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(, via /.)   Scary: New Windows worm that erases your boot sector. Ironic: It only attacks people running BlackIce   ( divider line
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16620 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Mar 2004 at 10:19 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-20 10:21:37 PM  
That's why you do things the macho way... no firewall! Bwahahaha.

(And no, you don't have to explain to me how stupid that is. I'm just too lazy to care, and I have antivirus type things running.)
2004-03-20 10:21:39 PM  
2004-03-20 10:21:51 PM  
oh goody... a saturday night OS flame war when it actually has nothing to do with operating systems at all....
2004-03-20 10:22:29 PM  
Maybe if this thing takes out enough losers they'll start to pay attention to Internet Hygene.....

I mean a virus that made you unzip it with a password and run a probram being a success showed how stupid the average Internet user is, but this takes the cake....
2004-03-20 10:23:32 PM  
It's not a windows worm per actually attacks the firewall
2004-03-20 10:23:35 PM  
I'd hit it!
2004-03-20 10:25:04 PM  
What's BlackIce?
2004-03-20 10:27:50 PM  
good thing i use zone alarm.... under vmware running XP on linux... suckas'

not sure about you but i come to fark to get away from tech. I want to hear more about lip shaped urinals
2004-03-20 10:28:33 PM  
I've been speaking out against Black Ice since I was a certain corp's Web Ops Manager. It has more holes than swiss cheese. This is why I use ******* and ******* and ******* for firewall protection. (You think I'm actually going to say it??)

Hint: two of them are hardware rather than software firewalls.
2004-03-20 10:28:35 PM  
haha. those dependent on sw firewalls deserve this.
2004-03-20 10:29:37 PM  
It only attacks people wearing blackface? That's at least sort of progressive, right?
2004-03-20 10:30:02 PM  
I'm with macker. Less tech, more lip shaped urinals. Er, more boobies. That's what I meant. Really.
2004-03-20 10:31:20 PM  
Screw that virus crap. I only post when I'm not online. Ooops, gotta go...
2004-03-20 10:32:49 PM  
Farking Blaster worm could have erased your boot sector. If you got infected by Blaster or know somebody that did, you're truly lucky that the worm's writer was a dumbass.
2004-03-20 10:33:37 PM  
For the cost of a software firewall, you can just buy a hardware NAT with a built in WAP. Oh, and don't use outlook or explorer. Then even windows can be safe.
2004-03-20 10:34:09 PM  
I don't understand why Apple isn't jumping on the virus issue as a way of telling people to Switch. Everyone I know with Windows has a computer that's more infested with viruses than ... than anything
2004-03-20 10:34:58 PM  
is BlackIce the thing that is like Litestep, or similar? Or am I *COMPLETELY* confused?
2004-03-20 10:37:33 PM  
Everyone I know with Windows has a computer that's more infested with viruses than

Courtney Love's snatch?
2004-03-20 10:38:02 PM  
Gotta love teh iptables.
2004-03-20 10:39:21 PM  
You are totally confused. BlackIce is a software firewall program that is fairly popular and cheap to buy. This is a pretty bad vulnerability to be found in a corporate firewall.

Speaking of which, does anybody know of a software firewall (preferably free) to accompany my HW one. I need it to NOT have application protection or an ability to turn it off globally for my computer, and the ability to set certain ports to allow/block
2004-03-20 10:39:57 PM  
blackice is a suck shiat software firewall. eEYE found like 9 critical vulnerabilities in it.
2004-03-20 10:40:35 PM  
TRUST ME. You DO NOT want to run Zone Alarm. Anyway, this is a reason EVERYONE should use a hardware firewall. You can spare the 50 bucks.
2004-03-20 10:41:35 PM  
How I handle Black Ice problems.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-20 10:41:47 PM  
I work as dial up tech support. I told my boss about this and she said "What, a worm is attacking black guys?"
2004-03-20 10:42:30 PM  
That's crazy. So now we have to have second-level firewalls to guard against the bugs in the first-level firewall, which is guarding against bugs in the operating system, all of which shouldn't be necessary in the first place. Where does it end?! I really hate computer companies.
2004-03-20 10:43:15 PM  
What most of these internet retards need is a virus that not only causes hell on the network, but also takes out valuable portions of their computers. Then maybe the little farkers will actually protect their damn machines for a farking change instead of getting infected with every single farking virus out there.

/bitter network support guy
2004-03-20 10:43:49 PM  
guess Case has been busy
2004-03-20 10:44:01 PM  
Xieflow: you must be thinking of Black Box
2004-03-20 10:44:35 PM  
jesus christ. butt gravy ?!?!

2004-03-20 10:45:21 PM  
if your gonna run a hardware based firewall, make sure its a big red box firewall, made in seattle :)

I personally garantee its quality
2004-03-20 10:46:11 PM  
2004-03-20 10:44:01 PM Joey2cool
Xieflow: you must be thinking of Black Box

yarrr, that was it. I saw something like that on the Screensavers one day, and was thinking "Wow, this is 'news' to them? I've been using litestep for well over a year!"
2004-03-20 10:46:12 PM  
I think the admins approved this to sound smart (like those bastards at slashdot) but they have no idea too.

Just admit it. and no GIS to look smart either...
2004-03-20 10:48:20 PM  
Long, long ago, back when I used to use Windows, I used Sygate Personal Firewall (bottom of page). It's quite nice, a little difficult for a moron to set up, but it's not too bad. BlackIce has had problems for ages. As little faith I have in Gibson Research, I'm glad they point out the peice of shiat that BI is. If you want a _good_ (and I mean damn good) firewall, go get a BSD box and use ipfw.

I use Slackware now.

/obligitary Linux plug:
[image from too old to be available]
Linux + Slack = more slack.
2004-03-20 10:49:04 PM  
I use Zonealarm. What's wrong with it? Not a typewriter expert or anything, you know, but it seems to be ok.
2004-03-20 10:49:57 PM  
I don't have these virus problems because..., I can't say it. Sorry.
2004-03-20 10:50:36 PM  
So what's wrong with zonealarm? I've been recommending it to people for ages.

Of course, all those people ignored that and all my other recommendations, and came back to pay me 65$/hour to fix their stupidity.

Far as I can tell, my recommendations have been working out quite profitably.
2004-03-20 10:51:06 PM  
Software firewalls are to computer security as bulletproof vests are to personal safety.

A lot of people are being shot in the face right now.
2004-03-20 10:51:38 PM  
What's a virus? A country western singer like Billy Ray Cyrus? HAHAHAhaha. Ha.


No, seriously, what's a virus?

2004-03-20 10:51:44 PM  
macker: make sure its a big red box firewall [...]

Much better than those hot cocoa sampler box firewalls.
2004-03-20 10:51:47 PM  
Been using linux for a year or so now, but i have a couple friends who are stupider then even the average windows user...get this:

They were bragging about their firewall, and about how protected they were, and told me it was BlackIce... now, there are 2 stores in town that carry it, with 2 VERY different prices (10 bucks difference, which for college kids is a lot) and asked him where he bought it... Kappler or Freds? He said "Oh no, i downloaded it from this Warez site." He downloaded a firewall. From a bunch of Crackers who stripped it of copy protection, and probably a lot more to it *cough*backdoor*cough* and thought he was safe and protected. I laughed at him and explained he was probably worse off then before. We did a full format and fresh install.
2004-03-20 10:53:34 PM  
Hmm....I read an article about a vulnerability that has been discovered. There was no mention of a worm.
2004-03-20 10:53:35 PM  
"Much better than those hot cocoa sampler box firewalls."

you must never mention this cliche again!
2004-03-20 10:53:37 PM  
I have BlackIce--I just tried to download a patch from their website to correct the problem, and they want me to PAY for an upgrade registration key since my software is SOOO OLD (about a year).

Do need to add any addition comment about BlackIce and their level of suckage?
2004-03-20 10:54:27 PM  
I second Spratty's query. What's wrong with ZoneAlarm? My dad seems to have 10x the problems using McAfee's firewall.
2004-03-20 10:54:41 PM  
It seems that nearly all exploits involve buffer overflows.

How and why do such exploits continue to exist, be uncovered and taken advantage of?

Existing Software: Can't a simple utility be written to scour/test code for exploits? Or is it a matter of Will Not verses Can Not... *someone* has to be gaining (prestige, profits, etc) from "finding" these "accidentally released bugs".

To make a parallel... why are so many car parts seemingly manufactured to be "disposable" and "prone to failure"? It's no accident nor coincidence. The crooked bastards DESIGN AND ENGINEER them this way.

Future Software: I hope to f**k that code writers of today have paid attention to this Buffer Overflow Problem and, as such, are writing their code appropriately.

Or maybe they are not... and it is time to switch everything to Open Source.
2004-03-20 10:55:42 PM  
*cough cough* IfyouwereusingaMacintoshyou'dstillhaveyourbootsector *cough*

Woah, frog in my throat there.
2004-03-20 10:55:48 PM  
Hurrah for routers!
2004-03-20 10:56:03 PM  
too bad a more secure os like openbsd is unusable for most.
2004-03-20 10:57:19 PM  
Oh nijika, now you've gone and done it.
2004-03-20 10:59:09 PM  
dramatools, heh....

not that I am affiliated with firewall develop of big red boxes or anything, but big red boxes will keep skulls and poop out of hot cocoa sampler boxes
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