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(Toronto Star)   New Canadian $100 bills are introduced. Storekeepers still think they're fake, won't take them   ( divider line
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15298 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Mar 2004 at 10:06 AM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2004-03-19 08:02:58 AM  
Did fnorgby post this?
2004-03-19 08:33:49 AM  
who can blame 'em? dont cha know dats aboot a weeks pay in canada 'eh.
2004-03-19 09:32:01 AM  
I'm surprised it's not a coin.
2004-03-19 09:44:13 AM  
Actually, I think it's better that Canada switch over entirely to coins as currency. That way, when the button gets pushed and the Apocalypse starts we'll be left with a pile of semi-precious metal, while your American currency will be incinerated. Who'll be laughing then, huh? ME!
2004-03-19 10:09:04 AM  
2004-03-19 10:09:27 AM  
In a related story, the United States just issued a $65 bill to compete with Canada's new $100's.

/got nuttin'
2004-03-19 10:09:59 AM  
Why don't they just use an equivalent denomination, an American twenty?

/kidding - 20$ us = ~$30 Euro
2004-03-19 10:11:10 AM  
That Canadian $100 bill still gets you the same amount of food at Taco Bell as a $2.00 American bill. Unless you're Fnorgby. Then it gets you a full cavity search and a long, slow chase down the LA Freeway with Al Cowlings in the Bronco with you.
2004-03-19 10:11:16 AM  
I heard they might take them at Taco Bell.
/beating on fnorgby
2004-03-19 10:11:41 AM  
When I was in HS places would not accept two dollar bills for the same reason.
2004-03-19 10:11:44 AM  
how much money is a canadian $100 worth in USD? are we talking like $.03 here? seriously, who cares?
2004-03-19 10:12:47 AM  
the article talks about how no one has seen the new $100 and yet it doesn't bother to provide a pic either. way to go canada.
2004-03-19 10:13:17 AM  
One time I tried to pay for taco bell with $2 bill. They didnt believe it was real and called the cops, I ended up getting strip searched.
2004-03-19 10:14:21 AM  
Perhaps Farkers can photoshop a more realistic looking hundred for Canada...
2004-03-19 10:14:31 AM  
Would someone care to direct me to the thread where the whole fnorgby deal started..

(on a Mac and the stupid keyboard configuration will not let me bold or question mark)
2004-03-19 10:14:47 AM  
This article is useless without a pic
2004-03-19 10:15:40 AM  
Wow. This reminds me of the time I was on vacation in Quebec and stopped into Le Taco Belle.

I tried to pay for my Le Tostadique Grande Beaucoup with a Canadian $100 dollar bill and they got all pissy and said I was a tete de merde and they were calling the gendarmes.

So I paid with an American $2 dollar bill and they apologized and gave me a free Pepsi sans sucre avec Nutrisweet. I didn't know what it was, so I threw it away when nobody was looking.... Later I learned that's just a Diet Pepsi.

Those crazy Canucks!
2004-03-19 10:15:54 AM  
One time I tried to pay for taco bell with $2 bill. They didnt believe it was real and called the cops, I ended up getting strip searched.

The same thing happened to me! But when I got home from the police station... THERE WAS A BLOODY HOOK ON THE DOOR HANDLE OF MY CAR!!!
2004-03-19 10:16:02 AM  
Squeezer, approximately $75US.
2004-03-19 10:17:10 AM  
I agree, the story needs a picture. I did notice that the written description left out any reference to Parker Brothers, though.
2004-03-19 10:18:23 AM  
Canada is dumb.
2004-03-19 10:22:01 AM  
Google is your friend:

[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]

From this article.
2004-03-19 10:23:07 AM  
Are the words in English on one side, and in Francais on the obverse?

Canadians should just give the beat down to the Quebecois, IMO.

Of course, all my attempts at French are wrong, since I don't care.
2004-03-19 10:23:34 AM  
BLIAD THE IMPALER - heh, I know its a joke but you can tell you are more familiar with France/France-French then Quebec. Little note: in Quebec there is no gendarmes, its the Surete and being isolated for so long the still swear using blasphemy not bodily functions.

The best is the areas that border English Canada, then they use their blasphemy with English swearing. Some truely great combimations
2004-03-19 10:24:13 AM  
Dish and Whitefire_Zero: count yourselves lucky you didn't wake up in a bathtub of ice, sans kidneys.
2004-03-19 10:25:22 AM  

I keep trying to find out about the fnorgby deal, too, but nobody's talkin.
2004-03-19 10:25:24 AM  
To add to Gladstell's post, anyone interested can find those pictures and also some nice historical ones of past cuurency at the BoC webiste here.
2004-03-19 10:25:36 AM  
Chipper2 - pretty rare to mean anyone that feels that way after a single night in Montreal. Besides, if we did there would be no one to breed French-Canadian girls.
2004-03-19 10:26:42 AM  
Wow, an actual Canadian bill that does not have the face of the Queen of a Diferent country on it.
2004-03-19 10:27:25 AM  

He went into a forum on fark and tried to say this happened to him, when all he did was steal it from this site.
2004-03-19 10:27:38 AM  
Oops. Umm, currency. (Cdns like to throw extra vowels into everything)
2004-03-19 10:28:13 AM  
These are just ignorant store owners. I don't own a store, and I saw the new $100 weeks ago.. People seriously need to pick up a newspaper or turn on the radio every once in a while.
2004-03-19 10:29:05 AM  
herne french-canadian girls.... like celine dion??? no big loss
2004-03-19 10:29:10 AM  
dewars-rocks - There's only two (or three)bills that have the Queen's face on them: the 20 and the 500 (maybe the 1000, I think). The 5, 10, 50 and 100 all have Prime Ministers on them.
2004-03-19 10:29:38 AM The current value of 100.00 canadian dollars in US currency
2004-03-19 10:30:45 AM  
100 canadian = about 75 american
2004-03-19 10:30:45 AM  
Of course they won't accept it, the bill has SPECIMEN printed on it. No-one would take that
2004-03-19 10:31:30 AM  
The_Original_Roxtar - first, there is a reason we exported her. We aren't stupid. She is your problem now.

Second, Quebec society is now very secular and very defined by sexuality. Hot girls but unfortunatey high amounts of old and busted goes along with it (not that she was ever hot).
2004-03-19 10:31:35 AM  
What the hell? Tabernac!

Yeah, I am a famous Canadian counterfiter. Instead of making old $100 bills, which everyone knows about, I make an EVEN BETTER LOOKING bill with a portrait of the same guy and intense anti-counterfiting technology. Haha! They'll never catch me.

However, I did pass a Canadian $1Million ($170.53 US, or 3 Eurocents) at Wal-Mart. It has a portrait of Jean Poutine on the front and the rear has the Queen curling. Toss that rock, Liz!
2004-03-19 10:32:06 AM  
2004-03-19 10:32:44 AM  
dewars-rocks - "Wow, an actual Canadian bill that does not have the face of the Queen of a Diferent country on it.

Here is a reverse troll for you. We considered putting war criminals on the bills but it seemed too American.
2004-03-19 10:32:53 AM  
2004-03-19 10:32:55 AM  
2004-03-19 10:33:44 AM  
2004-03-19 10:33:49 AM  
Ah yes, Sir Robert Borden...the man who intoduced national income tax to Canada as a "temporary" measure during World War One. Thanks Bobby.
2004-03-19 10:34:31 AM  
Mes oui, I learned francais the French way, not the Quebecois way. I've never even been to Quebec.

2004-03-19 10:34:40 AM  
dewars-rocks: The 1954 series was the only series to feature an all Queen currency I believe. Welcome to the present.
2004-03-19 10:36:28 AM  
utter_bastard - When I was in HS places would not accept two dollar bills for the same reason.

I hear in Rhea County, Tennessee they are no longer accepting $3 bills.
2004-03-19 10:36:49 AM  
Good responses! Ok, I'm going to Montreal next time I'm in Canada.

/still cheering for the Leafs, 'cause of dear Ol' Dad.
2004-03-19 10:37:01 AM  
Guys, I wouldn't make any jokes about how low the Canadian dollar is relative to the US dollar. With the way the US dollar is dropping, it'll only be another year or two before Canadian dollars are worth more than US ones:

2003 January: 1 Canadian dollar = 64.8 cents
2004 March: 1 Canadian dollar = 75.2 cents

Thats a 16% increase over 15 months. Only another 2 years at this rate...

Gotta love that Bush economy!!!
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