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(Oregon Live)   Oregon residents finding creative ways around smoking ban   ( divider line
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6340 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 Dec 2001 at 2:12 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-12-20 02:14:31 AM  
Smoking is stupid. If you smoke, you're stupid.
2001-12-20 02:20:25 AM  
One of the creative ways that wasn't mentioned:

Setting lawmakers on fire and inhaling the smoke.

Mmmm... congressilicious...
2001-12-20 02:20:40 AM  
Unless you are smoking pot or crack, in which case you are high, not stupid. (I love POT!)
2001-12-20 02:23:41 AM  
How much do you wanna be those lawmakers are ex-smokers?

For farks sake! Why can't you smoke in a bar? You can destroy your liver there why not the lungs?

I hate ex-smoker nazis.
2001-12-20 02:24:40 AM  
Ha Ha, that will teach the government to try and control private businesses with their petty regulations.
Fight the Power!!
2001-12-20 02:27:28 AM  
Anti-smokers: yeah, it's stupid. Yeah, I know it's bad. I know people who smoke at a captive audience are inconsiderate, so I always get permission before lighting up. But damn, it's a bar.

Personally, I think the bastards who propose legislation like this are trying to keep all of the rich, satisfying flavor for themselves!
2001-12-20 02:29:37 AM  
"Trunnell says he knows of one tavern, which he wouldn't name, that charges customers 25 cents for an ashtray. The proceeds go into a kitty to pay a fine if it ever comes."
[image from too old to be available]
2001-12-20 02:29:58 AM  
if you're smoking near me you'd better be on fire

PS smokers are moronic drug addicts and should be treated as such.
2001-12-20 02:30:50 AM  
Natix: Well said.

Now you get to try to get the money out of the kitty...
2001-12-20 02:35:29 AM  

if you're so against drug addicts, what the fark are you doing in a bar?

(or are you just trolling?)
2001-12-20 02:38:46 AM  
and then:
[image from too old to be available]

2001-12-20 02:50:17 AM  
You can smoke all you want, just don't make me inhale it. Cigarette smoke, including second-hand smoke, is something I have very little tolerance for. Not to mention that my right to breathe trumps your right to smoke.
2001-12-20 02:54:26 AM
2001-12-20 03:01:26 AM  
I'm not a smoker, but I'm sick of intrusive government laws. The guy who lets people smoke in his bar (come on, people! It's a bar! You ought to know what you're going to get!) after they sign a waiver, IMO, deserves [image from too old to be available] status.
2001-12-20 03:07:07 AM  
i hate smokers
smokers, are by and large, the most self-centered, the biggest assholes, and overall the worst people in the world.

they don't care that they make everything around them smell like shiat.
they don't care that smoke doesn't understand what a non-smoking area is, or whether or not their disgusting habit make my meal taste like shiat.
they don't care that it gives me farking migrane headaches to be anywhere near them.
all they care about is their own buzz, and after a while, there is no buzz... all they care about is avoiding a nic fit.
and the way they all hoard outside "safe" areas, like malls...
thanks, i really wanted to do a second-hand-smoke-gauntlet-of-cancer just to enter the farking mall! how did you know? did you read my online christmas wishlist?

if i had my way, you could hunt them for sport with machine-gun-grenade-launchers.
fark them. fark them all in the arse with a big rubber dildo.
scratch that.
a big rubber dildo with razor blades sticking halfway out.
2001-12-20 03:08:20 AM  
Oh, no. Poor Angel Garcia can't go to Bingomania any more! Whatever will he do? Don't piss off a smoker who's been denied their nicotine fix. The most amusing part of this whole "war on smoking" crap is how smokers have banded together, forming the "smoking class."

Me, I chew tobacco. Wherever I want. In a fast food joint, I finish my soda off and use the cup as a spittoon. On a plane, I use the vomit bag. Once I stepped onto a bus with a paper cup as a spitter, and was told by the bus driver that I couldn't bring food or drink on the bus. I simply told her that it wasn't a soda, it was my spittoon. I showed her, and she was too stunned to say anything other than "ewwwwww... okay."
2001-12-20 03:14:59 AM  
enjoy yellow teeth and gum cancer much?
i suppose it's not all bad, bonobo...
you can get dentures... what can a smoking person get? a voice box?
or a tracheotomy pipe?
2001-12-20 03:18:55 AM  
Not a very challenging subject to tackle Kringle.

smoking is bad, so is other tobacco use, and second hand smoke.

Am I forgetting anything?

Thread will end soon........
2001-12-20 03:21:09 AM  
why do people call me kringle?
it's not just an isolated incident...
it makes me feel self conscious to be called an old fat man who judges people rather harshly...
2001-12-20 03:23:18 AM  
There is a smokming ban in my town and buisness owners are pissed the fark off. All they want is control over policies in THEIR restaurant. People have the choice of which restaurant to go to. If one eating establishment choses to cater to smokers, then non-smokers can not bring their money to that restaurant, therefore hitting the restaurant in the pockets. Things will even themselves out. If the restaurant is hurting, then they will chose themselves to make it non-smoking, but if they have loyal smoking customers, then business as usual. Why do we need the government stepping in and telling buisness owners what to do with their property?

Oh yeah, All you non-smokers know that smoking is cool. admit it!
2001-12-20 03:27:39 AM  
the only smoking i think is "cool", is the smoking corpses of ex-smokers, after their entrails have been scattered with a grenade launcher...
but with those fat cat stupid tobacco lobbyists in washington, i'd probably never get my "okay to blow up smokers" bill passed, huh :(
2001-12-20 03:33:13 AM  
WOW, Krinble this subject has you all fired up.

gEt It
2001-12-20 03:36:37 AM  
yes.. tee hee... yes i do

"hey guy, i finally found us a roommate to rent out the extra room... he's a smoker, but he PROMISES to keep it in his room"

is when i should have been first worried.
he doesn't keep it in his room
he'll smoke all day and then come and lie down on my bed... my farking bed... what the hell is that?
so yes, i'm ten times more agitated about smoking then i'd normally be because i have to live with one.
2001-12-20 03:37:25 AM  
Krinkle: Oh, no! I wasn't aware of the dangers of my tobacco use! Thank you so very much for alerting me to my own folly! Please, tell me more about this mysterious "cancer" disease you speak of - it intrigues me.

I'll return the favor and alert you to the dangers of being a self-righteous asshole:
1. Nobody will like you (yes, now you finally know the reason)
2. You won't get much done because you're too busy minding everybody else's business to focus on your own.
3. High blood pressure from stressing over all those tobacco lobbyists, smokers, and anyone else who rubs you the wrong way
4. Delusions of being better than everybody else everytime you point out the obvious (tobacco is carcenogenic? I suppose next you'll be telling us water is wet)
5. You'll die in the end, just like the rest of us. Only if I get cancer, I'll see it coming, and can plan accordingly.
2001-12-20 03:40:24 AM  
where did i ever try to warn you for your own good?
i said i hate smokers because they inconvenience ME.
i couldn't give a shiat if your face rots off, just as long as i don't have to smell cigarette smoke.
2001-12-20 03:43:02 AM  
well i guess i did say cancer to you. sorry. mostly i was grossed out by the yellow teeth thing...
2001-12-20 03:50:06 AM  

just wanted to misspell your name again

2001-12-20 03:53:12 AM  
I am not a smoker and I choose not to be around those who do smoke. However, you farkin goofballs have no right to judge smokers as anything less then equal to you. If they choose to smoke then it is their right. They should not be labeled as "stupid" or less then you. What backwards Arse cave did you crawl out of to get so judgemental. It's their problem let them deal with it. I have more then a few friends who smoke and they have never subjected me to smoke without asking me if I minded if they lit up. Don't be so damn judgemental just because you happen to get too close to the irresponsible jackarse's who don't give a crap. I can think of a few better places were your close minded feelings of aggression would be more suitable. Statics show in the year 2000 people were quitting that nasty habit at a faster rate then the last 5 years combined. So be patient and do your part when someone you know asks for support to help them kick the habit, and keep your worhless opinions to yourself. Sorry...... Never mind..I'm not sorry
2001-12-20 03:54:54 AM  
Krimble(I wanted to misspell it too): No, the worst part is accidentally knocking a spitter over onto the floor. The smell lingers for days.

The best part is the gross-out factor. Show someone a cup full of your own spit and see how they react. Now, multiply that by several times to reflect the added brown goo.
2001-12-20 03:56:07 AM  
Wow, Badriver Keep up the good work, referring to this and the other thread, and you'll be added to my hero list real soon....
2001-12-20 03:56:30 AM  
gargh... darn you badriver... making me feel bad about hating smokers...

and darn you johndx... i didn't even notice you misspelled my name the second time, until you did it again!

and damn you bongboy!

i miss UCB
2001-12-20 04:13:05 AM  
JOHNDX I am addicted to Fark but I figure that is better then cigarettes....
2001-12-20 04:34:06 AM  
I'm addicted to Fark and cigarettes....truly farked!
2001-12-20 04:34:47 AM  
Oh yeah, almost forgot, Beer and Boobies too!
2001-12-20 04:55:54 AM  
As someone whos shared a flat with a smoker for a whole year i can tell you its hell. There is nothing more annoying than smoke when you're eating. Also they get in your car and stink it up. OK they dont smoke while in the car but they still stink. Grrr... and i couldnt tell him to fark off cos he was a friends friend.

Although i do think people should be allowed to smoke in certain bars.
2001-12-20 05:06:50 AM  
I will admit, there is no worse smell then the smell of a smoker immediately after they smoked. it must be that stale carbon dioxide. You would think they would pop in a flavored Mentos or something to take care of that nasty breath. I would hate to think it doesn't bother them. A tube of toothpaste and a travel toothbrush would help as well but I guess that is too much to ask.
2001-12-20 05:52:41 AM  
i hate perfume and cologne wearers
perfume and cologne wearers, are by and large, the most self-centered, the biggest assholes, and overall the worst people in the world.

they don't care that they make everything around them smell like shiat.
they don't care that perfume and cologne doesn't understand what a non-perfume and cologne area is, or whether or not their disgusting habit make my meal taste like shiat.
they don't care that it gives me farking migrane headaches to be anywhere near them.
all they care about is their own stench, and after a while, there is no stench... all they care about is stinking.
and the way they all hoard in "safe" areas, like malls...
thanks, i really wanted to do a second-hand-perfume and cologne-gauntlet-of-stink just to enter the farking mall! how did you know? did you read my online christmas wishlist?

if i had my way, you could hunt them for sport with machine-gun-grenade-launchers.
fark them. fark them all in the arse with a big rubber dildo.
scratch that.
a big rubber dildo with razor blades sticking halfway out.
2001-12-20 05:56:37 AM  
i hate cell-phone users...
i hate people who don't use turn-signals...
i hate people who make me pay for their kids...
i hate i hate i hate i hate

You should SAVE your hate, and use it somewhere it'll do some "good"... like on YOUR PARENTS.
2001-12-20 05:57:15 AM  
Flamebait: That's where you're wrong. You can tell him to fark off. If he's a friend of a friend, he'll understand. What's wrong with "Jesus Christ, man! You smell like a Goddamned ashtray! Here, let me spray Febreze all over you. I don't want you stinking up my car." If he wants the ride, he'll go along with it.

Badriver72: I know you'd hate to think it, but "smoker's breath" doesn't bother smokers a bit. The smell of cigarettes in the air, on clothes, or on someone's breath didn't bother me a bit when I smoked.
2001-12-20 06:06:59 AM  
I take it you are no longer a smoker?.?.
2001-12-20 07:46:24 AM  
I was in a smoking section of a resturant the other day, minding my own business when this jerk from hell decided he didn't like my smoke. He was like "It is really hard to eat and have to smell that smoke, could you put it out?" I was like "You mean that? This is the smoking section" He was like "Well it's drifting over to me and I'd really appreciate it if you could put it out." There were way to many people around to give this man what he needed. So I said "Sure" and put it out on his steak. You should have seen the look on his face. hehehehe I looked him dead in the eye and said in my most insane way "You happy now?" He got up and left while cursing under his breath. I proceeded to fire up another one and finish enjoying my meal. Smoking nazis get no repect from me.
2001-12-20 08:02:50 AM  
I can not stand all the anti-smoking laws and bullshiat in this country! You cant even smoke in a bar in Oregon anymore? Isnt it the owner of the bars descretion to have smoking or non smoking areas? If you own a restraunt and want the whole thing to be smoking then you should have the right to. If people dont want to come to your restraunt because there is too much smoke, they have the right to do that. Nobody is forcing these people to eat and drink in a smokey environment. They can eat in any number of places. Asinine!!!

Also, those damn Truth Nazi commercials on TV. If a cigarette company can barely even place their ads in magazines anymore, then why should these assholes be able to share their anti-smoking propaganda all over the television. It is a farking double standard that really needs to be looked at.

I used to be a smoker and have since quit. I should feel the opposite about these issues but I actually think logically. I enjoy my freedom, smokers should get the same freedom in establishments based on the owners descretion, not what some asshole in a suit downtown says.
2001-12-20 08:21:18 AM  
Greg Proops said it best...

"you're in a bar, right? You're drinking POISON and trying to have SEX with someone you DON'T KNOW. SMOKING is not your top concern right now! Also, it's pretty ironic that you can't smoke inside a bar in Los Angeles when you _can't breathe outside_ a bar in Los Angeles..."

It went something like that.
2001-12-20 08:54:41 AM  
I've started chewing the nicotine patches. They tend to stick to the roof of my mouth though.
2001-12-20 09:45:40 AM  
Where there's a nicotine buzz, there's a way.
2001-12-20 09:51:57 AM  
Andonbray: That's because they don't go on the roof of your mouth. You chew them up into a little ball and stick it between your cheek and gum.
2001-12-20 11:04:33 AM  
To be absolutely fair about this, non smokers are not the only judgmental jerks out there. Nothing like setting down in a bar full of smokers and being told you can't smoke that pipe or cigar in here, you will bother the people around you.

Had that happen years ago while I was playing in a country band in some old folks bar. Told them they could hear the music better outside, or I would leave and they could listen to the sound of their head rattling.

Personally, I won't go to a non-smoking establishment because the air does not get cleaned enough. You can get all kinds of air-born ailments in areas that do not filter their air. If I ever stop smoking, I suppose I could become one of the born again that should not have to be borne, but I hope not.
2001-12-20 11:21:44 AM  
Why not leave it up to the business owners? If one decides to be non-smoking and you like to smoke, pick another bar. If you're a non-smoker, pick a non-smoking restaurant.

"smokers, are by and large, the most self-centered, the biggest assholes, and overall the worst people in the world."

LOL!!! And what does that statement make you? Jeebus? Sounds more like Hitler.
2001-12-20 11:59:09 AM  
Hey, Krinkle Pimple!

Go blow yourself, you pompous, dumbass dipshiat. And, fer chrissake, learn how to spell and punctuate! How do you expect anybody to take you seriously when you write like a pussy-ass, dick-sucking third grader.

Grow up or shut up, dildo!
2001-12-20 12:34:04 PM  
I have to agree with everyone who disagreed with Krinkle/Kringle/Pringle. I worked in restaraunts for 15 years, and by far the best people to wait on are the smokers. They're happier, they're more generous, and if the food takes to long, they don't care, they have something to entertain themselves.
I firmly agree it should be left up to the business owners. If you don't like smelling smoke when you're eating, don't go to that restaraunt. And don't whine about your right to eat wherever you want. You avoid places if you don't like their food, or the service, or the atmosphere, why can't you avoid a place that allows smoking?
As for government bans, I think history shows that the slowest way to get people to stop doing something is to outlaw it. (I'm thinking drinking and drugs mostly here, but I'm sure if I had another cup of coffee I could think of others.) There's not a single person smoking who doesn't know that it's bad for you, and fewer people are taking up smoking every day. Give it a chance, and it'll die out on it's own. Besides, all us smokers dying young are saving all you non-smokers a shiat-load of money. Phillip-Morris did the same study in the US, too, as have several economists.
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