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(Reuters)   Boy, 13, threatens parents with kitchen knife after Dad unplugs his videogame   ( divider line
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2004-03-16 12:56:07 AM  
2004-03-16 12:53:00 AM KidneyStone

A few years ago I dated a woman with a four year old kid. The kid was getting really mouthy about something and I said I would spank her if she didn't stop. The mom told me to go ahead and spank her.

At this point I'd be thinking "Damn! I gotta start dating me some women with teenage daughters."
2004-03-16 12:57:07 AM  
Heh. I don't understand how you can not understand the difference between child abuse and spanking. There is gray area, people. I was spanked, I was never abused. It was never done in anger and it was never done as a first deterrent; after I had ignored the previous warnings, then I was spanked. I turned out fine, and no residual hatred towards my parents. I love them and the job they did.

As for the other part of the article, I can say that if my parents touched my game while I was at a critical point, they would certainly know my displeasure. I'm not a violent person by any means, but ANYONE pulling that shiat would be dangerously close to an ass whomping, parents or not (I'm bigger than them, nowadays. To all the people who think it's only a game and a waste of time: Try spending hours doing any one of your hobbies. Writing a chapter of a novel, constructing something, anything at all. Then, imagine for some arbitrary reason, some person decides they want you to stop and STOP NOW, and then stops on/deletes/whatever your project. Show me someone says they wouldn't feel violent in that situation, and I'll show you a farking liar.
2004-03-16 12:57:48 AM  
2004-03-16 12:55:18 AM KidneyStone

Ghastly - yer killin me........ :D

But it hurts so good, right? Right?
2004-03-16 01:00:44 AM  
Forgot closing parenthesis, and that should be steps on, not stops on.

2004-03-16 01:18:37 AM  
Hell, prisons are chock full o' people who were spanked regularily by their parents as a form of discipline.

Actually, they're filled with people with bananas in their nose.

/Equally unvalidated statistic.
2004-03-16 01:19:55 AM  
Spare the rod...

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-16 01:32:42 AM  
2004-03-15 11:25:58 PM slavecycle

Here's a test. A 13 year old GIRL is spanked by her mother. You honestly have no sexual feelings about that at all? Even if you watched it?

Hmmm. I can't resist a test. Well, if the GIRL is over her Mom's knee, bare-bottomed, with her white cotton panties down around her ankles, and if she has a cute, round bubble-butt, and if her Mom is using the back of a wooden hairbrush on her and if she's cracking it down hard and fast on the soft, vulnerable undercurves of her bare behind, which is rapidly turning bright red, and if the girl is crying and squealing and bucking and kicking her legs in a manner that makes it clear that any sense of modesty has been totally abandoned ...

Well, OK, in that case I'd have to admit to maybe some sexual feelings.

/but then you knew that
2004-03-16 01:36:17 AM  
How did this story not get the "Hero" tag?

And, after GaryPDX's confessional, I understand so many of his posts now. Every time I read one of his posts in the future, I will consider the context that it was written by a whipped little puppy who still believes it was for his own good.

Lastly, spanking advocates are pervs who relish the notion of putting a (hopefully bare-assed) kid across their knee.
2004-03-16 01:37:35 AM  
2004-03-16 01:32:42 AM Crabby Appleton
Well, OK, in that case I'd have to admit to maybe some sexual feelings.

Especially if she's one of those "very well developed for her age" 13 year olds.

You know, the ones that rock stars are always sleeping with.

And is she still in her school uniform?
2004-03-16 01:46:03 AM  
My first thought after reading the headline: "What videogame was it? 'Cause, depending on the game and when you last saved, it may have been justifiable homicide"
2004-03-16 02:03:57 AM  
the last time my father went after me with an open hand, I went after him with clenched fists. there has been no attempted corporal punishment in the years since.

what respect I have for my parents, they are required to earn, and my dad has never been very good at earning.
2004-03-16 02:09:36 AM  
If I ever had a kid that pulled a knife on me for that he better pray I don't pick one up too.
2004-03-16 02:15:37 AM  
2004-03-16 01:37:35 AM Ghastly
And is she still in her school uniform?

Partially. Her mother had flipped up her short woolen skirt and pulled down her panties to expose her soft velvety hind cheeks to the salutary disciplinary attentions previously described, which almost immediately moved their object to kick her flat, sensible uniform shoes completely off, leaving her only her dark green knee socks for clothing below the waist.

But her precociously developed breasts are straining mightily against the modest, sturdy brassiere that they have already out-grown, having popped two of the buttons on her white uniform blouse. Where her generous boobies stretch the material almost to the ripping point, even through the heavy bra and thick shirt, two small protrusions approximately 1 cm in diameter are clearly visible whenever she arches her back in response to a particularly stinging crack of the hairbrush.

I think I have to leave the computer now.
2004-03-16 02:19:22 AM  
Where I'm from, corporal punishment is very much a part of almost every child's life.

Those couples/single parents who consider themselves 'enlightened' and above corporal punishment are the ones I see tearing their hair out in the supermarket and storming out of shops because their little animal is acting like a royal terror and embarassing the hell out of them.

Through most of my childhood, all discipline was handled by my mother, mostly because my dad worked such long hours. But I remember my older bro, about 15 at the time, was justifiably proud of his brand new Aiwa CD-playing stereo (new and expensive at the time, early 90s). And he was playing 2 Live Crew a little too loudly when our parents were in the house.

Dad: "Turn that down!" "You shouldn't be listening to that!" etc.

Brother refuses to turn it off or down.

10 minutes later, Dad (home builder) puts a pickaxe through the stereo and goes back to the living room to listen to the news.

Kids don't fark around down here.
2004-03-16 02:24:37 AM  

Check my above posts.

That all being said, we all can feel violent when severely provoked, its part of being human.

BUT, if my kid EVER pulled a knife on me and my wife, he would farking learn quick that you pay for that behaviour in the real world.

Too many kids are rotten now cause too many parents just say "Stop, or I'll say "stop" again"

I still have to laugh, because I remember when my brother was 12 and my youngest sister was 19, he was up to the nth level on some game and she came in and shut the computer down with the power button just to piss him off... he was in a black RAGE and had to be restrained, I still think my parents should have let him at my sister just a bit poor guy.

But no knives
2004-03-16 02:26:06 AM  
"down here"? where's that? hell or florida?
2004-03-16 02:34:33 AM  
Hehe, neither.
2004-03-16 03:03:39 AM  
Ghastly, it's good to see someone with brains for a change.
BTW, my kids have nice computers on which I let them play nice video games. They like nice video games. If there's a problem I yank the nice disk drives. That's happened only a couple of times; not a lot of problems around here anymore.
2004-03-16 03:25:34 AM  
the last time my father went after me with an open hand, I went after him with clenched fists. there has been no attempted corporal punishment in the years since.

what respect I have for my parents, they are required to earn, and my dad has never been very good at earning.

Omnipilot, you just proved what I just posted.

I have HAD to put up my fists to protect myself and my mum from severe beatings. Rotten kids who attack parents who try to discipline them with "an open hand" make me sick.

There is a difference between controlled corporal punishment and beating a kid out of anger... I have had both and can attest to the difference.

If you were my kid you would not have got very far, bet you are not near as tough as you brag
2004-03-16 03:26:55 AM  
Clarification: I was quoting Omnipilot, those are NOT my words in the first two paragraphs
2004-03-16 03:30:29 AM  
I think Maddox has already found the solution to such problem children.

[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-16 06:47:46 AM  
If 13 year olds can be tried as adults, or punished like them in juvenile court, then no one has the right to spank them anymore then they could spank an adult.

I think if parents want full reign to spank their kids (which they already have) despite their (phony, baseless) claims that spanking is illegal, then they should also be the only ones to go to jail/juvenile detention when the kid does something wrong. If spanking is so effective as a discipline then put your money where your mouth is. This is especially aimed at all the "I was spanked and I turned out fine" people.

I'm sick to death of hearing people talk about how the parents are responsible when their kids do something wrong and that's why parents need even more latitude to treat their kids as property, yet it's never the parents going to jail or being sent to juvenile detention when the kids commits a crime.
If parental responsibility for kids actions is going to be the excuse used by people for the various things they do to their kids, then that is exactly what they should get.

As for the "I was spanked and I turned out fine" argument, that's fine. If turning out fine is all that is needed to make an action allowed, then I want to see you all propose changing laws regarding curfews, drinking, smoking, driving, all policies regarding internet access, video games, television, etc.

After all, many of us grew up in areas without curfews and/or violated the ones in place and we all turned out fine. I drank underage, surfed uncensored internet, watched whatever I wanted, smoked before 18, did some drugs, played the most violent video games of the time, and I turned out fine.
2004-03-16 07:00:39 AM  
As for not understanding the difference between spanking and abuse, let's not forget that most people can't understand the difference between a teen who drinks a beer, a teen who gets drunk, and teen who drives drunk. If people wish to treat all behavior by youth like it's the most extreme form of that behavior, then those same people shouldn't be upset when others treat various behaviors aimed at youth as being the most extreme form.

I'll say that all Spanking is not abuse if, and only if:
-teen drinking is not treated or alluded to be the same as getting drunk and/or driving drunk.
-a 6 year old who kisses another 6 year old on the cheek is not treated like a rapist
-moderate use of softer drugs by youth is not treated or discussed like it is addicted use of hardcore drugs
-teen driving behavior is not considerd worse than identical adult driving behavior
-8 year olds who play cops and robbers are not treated as thought they were firing real firearms
-a girl who pushes a someone away from them is not punished as though she beat that person to a pulp with a lead pipe

I'll also say that maximum age for spanking or ANY form of physical discipline to be legal should be the same age that the state allows someone to be tried as an adult.

It's interesting that parents can't hit each other because they're adults and that would be considered domestic violenc, yet they can hit their kids because they are considered "children" but should those "children" attack their parents for "spanking" them, those "children" can be tried as adults.
2004-03-16 07:52:45 AM  
To those who believe in the 'spare the rod, spoil the child ethos', GET A LIFE.

I am 18 years old and I have only ever been spanked once in my whole life. Now, do I ever consider taking a knife to my Mum or Dad, hell no. I genuinely believe that your behaviour as a child will stem from your parents. I was always what was wrong and what was right and if I crossed the line, I wasn't spanked, I just had my TV privileges revoked or was grounded. There is absolutely no need to hit kids as a regular punishment. Admittedly, if a little toddler is having a tantrum, then there may be no other course of action.
2004-03-16 08:08:45 AM  
Maddox really found teh answer!

I'm going right now and administer my kid a "Dragon Punch". That will finally shut him up for gods' sake!
2004-03-16 08:20:23 AM  
Oh yeah, and the whole "spanking" thing:

Me, older and younger sister, and younger brother: spanked. Honor roll, varsity, college, great relationship with parents.

Cousins and parent's friends that didn't spank: drug addictions, drop outs, unplanned pregnancies, kids hate their parents.

Not saying it works for everyone, but you can't argue with results.

Yup. I was spanked, and look at me. I have Avoidant Personality Disorder, never had more than one friend at a time, I'm bright but I dropped out of high school, I'm overweight and I have no motivation.
Two thumbs up to spanking.
2004-03-16 08:37:09 AM  
For all the 'I was spanked and I'm fine' people, typically speaking, people arent able to diagnose their own psychological 'issues' for lack of a better word. All your behaviors, even those you consciously know might be wrong, are still justified in your head, and you're not always aware of HOW they're justified.

"I can spank my kids because my parents spanked me" is about as good as "wearing a hat indoors is rude, because my parents told ME it was rude".

I was spanked a few times, and when I was older grounded. Losing privledges was much more effective than being struck. How many of you out there would accept a spanking if handed down from a court?

Gone are the days where adults automatically got respect from children. It's time for people to EARN respect. Respect your kids a little, and maybe you'll get it in return.
2004-03-16 09:01:01 AM  
What about good ol' castor oil? Once a kid spends an hour shiatting because he/she was a little monster, he/she will spend more thought before committing such an offense again.

They didn't give castor oil because it tastes bad. Let's just say it gives you plenty of time to reflect on your transgressions.
2004-03-16 09:14:51 AM  
Heh, this brings back loosely related memories... my mother did occasionally smack us, not to excess, but here and there. No idea if that did me any psychological harm, as Id have to compare myself to an unsmacked me to figure that out... anyway, one time I was playing a game on my Vic 20, Perils of Willy (I kid you not) and having considerable trouble getting past a particular level. My mum was out and I had a friend round. I was using an infinite lives cheat, but still couldn't crack this screen. I must have been around 13. After fudging a jump for the sixtieth time, I screamed out "FARKING HELL!" and threw the joystick down. Immediately after, I head a stern "excuse me?" from the doorway behind. Slowly I turned... my mum was back.

Well, my friend made his excuses and left, and I thought I was surely in for a wallop on this occasion. But actually, my mum sat down and asked me what had got me so annoyed, and then had a go at the level herself - and did it! And then advised me that I'd better not let my dad hear me swearing at top volume (though my dad never hit me once, as far as I can remember). Wow, that was pretty freaky, but it didn't take long to see that this was actually a pretty funny situation. Now, if my mum had decided to hit me, Id've come out of that a lot worse in the long run; resentment, repression.... it can all build up. As it was, I learned some more valuable lessons: humility (my mum aced that screen first time) and the fact that sometimes you just have to laugh. Hey, you pulled a knife on me! Pretty hilarious! Why don't I get my Bowie* and we'll settle this on the lawn.

* Yeah, Aladdin Sane. Broken vinyl can really gouge.
2004-03-16 10:29:47 AM  
I love how people use personal experiences from their childhood as reasoning to make blanket judgement on anything.

"I was spanked and it messed me up, no one should ever spank their child"
"I was spanked and it inspired me to behave myself, you should always spank your child"
"I wasn't spanked and it made me a lazy bastard for most of my life, always spank!"
"I wasn't spanked and it made me a better person, never spank!"

Jesus farking christ people. Is it possible that we all have different personalities, requiring different methods of discipline? Is it possible we're not all mindless machines, behaving in pre-scripted ways? Maybe we should try parenting and knowing what your child needs over blanket rules?
2004-03-16 10:44:31 AM  
"I say `Spare the rod. SPOIL the child.' "
[image from too old to be available]
2004-03-16 10:46:29 AM  
this is news?

Actually spankings just embolden the kid because they think that's all you got. No, to really get the attention of a 13 year old, a good old fashioned beat down is always the order of the day.

2004-03-16 11:06:51 AM  
"I was spanked as a kid and now I have another leg growing out of the middle of my back. I have Turrets and have to scream Nickels and Dimes!!! every time I see a Black person in long pants. I'm overweight and malnourished at the same time. I'm agoraphobic and homeless, yet maintain several penthouse suites (which I rent to underaged runaway hookers at a rate of 20 Rods to the Hog's Head). You should NEVER spank your children or they will turn in to apathetic, goat-raping, coffee-grind-snorting malcontent meth addicts... just like me..."
2004-03-16 12:21:09 PM  
well, before video games, i was burning cats and other small animals.
2004-03-16 12:36:27 PM  
Democrats to ban kitchen knives in 5...4...3...
2004-03-16 12:37:12 PM  
Video Games are gay. When I say gay, I mean stupid. No offense, but I mean it.
2004-03-16 01:33:04 PM  
If his parents had this much trouble tearing him away from video games at 13, just think how hard it will be to get him out of his room when he discovers porn.
2004-03-16 02:18:42 PM  
"NO! I was on the 18th hole..."

2004-03-16 03:02:20 PM  
2004-03-16 04:19:45 PM  
I was spanked. Mom had a nice wooden spoon that had a hole in the middle for less wind resistance. One smack with that thing was enough to get my sister and i to behave right quick... we didn't get swatted often, because we made the connection -- Mom says no, so stop or you'll get smacked. Very simple. Once we were older and able to understand the consequences of our actions better, spanking was no longer necessary. Other punishments were far more effective. My sister turned out to be a bit of a brat (let's face it, some kids are more stubborn than others), but I turned out fine, without any weird fetishes regarding being smacked with a wooden spoon.

Now, after all that, here's a fun story. My uncle hit me once. I was playing with his dog, and the dog yipped... i don't know why, out of frustration or something because I had it's ball and wasn't letting the dog have it. He turned around and hit me right across the butt... i'm sure if you asked him, he would say he spanked me as punishment for hurting his dog. Except I was at least 13 at the time, and my dad was right there. I don't remember what he did... i think he was a bit torked, but he wasn't going to pick a fight with my uncle (the guy is an asshat, but he's a huge asshat). If my dad had punished me for it, that would have been one thing, and i would have accepted that. But that isn't what happened, and talk about breeding a bunch of hate and resentment right there... after that i had no respect for him whatsoever, and further asshat actions on his part (cheating on his wife with the town whore, among others) served to reinforced that. I shudder to think of what he's doing to his actual kids, now that he has them, if he's willing to hit a 13 year old just because his stupid farking dog yipped at her.
2004-03-16 04:20:37 PM  

Castor oil is a good suggestion. A good old-fashioned punishment enema would be even better.

No story this time. Ghastly seems to be the only one who appreciates my prose.

2004-03-16 04:31:41 PM  
man, they should no better than unplugging a mans shiat like that, the kid must have been at a very important part (the reason they have thought they NEEDED to unplug it) and thusly cant recover the save, if he even had one.
2004-03-16 04:52:37 PM  
starla79, thanks for sharing your story.

I'm not surprised you escaped the fetish. It sounds like you had a good relationship with your dad. In my experience, women who like to be spanked have some kind of father issues. (They felt they could never please him, or he didn't pay them enough attention, etc.) So, Dads, if you don't want your daughter to end up over my knee someday, let her know you love her and give her plenty of affection and praise. (Seriously.)

Regarding your uncle, starla, as someone who has done something similar before, my guess is that he was overcome by your Callipygean charms and in a moment of poor impulse control acted on his inappropriate urges. I completely understand your being annoyed. But can you help me understand the hate, resentment, and holding a grudge parts? It seems a little out of proportion to me; which is not to say that it is, but I'm just wondering how it must have felt to you to elicit such a strong reaction.
2004-03-16 06:00:57 PM  
Wrong for the parents to pull the plug like that. It's happened to me, and I cried for a day. Losing a saved game or a game before you can save it is like ripping open a recently-healed wound. It's a pain in the ass to go through the whole process again.

But, on the other hand, what kind of snot nosed little shat pulls a knife on his parents over a video game? As annoying and aggrivating as it was, just, whoa, holy crap, dude.

Like it's been stated before, we don't know wether there were events leading up to this or what, but just holy crap.

My two yen on the spanking argument:

I, myself, am a fan of corporal punishment for children. Being a young one still, I can distinctly remember my childhood and the experiences that have shaped me. I love my parents dearly, and I'm relatively well-adjusted. As a child, however, I was the most horrible little demon you could imagine. I had ADHD, and a smart mouth. As a child, you don't feel remorse naturally. You have to learn it. As you learn guilt, morality, and forethought. It's instilled in you.

My parents had a very effective system of disciplining me:
1)Warning: If I was acting up, I'd get a warning to let me know I was being an ass. "Luna, stop it now."

2)Stern warning: If I didn't get the hint, I'd get a more in-your-face approach. "Luna, stop it, NOW. [insert reason and insulting description of my actions here]"

3)Yell: About that point, I got yelled at. "I SAID KNOCK IT THE FARK OFF!" That, especially from my father, whose voice could stop a heart at 50 paces, was usually enough to keep me in line.

4)Spanking: If I was especially retarded that day, and decided to be an ass, I'd get it. A hard swat on the hinder, or a decent one across the cheek. Either one was enough to knock some sense into me, and was rarely used.

I'm in honours now, planning to open my own business when I get out of school, great relationship with my parents, and I'm perfectly normal socially.

Though, if interrupted when playing Harvest Moon, I've been known to point at my sword collection menacingly, so, maybe I'm not the best authority to trust.
2004-03-16 07:53:31 PM  
Given the spanking discussion on the thread, I'm compelled to say:

I'd hit it.
2004-03-16 10:11:13 PM  
Crabby Appleton, if you've ever bit hit by an adult without any justification, you'd be pretty upset and resentful too, especially if you could do nothing to retaliate. At least if i walked up to you and punched you, you could fight back. But getting hit and not being able to do anything about it... that made me more angry than anything.

And I don't have a good relationship with my dad. I never have. He didn't ever spank me, he just did the standard emotional abuse type stuff. I never tried to impress him or anything because i knew it wouldn't make one bit of difference in the way he treated me. I have a great relationship with my mother. I have the utmost respect for her, except for her decision to stay with my father for so many years. If i were her, i would have dumped his ass years ago.
2004-03-16 11:51:59 PM  
Starla79, I apologize if my ignorant ravings upset you. It was not my intention. I respect your strong feelings about the matter. Good luck.
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