:18 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-22 09:05:43 AM  
This is a simple case of Muggle discrimination.

On a serious note, you would think that "Harry" would at least come out and say hello or something, after all their trouble, contest or not.
2004-03-22 09:08:05 AM  
...exactly what Gig said
2004-03-22 09:27:38 AM  
You would have thought that the parents would have enough common sense to investigate before buying a couple of round trip tickets from Chile to London.
2004-03-22 09:28:43 AM  
It would have been a nice gesture if he'd given the girl a few minutes. However, if he had, his doorstep would be covered by teenaged girls.
2004-03-22 09:32:22 AM  
Maybe he is on location at another shoot.

I would imagine that Radcliffe would be wise to get as much exposure as he can to avoid being typecast....

Remember Mark Hamill? Neither do I..
2004-03-22 09:38:20 AM  
Also a good point Possum.
2004-03-22 09:47:57 AM  
Remember Mark Hamill? Neither do I..

Isn't he an ice skater?
2004-03-22 09:57:11 AM  
The other Mark Hamill smartass...

[image from too old to be available]

Coming to mall near you real soon!!
2004-03-22 10:21:36 AM  
More evidence that people are stupid, and teens are stupider still.
Messing with teen minds is like shooting wounded prey. No sport.
2004-03-22 10:24:09 AM  
ahhhhhhhh.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha.ha..............ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.ha.ha.ha.ha.h​a.ha.ha said 'Chili'........

2004-03-22 10:24:14 AM  
I kinda feel bad for the girl, to be honest. She's a kid.

The parents should have investigated, yes, but the actor still should have come out to say hi, at least.
2004-03-22 10:25:46 AM  
At least it wasn't the home of some big fat hairy man with taped glasses and a Magic Marker lightning bolt on his forehead. Wearing diapers.
2004-03-22 10:27:19 AM  
You know he's up in his room going "Pbbbffff, I got another one to fall for it".
2004-03-22 10:27:21 AM  
He was probably just taking a shiat or something. I'm sure he would have said hello if he could have.
2004-03-22 10:29:07 AM  
people like this are the reason that internet hoaxes are still around. If only they had a little common sense, but then again i guess now their common cents are gone too.
2004-03-22 10:29:16 AM  
How come they're smart enough to find the Radcliffe's home but not smart enough to figure out this was a trick?

Maybe they made the story up hoping the actor would take pity and meet the kid.
2004-03-22 10:31:24 AM  
This is not a hoax! Be careful when you pump gas into your car. There are sickos out there who are putting AIDS-infected needles on the pump handles so they can infect other people! Check the pumps, everyone!

Send this to 12 other people and your greatest wish will come true.
2004-03-22 10:31:52 AM  
I blame her parents.

It is one thing for a kid to fall for this, the parents are suppose to have BS meters. Their inability to protect their child from something like this makes me feel bad for their kids.
2004-03-22 10:31:58 AM  
Maybe he did come out and say "hello" to the girl, but to keep fans away they just cover that part up.

/eternal optimist and idiot
2004-03-22 10:32:48 AM  
this stinks of bs.. you wouldve thought they'd call first? i feel sorry for the kid, having parents as dim as that
2004-03-22 10:33:45 AM  
Gig103, no. If he actor visited with the family, the newspaper article would be a feel-good story, for sure. But then the actor would find that every yahoo in the world knocking on his door, claiming they received the e-mail too. Maybe that family has learned a thing or two about hoax e-mails. They got what they deserved.
2004-03-22 10:35:14 AM  
In other news, gullible STILL not listed on
/DOROTHY Hamill was the figure skater.
2004-03-22 10:35:27 AM  

you say that like it's a bad thing...?
2004-03-22 10:35:38 AM  
This is Darwinism applied to money; if you're stupid enough to fall for that kind of ridiculous prank, you deserve to lose the money anyway.
2004-03-22 10:36:24 AM  
that was COLD-BLOODED!!!

2004-03-22 10:37:25 AM  
If that was my kid I'd have said look sweetie, does this Harry Potter kid think we're made of money? Why can't he fly out to meet you instead of making us use up our life savings?
2004-03-22 10:38:03 AM  
She's doubly stupid. If she knew anything about the British school system, she'd know it's currently term-time at Hogwarts.
2004-03-22 10:39:02 AM  
lightning bolt!
lightning bolt!
lightning bolt!
2004-03-22 10:39:20 AM  
fleener: yeah, Possum pointed that out. never having to deal with celebrity, I didn't think about it.

Oh, and to the girl from Chile: My cousin is the former prince of Nigeria, he needs your assistance :-P
2004-03-22 10:40:52 AM  
One time I got this email from a very nice Nigerian businessman who wished me a good day and invited me into the deal of a life time...

/my 2 dollars worth about scams.
2004-03-22 10:41:02 AM  
I'm trying to form an opinion on this article, but I can't without more information. Depending on if she's just a kid or not, I can feel sorry for her because she didn't know any better. If she's a teenager, I can make fun of her because she didn't know any better. Either way, she didn't know any better. I'm just trying to figure out if I'm a jerk for laughing or not.
2004-03-22 10:41:29 AM  
lightning bolt!
lightning bolt!
lightning bolt!

That's my favorite thing to watch when I'm feeling down.
2004-03-22 10:42:01 AM  
It really is quite unfortunate that they didn't figure out this was a hoax. I think my first clue would have been that the meeting was taking place at the guy's house, like, "Hey! I'm Daniel Radcliffe and I'd like to meet you. Come on over to my house, it's at ----."

I know most people aren't really experienced in such matters, but most celebrity meet-and-greets are held at a location like a conference room or something, not said celebrity's house.
2004-03-22 10:42:16 AM  
Yeah they should have verified that this was on the level before traveling out there.

Classic example of stupidity. These people could have been lured to a killer or kidnapper.

I could rant more but why. Their 15 minutes is up.
2004-03-22 10:42:27 AM  
Also, don't flash your brights to other drivers who aren't using their headlights. They will circle back and shoot you as part of a gang initiation!
2004-03-22 10:42:47 AM  
If this story is true, it's just one more reason why you gotta love the internet.
2004-03-22 10:42:53 AM  
a hoax with his actual home address on it claiming that you need to fly to him??????

not sure which part is stranger? sounds like one of little harry potters enemies from school/the neighborhood is having some fun with his magic wand called email hoaxes.
2004-03-22 10:43:36 AM  
Because there is very little detail given about this girl from Chile and also because you would think that there would be some mention of this in the British press-from what I've seen there is not, I would have to put this down to that bastion of journalism: a fabricated story.
2004-03-22 10:44:11 AM  
How can no one remember Mark Hammill??! Especially after this starring turn:

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-22 10:44:19 AM  
I read this story somewhere else a week or two ago. Apparently 'Harry' was away for a couple of weeks at the time (don't know where), so it's not just a case of the parents telling this wee girl to fark off for the hell of it.
2004-03-22 10:44:20 AM  
People will believe any damn thing they read on this Intarweb. I love it when asstards get screwed over, I hope her parents beat the crap out of her and then themselves for listening to their daughter. That little Harry Potter dork probably didn't want to meet her because he thought her retardation might be contagious.
2004-03-22 10:44:50 AM  
britgent:- It's on Ananova too, so you're probably right.
2004-03-22 10:45:51 AM  
Maybe I'm just a very, very sick monkey, but whenever I hear the name "Harry Potter" I get the mental image of an old English 'bird' in need of a trim.

A really good friend of mine is from Chile and he told me that many people save their whole lives just to make the journey to Canada or The U.S. to attempt to immigrate. So if these people have enough money to shuffle off to England on some email invitation I say HA!HA! It's Karma baby!
2004-03-22 10:46:30 AM  
2004-03-22 10:47:37 AM  
Scott Hamilton was the skater
2004-03-22 10:49:25 AM  
I'm with britgent. I mean, there are dumb people out there, but how would they have gotten his address? How would the 'hoaxer' have gotten it?

Besides, everyone knows they don't have email in Chili.
2004-03-22 10:49:37 AM  
2004-03-22 10:50:05 AM  
He skated on the planet Hoth.
2004-03-22 10:50:43 AM  
Scott Hamilton was the skater

No, George Hamilton was the skater. Scott Hamilton is the actor.
2004-03-22 10:52:16 AM  
britgent:- It's in The Sun too, so you're definately right.
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