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(dr. vile)   Photoshop Farker with wife and new baby   ( divider line 182
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6011 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2001 at 1:43 PM (13 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-20 01:45:58 PM  
Why would he let this happen?
2001-12-20 01:46:04 PM  
Whoever this is.... Congratulations!
2001-12-20 01:47:11 PM  
2001-12-20 01:48:57 PM  
Its a race for the obvious... !
2001-12-20 01:49:48 PM  
Screw the photoshop!
All I have to say is HIS WIFE IS A HOTTIE!!!
2001-12-20 01:50:10 PM  

2001-12-20 01:51:44 PM  
First person to put Fattie from the last ps as the baby wins.
2001-12-20 01:52:39 PM  
2001-12-20 01:53:05 PM  
Neutrino: you know that she puts out. Ok, c' had to be said. Shut up.
2001-12-20 01:54:35 PM  
Calling all batboy submissions... Calling all batboy submissions... Batboy submissions, please respond.
2001-12-20 01:56:32 PM  
Agent Orange thinks he's hot shiat cause he can call future submissions. What a farker
2001-12-20 01:57:32 PM  
Cute Baby. I cant bring my self to mutilate it so I will pass on this PS.
2001-12-20 01:57:33 PM  
dammit, photoisland is giving me a blank textbox when i try to make a temporary link for my picture. anyone know how to remedy that?
2001-12-20 01:59:02 PM  
Just right click on your photo and look up Properties. That address is there.
2001-12-20 01:59:45 PM  
2001-12-20 01:59:58 PM  
oh, i didn't realize that url would work somewhat long-term. thanks Blue Owl. ok, here goes:

2001-12-20 02:02:41 PM  
2001-12-20 02:03:15 PM  
I just couldn't be mean on this one, congrats fellow Farker!
2001-12-20 02:04:14 PM  
In the movie "Unbreakable", did Bruce Willis break his arm at the end? if so how?

I forget.

2001-12-20 02:04:16 PM  

We have a WINNER! (nice job with the masking too)
2001-12-20 02:05:32 PM  
couldn't resist;)

2001-12-20 02:05:57 PM  

I couldn't help it
2001-12-20 02:06:40 PM  

The true spawn of Satan! Just in time for Christmas.
2001-12-20 02:08:16 PM  
I dunno, CanuckGuy.. :)
2001-12-20 02:08:58 PM  
Yeah, must agree on this one...don't think i can PS it.

2001-12-20 02:09:23 PM  

I cannot resist the lure of Batboy!

2001-12-20 02:09:33 PM  
That baby looks a lot like Fb- I wonder...
2001-12-20 02:10:13 PM  

I can start today! Hmm?

2001-12-20 02:10:23 PM  
2001-12-20 02:10:30 PM  
2001-12-20 02:11:50 PM  

Is it a good idea for this guy to have kids?
2001-12-20 02:13:36 PM  
Congrats to the fellow farker! hope the mutations PSs dont scare him off...

Why wud Bruce willis break an arm, his weak point was water...
2001-12-20 02:13:55 PM  
2001-12-20 02:15:40 PM

Who is Kwatrow?

2001-12-20 02:16:36 PM  

Good grief.

2001-12-20 02:17:04 PM  
2001-12-20 02:17:06 PM
2001-12-20 02:17:22 PM  

if at first you don't succeed, you look like an idiot.
2001-12-20 02:17:26 PM  
Rocko67: Sit this on out? C'mon, ya know ya want to. At least put fangs on ma.
2001-12-20 02:18:06 PM  

You need to be shot for that photoshop
2001-12-20 02:18:19 PM  
2001-12-20 02:18:23 PM  
Drivaaar: Any use of Pepe the Prawn triggers my auto-vote bot. Congrats.
2001-12-20 02:18:36 PM  
2001-12-20 02:19:05 PM  
2001-12-20 02:19:43 PM  

The version of the movie I saw ended with Willis uninjured.
2001-12-20 02:19:49 PM  

Thanks, I knew he almost drowned, but this idiot in my office is trying to tell me he broke his arm, and how "Unbreakable" is EXACTLY like "Sixth Sense".

She is unbelievably stupid. Everyday she asks which side of the CD goes up! I'm serious.

Congrats on the kid, sorry for the potential highjack of this thread.
2001-12-20 02:20:16 PM  
2001-12-20 02:20:20 PM  

only my second PS ever, so be kind to me please :)
2001-12-20 02:20:21 PM  
[reverse_psychology]Don't vote for me; vote for Chimchim.[/reverse_psychology]
2001-12-20 02:20:33 PM  
Congrats on the successful spawning and propagation of your genetic material. Oh, nice wife too.
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