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(USA Today)   GTA3 - Car Jacking Game, revive yourself by sleeping with prostitutes   ( divider line
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8665 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2001 at 3:49 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-20 03:52:09 PM  
How? That wasn't in the manual!
2001-12-20 03:52:47 PM  
GTA rocked.
GTA 2 rocked even more.
I was psyched to see that GTA 3 came out. Why is it that they only notice now, though?
2001-12-20 03:53:29 PM  
In other games, injured players revive by finding food or medicine. In GTA3, players restore themselves by jumping into a car with a prostitute. They get their money back if they run her over afterward or attack her with a baseball bat.

And the problem is ... ?
2001-12-20 03:54:02 PM  
But Congress has taken notice. GTA3 received a "dishonorable mention" on the annual Video Game Violence Report Card by Sens. Joseph Lieberman, D-Conn., and Herb Kohl, D-Wis.

Go suck an egg.
2001-12-20 03:54:08 PM  
As a life-long Mafioso-wannabe I have played this dream of a game and love every bit of it. There's just something inherently eville about running down the yakuza to the background of an engine purring and opera music.

I wanna go home and play now...
2001-12-20 03:54:11 PM  
Anyone know where to get a copy? (besides the store)
2001-12-20 03:56:28 PM  
PS2 games are hard to crack right now, but keep checking FTP sites for it

Whore-Health trick for the uninformed: when hurting, drive up next to a prostitute. make sure she is on the passanger side. she'll bend down and talk to you. when she gets in the car, drive to a secluded alley way. the car will start rocking. You will se your health go up, and your money go down (roughly one HP to $2). you usually get about 40 HP in this way
2001-12-20 03:56:34 PM  
I think we should roundly condemn Monopoly. It teaches kids to swindle, and they leave the game thinking that money is all that matters.
2001-12-20 03:56:37 PM  
Quetzlgumby -- pull up next to a prostitute in a normal car (not a cop car or anything) and wait for her to lean over and get in the car. Drive off to a back alley somewhere and don't touch the controller. The car starts rocking, your health goes up, you lose money.

Speaking of which, I liked how the main way to get more health in this game is to pick up health packs, and the prostitute thing is a little in-game joke, yet this article basically implies the reverse.

This game doesn't belong in the hands of children. Yeah, no kidding. That's the idea of a Mature rating. Find a way to stop kids from getting it instead of saying that these games shouldn't be made.

I like this game a lot. I don't want to go on murderous rampages. Ocean's Eleven makes me want to be a criminal a lot more than this game, and that movie's only PG-13.
2001-12-20 03:57:04 PM  
wish I had a ps2
2001-12-20 03:57:45 PM  
Grand Theft Auto 3

[image from too old to be available]The game has an M(ature) rating.

Favorite quote from article: "Even industry spokesman Lowenstein thinks some games go too far, "but adult access to violent entertainment cannot be restricted just for the sake of preventing minors" from getting it."

Thank you. -End of arguement-
2001-12-20 03:57:59 PM  
Gah.. USA Today.. suck on it..
2001-12-20 03:58:20 PM  
"...players restore themselves by jumping into a car with a prostitute. They get their money back if they run her over afterward or attack her with a baseball bat."

Okay, I haven't played video games for years, but that description just kind of makes me want to go play this.. I think the whole article is really some weird reverse psycology ad..

And why would a M rating(17+) and an Adult rating(18+) make any difference to these sheltered idiots? They can't even see that if a kid can/can't handle something at 17 they won't really change in one more year?
2001-12-20 03:59:25 PM  
Was this article meant to be an endorsement?
I want that game even more now!
2001-12-20 03:59:47 PM  
We need a school shooting game.
2001-12-20 03:59:48 PM  
They didn't even mention the spiffy "bullet time" effect. Sheeesh, where are their priorities?
2001-12-20 03:59:54 PM  
Rosalea: me 2, I asked for one ofr xmas

2001-12-20 04:00:02 PM  
Gee thanks guys! I guess I was too busy running them over to try that.
2001-12-20 04:00:34 PM  
GTA3 is terrific. I think it goes a little far in letting you hit people with bats even after they're dead, but so it goes. I love 'taxi mode'. You steal a taxi and pick up fares, then drive like crazy to get them wherever on time. If you take more than, like, a minute they get out without paying. Then I run over them. Otherwise I accept their fare. The best is when you run over a policeman in front of someone and they still get into the car. I think that's a ride I would pass on...
2001-12-20 04:01:06 PM  
Joe Lieberman sucks. GTA3 rules. That damn bastard tries to take away everything. He is the guy who tried to get Jackass off the air. SCREW HIM. THIS IS AMERICA!
2001-12-20 04:02:18 PM  
This game sounds AWESOME!! Can we rape babies on it too?
2001-12-20 04:04:37 PM  
Not only does Lieberman hate violent Videogames, but Tipper Gore hates Obscene music...for being a bunch of liberals I thought that they would be against censorship...I was wrong, thank you Clinton Era.
2001-12-20 04:05:55 PM  
for those of you who don't know, it was Tipper who pushed for the little warnings on c.d's and made sure that things were bleeped on MTV and radio stations.
2001-12-20 04:06:05 PM  
Eau'd humanity.
2001-12-20 04:06:18 PM  
for you xbox fanboys out thier this aint comin to your system so HA!!!....and dont bring up articles from last year or from xbox sites cause thier wrong
2001-12-20 04:06:52 PM  
Am I the ONLY farker that finds the getting-your-money-back-by-maiming-the-hooker thing deeply disturbing?
2001-12-20 04:08:27 PM  

Actually the game's not that bad. GTA3 has a story like that of any movie, you're not just running around and murdering for no reason. You can though.

It can also really kick your ass for going crazy and causing a disturbance. There are reasonable consequences to your actions.

2001-12-20 04:08:59 PM  
GTA3 = one of the best games ever.

Get a few cheats and turn on libery city survivor, everyone walks around armed with all sorts of weaponry. The game has a new tone when even the grannies and hookers have assualt rifles and rocket launchers.
2001-12-20 04:10:36 PM  
This game is freakin awesome. You can just run over the hooker and get your money back.
2001-12-20 04:10:54 PM  
The first time I ever played that game, here's how it went:

1 - Grab a baseball bat
2 - Beat up an old guy
3 - When the paramedics show up, I jack the ambulance and run them over

And it all went downhill from there
2001-12-20 04:10:58 PM  
GTA3 is like a combination of Driver's 3D driving physics and GTA's interactivity. GTA3 is awesome. Every adult should own the game for its therapeutic qualities.

2001-12-20 04:11:43 PM  
Rabbito: I asked for a gamecube and a notebook computer. I think I'm getting socks.
2001-12-20 04:14:40 PM  
Best game of the year...

2001-12-20 04:14:46 PM  
GTA3 is definately in my top 5 of all time. Anyone who doesn't enjoy this game should really take a farking pill.

If you find beating up hookers in a video game disturbing then play the game but don't beat up on the hookers. Beat up on the pimps though - it's probably the best outlet for anxiety and stress that I have found.
2001-12-20 04:16:19 PM  
it's one of the reasons why i'm getting a PSX 2 in a couple of weeks! That and MGS2, and FFX :D.

Funny thing though... they listed Metal Gear Solid 2 as a game to avoid.... MGS had one of the best stories ever with a terrific message about nuclear weapons and storage...

Besides... who wouldn't want to play as a bad ass guy with a mullet?
2001-12-20 04:16:41 PM  
1-Get a hooker
2-oral treats
3-pay her
4-beat her to get your money back

Isn't it like that everywhere?, I didn't need a video gametoshow me that?
2001-12-20 04:18:08 PM  
This game is absolutely the best. I love that I can play and fark around all I want in between the missions and it doesn't hinder the rest of the game. I also like that you can beat people for cash.
2001-12-20 04:18:16 PM  
I guess I'm just getting old...
2001-12-20 04:18:57 PM  
Rosalea: I always wondered if asking for socks gets you what you really wanted

2001-12-20 04:20:15 PM  
The worst thinga bout this game is actually going outside after playing it and imagining that every car can be carjacked. Damn, now I want to leave work and beat up some hookers.

Oh wait, that's what I'm about to do.
2001-12-20 04:21:15 PM  
This game has stolen so many hours from me, and I love it for it.
Going up the top off a high rise building and sniping innocent people below is great. Only the police helicopters can get you and the police on the ground can be taken care of by simply dropping a grenade over the side. AWESOME!

I finished the the game the other day (the last main mission that brings up credits) and still love doing all the side missions left over. Like stealing all the cars on the import /export lists or blowing up gang member cars with radio control cars.

The thing I don't like about the game is the fact that I want more missions. This game would be the perfect reason for the PS2 hard drive upgrade so you could add more missions to the game. Oh, and why can't you swim, even for a little bit?

The story didn't even mention the rampage missions, the goal of which is to kill or destroy a certain amount of targets before time runs out. (the ones using the shotgun suck)
2001-12-20 04:21:34 PM  
Dec. 25th... PS2 under the tree... GTA3 in my stocking... I'm so freakin' excited.

Played it at the in-laws over U.S. turkey day... could not put the controller down... When my bro-in-law showed me the Hooker trick... well I was ROTFL.

The adrenaline pills a fun too!!! Punch someone and watch them fly back 20 feet!!!
2001-12-20 04:22:48 PM  
Smookeyfufu: MGS2 is a great game but they sort of leave you in the dark about to many things in the game once you finish it
2001-12-20 04:22:59 PM  
Rabb: well someone told me he wanted socks...and I got him what he really wanted {grins} so I guess it works
2001-12-20 04:25:06 PM  
Easily my favorite game ever.
Surprised nobody pointed out the fact that if you kick people long enough after they're dead, you leave bloody footprints. Same kinda thing with the tires of your car if you run over a corpse repeatedly.
Can't say enough about this game; everyone everywhere should play it. Much fun.
2001-12-20 04:25:18 PM  
Its a great game. I managed to play a copy before the DICKHEADS banned it.

and really - who knows ANYONE who would take their copy back . DERRRRRRR
2001-12-20 04:25:35 PM  
GrassHoppper can't get enough GTA3. I had a booty call and went over to my ex girlfriends apt. Once I got there, she had to wait about an hour before she got some good luvin.
2001-12-20 04:25:50 PM  
The best is when you run over a policeman in front of someone and they still get into the car. I think that's a ride I would pass on...

No, I think it's the best when your Taxi has no hood, no trunk, no doors, beaten to hell, and the engine is smoking...and they still get into the car! That's a ride I would pass on. :)
2001-12-20 04:25:53 PM  
Damn, went to the Rockstar Games site, and now I want to play it too... I'm such a shmuck.
2001-12-20 04:27:21 PM  
I was at an EB about a week ago, and this thirteen or fourteen year old kid tried to get his mom to buy him GTA3. The conversation that ensued after the clerk told her about the game (and actually specifically the prostitute thing) was hilarious. Especially good was the kids claim that lots of his games were rated mature, which I think only brought up the possibility of taking those away from him as well.

I don't see why they don't just require ID to buy a game, just as they require ID to buy a movie ticket. GTA3 is brilliant, but certainly not for kids.
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